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gnats in tank 
how do i get rid of what might be gnats of fruit flies in my tortoise tank

my baby red eared slider 
Hi, my baby RES Bûba is sick. He is floating sideways,never wants to swim and always sits on the rock, won't open one eye, doesn't have an appetite and …

Baby turtle 
Why does my turtle have a bump on its hand?

Lost Red foot tortoise 
I lost my tortoise in the front yard, and now I don't know how to find him? Do they hibernate? Where do I start to look?

Feeding habits 
For some reason my Red-Footed tortes only seems to eat lettuce, is this bad for the tortes, and if it is, how can I get it to eat something else without …

tortoise on back 
How long can a tortoise survive when on his back?

Leopard Tortoises lump on neck 
I have a 1 year old Leopard tortoise and recently she has developed a little lump on the back of her neck. We thought it might go but it hasn't. Have you …

my tortoise walks weird 
hi. I have a tortoise named Shellie. Shellie is a two year old Eastern Hermanns tortoise, she is a fairly small tortoise but has big apetite. I have noticed …

Indian star tortoise not eating much 
My Indian star tortoise has noy been eating much since the last few days however he is very active , he is about 3&1/2 years old

RT rubbing its butt 
Why does my russian tortoise rubs its butt against furniture/things back and forth is it because he's echy or is it a territotrial thing? should i be worried? …

housing a russian tortoise 
I've had a russian tortoise for aobut 3 years now. I first got her while I lived in ohio and she lived in an idoor terrarium but when I moved to colorado …

Wat do I do wen my turtle vomits then starts running like crazy and then his eye is kind of swelled

leg issues 
my turtle is not moving his right front leg what should i do

Terrapin sneezing and shedding skin 
I have 3 terrapins 1 big one and 2 small ones. the big one has started to sneeze over the past few days and after looking closer at them he has a saliva …

Sulcata Anus? 
I have a six year old sulcata. Its anus (im guessing) under the tail is enlarged. It appears that something is coming out but nothing protruding. …

how we can identify male tortois ?

How often do I feed my baby red foot tortoise  
I have a baby red foot tortoise he is only about 2inches I'm concerned as to how much he should be eating a day because I don't want to over feed. I feed …

RES turtle is sick 
My baby RES has stopped eating and all he does is sit on his rock he has raspy breathing and some stuff my his nose the vet said he must have a respiritory …

Sulcata Tortoise is Sick 
I have a Sulcata tortoise(4 yrs old) and recently he has been rather wobbly while he walks. His eyes also water. The symptoms were bad, then he got better, …

Lighting for my baby turtle  
I just got a baby turtle today and i would like to know if it is vital to have a special light above him , or if i can just put him out in the sun once …

raised scale 
My tortoise has a raised scale on its cheek what could this be?

Food coming out from turtle's nose  
Hello! I took my 12 year old red ear slider to a vet after realizing that it's eyes are closed for about 5 days and have bubbles coming out from it's nose. …

What kind of turtle 
What kind of turtle do I have I found it on the side of the road he has a beak a kinda small

turtle eyes 
why do my turltes eyes look like they are blind?

turtles friends 
ive had yellow beely sliders for a few years now but currantly i have 2 females one (doomagedon) around 6-7 years old who has just had 5 eggs so far, as …

how can i get my turtle to move  
M going into a race and I need to no how I can get my turtle to move when toldi

What animal do I have? 
My turtle has a beak looking mouth an it is a baby but I don't know what kind it is HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

lip on red footed tortoise cracked 
My red footed tortoise has its lower lip looking like it is cracked or something. What could be the problem?

constipate tortoise 
I have a horsfield tortoise,.about 20 -30 years old. for the last two weeks he has become sluggish and hasn't posed for about two weeks. I've taken him …

3 month Painted Turtle not well 
2 weeks ago this little guy could run away from you as fast as lightning. if you held him in your hand, keep a close eye and catch him as his tries to …

Yellow bellied turtles eating rocks 
Will my turtles get sick if they eat their rocks?

Is My Desert Tortoise Choking 
We have a desert turtle. We believe he ate a small plum that fell off our tree and it looks like the seed is stuck in his mouth. It sounds at times like …

dog picking up tortoise 
My golden retriever loves to chew on things and tends to pick up our tortoise and carry him around and I am scared she will start chewing on him, is there …

turtle hiding in its shell 
why is my turtle closing itself completely in its shell? is it dying? sick maybe?

singapore tortoise is not opening his eye  
singapore tortoise is not opening his eye from four day"s why what is her problem???

turtle shell cracks getting wider 
why is my turtles cracks in the shell getting wider? is that normal?

Puffy eyes 
Should this be inspected by a veteran of should I keep my tank more humid

Turtle bitten tail 
One of my turtles has a bitten off tail and a broken shell that is beginning to heal, will it leave a scar?And is my RES turtle still perfectly healthy …

helping res to mate  
If one of my RES turtles is trying to mate with the other but the other doesn't want to mate with it, what can i do to help them get together?

tortoise missing claws 
my tortoise seems to have lost its claws it is about 6 years old in summer they live i greenhouse with a pebble flooring when not in garden

Tortoise Pooing out insides 
We had our first horse field 8 months ago and things were going fine. Noticed today that he was what trying to poo but what could only be described as …

wound care on a desert turtle 
I have had a desert turtle for over 30 years and his front leg several scales came off, how would this happen? ( from digging?) and he's not bleeding but …

possible choking 
my sons yellow eared belly slider that is only about a month old was feed a 1/2 of a live red worm and the turtle appeared to act as if he was choking. …

Drinking water 
I've never seen my Russian tortoise drink water. How can I tell if he is ? I'm worried he isn't getting any because ice never really seen him in his water …

Turtle neck 
What does it mean when a turtle is looking at another turtle and it inflames it's neck

age of my florida cooter turtle 
I want to know how you can tell the age of a turtle. I have Florida cooters they are still small but I have no idea how old they are...any suggestions? …

I FOUND A tortoise he seams health and very active 
FOUND A tortoise he seams health and very active. he loves being out side and loves to investigate all over. Hes very fast for a tortoise. He likes …

my meditaranian spur thighed tortoise is sleeping a lot 
My meditaranian spur thighed tortoise is in an open table top. He has a uv light and a basking light which reads around 90 degrees. the open air temperature …

Yellow Belly Slider Not Eating 
My turtle Toby has recently upgraded from a ten to a twenty gallon tank. We think he is cold in the new tank or shocked by the change, as he us not eating. …

How to estimate the age of my indian star tortoise? 
I have a male Indian Star Tortoise.It weighs 430 grams. Lenth of iTs shell is 6.8 inches(17 cm) and width is 6 inches(15 cm). Can u plz tell me the …

a chip in pattern 
i have a leopard tortoise which has a minor chip in the pattern 1. will it grow back in over time and 2. if the crust like material around the chip …

sex of my eastern long neck turtle 
Can you please help, I desperately need some ways of telling a male from a female I have not named the turtle yet, it is seven months old.

My sleepy head Red Foot Tortoise Tj. 
I wanted to know why does my two year old pet Red Foot Tortoise sleeps so much?

we lost our red footed tortoise outside,please help! 
How do we find our red footed tortoise out in the backyard? Please help,it's getting dark and we are worried!

Venezuelan red footed tortoise sneezing 
I brought home a Venezuelan red footed tortoise earlier today and decided to keep him in a plastic tub in the sun while i finish building his enclosure. …

LAZY Yellow Bellied Slider 
I recently got a YBS from a friend that caught it in a lake.Its approx. 2 inches in diameter. When i recived it they had it in a cooler up to three days …

my red footed tortoise gender 
How can I tell the gender of my 3 year old red footed tortoise?

sex organ or some organ comes out while it stools 
I have a leopard tortoise hes about 5years old approx. i just noticed today when he was pooping that some orange lil balls came out with his stool. i felt …

My turtle has a white spot on its head 
I have a semi aquatic turtle. just recently it got a white spot on its head. It's growing! Is it bad? Should I take it to the vet? It's never happened …

My turle's back nails 
He keeps breaking his back nails off and I would like to know if there is something wrong with them.

desert tortoise clicking noise when eating 
I have a desert tortoise who has been in the family for a long time we think he has to be at least 50. The last couple of days he has been making a clicking …

What is this extra scale-like growth on my gopher tortoise's lower jaw 
My old (60+) gopher tortoise has a protruding, scale-like growth (1/8 inch) on the outside of its lower jaw . It does not appear to interfere with his …

painted sliders 
why does my 5 year old painted turle lay eggs without a mate? has been going on for three months?

How can I tell if my tortoise has worms?

My Box turtles color is very pale  
My box turtle seems to be loosing color as he ages He had a lot more color a year and a half ago What gives turtles there color?

Open mouth 
My red eared slider keeps opening his mouth every minute starting today. What does it mean?

Russian Tortoise questions 
1. is it normal for a russian tortoise to go to a corner and do somthing that looks like digging but only its on the wall? 2. is it normal for a russian …

bubble on side of turtle head 
what does it mena when your turtle has a big bubble on the side of its head

turtle help! 
my turtle has a rather large circular black thing hanging from the back of it . Any ideas what it is ?

infection near eye 
i have two turtles and one got bit in or around the eye and is now infected what do i do?

Green spot on my turtle's head! 
I bought an African Sideneck at Petsmart about 2 months ago. He seems perfectly healthy, and is a very lively turtle. But today I noticed a green spot …

sulcata tortoise eliminate a plastic bag? 
there is something that looks like a plastic bag coming out of my son's sulcata's rear end. he keeps telling me its a plastic bag but i can't imagine …

The bump on my baby painted turtle 
My baby painted turtle has a bump of skin by his head and shell what is the bump and is he ok?

my turtle bite me 
today my baby turtle had bitten me and its sweeling alittle what should i do?

snapping turtle 
my baby snapping turtles have a tiny crack at the tip of the shell located right above their head. Is this a growth crack? The crack is maybe a 1/16 of …

Whats up with my columbian slider turtle? 
It will lean to one side of it. Is it sick or just bloated or have gas. He sorda gapes? well idk he kinda does he opens his mouth under water soorda like …

my turtle is acting strange 
Why is my turtle constantly doing flips and spinning around? It's weird and really starting to freak me out because it won't STOP! HELPPPP!(:

african sideneck turle 
what does it mean when my 2 year old african sideneck turle sticks out her tail

Wild Turtle Problems 
I recently found a turtle at a local pond. I decided to keep it because it looked like there may have been an over population plus i thought it was beautiful. …

The bubble turtle 
The turtle has a thick layer of what it appears to be skin bubbled up around his eyes and hands and feet.. What does that mean?

turtle at home 
if any wrong happens when we keep turtles at home

Black underbelly 
I found a turtle in my front yard and the bottom of its belly was black...does that mean anything?

what animal do I have? 
hi i dont know what kind of turtle i have or if it is a tortoise and what set up i need for it i was giving this turtle

Tortoises Sleeping on each other 
I have two hermann tortoises 1 is 2years old and the other is approx 8years old. The older of the 2 tends to sleep on top of the younger one. He does not …

my brothers tortoise is climbing on mine and making noises what does this mean. It is also bulling mine what should we do?

Black spotted turtle 
What happens if the bottom of my turtle's shell has black spots on it?

spur thigh tortoise won't open her mouth 
Hi, I have two spur thighed tortoises, one is a boy and the other a girl. During the past couple of days I have noticed that I havent seen her eat, when …

Is my tortoise dead? 
His eyes closed, head tucked in, not moving. some ants seemed in him. Is the tortoise dead?

Im not sure what sex both my tortoises are 
hi i have a red footed tortoise which i have been told is a male but im not sure, also i have just recently bought what i think is a horsefield and then …

toys for red-footed tortoises? 
I have a 6yr.old red-footed tortoise(Morton) whose wonderful personality has recently changed.He seems much more active & inquisitive & playful. I think …

what is the breed of my tortoise? 
I got a tortoise near a river on land but i want to know his bread and what does he eat?

Soft bedding and flooring  
What can I use for soft bedding and flooring for my tortoise?

Day 1 status,tips,and advice? 
I posted earlier with the title " saving a turtle life ?" I followed the advice i was given. It wont be till next week till i can take to the vet. I had …

is the turtle contagious 
if you touch a water turtle that has a bump on its right side of its face underneath its eye is it contagious if i touch shell?

not crapping!!!! 
My lil tortoise is abt 4 months and for the past week it has stopped eating and hasnt crapped for a long time i think there's something wrong and i just …

left outside 
i have a small tortoise hes approx 4-5 years old i think hes a russian one. can he be left outside overnight as i put him in the garden and now i cant …

Painted turtle eating habits 
So, a few minutes ago I notice my painted tutle eating the rock substrate in her tank, what's up with that and is it normal, should I be concerned or is …

saving a turtle life? 
My brother and hes girlfriend left me a halfe dead turtle.....they had two one they found in a pool another brought from the pet store.They kept the turtles …

Slimy looking stuff 
I started to notice that my painted turtle has something slimy hanging off from her skin.It kind of looks like her skin is shedding but i've never seen …

peeling skin and runny nose. 
hi everyone, I have a 20month old leopard tortoise which i purchased when he was 18mnths. He has been fine up until the last couple of weeks when i noticed …

my holmes hinge back tortoise  
My hingeback tortoise has waterie eyes what should I do? He will eat, is active and shows no sience of being sick but he's eyes are really wateriem

Turtles diggin in the garden 
I live close to a tidal wetland conservation area, and in the early summer, large turtles come up to my garden and dig many holes looking for a choice …

lost tortist 
how do you find a 1 year old baby desert tortoise inside the house?

is my tortoise sick? 
I have a Russian female tortoise. For about a month now she has been passing a white slime when she pees. Im not sure if this is normal or if she may be …

long neck turtle red spots on shell 
I have just gotten my 2nd turtle she is an eastern long neck I have been told she is 3 yrs old, I am concerned because she has 4, 5cent piece size red …

Turtle bite 
If my turtle bit me, do I need to get vaccinated or do I need a antiobiotic treatment?

terripins eyes 
hi my terrpins carnt open there eyes and round the eyelids it is all red any idea whats wrong with them or what i can do to help them. thanks

problems with turtles 
what does it mean when when my little aquatic turtle keeps opening its mouth and making a little tiny noise, barely loud enough to hear? and the other …

My red footed tortoises eyes are sealed shut, and he cannot open them. It looks almost the way skin heals back together after a large wound. I notice if …

what do I mark my ornate box turtle with. 
is it safe four me to mark my ornate box turtle with nail polish or a paint marker.

red ear slider 
Hello I was wondering if it was normal that my red ear slider has dark black skin. Does this mean I have it exposed to to much sun, and if so is this bad …

Sulcata breeding and nesting 
Do sulcata males vocalize any other time then mating such as when they r showing dominance? If i am not sure i have a male and a female how do i know …

Green Head 
The top of my turtle's head has gone a strange gree colour different from the rest of its body, any issues?

soft turtle shell 
What happens when a sand turtle's shell goes soft

why is my russian tortoise chewing on her hut? 
hello, so i got a russian tortoise and she keeps chewing on her hideaway hut! I have another R.T. and she doesnt chew on anything at all! So is that normal …

White stuff 
My red-eared slider turtle has white stuff his head... Is it a good thing or a bad thing.

what would make my tortoise poop? 
would it be ok if i give one of my tortoises detox? one of my tortoises hasnt been eating lately and i think its because it hasnt been able to poop out …

Box Turtle squirts yellow slime 
I was trying to save a box turtle from possiby getting hit by a car.I stopped to pick it up to release it in the woods.When I picked it up it was very …

tortoise behavior laying flat 
I have a california deserttortoise and she is acting odd she is laying quite flat with her leggs out flat onto the ground.can you tell me why she would …

bump on turtle face 
Is it normal for a baby turtle to have a bump on the side of its face?

my dog bit my turtle 
Hi, my dog bit my turtle ad it broke its shell. Its been more than two week and it is still alive, but is has a big crack. WHat can I do?

Red Eared Sliders 
my turtle got lost in my front yard 1 week ago can it still be alive and can it find water on its own?

need for calcium 
does my tortoise need calcium to keep its diet straight?

what should i feed my tortoise? 
lately i've been feeding my tortoises napa cabbage and sometimes bok choy. this is all i been feeding them since i got them. is this good enough to keep …

red light? 
will my musk turtles be ok whith red light

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can he breath 
why does my turtle keep blowing up his neck and opening his mouth? I'm scared hes not breathing right. I've had him for over a year and he used to eat …

Not able to moveits back legs 
my red eye turtle is 4 years old and is not able to move its back legs what should I do

Finding weeds 
How far away from the road do weeds have to be so they are safe for my tortoise to each?

