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Sweet Russian Tortoise- Home Needed

I hope you all are having a great week. I have owned my rescue Russian tortoise for a little more than three years, and I am no longer able to care for

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Campaign for tortoise rescue

My name is Grace Gilliam and I have created a campaign to raise money for tortoise rescue. Please take a look.

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Turtle Re-habber & Rescuer

My name is Toni-Sue Hodge. I am a Private Investigator and Animal Investigator & Rescue r both badged. This is the first time I have seen the video from

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Turtle and tortoise rescue in and around Memphis

Hi, My name is Eddie Collins and I have been rescuing turtles, tortoises, and other reptiles for years now(predominantly turtles and tortoises). I am

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Looking for new home for sulcata tortoise

Life situation changes are such that I am looking for a new home for Franklin the sulcata who is about 9 months old. He (or so I have been told) could

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Get Your Turtle and Tortoise Question Answered Here

Got a turtle or tortoise question? Post your question and get an answer. Know about chelonians? Answer tortoise or turtle questions.

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Missing Tortoise in Fort Campbell

Our Russian tortoise (male) wandered off this weekend (May 31, 2020) in Fort Campbell, in the Lee Park area. We're here for another year, and it's a long

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Tortoise wanted -

Looking to add a tortoise to our 5 acre mini farm in Seabrook, SC. We LOVE our animals and would love to add a tortoise to our family. We are a homeschool

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Mount Everest!

I have two Russian tortoises, Mertle and Speedy. Mertle is a girl, and Speedy is a boy. I have two hide houses that look like logs in their tank, one for

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Atlanta Georgia Wildlife Clinic

Anyone in the city of Atlanta or surrounding areas, the Chattahoochee Nature Center has a wildlife clinic in Roswell at 9135 Willeo Rd. Roswell, Ga. 30075

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Looking to adopt a yearling or older

My son, Ethan with our little guy Herky

For my son’s 16 birthday ( this past June) I surprised him with a baby Greek hatchling. He has always wanted one ! I had done the research, built a wonderful

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NorCal Tortoise & Exotics Rescue. Save Them All! Sacramento CA

Located in the Sacramento CA valley.

Tortoises, Turtles and Parrots will often outlive their keeper's ability to care for them. Frequently found malnourished, deformed, or abandoned and very

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How did you end up there?

My mom works in Pungo, VA the other day she was going to clock out and she almost steps on a pretty cool looking rock but when she looked closer it wasn't

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Finding a new home for my tortoise

I need to find a new home for SHerlock my tort. He is 7yrs old but my poor health means he can’t be properly looked after. I would prefer he goes to a

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Please Help Us with Elena!!

Her Favorite is Strawberries

Hello all, my name is Mia. My family was blessed with a female box turtle named Elena in October. She was very active and really enjoyed eating Fruit.

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Tortoise Rescue

Natural and man-made disasters mean that there is need for turtle and tortoise rescue operations. Links to adoption sites and other chelonian rescue agencies.

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Wants to foster or adopt large tortoise

I have 2 very large snapping turtles 1 baby, also have a redfoot. I have Been raising turtles 30 some years. I want to add a new large tortoise. I was

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Mr Shyno the party tortoise

Him Playing hide an seek

It was a cold morning in Lagos Nigeria so I decided to dance to cool of as I was dancing I decided to go and check on mr shyno to my extreme surprise I

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I almost ran over this boy today driving home.i happened to be going through an apartment complex when I noticed this little guy in the middle of the road.i

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Meet with Jade and Wah

jade jade

Two red eared slider arrived to me as Birthday present. Named after the color of their shell. Jade which is dark green in color and Wah in Myanmar means

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Russian tort needs bigger home

My boyfriend brought home a Russian tortoise about 2 years ago. He is super unhappy in his cage. Looking for a great outdoor enclosure for him. Will drive

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We call him big boy

Big Boy

We found this turtle walking the streets in our town. We have no idea where he came from but from the looks of it he seems to be pretty old. We contacted

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Tortise Rescue

Wanted to know where in mumbai are star tortise adopted and taken care of. Want then to live in their natural habitat

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Tortoise Jokes

Enjoy the tortoise jokes Shelly has collected for you. Send in your own tortoise or turtle jokes.

