Exotic Pets

Some people want to own exotic pets. Other people think it's wrong.

As a rare animal, I'm exotic. I'm not sure if I'm a pet.

What is an exotic pet?

chameleon as an exotic petFirst of all, the pet part. . . A pet is an animal that lives with you like a kind of friend or room mate. A pet is an animal that you keep just because you like it.

It's not a working animal. And it's NOT for food!

The exotic part can mean three things. . .
  1. The pet is rare.
  2. The pet is unusual.
  3. The pet comes from far away.
Sometimes an exotic pet can be all three.

Exotic pets can be
  • birds,
  • rodents,
  • reptiles,
  • amphibians,
  • primates,
  • arthopods,
  • big cats, or
  • primates,
If I left out your favorite kind of exotic pet, please let me know.

What is special about an exotic pet?

Since exotic pets can come from far away, they often need special places to live. For example, tortoises need warm places. If we get too cold, we can't digest our food. If you live in a cold place, you have to have special equipment to keep us comfortable.

These special pets can also need special food. Sometimes people don't know exactly what to feed a pet. Sometimes the food a pet needs costs lots of money because it has to come from far away.Mexican red knee tarantula Brachyphelma

If exotic pets get sick, they need vets who know how to look after them. If you live in a small community, there might not be a vet to look after your sick pet. You might have to pay lots for extra pet insurance, or you might not be able to get insurance at all.

What if trouble comes to you and you can't keep your pet any more? What if you get sick? What if you have to move to a place where you can't take your pet?

Some people just put the pet outside and think it will find a life in the wild. The pet might die. If it lives, it can harm local animals.

It can be very hard to find someone to take an exotic pet.

Are you allowed to have an exotic pet?

In many places, it is illegal to keep exotic pets. It you want to keep a pet that no one else in your area has, you should check to see if you are allowed to have the kind of pet you want.

Who owns exotic pets?

Some people like to have a pet no one else has. These people like to do things differently from the rest of their friends.

Some people like to study strange things. These people like to watch things up close. Having a pet to watch is fun for these people.

Some people like what special animals do or how they look. Many birds can learn to talk and do tricks. Some animals match the inside of the owners' homes.

What do the exotic pets think?

When you get any pet, it's important to ask yourself if the pet will enjoy being with you. How can you tell?

Ask yourself. . .
  • How much do I know about this pet: how to look after it, what makes it happy?
  • How much time can I spend with this pet?
  • Can I make this pet comfortable?
  • Is there someone who can help me if I have trouble with the pet, if it gets sick, or if I need someone to look after it when I go on holiday or to the hospital?
Some people who learn about their unusual pets care for animals in nature and tell other people about how important it is to give animals the kinds of homes they need to stay healthy and happy.

If you have an exotic pet, please take good care of it.

If you don't have an exotic pet, you can still learn about what animals need. Then you can help animals to keep the homes they need.

Do you want a pet tortoise?

Consider a pet chinchilla.

Keep it slow and steady.

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