African Spur Thigh has a swollen back leg. 
I have 3 African spur thighs age range from 2 to 10 years old. My middle one is about 5 years old and she has a swollen back leg up near the hip joint. …

I cleaned my red eared sliders water last night. Last night, I was inspecting the blind RES's shell and he had 2 red sores and these white spots that concaved …

what breed of tortoise is this? 
my cat caught a tortoise, and i was wondering what breed it is?

turtle eating and sitting 
what happens when you turtle doesnt eat and sits all day? what is wrong with it? it also has like asmatha attacks. something like that anyway

tortoise not eating 
my oldest tortoise is about 5 yrs old. over the past week, he hasnt been eating. i havent saw him open his mouth lately. our little turtle, about 2 yrs …

My dog chewed a hole in the shell 
I have a sulcata and my dog chewed a hole in the front part of the shell all the way through. My tortoise isn't moving at all now and I'm afraid he's …

4th turtle 
We have had 3 turtles for 10+ years. Today, introduced a 4th one who never seen another turtle before. He seems to be acting dominate and trying to bite …

black and white stuff!!! help me i am worried SICK!!! 
i have a tortoise and on the bottom of his shell, i noticed there was some faded black and on the top of his shell, there is white stuff inbetween the …

black on bottom of shell and white in the creases on the top shell!! HELP! 
i was in florida and i noticed that a gopher tortoise had black o nthe bottom of his shell and also...inbetween the shells creases on top of his shell...there …

poor tort with eye problem 
My greek spur thighed tortoise has a puffy eye, he is still eating, and has had a drink, but is trying to rub his eye, it is swollen closed any suggestions, …

tortoise tail waging 
what does it mean when ur tortoise wages her tail

my baby star tortoise suffers from prolapse 
hello,actually my baby star tortoise ,since last 2 days suffering from prolap(as at the time of stool and urination the anal part comes out),what should …

Turtle Bleeding 
Earlier, I noticed my turtle was bleeding when I had her out for a little bit since we dont have a sunlight ray bulb to put in her tank and I picked her …

turtle shell question 
if ur turtle has a sharp pointy middle back will it every get smooth

spur thigh questions 
hi my name is Donna and i was wondering if my 2 yr old spur thighed can eat the flower of anything and if i could get something for her like a toy or something …

red outline around pattern of undershell. 
Hey. I have 2 red eared turtles. They are around 6-7 years old, and around 7 inches long. I live in miami, ver hot weather. They get their water changed …

my turtle acts strange 
my turtle has suddenly started to scrape all the pebbles into a hollow shape and she is sitting on them while shaking like a fish what does this mean?

dark spot on my sulcatas head 
My sulcata has a dark cirle on his head that wasnt there earlier. he keeps climbing his log and then falling off of it. can this be the result of him falling …

Climbing Sulcata 
My baby sulcata has a half log hiding spot in his tank and he keeps climbing on top of it why? and when he flips himself over should i help him back upright? …

snapping turtle 
how to tell if a snaping turtle is a boy or a girl

putting turtles together 
WEll i havve a greek tortise and its about a year old,ive been really wanting to get anoither turtle and at a pjs pets store i saw they had a red footed …

bubbles on my turtles nose 
why is there a bubble on my turtles nose

Baby longneck turtle 
My baby long neck turtle has started peeling from the middle of his shell and feels soft and slimy like skin not like a hard shell! He only about 2 months …

what type of turtle 
he is kinda big with a yellow and black under shell he has webbed back feet clawed front feet and the top of his shell is mostly green with a little bit …

sick malaysian turtles 
i have a malaysian turtle she has got swelling around her neck nand hand region she is not eating anything from last 1week. i keep her in medium size …

i need help ASAP 
This post was all in capitals and had to be removed. There was no email address, so I couldn't alert the poster to the problem. If you are the poster, …

can my turtle crawl on my carpet 
can my turtle crawl on my carpet

Tortoise Eggs 
My Tortoise laid eggs and some animal keeps getting in my backyard and eating them. Any ideas what type of animal could or would be interested I live in …

turtle noises 
my boy turtle is making funny noises does that mean he wants to mate or if it doesn't mean he wants to what does it mean?!?!?!?

brazillian turtle 
after eating some salmon, my turtle floats in the water does not know how to turn itself back, close its eyes, and does not eat, what happens to it?

Why did my baby red ear terrapin die? 
I just got a new baby red ear terrapin.I put him/her with my other two older terrapins which I had for two years.I fed him/her with some tetra food.But …

desert tortise injured 
My daughter's in AZ tortise got his foot caught in a fence and pulled off a toenail. Can she glue it back on? it's not bleeding but wants to know how to …

Turtles on the move 
What does it mean when there are a lot of turtles on the roads? We have lived in the Mts. of NC for 4 yrs. and have never seen so many turtles on the move! …

I dont know what is wrong with my tortoise! 
Could you please help me? My tortoise is about 10 months old and we have had him for just over a month now. When we first got him, he was very active, …

Sick Sulcata 
We have a 60lb sulcata who has been diagnosed with a large bladder stone. He will not eat or take his meds(he closes up and we can't get to his mouth to …

my 7 year old sulcata tortoise is making a coughing noise 
my 7 year old sulcata is making a hacking noise. like when you clear flem from your throat. she doesn't have a runny nose is eating and sleeping …

Northern Map turtle 
My friend just got me a turtle and we didnt know what kind it was. Another friend of mine said it was a Map turtle. He told me that this type of turtle …

White gunk 
Is it ok if my turtle had whitish clear gunk around its neck and leg?? It's a very young turtle too. What do i do if its not supposed to be their?

how do you know if your turtle is dieing? 
what happens right before the turtle does?

Popping Jaw 
My Female Sulcata when she eats her jaw makes a popping sound. It has not been this way for ever??

HELP my tortoise wont move 
why wont my tortoise move?

my terrapin 
i have found a red raised lump on the bottom of my terrapins neck is this anything to worry about.

hermanns tortoise poo 
My hermans tortoise just done a poo when i was soaking him, it was kinda soft and i just wanted to know what normal hermanns tortoise poo should be like …

My baby red ear slider neck 
When I was changing the water of my red ear slider I accidentally dropped it. It seeems to be in a lot of pain what do I do?

My tortoise has problems with her limbs :( 
Hello everyone, please help me on this... I have an Amboina Box Turtle, her name is Juliet. She is about the size of my palm. I bought her few months …

Sleeping tortoise behavior 
While my tortoise sleeps, He bobs his head in and out of his shell, what is he doing?

my baby turtles bottom shell is kinda squishy after coming out of her tank. is something wrong?

Turtle looks sad 
My redeared slider keeps trying to crawl up the walls of my tank, and he is hardly eating, sometimes he do sometimes he don't. I'm wondering if i should …

Eye looks to be shut  
Hi, I have a 6mo old leopard tortoise. Actually two. One is very active and eats a ton. The other has eaten very lil, not active and eyes look to be …

Is my turtle dying 
I found a desert turtle 3 years ago in a alley. I have tried to care for it but it seems to be sick. He doesnt move to much and seems to be blind. When …

Russian tortoise has stopped eating  
My two year old Russian tortoise as stopped eating and constantly retreats to her hide .Any advice please

Injured turtle 
I just got a box turtle as a gift. She has been doing fine until yesterday i noticed she didn't come out to eat. So last night i got her out of her little …

Do turtles cry 
do turtles cry

Respitory Infection 
I think my RES turtle has a respitory infection. She wont eat and she does this weird thing that looks like she is gasping for air. My mom wont go to the …

Whats the matter with the poop 
I have a Russian Tortoise and I noticed today that he is having some more liquidy poops and they are a greenish color. He usually has a sort of hard poop …

star tortoise 
My star tortoise eats only lattuse and tomato and since the last one month he has watery motions so what can I give him and his shell is slight breaking …

Red eared slider dead 
Hi, I was out of town and I returned to find my red eared slider's eyes closed and his limbs hanging out. I tried moving him, bit he wont move. Is he really …

African hingeback tortoise 
my roomate just moved out and left his african hingeback tortoise, however he only left it and the tank taking the light sources. i need to know what type …

Runny Nose 
We have a male russian tortoise that lives outside. He is happy and healthy. We ordered a female from an online breeder. She arrived less than 24 hours …

Red foot tortoise 
My red foot tortoise got foot stuck

sick russian tortoise 
my tortoise is not eating or relly moving and this morning it coughed up a blood bubble her skin is discolered what dose that mean what should i do

turtles health  
My box turtle has lost the color in eyes and is bleeding from the anus. At first i thought it was from strawberries but this is apparently blood . Has …

My russian tortoise is missing 
Last night i left my russian tortoise alone for about 5 mins or less. she escaped, and i checked everywhere for her, including places that she might have …

happy terrapin 
how do i know if my yellow bellied terrapin is happy with their environment ?

i Got red ear slide baby and had three of them now down to one. they die off one by one first get slow and not active my water is warm and got basketing …

Turtle toilet 
i want to teach my land turtle to go to " poop " in a certain place not all over the house..??!?!?!

Why is my red footed tortoise sleeping so much? 
i just got a red footed tortoise. at first he was moving around kinda a lot, but now all he does is sleep. when i pick him up he moves, opens one eye then …

cracked eggs 
what does it mean when a desert tortoise is laying eggs and they are coming out cracked?

My desert tortoise won't open his eyes 
I have a desert tortoise and we have had him about 3 years now. He went into hibernation about November last year, but before he did he wasn't eating much. …

can snapping turtles walk on their hind legs? 
can snapping turtles chase you on their hind legs if they feel their eggs are in jeporty?

I noticed last night that the tortoise pooped white while eating romaine lettuce I grew in the garden. I wash it thoroughly before giving it to her. …

Tortoise Flipped Over, Eating? 
I found my russian flipped over when i walked into my room one day. I don't know how long he had been flipped. I noticed that he has been eating less than …

problem with tortoise 
my tortoise is not moving and the problem seem from her back feet

Bloody skin and shell 
Hi I have a long neck turtle believe to be of the age 7 and all of a sudden in the past couple of months he has seemed to really fat with his fat hanging …

turtle in the corner 
my turtle is always in the corner of the tank and it wont eat.

My Red Ear Slider is not so active as before 
I bought two turtle about two months ago,at that time they were very active but now they are not so active,neither eating properly and bubbles are also …

alligator snapping turtle poop 
why is my alligator snapping turtles poop bigger than before and why is she pooping way more than before?

new to painter turtles 
i have 2 painter turtles. I was wondering how long i keep them out of the water for? One of the turtles is new and he is having trouble adjusting to the …

I want a russian tortoise 
how big does a russian tortoise GROW. And weir to buy one and how many money does it cost

Turtle legs 
Hi their is a white film around the turtles legs is this normal? Thank you tony

Trying to treat an open wound on my 
Last night my dog got ahold of my box turtle . He is about 8 months old. He has 3 puncture wounds on the top of his shell and missing a scale or two on …

Turtle had a bump 
Hi, Last week I noticed a sphere shaped bump on my turtle's neck and it began to get brown spots on it and then later the whole top of it turned a yellowy …

chipped shell 
my dog got a hold of my turtle and he chipped its shell a lot in a few places i see what seems to me to be blood. the chips aren't too deep not even half …

age of turtle 
how can you tell how old your tortoise is?

at what age do spur thighed tortoises stop mating

how to heal a african spurred tortoises fractured neck my turtle name is princess. I am freaking out about this all she does is cry and inhale and exhale. …

My last turtle 
Recently I've had 5 turtles. 3 died from not eating (couldn't open mouth) and the 4th died from it going under a filter. The last one is still alive. But …

bottom shell smaller then the top 
I have a snapping turtle and when i grew up its bottom of the shell was A LOT smaller than the top of its shell. Why is that? is it in its diet? or is …

Is my turtle sick? 
My Slider turtle doesn't do anything all day but bask in the light and the eyes are always shut/swollen. It doesn't seem to be eating its food either, …

Tortoise diet 
my forest hingeback tortoise has only ate once and ive had it for a week why wont it eat more? whats their favorite food?

I noticed two days ago that my turtles eye was closed, it appears to be stuck. what should i do

Butt sickness 
Our tortoise's butt looks swollen and infected. What causes this? What cures it?

Found a turtle 
My friend found this turtle on his farm, in southern British Columbia, which is off the grid in a heavily forested area near the Pend o'reille river. …

female hermanns showing signs of egg laying 
my female tortoise has laid eggs in the past, and is showing signs of going to lay again, ie. rushing round the garden and not eating much. she is also …

my eastern long necked turtle 
hi there my names yvette and i have a small eastern long neck turtle about half the size of my palm, i have all the correct set up and stuff for my little …

what does it mean when the tortise covers itself in green slime

how do i know if my turtle is getting ready to have babies 
my female turtle had a white thing that looked like a sack come out of her as well it had a stringy thing attached to it leading up to her does this mean …

juvenile russian swallowed a tube help 
9cm russian tort went missing for 4 days when found was very very thin, force feeding was sucessful by 3rd day gained weight... (i am a responsible adult …

turtle neck cut 
my turtle has a cut on its neck and its being lazier and doesn't want to eat and had a cut long time ago but it went away can u please tell me where this …

Losing a leg  
What happens when a baby turtle loses a leg?

Orange Turtle Nose 
is There something wrong with my turtle if it has an orange nose? Can you please answer my question because i'm very worried for my poor turtle,her name …

my indian star tortoise pair is not very active 
Hello, actully I have a indian star tortoise. Now the problem is that when I had got them they were very active and not scared that much. But from past …

australian turtle floating 
my turtle is not moving and just floting in water with is legs out but it is alive its an australian turtle can u tell me wats wrong????????

turtle shell soft 
a few months ago i was reckonising that my turtles schell was soft on the edges at the back of it. can someone please reply to this message.

Tortoise attacked by dog 
My dog (boxer) got a hold of my tortoise o just got her she is like 8months old . I reacted pretty fast . Her shell is a little damage in the front edge …

Sudden death of my Star Tortoise 
My star tortoise shows signs of lost of appetite and had a few diarrhea during the past two weeks before it passed away today. I have tried to change it's …

matt turtle 
my matt turtle is about 10months old and is usually very active, but it is now hardly moving, not too sure whether it is eating and its back legs are very …

Help poss vitimin problem 
Hello I noticed today that my Herman had a plate comming off his jaw and that his jaw was lop sided and weak. I took him to the vet and she cut the extra …

why does my youngest red ear slider do this? 
My youngest red ear slider is Rainbow. Rainbow has not eaten for four days and slept for two whole days. Is Rainbow sick? Is it because of stress? I am …

Dog wants to eat my turtle! 
How do I keep my newly adopted cocker spaniel from eating my turtles that roam out in my back yard?

How can i revive my turtle? 
My turtle hadn't been eating i gave it food was cleaned him and his water everday and i woke up in the middle of the night and found him dead can i revive …

Long Neck Turtle - sleeping, shedding skin, not eating? 
Hi, I have had my long neck turtle for 13 years, he has always been very active and jumps when I walk past wanting to eat. Now he just sleeps underwater …

why does my youngest red ear slider do this? 
My youngest red ear slider is Rainbow. Rainbow has not eaten for three days. And slept one whole day in the basking area. Why does Rainbow do this? Is …

Red Eared Tortoise opens and closes mouth  
Hi there, my tortoise currently has MBD (it's still a very young one) but then I believe it's situation is improving right now as it's eating better and …

Why did my yellow belly turtle eat her baby eggs? 
When my yellow belly turtle became pregnant,I was told to put turtle sand in a cat box with a bit of water for her to lay her eggs,I filled up when it …

turtle dirt? 
i have a red eared slider turtle that my mother rescued.. it is sick becasue it has swollen eyes. until we can take it to the vet we wanted to know how …

Mouth won't close 
Our russian tortoise can't seem to be able to close his mouth. Also, it looks like one nostril is clogged up. Any suggestions? Thanks.

White stuff 
I always give my baby hermann tortoise a bath everyday at the same time in the morning but as i was giving it a bath something odd happened white stuff …

star tortoise ears 
do star tortoise of singapore have ears

Tortoise's stuffy bubbly nose 
My tortoise has a stuffy/bubbly nose. Is there anything I can do for her?

my turtle wont eat 
How do i get my turtles to leave the hide box they stay in their all day i have to force them out so they will eat ?

Sick box turtle 
My box turtle was bleeding form the top of her head and on her rear leg. Vet said she was attached by bird but she is now bleeding all over her head, out …

Kitten Food and my tortoise 
Once in awhile my tortoise will eat the kitten food i have out. I was wondering if it's only once in awhile is it bad for him?

Tortoise waggin it's tail 
What does it mean when a tortoise wags it's tail?

type of turtle 
i just got this turtle and i can not figure out what speices its is. it has yellow spots on its head and completely yellow belly its shel is jagged on …

Red Eared slider lump on face 
I have a red eared slider, and he has like a small lump on the left side of his face, just below his ear. Not sure what it is? Can you help.

how can i best look after my marginated tortoise? 
i was resently given an 8 yr old female maginated tortiose and she loves to eat romane lettes, apples, cucumbers and a small amount of red peppers but …

how long does a marginated tortoise sleep for? 
hi my name is kay. i have resently purchased an 8 year old marginated tortiose. we have changed her bedding and put some hey in there for her to sleep …

Redfoot may or may not be drinking. 
I just recently got a redfooted tortiose, its still a baby, and it eats everyday and seems to be doing okay, but I've never seen it actually drink any …

baby tortoise was suqashed and is alive 
my tortise got squahsed under a plastic dresser its top of the shell was dented in but then popped back out and now it wont eat and is not really walking …

Scab or absess 
My tortoise has what looks like a scab near its mouth. It is a little raised and only small. It was rubbing that area and had a little mark and now this. …

Mediteranean spur-thighed tortoise dragging back legs 
Our tortoise is dragging both back legs and is pulling itself along by the front ones. To the touch they seem to have a slight pull back but not that much, …

turtle feet changing colour 
my turtles feet are changing into a yelowish colour what does this mean?

STAR TORTOISE questions 
Dear Ma'am I have brought the uv light and the tortoise was quite active after giving him the uv light. My other concern is that my tortoise eats only …

tortoise sleeping 
why does my tortoise keep going to the corner of his tank and sleeping?

My tortoise keeps pooping.  
My tortoise has been getting hungrier and is poo-ing a lot and I'm scared he might be sick should I take him to the vet?

Cracked shell 
I found a turtle today and he acts perfectly fine like nothing is wrong but his shell is cracked and i feel bad for the buddy what do i do to fix it

My Horsfield Tortoises 
I have two horsfield tortoises aged four and three years old.One male and One female.Recently yhey have both started to rock thier heads quite fast and …

red foot tortoise 
I noticed that my red foot have some white on the shell like at the bottom of the shell and the sides. I have the uv. Light the temp is about 75. I didn't …

Red foot and flipping 
Our little tortoise keeps flipping over on it's back. It climbs up the wall of the enclosure and tips over. Sometimes into it's water space. We are so …

box turtle strange behavior 
why is my box turtle walking backwards?

what does it mean when a box turtle skin turns white?

Tortoise shell bleeding 
Hi. Our Russian Tortoise, Franklin, escaped from his outdoor garden. He was missing for probably an hour. Our German Shepard found him, and he is moving …

Sulcata tortoise having abnormal face specially behind jaws or you can say ears 
Hi.. I have 7 to 8 very small sulcata tortoise since 6 months. At first they were very active & fine. Just yesterday i noticed that all these tortoise …

graze on head 
Hi my tortoise has a agraze on her head is there anything i can put on it.

what does it mean when your turtles mouth start bleeding

Desert Tortoise found upside down 
Came home from the store found our desert tortoise had gotten out of her area, and beleive our dog had gotton to her. she was found upside down hiding …

Tortoise eating mushroom 
I caught my Russian tortoise eating a mushroom in my backyard and I'm pretty sure that the mushroom was poisonous, and I was wondering what should I do? …

Tortoise neck and head scratched by own shell 
Hello, and thanks if you can answer this question about my red-footed tortoise, Yuri: The top of its head and its neck seem to get scratched and now developing …

My baby sulcata swallowed a rock 
My baby sulcata swallowed a small pebble.. Will it pass ? Should we rush to a vet? Can a vet even dp anything ? Seems like that may happen in nature, but …

My tortoise is not eating.... why? 
We just got a tortoise but he is not eating. We give him pellets and some fruit or vegtable. He sleeps alot and he hardly moves. Do you know whats happening …

terrapin or turtle 
what is the differance between a terapin and a turtle how big does each one grow to

tortoise and the sun 
I put my young tortoise outside in the sun the other day when we had good weather but I don't think it liked it as it went straight into the shaded bit …

White spots  
My turtle has white spots on his shell . He is a red eared slider turtle and is still a baby. We have a place for him to bask , too. Thank you !

turtle's shell cracked 
i have noticed a slight crack on my turtle's doesn't bleed but yes there is a crack... what should be done?

mixing tortoise breeds 
Can a baby herman tortoise live with a sulcata tortoise in the same habitat? In other words, do they get along?