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Great turtle rehoming

Three cheers for Iron Maiden for stepping up!

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My turtle 'Crush' is a Yellow bellied slider.

Sun bathing

Hi My turtle is named 'Crush' he is a yellow bellied slider and around 4ins width and 7ins long. He is very spoilt turtle, when i got him from someone

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Greatest Turtle In The World

 Miss Turtley

My son found a baby box turtle roaming along the side of the road on one of his journeys. He brought him home and named him Mr. Turtley Turtle and he has

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I'm lost and I want to go home.

We are trying to find this little guy's home. In the meantime we don't really know how. Please help me ID this little babe.

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River cooter

Have two river cooters, I cannot care for anymore. Free if you have a large tank, willing and able to care for them. Medium sized, males, with a lot of

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Box turtle facing death due to an accident

Hi, I'm Madison Cavanaugh. I live in Buchanan Michigan. My family and I found a box turtle in my back yard yesterday. His shell is off on his left side

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Crushie the Wonder Turtle


I have a turtle, that I am pretty sure is a girl. She has lived in my backyard for almost 10 years. She is very social. She is friends with my dog. She

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Looking to adopt large female tortoise

Hi, I am interested in adopting a large female tortoise (such as a Leopard Tortoise for example). I am looking to adopt a tortoise that is no longer want,

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the best little guy Suarez

My tortoise Suarez is the best pet I love him he is awesome he likes doing parkor (he gets on top of his log and then jumps of) he is alot of fun one time

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My little Desert Tortoise!

Torie peeking out from his hide!

I have had my baby desert tortoise since the beginning of November, 2013. The baby was found in the ally that runs next to and behind the Storage Facility

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Rescued baby

Aquarium optimistic over washed ashore turtle's recovery

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Cool Tortoise Pictures

Tortoise pictures come in all sizes and media. There are photos, and paintings, drawings, and sketches. There are even needlework tortoises. Which is your favorite?

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Hippo and Tortoise Pictures

Hippo and tortoise picture

Super Shelly gains a foothold by posting hippo and tortoise pictures on MaryAnn's Web site.

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Yoshi the tortoise

Yoshi loves to smile for the camera!!

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My Baby Yoshi :)

loves to climb

This is my baby horsefield Yoshi, shes just over one year old. (still unsure of sex but looks like a female!) She is very mischievous, always wanting to

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my tortoise spiddy.

my tortoise spiddy was crawling along, and he saw a pringle and ate it. he also follows me around and climbs up the garden step. he is a clever tortoise

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Henry Lives a Lavish Life!


My turtle Henry lives a lavish life near the beach in New Jersey. He is happy that spring and summer are finally here so he can enjoy the great outdoors.

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Wants to find rescue team in Mumbai

Can you please help to find a rescue team in Mumbai, India. I have found ( after lost of my Tipsy (a hatchling) the vets here know nothing or very little

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Shelby the Desert Tortoise

My name is Sarah and I'm 12. I have always wanted a tortoise when i was little and about 3 years ago i got one. She was (and still is) the cutest little

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niko on the couch

he likes to sit on the couch with us to watch t

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niko eating

he loves his greens ,has to be around people

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speed walker

we let our tortoise niko out everyday 1-2 hours a day he loves being outside he walks all over the yard he moves so fast,he to funny he gets mad when we

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Tori the tortoise<3

Tori is a small russian tortoise, who has quite the attitude. She is a year old or so (not exactly sure...) and is a sassy girl. She really loves romane

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John learns to swim......

Around two week's ago my nan and grandad went on holiday leaving us to look after their 25 year old tortoise John. On the Friday me and my mum went to

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Looking for Sulcata Tortoise Free/ Cheap near Athens, GA

Hey there! My husband and I just moved to a small homestead with our two boys, 9 and 5, and are hoping to find a giant tortoise to live in our yard :)

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