I think my spur thighed tortoises is dead..? 
I came down from the bathroom this morning to my wife telling me that she thinks the tortoises is dead. I opened up the vavarium and picked her up and …

wild baby turtles 
how do I keep my baby turtles happy? what other kinds of foods can i feed them besides lettuce? they are water turtles. i found them in the lake. why do …

turtle turn red 
what does it mean when turtles turn red

tortoise died 
My desert tortoise just dies..he was about 80 years old and when I went to feed hi - he was swollen and it looked like his intestines came out of him...sort …

How can I tell if my Russian tortoise is female or male? 
How can I tell if my Russian tortoise is female or male? I have searched the internet for an answer but haven't been successful. However, I think my tortoise …

Front leg swollen joints on russian tortoise. 
Hi. I noticed today on my russian tortoise that the front legs joints are swollen and puffy. Its like where the armpit is on the front legs and when I …

strange turtle tail 
my turtle has a long higher stretch of tail along his back and my family and i dont know what it means??? what does it mean??

What do I do if my turtle has an infection? 
My turtle's shell is red around some of the edges. The pet store told us to take him in the sun when it is nice out. It seems like the day after the turtles …

Heat lamp bursts 
i bought a heat lamp 50watts for my turtle tank and it burst in like 6 hours and then i bought another one and agai it burst in 8-9 hours its really money …

Russian tortoise doesn't like soaking? 
I adopted a Russian tortoise a while ago, and he seems to be doing well, but everytime I soak him he walks backwards for a little bit and then after a …

Baby tortoise query? 
I have just bought a baby horsefield tortoise he is under 1 year and about 4-5cm. It is a very hot day, would it be okay to let him enjoy the garden or …

sick tortoise 
what does a sick russian tortoise look like

only craps sticky liquid!! 
I have a star tortoise about three months old. For the past few days it seems like it?s going through a lot of pain while trying to crap....the head goes …

White stuff in the water 
The last couple of day my sons Dessert Box Turtle has had white stuff in it's water. I think it must be throwing it up but haven't seen this happen. …

Can a Turtle scratching an open wound cause a salmonella infection? 
I was holding my pet turtle and I didn't notice a cut I had on the palm of my hand. My turtle shifted his leg and his leg hit the wound. I washed my hands …

leg abscess 
It appears that my box turtle has developed a lesion in front of her right rear leg. It is quite deep and filled with soil. I had not noticed this because …

my turtle cant possibly be that old 
my step dad just recently brought home a wood turtle for me. im trying to figure out every thing i need to know about him, when i thought of an important …

whats happening to my baby turtle? 
My turtles bottom shell is turning an orange color on the sides and its barely eating the food we give it,it's only a little baby and I'm starting to get …

turtles skin falls off 
why does the my turtles skin fall off when they swim?

my razor back  
will my razor backedturtle be ok in its tank on his own ?

the Brazil turtle 
we found a turtle while mowing the internet says it is a brazil OR SNAPPING TURTLE turtle will it snap can i keep it?

Turtle Penis 
I'm just wondering what it means when a turtle's penis comes out? I have a fresh water turtle who would be about 7+ years old. I'm not sure what breed …

box turtles drink water 
my box turtles wont drink water what can i do to get him to drink water?

my turtle has a lumpy substance on the back of her neck. we think it is skin? but we don't know. it is kinda skin-orange color and it doesn't come off. …

tutle with a hurt head 
what do you do when you find a turtle with a cracked head?

jelly substance from horsfield tortoise 
my male horsefield tortoise has produced some thing like a clear jelly like substance is he ok ?

cracking red foot tortoise mouth 
i have a 3 year old red foot tortoise and just recently around the mouth close to the ears the skin is peeling and cracking how do i treat it?at first …

can tortoises live together 
Can a African spurred tortoise live in the same habitat as a desert tortoise? a.k.a live together?

terrapins foot bleeding 
one of my terrapin has just bite the other ones foot it is bleeding what should i do

One Eyed Turtle 
My yellow belly slider turtle only has one eye open. Is he sick!? He is only a baby what do I do?

depress tortoise 
my tortosie is not eating now had a fight with dog and has some cuts and burses but is healing??

My tortoise in the rain! 
We live in Twickenham, SW London and have acquired a 30 year old tortoise who has lived freely in a back garden since small. She seems to have settled …

dropped red foot 
My son dropped my 7 yo red foot and she immediately started puking. Is it gonna be ok ? what do I do?

horsefield tortoise 
I have just got a horsefield tortoise as a present from my fiance and was wondering how to tell what sex it is? Can you help please?

Tortoise flipping over 
Why does my tortoise keep flipping over?

tortoise back strength 
How much weight can a tortoise's back carry?(Before breaking or bending)

is ared or yellowed eared slider 
Is ayellow eared slider a girl and the red eared slider a boy.

stiff legs on a star tortoise 
my star tortoise tends to get stiff legs very often...does not walk much either...

Help with found NY turtle 
I found a turtle in the road in upstate NY around the Albany area. It had a 8" wide oval medium dome shell with a saw tooth edge at the rear. The pointed …

why did my terrapin get a stomach infection? 
why did my terrapin get a stomach infection and how could it be prevented.

Can I put two tortoises together? 
I have a three year old Horsfield tortoise and have just been given a 50 year old (approx) Greek tortoise, is it ok for them both to be together, I think …

Need brand new red eared turtle advice 
Okay, I brought my brand new red eared slider from Petzoo. Well, it's a few months old, male, and very active. But when I got home, I put it inside the …

turtle poops white stuff 
When I first got my Russian tortoise 5-7 months ago, white stuff came out of its butt. What is it?

puffy eye 
why my turtle has swollen eyes and like foaming in the mouth like saliva

Sulcata Tortoise eats chicken poop 
I have a sulcata tortoise and I keep chickens. When the tortoise is out in the backyard, he walks around the concrete area looking for chicken poop to …

Im not sure if my map turtle is sick. Help! 
Hello, I have a Mississippi Map turtle who is about 1 year old now. He is very active and Loves his food (and LOTS of it). But his colour is pretty …

rectal bleeding/Russian Tortoise 
I have a Russian Tortoise that just had several episodes of black diarrhea and i noticed a blood bubble, as well. Any ideas? Thank you, Kelly

Horsfield Tortoise acting strange 
I could not get my 4 year old Horsfield to hibernate so he wandered round our house all winter. I have now put him in his garden pen and he buries himself. …

my tutle's feet 
Why does my red ear slider turtle have white and swollen feet?

Red neck turtle 
What does it mean when a red neck turtle get White paches on it's shell

turtles with red stomach 
what does it mean when a turtles stomach is red?

Red Foot Companionship 
I have a young red foot tortoise. Will it do better with another red foot in with it or alone?

Do male and female greek tortoises get along? 
I have a male greek tortoise, and i think he's lonely. I want to get him a friend, but i hear two males are agressive towards each other. I want to know …

baby to tortoise 
how many days get to come to baby tortoise from eggs

white spots 
what does it mean when there is a white spot on a Red Eared Sliders turtle by the shell

which is faster ? 
which is faster a turtle or a tortise

Box turtle and my dog Abbie 
I just found a turtle in my yard. I've lived here 8 years and never seen a turtle. But, my trusty protector Abbie, just found one up against my chain …

Vagina in a tortoise 
where is the vagina located on a russian tortoise?

green turtle shell turned brown 
hey i have my turtle 5 years and now his shell iis gone all brown, it used be green, why is this.

filmy eyes 
I brought my baby Russian to the vet yesterday because he has filmy eyes and won't eat. His stool was clear. The vet gave him fluids and put antibiotic …

Nutrition for your tortoise 
What can my tortoise eat that will not harm it, and what foods will harm it?

skin shedding 
Can you provide a photo of a red eared slider shedding its skin? I need to know if it is shedding or has a fungus

my turtle pooped out something long and dark yesterday... i thought it was just poop so i threw it away. then i was reading today that it was supposed …

tortoise was bite by my dog 
my tortoise was bite by my dog last year, i took him to a vet who gave him some antibiotics and said he will be fine.. recently ive noticed where he lost …

constant bathing 
I have a box turtle and lately, every time I check on him he is in his bath. Usually he bathes immediately after I change his water but now he wont get …

I have a yellow belly slider and I think it swallowed a pebble from the bottom its tank. It hasnt been eating in a while. What do i do?

tortoise not the same  
After being dewormed at the vets 3 weeks ago..our pet tortouseisn't her smae old self. She is eating but not with the same passion as before her vet visit. …

Giant tortoises 
do giant tortoises get vaccinated and if so what do they get vaccinated for?

black dot on plastron 
what does it mean when a panted turtle has a black dot on its stomach

leopard tortoise watery eyes 
My 6 year old female leopard tortoise has recently developed watery eyes otherwise she seems healthy we live in southern Spain and is kept in at night …

White bump on my turtles leg 
My painted turtle has a white lump or bump i guess you could say on his right leg when i touch it i think it hurts him his mouth opens up and moves towards …

turtle with a yellow base with black spots at the bottom 
my turtle has a yellow base with black spots what should i feed him its nt eating anything? m so worried its been 2 days

maquarie short neck turtle 
my best friend is sick..i think so any way, i just cleaned his home and i was just bathing him and i notised 1 of his hands dont have nails..its looks …

Will these tortoises have babies? 
If I keep a male and a female Greek tortoise together will they have babies?

turtle has growth in mouth 
our red eared slider has a finger nailish thing growing out of its mouth

black on plastron and gopher tortoise beaks 
my tortoise has blck on the bottom of his shell! it that normal.....also do gopher tortoises grow beaks and have to get them trimmed...if so please give …

my horsefield tortoise ruby age 3 visited the vet a few weeks ago and he said that her shell is overgrown which means her shell has growwn too fast and …

snapping turtle sickness 
why does my young guvenile florida snapping turtle have lumps on his neck and face.are they tumors. are they treatable.he got the lumps after he ate a …

common American map turtle has developed orange patches on his shell 
I have a 8 year old common American map turtle she as always had good health but recently she has become withdrawn and has developed orange patches on …

terrapin ask their own shit 
why do my terrapin ask their own shit?

Horsefield Tortoise got itchy eye 
Hi my 7 yr old male tortoise had a scale come off above his eye he now will not stop itching it and i am worried about it getting bad, can I put anything …

terrapin scratching the wall 
why does my female terripin keep scrathching the wall?

what kind of turtle 
We found a baby turtle on our lawn about 50 feet from the lake. It is black with white spots all over its body both top and bottom. its back is bumpy

growth on turtle neck 
my turtle has an abnormal growth on her neck. Almost like someone put a very timy ball in her mouth to make her cheek/neck look big. she wont eat or move …

Does anyone know what type of turtle/tortoise this is?

whistling tortoise 
Hello. we just rescued(from a society) a tortoise yesterday and at first when we picked her out we did not notice this but when she breathes in there …

leopard tortoise baby activity level 
How active should a two month old leopard tortoise be? He eats and drinks only when I put him at the food and water, also that is when he will explore …

black shell 
what do i do when a scale on the shell is missing and it turns black?

Yellow Footed Scale trouble 
Hi, I have a yellow footed tortoise that has been ill for 6 months. the vet initally thought MBD and we have treated him for that, but the condition …

Baby red ear slider turtle likely to have a bad stomach 
My baby red ear slider turtle is pooping a lot from past three days.... i feel that he is having a bad stomach. What should i do? Should i feed him less …

should I let my tortoise graze in the park? 
I occassionally walk to the park and I was wondering if it is ok to let my tortoise graze there (with supervision of course). The park is almost always …

Female Russian Tortoise is biting our male Russian Tortoise 
Why does she bite and bang her shell into our male?

Baby tortoises 
Is it bad to be moving baby desert tortoises too much?

New baby wild turtle 
First off... its a baby dad had found it yesterday on the road and brought it home to me. supposedly there were tons of them the other day …

red eared slider turtle has cuts on its feet 
my turtle is a red eared slider and he seems lethargic and he has cuts on his hands

Mouth Color 
what does it mean when a turtle mouth is brown

russian horsefield tortoise using herbi grass 
We have recently purchased two horsefield tortoises and was given wood chipping as bedding after finding out more about them we was told that if they injest …

brown stuff around a turtle eye 
my turtle has light brown stuff around its eye , what does that mean ?

Red Foot Tortoises 
What do fearful behaviors look like in Red Foot Tortoises?

Sulcata eyes 
I wanna know what could be wrong with my one year old sulcata turtle,he hasn't opened his eyes in a few days? =(

strange staying in one spot 
my turtle is staying in one spot for a long time with her arms in and legs out whats wrong with it

Should I let my terrapins out of their tank and run around my room?  
I dont know whether to let my terrapins out of their tank and run around my room! There really lively in their tank.. Which makes me think they may want …

My turtle won't let me hold him 
My turtle is a yellow belly slider that is so adorable. the problem is, he NEVER lets me hold him. He lets my best friend hold him without holing up in …

Secada Tortoise 
Can you keep a Secada tortoise as a pet in Florida? if so where do you get them from? We have Gopher Tortoise here and they are protected by law. We have …

how to tell if my turtle is healthy 
i think i have a painted wood turtle, i feed him fruit his favorite is strawberries he wont eat anythng els, his shell looks like bark but i dont think …

tortoise melt 
I heard that if you pull a tortoise out of hibrination to soon that it will melt or disintegrate. is this true?

clear tortoise shell 
why is the tips of my russian tortoise shell see threw

turtle and tortoise live to gether 
can red eared slider turtle and indian star tortoise live to gether and how can i desine tank for them

i don't know whats wrong with my turtle 
my turtle is a red Russian tortes and hes 9 years we've seen him grow before but never this long and he has a bloody nose and he hasn't been moving whats …

Turtle bubbles 
There are air bubbles coming out the bottom of my turtles shell when he is in the water. he is actin funny...Had him 15 he gonna die?

Water Turtle Skin Infection 
I have a Mississippi Map Turtle and he seems to have something wrong with his skin. Though he has shed periodically in the past, his skin appears to be …

Turtle pimples? 
My turtle has clear with a pinkish tint to it to these little bubbles, almost like pimples.... What are they? Abscess?

turtles chomper 
i've had my turtle for about 13 years and all of a sudden its beak has grown out too much. what can i do about this? it seems to be interfiering with him …

Where to purchase tortoise in Ontario 
I am looking to purchase a box tortoise, Where might i be able to purchase one in the ontario canada area?

what can i do with my red footed tortoise 
i was wondering what i can do with my tortoise when i'm on vacation. im scared if i leave it home it will die what should i do

yellow belly turtle age 
how do i know how old my yellow belly turtle is? its shell is about four-five inches long and about three inches wide

Does a tortoise sleep in the dark? 
tortoise can sleep even no light? bcoz in our room if were sleeping we have 2 cloz the light so im worried..of what anything happened to my tortoise.. …

what to do when a turtle has a broken arm 
I just cought a baby turtle today and it has a broken arm.It got its claw stuck in a cut on the broken arm.I felt so bad,it closed its eyes and opened …

clip desert tortoise beak 
deformed lower jaw

Tortoise Movements 
Why does my tortoise make subtle swimming motions with his arms and legs while hes sunbathing? He also moves he head while doing this.

Which cage? 
Would my russian tortoise do better in a large wooden "cage" or a large glass aquarium?

Upside Down 
What if a turtle lands up-side down in the water?

Swollen eyes 
My turtle is walking without opening her eyes. Help!

has my terrapin died 
my terrapin was not eating or having any bowel movements so i took her to a vet last thursday.the vet said she was constipated and gave her an injection …

RES; swollen eyes, white spots on eyelids and head, produces bubbles 
Hi there. I received two red-eared sliders (allow me to refer them as A and B) just a few days ago. On the first day, A seemed perfectly fine and energetic …

wake up tommy 
my desert tortoise woke up from hibernation last week during a heat wave of sorts, he ate lettuce and went pee,but then the weather took a turn to cold,and …

African Side neck turtle 
I'm trying to figure out if my turtle is getting sick or just tired because one day I woke up and he was just laying on his basting rock eyes oven and …

I need help with a hingeback tortoise 
I need help please. I recently came into being a proud owner of a hingeback tortoise. I know very little about tortoise care. I tried to find info about …

what brand of top soil should i use for my horsefield tortoise 
I dont want to get topsoil with fertilizers in it, or manure, but i couldnt find one that satisfied me at my local Lowes. I figured maybe i was being …

Does my young male horsefield need a friend? 
I can only get him one other tortoise, and i was wondering if i should get a girl or a boy, and if a different age or kind of tortoise would make a difference. …

Is my TORTOISE a boy or a girl? 
what does it mean when my TORTOISE's (not turtle)tail is sideways? Does that mean it is a boy or a girl? thank you!:)

i think my baby turtle is dead 
my baby painted turtle has a injured neck and a swelling eye he was okay until all of a sudden he stopped moving what should i do? :( :( :(

terrapin vs turtle 
my terrapin girl keeps following my male turtle around the tank putting her hands over her head and shaking them at him why is she doing this ive had them …

yellow belly slider turtles 
i have 2 yellow belly slider turtles, how do i no the sex of my turtles ? and what other things could i feed them as they eat blood worms, mosquito larvae, …

whats the diffreance between a tortoises and turtles 
whats th diffreance between a tortoises and turtles

Mixing Baby RES with adults 
I have a new small maybe 4" docile male RES, and I have 3 tiny babies a little bigger than a Silver dollar. Can they survive together or with he try to …

my musk turtle bites his buddy 
my musk turtle is going after my red eared slider and biteing her is there a way where they can share captivity and him not bite?

Tortoise Home Environment 
I recently bought a reptile tank for my Russian Tortoise at Petco. I was just wondering if the tortoise would be very sensitive to noises from the TV or …

desert tortoise has not pooped in3 weeks  
tell me what to do can you give them a baby enama? been soaking 2xday not helping and he wont eat but eyes are good just wont poop

Tortoise eats everything! 
Hello,my sulcata. Tortoise eats everything of my floor when I let him roam. My floor is mostly laminate so he just picks up every crump or anything and …

My turtle's eyes are swollen and shut.. and has not aten. 
my baby turtle started eating less and eventually stopped eating couple of weeks ago. i assumed it was in brumation.. since it would stay in its shell …

baby snapper eye lid white 
my baby snapping turtle's eye lid is alittle white.I don't think that it's anything to worry about. Or is it?

my turtle has hair in its shell 
My aquatic red eared turtle does not eat and has white transparent cloudy hair-like on it's shell and body. What does this mean? Does she have a disease …

if i let my turtle go will it survive 
i live in north carolina i have 2 turtles ive had 1 for 5 years and the other one for about 4 in a half years. i got them in hilton head i have a creek …

tortoise's skin 
My toroises skin is shedding, is that normal?

Sun exposure 
hellow everybody. I'm a new res turtle owner, i live in a dormitory. I'm giving my res one hour sun exposure everyday before i go to my school.. after …

tortoise catching food 
how do tortoise catch food?

Turtle floating on back 
My 16 year old Diamondback terrapin has suddenly started turning over and floating on his back. Is he dying?

Hermann & Indian Star 
Hello We have a pair of 3 year old Hermanns, and are thinking of getting a pair of Indian Stars, could they live together ? The Hermanns live on …

Turtle needs help please help and I will donate 
Hey I really need help with my 1 year yellow bellied slider turtle My sister accidentally squeezed it's under shell quite hard and it's sort of domed …

A Catholic Church around Meterie has tortoises in basement 
My Mom and step dad were visiting around Meterie La and the couple took them to a Catholic Church and they went into a basement where the priests had tortoises …

Is my russian tortoise too Active 
My russian has been fairly active since I got him, he would walk around then head to the corner of the room to sleep, then I would put him back in his …

dog bit turtle 
my yorkie bite MY TURTLE. put it didnt get no skin it juts bite the shell it has two teeth marks on it. i just wanna know what to do or what is gonna happen. …

turtle head in shell 
does turtle learn to put their head in their shell

My Sick Mississippi Map Turtle 
I have two Mississippi Map baby turtles and one doesn't look like he's doing so well he keeps flipping over on his back and laying there for a couple of …

shell's turn soft 
my tortoise shell turn soft.what hapen?

which UVB lamp 
It is me again,. =) I'm Lei. my first turtle died already but i've now recovered but still it hurts. with my new turtle i will do everything to make him …

female hermann's tortiose has stopped eating 
my 8 year old female herman tortoise stopped eating two weeks ago, i think she could be pregnant, i can not get her to eat

Baby red ear slider turtle acting strange 
my baby red ear slider turtle doesn't swim much. it just moves from one place to other making a semi circle on the surface of water. And sometimes it just …

white goo from my turtle 
what is the white goo coming out of my turtle

white bubbles from turtle mouth 
my turtle has white bubbly stuff coming out of its mouth. What is that?

Its smells so bad! 
What does it mean when my turtle completely fills his tank with poop a day or two after i wash it? I mean the water is completely brown and opaque and …

Putting common musk turtle with yellow bellied slider 
Well I have a common musk turtle who is about 7cm can I house a hatchling yellow belly slider with him? Huey is about 7cm I want to get a yellow belly …

I bought a turtle about a month ago, and it has not eaten since,I washed it today and noticed his shell is not hard at all. Should i be worried?

Baby red ear slider turtle 
My baby red ear slider turtle is having a green shell when its in water but when i take it out its shell turns white. is it a serious matter?

Month old yellow belly turtle died 
I brought 2 turtles in january and they are growing fine and always seem to be healthy and happy , eating and swimming around. Two weeks ago i brought …

My tortoise is acting wierd 
Please help!My tortoise isnt eating and he is sleeping way to much! Thanks!

My turtle only has one eye open 
I got my turtle on my birthday by my cousin and it is a Red Ear Slider. I put her in my fish tank and brought a heater and I keep a lamp on beside her …

Can tortoises see in all colors? 
i'm doing a school project on how tortoises see ive read that they see in ultra violet vision is this true or false? i also did an experiment to see what …

stuffy nose 
Why does my greek tortoise get a runny/bubbly nose when I put him in the grass for any extended period of time?

Black patch on my turtle's shell 
Me and my family have had out turtle for over 4 years, suddenly he has got a black patch on his shell. It is taking over his whole shell and we don't know …

Sick Tortoise Sulcata 
I have a sick Sulcata that I need to give an oral antibiotic. I keep getting told that I need to put it in his food but the problem is that he does not …

Red Footed Tortoise 
My tortoise is spending a lot of time in his water dish never has done this before any suggestions on this subject ?

My Russian tortoises has bubble coming out of his mouth. Is this okay? And white poo?

Housing tortoises together 
I have an almost two year old red footed tortoise and want to add another red footed tortoise. Does it have to be roughly the same age or can I add a younger …

Yellow Behind on Russian Trotoise 
I have had a Russian Tortoise for about two years and it has started to turn yellow on its behind. I am wondering what this means. Is this a sign …

My turtle has white film sitting in its right eye 
One of my RES turtle which is 1.5 years has a kind of white film sitting in its right eye. The other eye is perfectly normal. I went to aquarium shop and …

sulcata growth  
i bought 2 sulcate tortoises about a year ago and they were about the same size... now 1 is about twice the size oft the other. does that mean anything? …

Russian tortoise 
My russian tortoise Spike was banging against glass on terrarium. So i went and got plywood and built bigger box for him. but, now hes doing same thing …

Wanted: Greek Tortoise  
I want a greek tortise. Can anyone give me some tiips on how to care for one.... or even like a terrarium (glass aquarium) size and how big these turtles …

white throw up 
what does it mean when there is white throw up and how can you arrange the aquarium

Can my tortise eat a mum 
Can my Greek tortise eat a pot mum

my tortoise hates me 
i baught a horsefield tortoise about a week ago.. it is my first tortoise, and i wasnt really sure what it would be like, i researched how to look after …

Does my sulcata have a cold? 
my sulcta (5yrs old aprox) has been sleeping since yesterday. I got him up for his usual walk, he barely moved and then went back to sleep. Plus he has …

can a turtle leaves its shell to move to a new one

some problem with my Star 
Hi Shelly, Unfortunately there are no Vets for Reptiles in our area. What happened last night was scary and painful. My baby, small 6month Star …

What type of tortoise is this? 
We found this guy wandering in our back yard. We live in a marsh area in northeastern ohio. I'm thinking he probably is not native to this part of the …

REs Turtle shell trouble 
hai... i just bought a res turtle about a month ago now.. he suddenly stops eating, keeps on basking, his shell starts to get brownish with white powdery …

Hermann tortoise making clicking sounds 
My hermann tortoise is making a clicking sound, and it looks like he is eating his bedding, which is 50/50 play sand/coir brick. Is this normal? I just …

My sulcata tortoise has this black stuff around his mouth 
Please help, my sulcata tortoise rocko has this weird black stuff around his mouth and chin.I'm hoping it's just romain lettuce and grass residue and not …

What kind of Turtle 
I have a turtle its green with a red line by the head. I want to know what kind it is? Also what they eat?

Tortoise hissing 
Sometimes when my tortoise is in the water or just sitting there, she sticks her head out very far and makes like a hissing sound. What does that mean? …

sleepwalking tortoise 
My sulcata tortoise is sleepwalking.Is this normal or does it mean he is sick? Please help!!

Feeding turtles 
whilst feeding my razor back turtle he gets a lump at the base of his neck and i have to remove the food or he keeps eating is this normal

UV light 
My UV lamp stopped working, and I can only get a new one the day after tomorrow. What should I do? Should I use a regular light bulb? What will happen …

Tortoise Not eating 
My mum has had this tortoise since 1973 and it has stayed the same size. This year he's not eating anything by himself. He will only eat fresh pears or …

Small Lump On The Ear Of My Red Ear Slider 
I noticed a small white lump on her ear and it I don't know what it is or what I should do. NEED HELP!

How to make tortoise follow you? 
I have a red footed tortoise and i want it to follow me, i need a some tips and what not =P

Turtle lifts legs 
whaat does it mean when a turtle lifts its legs?

tortoise shell hurts neck 
Our family tortoise has a sore on his neck from his shell rubbing it. We don't know what to do. How do you fix a shell without scaring the tortoise ?

9 month old sulcata tortoise tank temp  
whatb should the temp be in my 9 month old sulcata tortoises tank

Turtle Instinct Question 
where do baby turtles inherit their instincts from?

slimy turtle water 
my turtles water is slimy why and what is causing it?

torttise pet 
do torttise like being hold for long time

sick yellow bellied slider 
i have a yellow bellied slider,just found him in the tank floating but managed to bring him back to life. now his head is floppy like he cant be bothered. …

tortoice on his back  
my 4 year old tortoice has fell 2 times on to his shell ...he was trying to get up ...i picked him up ...can they get up on there own when turned on to …

Would old telephone poles put togather make a good fence 
Hello! I have a 5 year old male and a 3 year old female. If I use old phone poles could they climb over them? Thanks T. Childers

turtle population density 
We have a pair of red eared sliders in an approximately 1,000 gallon pond in our back yard. Half of the pond is 36" deep and the other half is stepped …

Hinged backed tortoise 
I just purchased a hinged backed tortoise from a pet store and he has been in my home a week and hasn't eaten....I have now taken him out of the plastic …

Upside down 
my tortoise was upside down all night..will she be ok

redfoot tortoise flex forelegs 
why to my tottoises lfex their forelegs back and forth when feeding? like they are showing off their red spotted arms.

sad turtle 
My turtle is sad from past 4 days due to sudden death. Now he is not eating anything. Please help fast!

Russian Tortoise lost outside, help! 
We've had our russian tortoise for 6 months. Since its been nice out we take him outside. All he did was burrow and we kept a close eye on him. Well …

Should I uncover the hole in Tortoise? He was bitten 3 days ago.  
Hi there, a dog attacked my tortoise and the vet put some selotape on the hole, it looks like it needs to come off to get some air to it, I just wanted …

tortoise nails 
Do I have to clip my pet tortoises nails?

What is normal behavior for a juvenile leopard tortoise? 
I have a 2 year old leopard tortoise. Her shell is normal, hard, she eats 2-3 mazuri pellets a day, she gets calcium a couple times a week, her eyes & …

tortoise beak length 
my tortoises bottom beak is growing longer than normal. i have given him a tortoise bone but it doesn't seem to help. what should i do? should i take him …

Tortoise Skin peeling off? 
Is a tortoises skin suppose to peel off?

Turtle Energy 
Ever since I've had my turtle, he never moves, he just sits in the water. If I put him in deep water he'll swim, but other than that he never moves. My …

Tortoise eyes are closed 
my russain tortise is not opening his eyes and they look kind of buldgey is there anything i can do or do i just need to take him to a vet

leopard tortoise bored 
our friend has a leopard tortoise- 1yo- and we dont want it to be sad/boredhow do we ensure none of this happens

ant problem in our turtle's habitat 
how can I safely get rid of my ant problem, I'm careful to remove uneaten food?

turtle size 
If i put my turtle in a big tank how big can it get

Filmy eyes 
Hi, i have a baby aquatic turtle. he lives in a small tank with a heat lamp and i change his water 3 or 4 times a week because i do not have a filter yet. …

my baby regular turtle will not open his eyes when i pick him up!!!!!! 
when i pick my baby regular turtle up he will not open his eyes. it takes him like 20-30 mins

Turtle Tails 
Hi, my baby common snapping turtle's tail just came off and I wanted to know if it was normal. I got so scared when it did and I don't want him to get …

Tortoise antibiotics for Cold 
How long should should a tortoise be on anti biotics for a bad cold thanks

tortoise with red eye 
I have a young tortoise thats about 4 years old. All the white in its eyes has turn red and he keeps rubbing them. I was wondering what could have caused …

not eattin 
hey my turtle i very healthy but isnt eatting is it a sign that she is ready for hibernating?

What is wrong with my leopard turtle 
My leopard tortoise won'stop peeing and has purple on his bottom shell.he is still alive but is acting rather sluggish

is it normal for a tortoise shell to be transparent 
my friends horsefield tortoise's shell is going transparent, is it normal for it to do this?

Not eating or moving about 
My tortoise is making like a kind of pushing noise when he urinates like he is trying to force all of his pee out, that is the best way I can explain it, …

tortoise wont poop in cage 
i have a red footed tortoise i got from petsmart about 3 weeks ago and it wont poop in its cage. As soon as i bring it out, it poops on my floor =[ well …

Soft shell and purple edges 
I have noticed only today that my Hermann Tortoise has a purple tint a little like a bruise on either side, when I felt it, the shells seemed a little …

Red- eared slider just laid an egg 
Hello. This is a first for me. Today, my red- eared slider laid an egg on my living room floor. She lives alone in her tank so it came as a shock when …

Baby Herman Turtles 
A friend of mine, her tortise just had babies. How soon after the babies are born can she sell them/or seperate them.

how do you make a turtle grow fast than usual? 
at the pet store, where i bought my turtle.. the seller said something.. she said "it would take years to make it grow" i'm excited to make it a lot more …

desert tortois sounds 
what sound does a desert tortois make?

Is my tortoise dead? 
How do you know if your tortoise is dead?

my turtle can't support his neck 
I have a baby red eared slider and until yesterday he was fine. Today he cant seem to support his head. He won't retract it into his shell and it just …

Eye Problems 
My baby red ear slider wont open its eyes, but itll move around. Its only a baby, and im really, really woried about it dying?

white poop 
Why does my tortoise poop white?

my turtle has a white foot 
my turtle has got a white swollen foot above his nail - it also look red i think he is in pain as he is keeping it in his shell what could this be …

Head and front legs wont come out of the shell 
We just got a 2nd baby slider turtle for my daughter. The 1st one is about 1 year old. They've been together for 24 hours. The baby wont stick its head …

Red-Eared Sliders Please help 
I bought 2 RES about 6 months ago. They should be less than a year old and are still pretty tiny in size. Terrapin A has about 4 white spots on its …

Tortoise bladder stone 
Can tortoises still pee if they have a bladder stone? My spur-thigh tortoise passed one a week ago and has recently peed. Could he still have a bladder …

Sticking head in shell, gaping mouth.. please help! 
Hi, My tortoise has begun behaving strangely over the past week. She is still eating fine. But she keeps sticking her head in her shell and covering …

hi Is star turtl is good to keep at home

Tortious buying 
how do you buy a tortious?

orange stuff from turtle bottom 
my turtle has orange stuff coming out of her bottom what is it?

50 cent turtle 
Do you have to have a turtle license to keep a 50 cent turtle as a pet?

Turtle shell bump? 
My red-eared turtle is about 8 years old and one side of his shell has a large bump in it, is that normal? Like, it's bumpy all over, just there's like …

White lump under turtle eye 
With my turtle he has recently gotten a small white lump underneath his eye. I'm not quite sure what it is or how to get rid of it? He still does everything …

yellow belly slider eyes 
I have just got two yellow belly sliders and one of them only has one eye I think and the other one looks a littl crusty. I just wanted to know if I should …

why did my turtle die?! :( 
i got a red eared slider 3 weeks ago. she appeared normal and healthy. then she got sick. i took her to the vet monday and he gave her a shot for vitamin …

MY sis turtle wont open eye 
my sis turtle wont open one of his eyes ,we are so worried he keeps scratching it ,should we do something,my dogs vet will come and drop my dog off should …

you tortoises pooh 
how do you spot pooh in your herman tortoises vivarium

fajdf'la box turtle won't come out 
why wont my box turtle come out of its shell

russan tortoise 
i had my tortoise outside yeaterday it was sunny but only 65 cuz i wanted to see if she would eat some grass and stuff. but today she is sneezing a little …

illness or what? 
Is it bad when a turtle keeps its eyes closed; should i worry about it. Please help I'm desperate.

Hermanns tortoise habitat 
Does anyone know how well a hermanns tortoise would survive in the climate of the pacific northwest/seattle?

baby red ear slider care 
we want to go out can we keep red ear baby slider at home unattended or should we take him along with us

turtle eggs 
my turtle egg has some puple on it whats going to happen to it? is it a good sign or bad

turtle fell 
my turtle fell down from about a height of 1 meter it didnt bleed but the shell seems to be a little cracked.what should i do??? pls help me.

what am I 
I am a turtle with rough dark Carapace yellow stripes on leg and face and yellow belly what am I called

Help with my red eared slider 
I changed my red ear slider water, put it back in and it swelled up and now its eyes wont open.

Swollen foot - Mary River Turtle 
My turtle has a swollen back foot. He is approx 6 months old and it looks like my other turtle has bitten his foot. It is fairly swollen but he is still …

my tutle keeps its eyes closed 
my baby red ear slider always keeps its eyes closed and likes to stay on its basking rock. when i put it in the water it opens its eyes and when its sunning …

Change of tank and baby pond turtles won't open their eyes 
We changed our two baby pond turtles from one tank to a new set up tank and they stopped eatting and stopped opening their eyes. I have had them out …

Red earred slider escaped 
I have a baby red earred slider and he managed to escape for his tank and is possibly somewhere in my room. What can I do to make him come out of hiding? …

mate for a redslider 
what is a good mate for my turtle and my turtle is girl and its a redslider …

What type of turtle is my turtle? 
Sooo there is this turtle with red spots on its face and i was wondering what type it is, it is black with red and white spots on the face

dead tortoise 
what if you find a dead tortoise?

Strange behaviour when near garden hose 
Hi, when watering the garden I came close to my tortoise with the hose and they both pushed up on their legs and started wiggiling their bottoms back and …

should i release my turtle 
iv had him for like 5 years now he was found out side by my moms boss in her pool so she kept it and gave it to my mom we dont want it any more beecause …

My turtle's throat 
My turtle's throat looks bigger than normal when it puffs in and out. The throat also looks a little pink or red.

Black specks developing on Sulcata shell 
I rescued a young sulcata tortoise two years ago. This evening I noticed that she has tiny black specks all over her shell. They do not flake or rub …

my baby tourtise isnt opening his eyes 
why isnt my baby tourtise opening his eyes when ever i pick him up???

how old is my tortoise 
i like to know how old our tortoise is?

Egyptian tortoise sleeping too much 
My Egyptian tortoise spent 2 week without moving and it is not dead it is just sleeping and we are in summer now so it is not cold so why is he sleeping …

turtle behaviour 
during summer my terrapin(red eared) wants to go outside home and from morning till evening he is like that....y ? during winter and rainy seasons he is …

RESTurtle that doesnt want to swim, just bask on the dock under the light... 
I have a question, My RES turtle is very lathergic and stays on the basking dock practically all day and when she does go in the water she just floats …

turtle found outside in april 
i just found a turtle in a ditch in ontario, its cold here. and he's not moving unless i try to hold his hand, and his eyes won't open... what do i do? …

alligator snapper turtle 
why hasent my alligator snapper grown any yet it is 2 years old

desert tortises and cat 
I have had 2 desert tortises for about 3 years. I also have two dogs. The dogs have never bothered the tortises. We recently acquired a kitten that …

horsfield pooing pink 
my female 2 year old russian horsefield tortoise was in the bath and it looked like she was pooing but when i looked it was pink. a small spurt of pee …

White area around one eye 
My tortoise has developed a White area surrounding his left eye. Is this something I should b worried about?

white on my terrapin 
my terrapin has like a white fluffy stuff round his legs and the sides of his mouth, what is it. He also looks pale we have only had him 5 days. Thanks …

Black spots in skin normal for tortoise? 
Black skin spots and peeling skin normal??

What are the white oval things in the bottom of the turtle tank 
There are these medium sized white oval shaped things on the bottom of my turtles tank. They sort Of look like eggs but the turtle has been in a tank alone …

First Pet Ever 
I leave in Mumbai. My frnd Gift me a Star Tortise. Its just been 2days I have got him. Please guide me how to take care of him in terms or food, water, …

help broken tortoise shell 
a log fell on top of my tortoise and it has a crack on its shell and was bleeeding a lot what sould i do

Mucous from turtles? 
My dog was outside barking furiously and when I went outside there was a snapping turtle lying next to her with a mucous all over it. My dog also had …

Basking lamp 
What watt should my basking lamp be and how far away should it be?

Bubbles in tortoise nostrils 
Is it normal for tortoises to blow bubbles out of their nostrils?

Turtle got attacked by dog Please help 
My dog found a turltle in the backyard today. My dog put a hole in its shell. It looks like a red slider but not sure. I think it was hibrnating in the …

turtle shell damaged 
what do you do if your turtles shell is either cracked or bleeding most likely bleeding because it is red?

How do I know if my baby box turtle is eating? 
Hi, I have a box turtle about the size of a quarter, and he has burrowed in his aquarium. There are 30 small worms, plus a few Wardley Turtle Sticks. …

Gopher Tortoise Shedding Skin on Legs 
Do gopher tortoises shed there skin on there legs?? i am very concerned!

indian star tortoise chirps 
I have an indian star tortoise hatched jan 10, she seems healthy, is eating, drinking and passing urine and stools, I weigh her every month and she seems …

sulcata tortoise and calcium 
ok so i have had a baby sulcata tortoise for 7 monthes. i have been feeding her grasses, hay, and weeds. im a new sulcata owner and i feel like i dont …

tortoise injured by fox 
tortoise got attacked by fox , underside of shell looks like a hairline crake seems to be bleeding slightly the the end at back of shell.have you any suggestions …

new spur thighed not eating today and sleeping alot 
hi my new spur thighed tortoise is approx 18 months old we collected her two days ago and since then she has only eaten on the first day that we brought …

My tortoise snaps its beak while indise its shell 
I have a Star tortoise about 10-11 cm long right now. He takes his head inside his shell completely and just makes some snapping noise with his beak. If …

scrap marks on top of shell 
My young red eared slider seems to have some scrape marks on the top of his shell. The marks are lighter color.I think he was hitting it going under a …

Juvenile and hatchling apalone spinifera 
I have a spiny softshell that's about a year old. I got another one today that is just a hatchling . would it be safe to house them together

Hermann Tortoise is Sick 
Hi. I have a Hermann tortoise that is about an year old. For the past week, it hasn't been eating well, and not moving either. It has an unusual white …

Musk turtle lost a toe nail 
Hi I have 2 black musk turtles that share a tank they are about 1 Yr old now but 1 of the turtles nail has fell off. I don't know how and it isn't bleeding …

Russian Tortoise Eating 
Hi, I'm Maddy, and my Russian Tortoise, Sweetie, is eating A LOT! When I give Sweetie some romaine lettuce, (Sweetie's favorite breakfast, lunch, and …

My Turtle is growing black spots on its belly and it never been there...Its not algea or anything like that it's like on his shell. Does it means something …

Some months ago i noticed my 5" common snappin turtle on its back in the tank. he seemed ok but ever since it rarely uses its back legs an just seems to …

box turtle dragging back legs 
My Mother in law has a box turtle and it began dragging it's back legs and not using them. She is very worried. She has had it for 6 years and it eats …

hibernation advice please 
Ive had a pair of horse-fields now for about 10 years but have never let them sleep through the winter,not only haven't i anywhere cold and quiet enough …

Russian Box Turtle developed a hole in the bottom of his shell. 
What can I do for my box turtle? The hole looks like something ate through his shell. Best, Ed

hand feeding a tortoise 
I've had my tortoise for about two weeks and for the first time today he ate from my heand..does this mean i've earned his trust?

why does my male horse-field bite my female? 
i have a pair of horse-fields and the male keeps biting the female on her front legs, any idea why and what should i do????

my turtle is not active  
my turtle is not active he goes in side her shell and does not move every often but my other turtle is more more active than her tell me what to do …

my aquatic turtle swims funny and has a flipper that's smaller than the other.what should i do is that bad?

white nosed musk turtle 
Is my common musk turtles white nose normal on the top section

Growth under tortoise front leg 
My tortoise sunny has some kind of growth under his left arm which causes it swell and he can't move it and he can't stand on it. He is healthy cause he …

Shaky Hands 
I have a red-eared slider recently we got another turtle which we believe it to be a yellow-bellied slider. WEll the yellow-bellied slider usually bothers …

tortoise pregnancy 
What is the sack that is behind a female tortoise?

Male or female red footed tortoise 
How can you tell the sex of a red-footed tortoise? Thank you

Do turtles and tortoises get along 
I wanted to get my turtle a friend and almost bought a puppet for him the only thing there was a tortoise. Do they get along?

Unhappy Tortoises? 
Hi, I've had my turtles for at least 6 years and I got one and then another about a year later. They live in a glass tank about 2.5 by 4 feet I think …

large sulcata tortise paralisis 
large sulcata tortise refuses to eat two weeks now . it seems he cant open his mouth. also cant walk drags shell only moving a couple inches at most . …

sleeping turtles 
Do turtles sleep a lot?

what kind? 
my dad and i were on our way home from the lake and we saw this lil' turtle in the middle of the i kept it and now im havin' alot of trouble trying …

my turtle won't bask 
my turtle wont go on its rock to bask and stays in the water ?

i think my red eared slider turtle is sick 
i just got a red eared slider a few weeks ago. this past week she has stopped eating, she doesnt even show interest in food. she also seems to be sleeping …

Turtle escapes big outdoor pond 
I have a red eared slider turtle i just bought. We put him into a pond that we have its about 16ft x 4ft so it's pretty large. My kids were playing in …

don't know what species my turtle is? 
My turtle has a somewhat smooth shell its hard its a greenish brown color, has a short tail, clawed feet, its head is brown but its jaw is red and white …

I turn my Russian tort's florescent light of at night, but leave his red heat lamp on, should i turn them both off at night? Also, the heat lamp shines …

Lazy turtle.. More than expected. No responce but surely not dead! 
look, i have this red-eared slider from past 1 year. He's been quite active then. since past 2-3 weeks, he went through an eye infection (the white spot …

my turtle is not eating  
my turtle is not eating and she is not pooping also and she walks in a weird way and keep opening her mouth in a weird way like if she can't breath and …

I think my turtles sick 
This is my first russian tortoise and i got him about 5 months ago. This past week he hasn't been active and he hasn't been able to get into his water …

my turtle's shell is soft 
What does it mean if my turtle's shell gets soft?

What turtles can I keep 
What types of turtles can live in a 4x2x18 ft tank their whole lives

ill tortoise or not 
hello .. ive had my tortoise since christmas this year and shes been fine and eating LOADS! and she's normally very energetic and always wondering around. …

Baby Musk turtle doesn't seem well. 
Me and my partner bought a baby Musk turtle from a reputable retailer just over a week ago. I was concerned at the time as his skin appeared to be peeling, …

My box turtle- needs to be answered quickly 
why is there bubbles right next to my box turtles eyes-is this a sign of sickness?

What is my mediterranean tortoise up to? 
Our Male mediteranean tortoise of over 25 years keeps on attacking my shoe'd foot by head butting it, bitting it and then mounting it as if to have sex.He …

Part of Tortoise's Shell is gone 
Well my brother came and told me that he'd found a tortoise and half of it's shell is gone. I went and checked,and almost all of it is gone.THe part that's …

awake but not moving 
my tortoise is 90+ years old, he has been awake for about a week but not moving, please does anyone know why this is.

Green Ring around turtle's mouth 
I was giving my turtle a bath when I noticed he has a green ring around his mouth what does that mean?

Bubble In Turtle's Eye 
My turtle has a bubble in it's eye but what does it mean? please answer thanks! :)

African spur thigh mouth clicking 
My African Spur Tortoise has started clicking her jaws together (for lack of better wording). What does that mean, why is she doing that, is it bad??? …

turtle opening mouth 
what happens if your turtle eats a lot and he opens his mouth a lot

Not eating n White dots on neck Redfoot 
My 6months Redfoot Cherry head hasn't been eating for a week, got few white dots around his neck. He is still drinking, pee & poo and moving a little though. …

puffed eyes 
why does my terrapin have itchy puffy eyes

exploring red eared slider turtle 
i have a red eared slider and sometimes i let her out in my room, making sure she doesnt get anything she's not supposed to of course. is this bad for …

Which tortoise do I have? 
I have a pet tortoise and would like to know what kind of a tortoise it is and its gender..its winter at the moment and i have never seen my tortoise eat …

tortoise's shell health 
can you tell from a tortoise;s shell if it is gotten the right vitamins?

horsefeild tortoice wont eat 
ive had my tortoise for over a year he,s been doing fine till now in the last few weeks he,s stopped eating and now he wont use his back legs he can still …

Missing tortoise 
My love Blackjack just woke up from hibernation 4.11/11, He seem to have a had time adjusting at first but by Saturday he was running around, eating, …

red torotoise poo? 
i bought a 2 week old hermann's tortoise at a reptile show this past week and his poop has red in it. is that normal? i owned a box turtle before but never …

Painted Turtle Shell rot? 
My boyfriend found me a little paint turtle during the summer while fishing with his buddies and brought it home to me. so we made it a little habitat, …

To Fence the Pool? 
We have a Sulcata tortoise that lives in our back yard. We have a short chicken-wire fence around the porch of our in-ground pool, but we want to know …

what type of uv light do ineed for my red footed tortoise

can my greek spur thighed tortoise eat and how much should she weigh 
i have a 1 1/2 to 2 year old greek (spur thighed)tortoise belived to be female! *i was wondering if she could/can/should eat the flowers (yellowy bits) …

TURTLE LIGHT distance 
I have a 20 watt reptile basking light for my turtle. My turtle is about 4 inches long. How close should my basking light be to my turtle? Please respond. …

Red eared slider Docent swim to the bottom 
My bby red eared slider docent swim to the bottom of the tank... But when I force it to it swims to the top is there a concern if it docent take a swim …

snapping turtle shell 
why isnt my snapping turtles shell getting hard.

yellow belly turtle inactive 
hi one of my yellow belly turtles isnt very active and never moves and he moves his neck all time like hes gasping for air,

my tortoise rests alot is it ok 
i have just got a tortoise and it seems to be hiding in the corner of his vivarium alot is this normal also it has just been eating and finished all the …

food for a baby tortoise 
What is eating a baby tortoise

dropped my tortoise 
i droped my tortise by accident and now his head is on the side everything else is fine with him

turtle help 
how do we help our small turtle that has an infected eye?

tortoise shell looks funny  
today was the first time I have spotted my tortoise after hybernation. around the bottom ridge of his shell it seems like his shell has flaked off and …

strange white stuff by my tortoises eyes 
i have a mohave desert tortoise. hes only five years old and recently got out of hibernation, before he was really slow to start eating (and i live in …

turtle lives 
do turtles have nine lives?

Home needed for my sulcata in Ohio 
I have had my sulcata for seven years and can no longer keep him. I live in ohio, and have to move next week. If you can provide a good home for him …

tortoise peeing 
my baby tortoise pees right after it drinks and is also staying in his burrow....WHY!

unwell tortoise???? 
hi, i have a tortoise that is 5 yrs old and has been perfectly healthy upto a week ago. he isnt eating or drinking, and im putting him in reptoboost baths …

turtle climbing aquarium walls 
i just got my red eared slider a couple weeks ago. she seemed fine, she was eating and swimming around. now she wont eat and keeps clawing at the aquarium …

after hibernation my tortoise has gone strange??? 
I got my tortoise out of the shed for the summer and she is acting very strange..she is crawling off my garden and wandering round on to my patio and i …

Broke box turtle shell 
My dog got hold of a box turtle, when I got the turtle from the dog its shell was broke off around the head area and it bleeding. It is not a big part …

Baby red foot tortoise in a new home 
brought a baby red foot had him home for 2 1/2 days how do i know when he is happy that he is eating enough when i can start to hold him?

turtul tows 
my turtul lost a claw waht do i do .

my turtle want to escape 
What does it mean if my turtle is trying to escape?

what does it mean if purple piece of gunk is coming out of my tortoise?

How do you hand-feed a soft-shell turtle? 
My (smooth) soft-shell turtle, has an eye infection (which we are treating) and while his eye is healing, he seems to have lost his appetite. Before, I …

russian tortiose drinking water 
hello! I have a russian tort and I always give her spring water, but I was wondering if I could give her purifed tap water from the sink? Would this be …

My Turtle has eye problems 
my Turtle is having an eye problems, its closed with a small red thing on top I'm using Alcon Tobrex ointment its for humans but it give good result ,, …

Dog bit tortoise shell 
My leopard tortoise escaped his enclosure and I just found him in my dogs mouth. His shell is broken on the sides and in the front... its not bleeding …

brown stain left when urine dries 
There's a brown stain left when urine dries. is this a sign there is a problem?

Herman makin funny noise 
hi. Last night i noticed that my Herman tortoise was makin a funny noise, sort of a rough squeakin noise. Hard to explain. It seemed to wake him up. He …

signs of a sick tortoise 
how can you tell if your tortoise is sick? how can you tell if it is healthy?

Puffy Eyes 
I've had my map turtle for about 3 years and today I noticed his eyes are puffy and red. I know there are drops I can use but I live 3 hours away from …

red-foots toe nail broke @ the quick 
Hi, my name is lisa & i have a red-footed tortoise. i have had him 7yrs.(since he was 6 months old). yesturday i was giving him a bath in the tub & noticed …

Sick horsefield tortoise 
Hi, I have a female horsefield tortoise, about 6-8 years old. We recently moved her to a new home. For a while now, she hasn't been opening her eyes atall, …

something weird in the turtle tank 
there was a white and a pink floating object in my turtle tank. i wondered where it came from

turtle bleeding from mouth 
why was my turle bleeding out of his mouth

Redfooted tortoise questions 
Hey I am a new owner of a red footed tortoise but I have a few problems / questions. I have had her a week. In this week she popped on the way home on …

Red footed tortoise shell colour and other problems? 
Hi. I recently bought a Red Footed female tortoise from a pet store. The guy said she was around 18 months old. I've been feeding her fruit and leafy vegetables …

russian tortoise rubs legs together 
my russian tortoise will sometimes be walking and then all of a sudden stop and take his two hind legs and start rubbing them together while he wags his …

swelling on area between neck and front leg 
My yellow eared slider turle has swelling on the area between the neck and front leg. She is not able to bring her leg into her shell all the way. Today …

what happened to my red eared slider turtle? 
well it has not been moving and its eyes went deep into his head and they are closed it won't move when i touch it. i think its dead but i don't know for …

are hinge-back tortoises playful 
is a hing-back tortoise playful

unusual actions tortoise hiccups 
My tortoises always looking like it has hiccups or is trying to swallow something. It seems to be almost a habit. I is a herman tortoise of only two years, …

She doesn't like soaking 
Hi, I have just got a tortoise from my in-laws which they found. I think it is a horsefield tortoise as it has four claws on each foot and it fits the …

vivarium or cage 
Hello please can you help me? I have two five year old hurman tortoises that live together in one 6ft vivarium with all the correct lights needed and …

Russian Tortoise Beaks and Throat Breathing 
I have had a Russian tortoise for about 6 months now, and I just barely found out that your either supposed to clip their beaks for them or give them something …

Kind of worried 
My RES turtle doesnt move at all except to eat, shes the only one out of all my turtles that is inactive. What can this be ?

Swimming Pool and Turtel 
We live near a green belt and put in an inground pool. We have had the same turtle return 3 times now after we take him back to the creek. He is quite …

turtle fell 
my turtle fell,her shell was bleeding,how do i tell if she is hurt bad?

Does a tortoise leave its shell? 
I have heard that when a tortoise is turned upside down it will exit its shell, is this true?

how to get a box turtle out of his shell 
how do you get a box turle out of his shell

can turtles cause blindness to humans ..??

want to know my turtles breed 
any1 plz tell me what breed is my turtle??

Separate Turtles? 
My little slider is bleeding from its foot and has nails missing. I put neosporin on it and is in dry lock. I think the bigger one bit its leg because …

Turtle eyes white 
MY bby turle has a white covering over his eyes n I have another turtle in the same tank could tht hurt the other one do I need to put them in seperate …

Something in my turtle's eye 
My common snapping turtle has a little white speck in his left eye, and he keeps trying to scratch at it and blinking a lot because it is most likely irritating …

Is Hermanns Tortoise being naughty or randy 
Hi I have a Herman Tortoise he was a really nice fella up until a week ago, he use to follow me round the house and stand by my feet but now he is biting …

what is that? 
There is something white and bumpy on my Russian tortoise's butt, what is it? I'm afraid I can't take him out of his habitat very much because the weather …

Should a Box Turtle See Out? 
is it stressful to a turtle that can see out of his enclouser. He is continually going around the edge and trying to climb out. Would it be better for …

sex of a horsfield tortoise 
how to tell the sex of a baby horsefield tortoises

A Baby Red-eared Slider Turtle 
Hello! I live in Thaland and my brother just bought a baby red-eared slider turtle two days ago. We have no idea how to take care of a turtle. The turtle …

Beak falling apart 
Hello I normally don't ask alot of questions regarding my turtles but I am starting to get worried about one of them. I have had my ornate since 1979 and …

Water dish danger 
How do I protect my new red footed tortoise from turning over and drowning in his water? He loves walking through it and I found him upside down in it. …

Box turtle 
I Have a box turle. It is a male and about 10 years old. he is in good health but I have noticed on his neck that there is a white pattern on it. It …

cherryhead tortoise size 
how big do they get? would a 40 breeder be big enough for them?

Tortoises Wee 
I have to tortoises male and a female and the male one has weeing and its been a bit pink

Red Eared Slider Turtle Problems 
My turtle has a large lump on his shell, and the area around it looks bleached and washed out. He hasn't been eating, and his tank was dirty for a while. …

turtle in the corner 
Why does my turtle always stick his head in the corner of his aqaurium?

Missing tortoise 
I have not seen my tortoise for six months. He lives in the garden. I cant find him anywhere and there is no way he could have escaped! its a mystery …

turtle lost leg and stuck tail 
why is my turtles leg gone and it tail is stuck what do I do?

skin and nails missing on red eared slider feet 
My two red footed tortoise's have skin shedding on their feet and nail loss, they are still eating and moving around. help?

turtle just floats 
my baby turtle just floats in the water. her back legs dangle and her front legs stay in. it wont swim and im not sure if its eating

sulcata shell soft 
i cant figure why my sulcata tortise sheel is sofs? please help i just got it for christmas

Lump on my yellow belly/red ear sliders neck 
I have a yellow belly/red ear slider which has a lump on it's neck and was wondering what it could be? Any suggestions? Many thanks,Nikki McDougall

Young turtle sleeps a lot. 
I've bought a couple of turtles some days ago and one of them is sleeping a lot lately.. Should I be worried?

turtle making funny head movments 
my turtle keep makeing funny jurking head movments,like he trying to twist hes head to to side.also i have noticed that when hes on hes log under the light …

My slider egg 
My red eared slider egg has a yellow and white spot on it is it dead

sore on a foot of a box turle 
What would cause a blister looking sore on the foot of a box turtle?

Turtle In danger 
I got my turtle somewhere is novem and now it's April I haven't seen it eat. I have two, one is very active and one is very weak. The one that is active …

why did my red eared slider die? 
I had two red ear sliders. I came home yesterday and the female was floating upside down. I pulled her out as soon as I noticed her. Upon pulling her out …

my hissing turtle 
why is my turtle hissing at me when i take him out of the water

Lack of activity. 
My tortoise is eating proper food and calcium powder as recommended but is yet to have much movement. I live in Chicago,il and it is still cold here may …

my turtle keeps flipping its self over 
as the title says my turtle keeps flipping itself over, it has been sitting out of water for a few says now, and i never see it in the water a few minutes …

eyes red  
hi i have a female she is 5 to 7 yrs old n her eye has become red in color i dont know wht to do help me n i my 2nd dont eat he is 3 to5 yrs old …

Turtle fall 
M baby slider fell off my nightstand while I was gone and now he swims lopsided. He still eats and swims underwater fine. Should I be worried or will this …

a purple thing 
some weird purple thing came out of my russian torties tail what is it is it it`s penis or WHAT!!!!! please anwer and it happened about three minites …

What am i supposed to do!? 
What am I supposed to do when im gone for like 1 week or end 2 days!? how will my turtle eat? or how will its tank stay clean? It will poop in its tank …

Tortoise bitten by another tortoise 
About two months ago,I brought home a Russian tortoise. The Russian tortoises that I have have been all over it. This week I suspect one of my older …

Turtle injuries, HELP FAST PLEASE!!!!! 
My turtle got his tail and willy stuck in the pipe at the back of the tank, and i got them out of the pipe, but my turtle isn't moving, i don't know what …

hermanns tortoise poop 
my herman tortoise likes to poop than he wallows init is there a reason for this

My tortoise has a runny nose and keeps yawning. Has he got an infection and if so what can I do

tortoise eating out of your hand 
Well I have a pet tortise named hoho. I was wondering what does it mean when a tortise eats out of your hand???? He did for the first time today :]

feeding a turtle for 3 weeks while I'm away 
Im going on holiday tomorrow and no one can look after my terrapin, not my neighbours or my family, this is because my family all live in america and I …

Tortoise Poo....  
Sorry but the fact is, we all poo. LOL. I love my lil' 6 month old Sulcata and want to be sure he is healthy and properly cared for. I'm curious though, …

do i need a/c for my sulcata to keep it cool in the summer? 
Hi! I live in phoenix. Arizona and own an 90 lbs sulcata that roams around freely in my backyard I have a metal shed that is 10 x10 that is his shelter …

white around a turtles eye 
what does it mean when my turtle has white around the eye

Hermanns Tortoise shell is orange 
My Hermans tortoise is 3 years old and the bottom of his shell is turning an orange colour is this normal? Paul

my turtle 
my turtle has a white ball on his eye it looks like puss what is it

tortoise pee 
my tortoise peed on my lap should i worry? also is urine dangerous as in toxic or anything?

My russian tortoise eats any kind of bedding what should I use? 
I have 4 Russian tortoises one of them eats any kind of bedding and I am afraid of him getting sick, I always have food in with him so I don't understand. …

African Sulcata Tortoise Stuck in Burrow?  
We have a 2 year old African Sulcata that we got about a week ago. Up until now, she had been kept in a glass tank. We had her checked out by our vet …

My baby red eared slider not eating 
I have a baby red eared slider for about 3 days and its not eating and everytime I take her out she just climb to the nearest corner an sit there....What …

About to get a turtle  
Hi, I am about to buy a red eared slider baby turtle can you please tell me Do I need to buy another turtle with it? what is gonna happen if i don't? …

I have an affrican tortoise that is not eating sleeping alot and breathing weirdly what do i do, when taken out of her cage she is very active: whats …

Baby yellow belly sliders found in our yard 
We recently found a couple yellow belly sliders in our garden. It seems that we must have disturbed their nest. My kids would like to keep them as a …

RES turtle cannot use his jaw to eat 
hello, please help! our RES is over a yr and been eating fine before today. (nothing in the environment has changed and he has been eating this food …

Hole in head 
My baby red eared slider has 2 white holes in her head what is that and what does it mean??

white russian tortosie tail 
why is my rusian tortisus tail white?

My turtle has a lump on the side of its face 
My turtle has a lump on the side of its face, what is this? Is my turtle sick?

box turtle nose dripping  
My box turle seems to have a cold. Her nose is dripping and she sometime makes a bubble with the mucus. Is there something I should be doing for her? …

Tortoise with bad eyes 
I think my tortoise has something wrong I bought him less than 24 hours ago can I take him back to pet / reptile shop and get my money back as didn't expect …

eastern painted turtle  
my baby eastern painted turtle eats the bubbles that the filter makes. is this harmful to him?

left eye closed and white crust in it 
i have a 4 month old greek tortoise, for the past month and half it has been keeping her eye closed and it always has white stuff in it and swollen too...i …

Sleeping Beauty 
I have two Greek Tortoise's approx. 5 months old. Their names are Stix and Stones. Stones is bigger than Stix though they eat the same ammount. Lately …

My Red-Footed Tortoise has scratches on the top of his shell 
My male red-footed tortoise lives outside in my back yard and he goes under my cement steps to rest, and i think thats where he got his scratches from. …

Tia the tortoise is sick 
Tia is my 7 year old tortoise, since yesterday she has been acting odd, not drinking and eating very little, shes particularly slow for her, is keeping …

tortoise eye nto open 
my tortoise eye is not open i have tryed cleaning it, but what should i do?

Indian Star Tortoise is dragging its right leg 
I have a Indian Star Tortoise. Its near about 10 inches in length. From past 2 days there seems to be some problem in his right leg. It cant bear its weight …

what kind of tortoise do I have? 
Alright I found a tortoise and I'm trying to figure out what kind he is? He doesn't have spikes like the sulcata, he just has bumps. His shell is bumpy, …

tortoise eyelids 
do tortoises have two layers of eyelids?? so when there is a whiteish layer over there eyes can they still see?

age to buy a tortoise 
Hi, a friend of mine has just bought a marginated tortoise that hatched in Aug 2010 (approx 7 months old). I think its a bad buy as its so young. What …

baby eastern painted turtle 
I got my turtle a week or two ago. he's shedding on his arms and legs. he's started shedding a few day ago, and I don't know if this is normal or not. …

what kind of tortoise 
um what kind of tortoise is this???? i think it might be a box turtle but my g/f says its a tortoise so any help would be great please send answers …

why is he foaming from his mouth and attacking my other tortoise??? 
My tortoise ,Crush is going bazerk and is foaming boogery stuff from his mouth. what is it? Also, why is he attacking my other tortoise squirt?

my redfoot tortoise  
he is sleeping in his bowl of water,should i be concerned

White stuff INSIDE turtle eye 
My turtle has one pink eye and on the other eye has something white inside her eye. what should i do. i mean i put on eyedrops

inverted shell  
my tortoises shells are inverted on the underneath and i worried that they may be sick or have a problem they have always had a small inverted part on …

eyes not open 
if the turtles eyes i wont open what is wrong

black spots in turtles back 
what happens if black spots appear in my turtles back?

just out of hibernation 
Hi i have three desert tortoises i took out of hibernation about a month ago. i have been feeding them lightly lettuces. i live by the beach and it gets …

How Do You Know 
How do you know when your turtle isn't feeling well?

tortoise with watery eyes 
what does it mean when your tortoise has watery eyes?

fish attacks my map turtle 
we have two mat turtles and one of our fish has attacked both of them, now one of the turtles legs is hanging off what shall we do ??????

Soft shell on babies coming out of hibernation? 
Two of my three one-year old Desert Tortoise have just come out, just drinking a bit so far. One of them has a soft sided shell and it was not that way …

why does my turtle eat her her poop?

Tortoise shell damage 
One of my tortoises has it's shell damaged around it's right rear leg. It's roughly from the tail round to the side of the leg. It doesn't seem to bother …

black substance 
A black colored substance is coming out of my turtle's excretion area. How could i cure it?

redfoot sleeps alot? 
my redfoot sleeps alot but my other one is more active dureing the day?she tends to eat then sleep most of the time?is this normal?

is my turtle sick? 
If my turtle has white spots over its body, is it sick?

young sulcata sleep habits 
I bought my sulcata from a pet store six weeks ago he/she is now 4 inches length how much do these critters sleep? mine lives outside and seems …

very new born russian tortoise 
I have adult russians male and female. Apparently they mated last spring. Not sure but I saw them trying. I moved them to another area with alot of leaves …

blood sack 
what does it mean when your turtle has a blood sack coming out of its anus?

Yellow Bellied Turtle health 
I have 2 yellow bellied turtle, 1 lrg and 1 sml, both young, brought as babies last September. They have both been digging holes in the stones on the bottom …

Premature turtle! 
Please help me, my tortoise egg accidentaly broke in half!the tortoise still has this huge egg sac, what can i do to save him? please help asap

Is my tortoise dead? 
Hi my tortoise of 45 yes has been hibernating in his box in the shed as usual but his head is out and his neck looks swollen, I've brought him indoors …

Is my tortoise dead 
My tortoise came out of hibernation two weeks ago now he is out of his shell eyes closed and no life in him!! Is he dead or has he gone back into hibernation? …

Tortoise problem 
I found a tortoise about 2 years ago on my front lawn. I brought him to a vet who said he was about 15 years old. I kept him...there is a heater in my …

red footed sleepyhead 
I am wondering what the sleeping patterns are for a red footed tortoise....Carl, our tortoise is new to us, we have had him for just over a week. I am …

sluggish red eared slider turtle 
my red eared slider is acting VERY sluggish. She won't eat and hardly comes off her floating rock. I've had her, along with a male, for 2 years now and …

Head bobing 
What does it mean if a male desert tortoise bobs its head around my female desert tortoise?

sulcata with running eyes 
what does it mean for a sulcata tortoises eyes are running

My horsefield tortoise has become in-active 
Hello Weve had our horsefield for 7 months now and he has been very active and eatin well. But in the last week he has been in his hide and has not …

golden greek tort 
I have a golden greek and the place I got it told me to keep it dry. I am using walnut shells as substrate and a small part of aspen but the shell is not …

yellow bellied slider lump 
my yellow bellied slider has a huge lump on the side of his face... seems to be growing... i don't know if it is an absest or what... he isn't active like …

Turtle won't eat 
Hi, I recently purchased two baby red ear slider, one of them seemed to be suffering from a vitamin A deficit and have not been eating for about two weeks …

what do i feed it 
i found a turtle out side my house it looks like a red ear slider turtle but with out the red. i had some turtle food from my last turtle but it won't …

Tortoise claw fell off and still bleeding 
My tortoises claw fell off and still bleeding what should we do?

why do my terapins keep getting stuck upside down

Is their anything less expensive to give to my turtle?? 
I have a red ear slider that is acting the same as always,but i noticed a pimple or a bump in its right side of the face.I want to know if my turtle sick …

eyes won't open 
i got given two tortoise for my birthday we keep them in the conservatory in a polostrine box with water. sadly 2 weeks ago one of them died and now the …

My tortoise is suddenly making squeeling noises 
What could be the cause of my young tortoise to suddenly make unusual noises? He looks and acts normal but continuously makes these noises.

sunken eyeballs and won't move 
What is wrong with our turtle, it has sunken eye balls and won't move.

two baby leopard torts stopped eating. HELP 
I have2 baby leopard tortoises that have been eating great up untill 5 days ago. nothing has changed in their enclosure. everything is the same. they …

turtle shell missing a piece 
will the sun harm a turtle that has a piece of it's shell missing?

pregnancy details for musk turtles 
how old are musk turtles when they can getpregnant?

my turtle is sick =( (urgent) 
both of my turtles had eye infection since last year.went to a lot of places but they say they cant of them past away just a few weeks ago.another …

Horsefield Tortoise not eating 
My horsefield tortoise is 4 years old i have only had him since December, he has never hibinated before and im slightly concerned. he has always had a …

turtles shaking feet 
why is one of my turtles shaking his feet at my other turtle?

Dirt and my turtle 
I just got my turtle and I noticed by it's legs in the shell it has a lot of built up dirt and bedding. Is it normal or healthy for this to be there? I …

Pain meds 
My tortoise has a beak that needs to be filed. I read that I should wait two days after feeding to file it to make less mess from bowels. However, my pet …

New lease on life for red eared slider? 
I have a healthy, 9 year old, large aggressive red eared slider. She is out growing her tank. I have asked a Botanical Garden here in Georgia with Sliders …

Size difference in black musk turtles 
I bought two black musk turtles about 3 months ago, so they're probably around 6 months old now, I bought them from the same tank in the same shop at the …

lilttle foot sick? 
hiya i have 2 map turtles i have everything i need for them one is very lively swims around eats but other is very still sit on rock mostly an like does …

Is my long neck turtle OK? 
I just bought my 3 year old long neck turtle a new 6ft tank but he wont move from one corner.Is me turtle OK?

my baby turtle is not eating 
i found a baby red ear slider turtle outside and 4 days later its not eating and i dont know what to do?

3 month baby red slider turtle 
I received two 3 month baby red slider turtles as a gift. I feed them floating sticks once everyday in the morning. But lately I have noticed that one …

Cracked shell 
My 9 year old son accidently dropped our 3 year old tortoise and his shell is cracked a little. Will he be okay?

Tank Problems 
Hi im getting a turtle a map turtle.My mom said i can only get one if i get info on it.So i was wondering what size tank wooould a grown map turtle need? …

Chipped Beak 
My tortoise chipped the tip of the bottom beak. It was bleeding and ive been cleaning it with water. The bleeding has slowed. what should I do. He appears …

Pink bubble on red eared slider body 
why does my turtle(red eared slider) have a pinkish bubble on him between his leg and head? is there a way to get it to go away?

Illegal turtle 
I need to get rid of my turtle. Who will take/buy it?

why does my tortoise strange noises 
Why does my tortoise make a puffing sound like a human seigh out of his nose, when i pick him up also has made few sqeeky noices,, dont know if this is …

turtle log 
We had a large log that floated up several years ago (about 12 feet long)and the box turtles loved it. We had up to 8 turtles at a time. This winter it …

weak shell? 
what does it mean if a mississippi map turtle has white spots on their shell when they're dry? and it looks like weak spots in his shell. does that mean …

pergnacy and caring for yellow bellied slider eggs 
i had 2 yellow belly slider intill recently it was a male 4 years old i think, a female slightly younger not sure how much by all in 6ft tank which ive …

just wanted to check that I have a star tortoise who doesnt eat only eats once a day adn his food contains of lattice and tomato and his beak has broken …

Red Ear Slider 
There is something white in my turtle's eye. It looks like a piece of rock or something and that eye always stays closed. What should I do?? I don't wanna …

my turtles neck 
what does it mean when a turtle sticks his neck out and its long and skinny?

Tortoise urinating 
What is going on when a sulcatta tortoise is bleeding while urinating?

Tortoise male or female? 
I have two tortoises believed to be Herman tortoises at the age of 4 born (2007). one of them is quite larger than the other, including the claws. Does …

missing tortoise 
my boyfriend and I have a two year old african desert tortoise. we put him outside when it is warm and some times he will go missing for 2 to 3 days. …

identify turtle breed 
the turtle i saw in zoo park was having shell in green colour ,of size 5cm, moreover in a pair one was more active. How to identify the breed, male/female? …

Red eared slider Chomper 
Ok so I have a male and I female red eared slider and I've had them for like 4 years and they have been perfectly fine until recently the guy has been …

problems with eating 
what happens when my tortious wont eat that much and he is young?

guts coming out? 
I just noticed that there is a big mass coming out of my turtles anis area...what is that? it looks like guts and she's not even opening her eyes.

what kind of tortoise do I have 
I have recently been given a baby tortoise. he is about 2 in.long and timid. he is a gold-ish yellow mixed with some black spots. but i have no idea what …

sulcata crying and poop is white 
I have a sulcata turtle who is over a year old. He recently started making crying noises and his poop is white what should I do? Please help

what does it mean if my turtle has white circles around the outside of his eyes?

terrapin died. why? 
my 5 year old terrapin has died, he had not woken from winter hibernation in our pond, i check on him regularly to ensure all is well and as in previous …

soft shell 
my turtle has a soft shell at the back near the tail wat could this be please get back asap

Charlie my Russian Tortoise Repti Turtle Sulfa Dip 
I have a male Russian Tortoise and the pet store in town here said to use a Repti Turtle Sulfa Dip on him for a short period of time no longer then twenty …

Tortoise Poop 
I just got my tortoise a few weeks ago. Her poop is brown is very runny, is this normal?

Cherry Head -Red Foot Tortoise - Runny Stool 
I got my cherry head, Diesel, from a lady who saved him from an over populated farm. Not sure how long she had him, but I got him on December 18th. He …

my tortoise isn't eating 
i want to know why my tortoise aint eating and his just come out off hibanation and also what he is x

male or female 
how do i know what gender my terapins are ?

tortoise not eating 
my tortoise is not eating whats wrong with him ?

why does my tortoise keep straining and not eating? 
for the past three days my male tortoise age 18 months has not been eating. currently he is straining alot, and keeps pushing on his back legs, there is …

all he dose is bask painted turtle 
i have 2 painted turtle and 3 red eared sliders in a tub togeter well about a mounth ago one of my painted turtles got sick his eyes were all puffed up …

russian tortoise eating 
why does my russian tortoise eat so much? she had a RI but now she is better and eating so much. could it be she was really sick and not eating for like …

Vocal Tortoise 
My russian tortoise started crying today. We have had him for a few weeks now and he barely eats anything. He looks healthy. Im worried because his cries …

Do tortoise get lonley? 
hey, I was wondering if tortoise get lonley cause if they do i am going to get anotther one.

about a tortoise size 
how big can a tortoise get

hatchling sulcata tortoise sleeping habits 
good day sir/ma'am, I would like to ask if a hatchling tort tend to sleep longer like about 3-8 hours even if its still daytime? thanks

what does it mean when the turtle has bubbles on it?

Turtle wont stop running 
my turtle (red ear slider) has been awake for over 16 hours and has not stopped running and moving since then. he isnt eating sleeping or resting, is there …

underbite on red foot 
I have had my red foot for almost 2 years and today he all of a sudden looks like he has an under bite. It looks very uncomfortable and I tried opening …

Agitated Russian tortise 
Please help, my son brought his tortise downstairs to show a friend. This has never caused her to be agitated before but when he put her back she began …

eating problem! 
hey, i only got my tortoise at christmas and he went sraight into hibernating. He has just woke up and it was my first time feeding him and when i put …

Aquatic Turtle puffy skin 
Why is my Aquatic turtle skin getting puffy

1,how can i make my tertle happy it is a land turtle 2,how to check if it is a boy or a girl

tortoise eyes swollen shut and black 
i have four water tortoise but fro about a week now i have noticed one of them which is a little smaller has not been eating or moving around and has just …

My tortoise does not know me 
How can I make my Tortoise know me and not be afraid of me?

does My Gulf coast box turtle has an unusual diet? 
well my gulf coast box turtle is really strange to begin with. he is spoiled and pampered and was rescued from my neighbors dog with type one injuries. …

Sharp Shells 
My tortoise has cut the top of his head where his neck is on the sharp edge of his shell, is it safe to phile it down with a nail phile?

brown and black spots on map turtle shell 
is it ok for your mapturtle to have brown and black spots on their shell

Russian Tortoise breathing problem? 
My Russian Tortious is breathing loudly out of his nose every couple seconds. Puffing air out, which he does not usually do. His whole body jolts every …

Sulcata tortoise hiccups 
why does it look like both of my tortosies look like they have the hick ups or even look like he keeps on swallowing when hes not eating anything.....he …

african tortoise joey's sounds 
have a african tortoise and he is make a differnt sound and foaming at the mouth what could be wrong with him and what should i do?

whats is it that comes out of turtle 
my turtle had sumthing purple coming out of his but. woundering if hes sick or if its his guts.

Dancing Tortoise? 
What does it mean when a tortoise moves its head in and out its shell?

have a russian tort 
its shell is not soft but the sections look like there seperating. the lines are light colored between the sections. it is still very active and has a …

Ornate wood turtle  
he is blowing bubbles from his nose and his nose is bleeding a little bit what does this mean i just got him he is not under a heat lamp yet but im going …

Hermann with a swollen foot 
My 2,5 years old Hermann has a swollen foot behind. He is loosing skin (due to growing) and it seems that some of the old skin is too tight and the result …

why does my tortoise always scratch n scrap the wall in his acqurium it is very big n he always does it? 
why does my tortoise always scratch n scrap the wall in his acqurium it is very big n he always does it?

crack on belly of desert tortise 
what can be done for a crack on the underside by front leg? he is active doesn't seem to bother him at all. should it be braced the same as a crack on …

my spur thigh broke his nail off 
my tortoise has broken tow of his nails off and they started to bleed i put soem vasalen on them as adviced by a vet can you suggest another way to stop …

My tortoise is crying and cannnot poop, and just poops out white stuff. what do i do?

size of horsfield tortoise 
just wondering who big my horsefiled tourtise will grow to be ??

My baby Desert Tortoise has peeling around his mouth. 
Hi everyone! I'm a new Desert Tortoise owner. I have a baby, he's about five months old. (his name is squirt) Today my boyfriend noticed he has peeling …

Hingeback not responding 
Hello I just purchased a hinge back tortiese a few day ago and he won't walk around or do anything please help

Woried about tortoise 
Soetimes when my tortoise poo's or wee's something else comes out he useually raises up ono all fours to let this happen, it looks a pinkish coulour. however …

Turtle Back Legs Not Moving 
My Turtle is not able to move his back legss at all...not even while swimming...what should i do plzzz tell..

What does it mean when you turtle starts making squeaking noises? I'm not used to hearing my turtle make these noises, and Speedy has been around for a …

Pink, bloated red-eared slider 
I just noticed that my female red-eared slider is very bloated and her skin has a very pinkish cast to it. She can't get her back legs tucked into her …

My spur thigh tortoise is making squeeking noses? 
What does it mean if my spur thigh is squeeking? is it normal? and i cant tell if he's going ot the bathroom. And he's very picky and only is eating kale. …

Bobbing head 
Hi I am wondering why my turtle is always bobbing his head around when im holding him. It's like he cant seee or trying to feel his way around.

My Baby Turtle ! 
my turtle wont eat or move and when we put it in the water it just floats but its still alive because everyso often when its on the rock it lifts its neck …

red sores on marginated tortoise 
Hi I have got a 3 years old marginated tortoise and she has got some red spot looking sores around her back leg and some on her bum. Does anyone …

shedding around my RES turtles head? 
My red eared slider looks like it is shedding around his head and neck. It's a transparent white color. Is this bad?Or what is this?

My sulcata tortoise was left outside over night and is lost 
Now she is lost! We left her in an enclosed area in our veggie garden for the evening so she can catch a bit of sun. We forgot she was outside until …

Horsefield tortoise head touching 
My young horsefield tortoise is purposely touching my other horsefield tortoises head. Is there anything significant about this? thanks.

There is bubbles in the corner of my tortoises eyes , is there something wrong with him ???? x

My horsefield tortoise has a sore mouth. 
My tortoise has two scabs on either side of her mouth, and I'm worried it's stopping her eating, I've cut her food up into small chunks, as i saw she can …

do tortoises eat their owe urine? and what color is their vomit? 
i found a large amount of urine in my tortoise tank. i cleaned it out and noticed there was white stuff all over his mouth. do you think he was eating …

My tortoise has red eyelids  
My tortois still hasn't woken up and her eyelids are bright red. Does anyone know what this is caused by?

map turtle Shell 
is it ok for a map turtle to have brown and black spots on thier shell?

lump on upper leg of turtle 
on the side of the turtle just above the upper leg i just noticed it very swollen can you tell me why thanks

my red eared slider keeps scratching and biting himself.  
I have had my turtle for a couple years and he has never acted up before. For the last couple of weeks he has been scratching himself and biting himself …

my tortoises right eye is closed alot 
my tortoises right eye is closed alot. what should i do.

gender of turtle 
how do you tell the gender of a yellow belly slider turtle

i think my cat did it help 
ok well her throat is bleedin an i took a little closer look it kida looks like her throat is slit how would i help her out

what kind of tortoise 
My Son found this tortoise walking across our yard Here in Congress AZ I just trying to find out what kind it was as I have never seen one like it

what does it mean when your turtle has white spots on its shell

Greek Tortoise Noises while sleeping 
Every so often while my Greek tortoise is sleeping he will make a sqealing noise. I'm curious why, is it normal? Or is there something wrong? He has …

Please Help My Red Eared Slider Turtle! 
My two year old red eared slider recently developed what looks like red bloody tumours in his eyelid. His eyeballs appear normal and he has no red dots …

sick turtle? 
my turtle wont eat and keeps yawning whats wrong with him

Outdoor pen 
I live in central ca and Im planning on getting a russion Tortoice I have the outdoor pen ready but idk when I it will be the hot inuf for me to put him …

tortoises neck has swollen up 
my tortoise has spent winter outside hibernating same as last year. i bathed her and put food in tank. …

i have a star turtle a month old, i bought her 3 days back. she is not eating anything, taking out fluid out of her mouth n nose, n she is not passing …

desert tortoise mold on shell 
How do you remove mold safely off the desert tortoise?

Is my red eared slider turtle unwell 
i have a red eared slider turtle {female} i have noticed she has not been very active,where as she normally is.but for couple of days now she just floats …

what happens if a turtle is turned upside down. i often do that while giving them a bath to clean all their mess on their 'chest'

Male snapping turtle wont eat his food and is keeping his eyes shut? 
I have a male snapping turtle that is about a year and a half old. I was moving things around in my room and so I emptied out his 75 gallon tank but still …

Box Turtle Shell hardness 
We have a box turtle 1 yr old and her bottom shell is not hard. Is this a problem, should we be concerned. We are taking great care of Brandi, but her …

baby tortoise losing toenails 
my baby tortoise is losing his front toenails. only one of my tortoises did this.i also have 15teen box turtle,not in the same pen.i have 2 tortoise,i …

Russian Tortoise puffiness under front leg 
My 5 yr old russian tortoise seems to have puffiness protruding out of shell under his front leg. What can we do for him?

turtle cant see 
Hey my turtle has a white film over his eyes. How do I help him see?

Yellow Bellied Slider - Pink lump closed eyes and off food 
My yellow bellied slider (18mth old) I noticed she was off food 4 days ago then next day both eyes swollen, closed and red, started anti biotics and swelling …

Eye Problems 
Whta if my turtle has gross green stuff covering its eyes and it won't come off? and can another turtle catch it if they come …

turtle upside down 
i have cam and looked at my turtle and i have helped him three times out of his water bowl upside down i have a ramp bowl and everything also he is a box …

swollen eyes , bubbles coming out of nose of res baby turtle 
what medicine can be given to treat the swollen eyes and bubbles coming out of baby res turtle nose ?

flakie skin 
is it normal for a tortoise to have flakie skin arond its neck an tail or is it just shedding its skin ? thanks.

Gus the Sulcata chewed by our dog 
Gus was chewed by our dog suzie.. we feel terrible. He is 6 months old. We brought him to the vet and they cleaned him up and gave him antibiotics.. …

Desert tortoise shell 
Although, my tortises appear in good health the middle seam of their plasterns are soft. They are 4 and 5 old years respectively. Do need more calcium …

wanna buy tortoise 
I wanna buy tortoise. small in size. adjustable in mumbai's environment. can u suggest me best bred to buy???

my turtles dyingg 
i found my turtle floating upside down its very week and hardly swims and i just saved it but i think its dying what should i do?

New aquarium 
Hi, i just bought a new set of aquarium for my pet turtle. When i put him inside he just seem restless. He just kept swimming like his panicking. He wont …

What does it mean when tortoises mean

hermans tortoise pooing 
Does the tortoise turn its bum inside out to poo? Is my tortoise ok or has got a blockage?

Tortoise eggs 
my african sulcata tortoise laid eggs yesterday and burried them. The weather has been in the 30s at night, the days are in the 50s to 60s is this to …

Texas Diamondback won't close his mouth 
I have a Texas Diamondback Terrapin and he's about three years old. When we first got him, his mouth closed completely, but about a month or so ago there …

weak turtle on his side 
my turtle is very weak and is not eating i found him on his side in the tank he keeps opening his mouth when i go by him. i doe no if he had a scuffle …

Why is my hermans tortoise not urinating after hibernation? 
My 4 year old hermans tortoise was woken from hibernation 3 weeks ago and she has been eating fine since then and is active as usual. However, she has …

Something red hanging out of butt 
So I am new to this whole tortoise thing. I cleaned my cage today and my tortoise was fine but when I went to shut his light off for bed I noticed a red …

turtle shell problem 
my turtels shell is realy soft and on the botten he has a dent and it is purple how do i fix it.

Is my tortoise normal sleeping all day 
I have 2 tortoise 1 male and 1 femal about 2 1/2 years old. They are mediterranean spur tortoise. The femal one seems to sleep most of the day only gets …

Age for a first tortoise 
I'm looking to get a baby Russian or Hermmans tortois. The ones I have found are very little 2.5 inches. Is there a min age a beginner turtle person should …

My turtle question -- not eating 
It's been three days and my water turtle hasn't eating any fish I've been feeding him he usually like runs to the water when I drop the fish in there but …

Ill Tortoises! 
My tortoise has its eyes closed and hasnt opened them in a while..also it has a runny nose but not all of the time, just occasionally.

Russain tortise 
My tortise has white stuff on his front leg neer the foot what is it,is he sick

my tortoise walks and buts the corner 
just wonder if any one could give me some information about this abnormal behavour thanks

baby sulcata has itchy eyes? what does this mean? 
his eyes are closed a lot of the time, unless i wet them with a q-tip. and he is constantly scratching them with his arms. i just increased the heat becuz …

Male Turtle Puts its head in Female turtles shell and gets stuck 
I have two Red Eared Sliders, one male and one female. Lately the male has been jamming his head into the front of the females shell between her front …

my spur thigh isnt lying under her heat lamp 
Hi, Im a new tortoise owner (only had her a week) but Im a bit worried.... Shes a spur thigh- think shes about 9 yrs old and she doesnt seem to eat very …

leopard tortoise not moving much 
ok i have leopard tortoise and ever since its been cold she is lazy. she walks around the tank with her eyes closed and wont open them much and they look …

turtle flipping over in water 
My red eye turle can not turn over when he falls upside-down in the water (approx 1.5 cm deep). This happened twice. He fell off his rock while sleeping …

Stop trying to have babies! 
Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me how to stop my male and female tortoises that live together-from breeding? Thanks x

My tortoise shell 
my tortoises shell has a few cracks and missing pieces out of it, and it is also very rough, and has dents in it... what should i do? she is not in any …

Hi. I have a pet red-eared slider. His been sleeping seen Novenber and i was wondering when he should be came out or should i get him out? Also i've read …

Do baby Sulcata tortises bite?

Eye Problem 
Hi,I got a Hermann tortoise on the 8th January and have recently noticed that when he wakes up left eye takes longer than the right one to open. I was …

sleeping tortoise 
My salcata tortoise is making weird noises when sleeping. Do you know what that could be? Not sure what sex the tortoise is but Morty is about 10" long. …

Please help Found a tortoise/turtle/terrapin 
Hi My partner found a tortoise/turtle/terrapin after nearly running it over. I have put it in a tank with a bowl of water and some veg and salad …

Sick Turtle 
i bought my turtle four months back it was quiet active then but ten days back it suddenly stopped eating it also sneezes many times a day it also does …

Lonely tortoise? 
I have a 4 year old Hermann's tortoise, I bought him from a pet shop when he was 18 months old and he was living with around 12 other tortoises. Lately …

Russian Tortoise making weird noises and stretching upwards with mouth open 
Hi there I have a Russian Back Tortoise and over the past 3 days he has been stretching upwards with his mouth opening and closing and making really …

Tortoise not eating 
i bought 2 baby tortoises 3 days ago, but they are not eating since then. What should i do? are they sick? And they do not look as active as they were …

What species is my tortoise? 
Hello. My sister was given this tortoise a few days ago. They told her it was 23 yrs old and gave her some questionable care instructions. Now that i've …

leg paralysis 
I have a sulcata turtle that had a vitamin A shot and now he will not stand on his leg. He acts like he can't use it at all. He has very little ability …

eating problems 
no matter how much i feed my tourtise he is still very light and dosent seem to be getting any heavier!! any suggestions on what could be wrong??

does any1 know how to clip a tourtise beak?? asim unsure and dont want ot hurt him??

red protrusion 
on odd occasions my tourtise seems to have a red thing come out of its rear end but i dont know what is is??? any ideas will be gratefull!!

shell condition - terrapin 
My brother has a terrapin, and the shell is turning green, it has algae on it, and it seems to be going soft and flake. The tank is clean, it has a UV …

Broken Shell 
Hi! I just bought a tortoise and i put it in the tank with my bigger turtle....(maybe about 4-5 inches shell length). And then i noticed a few shells …

My Sulcata as cracked her beak 
My sulcata had a small part of her beak break off, even tough she was not eating anything hard. I know she has a good diet full of grassland food, daily …

What's wrong with my turtle? 
My turtle is acting weird. His head is dangling, he is floating on the water, he turns upside down by himself, he wont eat. He is a yellow bellied turtle. …

Girl or Boy? 
How do you know wether the turtle is a Girl or a boy?

if you live in a hot area you should not put your in the grass if its a small one ants might find it as pray but if biten make shure to clean well …

what is my turtle gets bitten by a aut

Soft shell and lazy 
My turtle has become very weak and doesnt come out of his shell often, he has stopped eating and his shell is very soft where it use to be hard. What is …

Nasy tank 
My turtle's tank is constanlty nasty, but I try so hard to clean it..what can I do?

Red foot tortoise sqeaking 
What does it mean when your tortoise is squeaking or squealing? He only seems to do this at night. Also, do they like to have a companion?

hi, i bought a red eared slider turtle a month ago he was alright but from some days he is acting lazy n not eating anything his shell has become a little …

my tortoise had got an injury on his neck . 
my tortoise is a female and she got an injury on her neck i do not know how?please give any name of a medicine or any cure . Or give me answer on my ID …

my turtles tails broke i dont know what to do? 
its curved up and im afraid to touch it

my tortoise has a cut on its arm 
my tortoise has a cut on its arm and i was wondeering if there was anything i could do?

fliping and stretching his neck 
Please help , I have 4 box turles they were doing greatand growing very well . one of them keeps floating on his back and strecting out his neck.

Red footed tortoise eat shadow bennie 
Hello, I'm wondering if my red footed tortoise can eat a herb called "shadow bennie"? It's got a lot of different names, but the scientific name is Eryngium …

fleshy bit coming out of tail 
Is it normal for a tortoise to on occassion have a fleshy bit coming out of there tail? When I bath it it goes back in - do I need to worry?

whats wrong with my tortoise 
Why does my tortoise have a lump on his tail?

Flakes of turtle skin in water 
I have 2 1 1/2 inch RESliders. One bought from awful conditions (seems healthy) the other from a good pet shop -and this one has flaky skin which falls …

Swollen Russian Tortoise 
My tortoise, Boris, has swelling of his body between his head and his legs. I feed him a varied diet of spring mix every day,and on occasion, carrots, …

my sulcata has started hissing and trying to bite  
my sulcata jaq is usually very happy and playful, the last few days he has been hissing and snapping at anyone who gets near him, he is also ramming my …

Feeding my russian tortoise 
So I see online that I can give dandelions, rose and chrysanthamums - don't want to sound stupid, but does that mean the actual "flower"? - Maura

What is wrong with my red earred slider not eating 
I have a 8 year old red earred turtle that is acting strangely for over a month. The main thing I am concerned about is that she(we believe) has lost …

Housing my horsefield tortoise 
Hi, How do I house my horsefield tortoise when he/she is at full size?I currently house he/she in a 2ft x 2ft tray with heat mat,UV strip light and …

My Russain tortoise ...Please Help 
he has clear stuff coming out of his butt that looks like snot and he hasnt pooped for a couple days did today but it wasnt much

a new and old tortise 
I have a Russian tortise, ive had him for 5 months now. I want to get another Russian Tortise to put in the cage with the one I already have. I have already …

my turtle is not eating to 2 months? 
my turtlr is not eating to 2months i am so scared what can i do plz plz plz help me. what can i give my turtle?

What is good to feed russian tortoises 
I think my "Tommy" is getting bored of what I am feeding him - any suggestions? - Maura :)

How to identify male and female star tortoise and their food 
I am Vishwas Jadhav, Malad Mumbai I want know how can we differntiate the male and the female star tortoise? whether they require company of each other …

Is my tortoise dead? 
This morning I found my tortoise on the grass. Normally when I pick him up, his head comes out to greet me. This morning he did not stick his head out. …

white rings on my african sulcatta 
I purchased an african sulcatta tortoise in November. when I was takign him outside today I noticed he has white rings around the markings of his shelll! …

My tortoise's beak needs trimming / shaving 
Should i do it myself? How do i keep him from pulling his head into his shell? Where can I take him to have it done? Will a bird's cuddle bone work for …

why does my tortoise have puffy eyes? 
Why does my tortoise have puffy eyes?

Tarapine is not well 
My Tarapine was still eating and swimming fine last week. But just three days ago, I noticed that it is not eating and it stays either on rock most of …

Sick Redfoot Tortoise 
I have had my tortoise for about 4 months. She was healthy and happy. Her eyes are now bubbled shut, she won't eat and occasionaly opens mouth. She doesn't …

miniature turtles 
Whats wrong when miniature turtles dont move around alot

Herman female and male 
6year old female died this winter male herman 4yrs old has woken up early is the bad winter the cause?

WHen Does Tortoise Shit??? 
My friend gave me a tortoise. We give him to eat he eats it after one or two hours. Is there any specific time for that??? Moreover he shits all round …

How do i incubate my russian tortoise eggs without an incubator?? 
my russian tortoise just layed 2 eggs, im not quite sure they are fertile but there is a male living with her so idk. i have lights i could use, jars, …

There dead 
I'm am so sad my 2 7 year old Hermann Tortoises have died. I checked them on wednesday ( I check the thermometer every day but only open the box weekly)and …

fighting tortoises 
how do I stop my tortoises clashing shells and biting each other

what does the black thing that sticks out of my turtle mean ? 
I was cleaning out my turtle tank a couple of minutes ago , and it tiped over on its back and got scared. A black thing shot out of its tail . what does …

My hatchlings are becoming inactive 
I have 3 new hatchlings (born 9/20/10) and they were happy living in a 10 gallon tank. I bought a larger tank (40 gallons) and they stopped eating, moving, …

Is My Turtle dying 
Hi, I have a very small turtle that I bought 4 months ago it was ok then suddenly it stopped moving 2 days ago. It doesn't eat, its lower shell started …

White slime 
I have a baby res and he was baskin last night and under him was this white slimy stuff under his tail is he ok

Skin and Eye Bleed 
My aquatic turtle is bleeding from his eyes and his skin. There are some cracks in his skin that are bleeding. I had a turtle die from this same thing …

tylenol for my baby leopard tortoise????? 
my baby leopard has a running nosie and sometimes making sound like weezing so i gave him a lil of tylenol powder earlier.....he acts alil weird after …

how big are horsefield tortoises 
how big are horsefield tortoises at 2 yrs old.

i have a 2year old horsefield would it beable to live outside in the summer?

At what age should a tortoise get sexually active? 
I have two tortoises that are two years old and im a little bit worried because i have a boy and a girl and the boy keeps biting the female tortoise and …

my horsfield tortoise 
I have have my horsfield tortoise for just over 2 months now. Lately ive just had the feeling there is something wrong with him. He's been like blowing …

why my red ear turtle whom move arround 
what can i do to make my turtle more active she as a sweling feet and eye.

Tortoise fell in the pool 
We found our desert tortoise at the bottom of our swimming pool this afternoon. No idea how long it had been there. Water temp is about 45 degrees. …

Tortoise escaping yard: 
Will my red-footed tortoise escape my backyard?

Red Footed Tortoise 
I bought an adult red-foot male, and i am looking to acquire more. I've searched the internet and can't find my answer. If i introduced a breeding pair …

neighbors rf equippment is irritating my turtle! 
My neighbors rf equippment is irritating my turtle! What do I do?

is my tortoise dead 
my tortoise has got red patchs over him he will not move his cold and his legs are out of his shell his eyes are shut but it looks like his eyes are pushed …

Squeaking Sulcata 
My Sulcata is about 6 months old. I have had my Sulcata for 3 months now. She currently resides in a solid wood 3x3 foot indoor enclosure (with grass, …

my tortois die 
my tortoise had a shell problem from the day i purchase it in a pet shop in Chino,Ca I had it for 5 years it was about 45lb and with time little by little …

My turtle floats on his back intentionally 
I have what I believe to be a baby box turtle (about the size of a ping pong ball), and he is the first turtle I have ever had. I live in an old farmhouse …

Closed eyes under the water and bloodshot 
My turtle i think has bloodshot how do i check that he does and also evertime he goes under the water he closes his eyes? what shall i do HELP!

Baby tortoise hasn't pooped in 12 days 
My baby tortoise hasn't pooped in 12 days he's otherwise in good shape. He eats & drinks daily, gets a warm soak (for 10 min.) daily, & outside sun & …

green sacklike substance 
I noticed a green sack-like substance coming out from my turtles bum,which was pulled back in after a while,can u please tell me what it is?

Floating all the time 
My turtle would swim under watter all the time when I first got it and now it just flotes all the time and chills on his log. Also, he ust to follow my …

tortoise noise 
my tortoise is about 3 and a half year sold and i have just moved it into a 3ft vivariam but it keeps makin high pitch noises is it ok and the reason i …

terrapin hiding  
hello just bought a baby tarapin and he is hiding be hind his rock and wont come out . pluss he is not swimming much im warried please help me .

Eye Problem 
what does it mean when turtles eyes are stuck together for more than three days?

My red eared slider fallen from two feets and got injured, he is making some kind of a noise, what should I do?

Terrapin Eyelid got stuck 
1. A terrapin (i guess because we live near a creek in Mumbai - India)"Loity", walked into our lives 4 mths back. Refer photo attached. 2. Seems to be …

Red Eared Slider Big Problems 
My terrapin keeps on letting out bubbles time to time from its mouth underwater 4p.m to 4.05 p.m. Species is Red Eared Slider It sometimes bites its …

red head turtles care 
what is the best food for the red head turtle? and the way to take care of them? is it posible to breed them? and how to do so

red head turtles eyes are swollen 
my tutle looks sick her eyes are swollen and they not active just stay at one place for a full day it started with one and now the second one is sick wat …

Western Box Turtle with a dent in his head 
I have had this turtle for about five years and a few days ago, I noticed that the top of his head has sunk down so it looks like he has a dent in his …

White Dot? 
My turtle has a white dot right above its mouth. It looks like a turtle coldsore. What is it?

turtle head stuck 
my turtle got his head stuck in metal fencing he fine now but will that affect him in life o by the way he is a salcata

3 year old sulcata 
lately my sully has been moving around very slow, when usually he is pretty quick to get around. i moved him into a larger enclosure recently, and thats …

Foot is swollen with creamy white look 
My turtle has a swollen foot that has a creamy white look to it. What si this and what can I do to correct this?

desert tortoise red eye 
Desert tortoise got a red eye today... seems to bother him a little, rubbing with his leg. He's about 9 months old. What is it? and what can I do to fix …

Sun and i think sliders! thick tail, right food? 
I have a huge tank (Not sure what size (Photo added)), Two Sun turtles and two Red Ear Sliders I think. They have a turtle habitat thing I bought with …

my tortoise isn't that active 
My horsefield tortoise isnt very active hes round about 3years old however i only got him 2 days ago i turn his lights off at 8pm but he starts to go to …

Tortoise belly shell split 
We have a baby suclata tortoise as well as a 3 year old one. We got the baby in December of last year, and he seemed in good health. About a week or …

Pooping problem 
Hello, my name is melissa and i have a amboina box turtle and her name is Luna. I had had her for about 5 years and i've never encountered any problems …

sulcata tortoise symptoms 
my name is mallory knight, i have a sulcata tortoise, and he is about 7 months old. I recently changed his diet, i tried feeding him mustard greens, and …

shell problem 
I rescued a red ear slider turtle a few years ago,from very irresponsible owner. The turtle was kept for years without proper food or lighting ,and WITHOUT …

Bathroom habits 
When I soke my juvenile African tortoise, he disgharges a white granular substance. Is this normal, or should i be concerened? Thanks D Davis

RedEared Sliders 
Why is my turtle using its two front arms to touch my other turtle's face?

what do I do if my female red eared slider is bleeding?

how to know a golden greeks age 
i have a golden greek and i would like to know just how old it is please and thanku if u help

baby tortoise bleeding 
why is my baby tortoise bleeding?

my 2 month old sulcata won't eat 
I brought him home from the pet store 4 days ago. The first day home he walked around his tank for a while then buried himself in the timothy hay. He stayed …

russian horsfield makes weird noises 
My tortoise, which is a Russian Horsefield, female and 3 years old, has just started to make a squeaking noise. Not when she breathes but just now and …

keeping more than one golden greek 
we have had a golden greek tortoise for 3 years. It is a male about 6inches long. we were told it was 10years old when we bought it. we live in the middle …

Redfoot Eats dirt 
When is a problem when my redfoot eats dirt?

is my redfoot tortoise sick? 
my red footed tortoise hasnt ate much in two weeks and he has a green color around his mouth

what was this ? 
i was bathing my female spur thigh when something came out of her ,then went babk in first i thought she was doing a poo ,then realised it was …

male tortoise bites female tortoise  
My male tortoise keeps on biteing my female tortoise what does it mean?

measuring yellow belly turtles 
hya everybody, i have always wondered since owning turtles how do you measure the size of a turtle. With a tape kind of measure down over the shell from …

true aligator snapping turtles 
A friend couldn't take care of her turtles anymore so she gave them to us. My husband is very familiar with turtles but when he saw the insides hanging …

Greek Tortoise - turnip greens ok? 
OK to feed our greek tortoise turnip greens? Found dandelions, but more expensive.

White thing on tail 
My Hermans tortoise has a white mark on his tail. We are not sure weather he has lost a scale or if its something more seriouse. What is it and what can …

My Turtle won't open its eyes! 
My painted turtle who I just recently got is almost always on the basking stone. It rarely stays in the water, maybe because my other turtle bullies a …

Is he ok now? 
My red-footed tortoise was blowing bubbles out of his nose, and I assumed it was because I was feeding him too much fruit and he hadn't eaten any greens …

What can I put on my red-footed's bruised arm? 
My red-footed tortoises' front arm was bruised by his tunnel, which was accidentally placed on top of it, probably by my younger sisters, but he seems …

red footed tortoise eating dog feces 
Is it normal for red footed tortoise to eat dog feces? is there something missing in the diet?

turtle goop 
What is the yellowish greenish glop coming out of my female turtles tail area? Does it mean that she is pregnant?

Russian Tortoise has a sore on his mouth 
I just noticed after cleaning my russian tortoise's home out that he has a sore on his mouth. It's almost like a hanging piece of skin. It's the same color …

Shedding turtle scales 
I have a turtle and there are scales that have been shed off of him that is stuck on his neck. Can I brush it off? Will it hurt him? please help!!

beak clipping 
How do I clip my tortoise's beak?

Mytortoise has beenin hibvernation and i haven't woke him uand fed him for 2 weeks, his shell is getting reddishin places and he is verylimp and i cantwake …

russian tortoise 
there seems to be a chunk of the bottom of my tortoises shell missing. there is no new "scale" or peice of shell (im not sure what to call it) growing …

Baby African Leopard Tortoise 
If I go on vacation can my baby african leopard tortoise be left by itself for a few days?

white around mouth 
My turtle has some white creamy stuff on the sidea of its mouth..what is it?n he is sneezin

can a 2 year old tortoise hibernate? 
hey I have a 2 year old spur thigh tortoise. I only got her at chrismas and ever sinse i got her she asnent eaten anything she has been sleeping for the …

tortoise vomit? 
my red cherry head ttortoise had a pile of what looks to be white throw up outside her cage she was chewin on a calcium bone could it be that

What is this cloudy stuff 
My turtle has a cloudy material around her head, what is it?

eye problem 
What to do when Your turtle Eyes are jam by a dirty thing???

red ear slider sleeping in bed 
i have a 15 year old RES slider that sleeps in a towel next to me at nite for several years. He anticipates it and warms up in my arm in the a.m. Like …

Crustie eyes 
Why does my tortoise have white crusty stuff on his eyes?

7 year old leopard tortoise bite 
Would it hurt if my 7 year old 10 10 pound African Leopard Tortoise bit me? Could it do real damage?

Baby Musk Turtle not eating or swimming 
I purchased a baby musk turtle yesterday and it was very active when I got it home. It was swimming and eating and lively. This morning it was just sitting …

Tortoise poop 
There is something purple coming out of my tortoise when he poos and pees , what is it ???

turtles aging 
what happens do turtles as they age? do there shells get more spots or..??

white spots on my turtles' shells: good or bad? 
my turtles(red eared sliders) have recently developed white spots/marks on their shells especially by the borders. so far two out of four turtles have …

murry turtle sick 
What does it mean when your turtle shell is soft and it starts throwing up. There is another turtle in the same tank and it is fine. What is wrong with …

Tortoise Eyes 
Why does my tortoise (red foot) have white eyelids, is it normal? Please comment because if its serious i need to know. Thank You!

whats wrong with my turtle?  
I have a mudturtle and have had him for the last six years. Hehasnt eaten in almost three weeks and he barely moves. He either sits under the lamp daay …

sulcata turtle health 
why does my one year old sulcata turtle not walk on his hind legs anymore?

tortoises shell 
what does it mean if my tortoises shell looks like it wet

Musk Turtle - puffy flesh, refusing to eat and very inactive 
Hi, my year old musk turtle has been refusing to eat for about a month now. It started when he with my parents, whilst I was on holiday. we checked the …

black eyed turtles 
my turtle has black eyes is this nautural? can it be treated?

russian tortoise 
is it a health problem if my russian tort hasn't pooped in two months

Box turtles legs are stuck in shell 
My box turtles back legs are stuck in her shell. Will they come out over time or is there something I can do to help her get them out?

Pink lines on my leopard tortoise 
My leopard tortoise has got a thin pink line that goes all the way around her shell. She has a white stripe and it's in the middle of that. I look at her …

russian turtle shell 
It looks like my turtle shell is dry and her skin looks a bit dry and scaly. Is this normal?? What is their favorite things to eat?

yellowish lump 
Hi I have a aquatic turtle that i purhased about 3 weeks ago, and he has developed a yellowish lump on top of his head. i touched it and he stretched his …

new turtle owner red footed  
I just got a red footed tortoise. And I didn't do much research before purchasing it. I was really interested in the red eared slider but when I got to …

My tortoise isnt weeing 
My tortoise isnt weeing or pooing, its been a week since he last pooed and about 2 weeks since he last peed. I feed him lettace and mixed salads with vitamins …

White Tortoise Droppings 
Our russian tortoise, who we've only had for a couple of weeks, recently started having white droppings instead of the brown it usually has. Why is this? …

tostoise doesnt eat 
my tortoise is approx 5mnth he eats very little and in a gap of 2 daz. i giv him direct sunlight for at least 2hrs. he eats only tomato and cucumber. hesleeps …

sulcata turtoise 
hi, my name is Luis Hernandez, i just recently bought a 13 week yr. old turtle. im starting too worry because my turtle doesnt move very much, it just …

dog poop 
My yellofoot tortoise is eating dog poop, why?

slimy poop in red foot tortoise 
Clear slimy poop with red foot tortoise

redfoot tort 
My redfoot tort has clear slimy poop and tiny sneeze type noises. Eats great, and clear eyes. Maybe to dry in cage??

Young Sulcata ate a rock 
My African Sulcata is very young and its shell is about 3.5" long. Yesterday I was watching it crawl around in our back yard. It picked up a piece of quarts …

chicken bone for my tortoises 
hi. i have 4 tortoises (mediterranean,i'm not sure). my baby tortoises love chicken bone (i grind it first). i've heard that tortoises need low protein …

sneezing frenzy!! 
my tortoise keeps on sneezing. what should i do?

biting people 
my tortoise has bitten my maid while washing the tank. how can i make him stop biting people's hands?

white spots on shell? 
my turtle is having some white spots on the shell . it eats sometimes and always sleeps. is this shell rot or is this just common or is it just something …

Sick Slider ! 
I have a pair of red ears, one of which has recently taken to not eating very much, shedding excessively and pretty much hiding in a corner of the tank …

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Horsefield tortoise 
Hi I have one Baby horsefield tortoise at home and his shell is quite dry?! Is this normal?

will my baby snapping turtle eat my baby painted or map turtle

why does my russian tortoise (less than one year old)try to "escape" by climbing or scratching his way out of tank?

My tortoise hatchling is biting his arms? 
My tortoise hatchling rocks himself back and forth on the spot, is there a reason for this?

My Tortoise is not eating or walking 
Our little Tunisan Spur Thigh Tortoise Alix seems very unhappy. Normally he's very active, doing several trips to his food corner on a daily basis. However …

Sore on turtles neck 
my turtle has an open sore on her neck, it's white and gross looking, wht do I do?

poop build up 
i have a baby tortoise that has a build up of poop on his rectum and i think it might be blocking it from pooping. i started to take it off and about half …

pink skin 
my new turtle that i got sadly got attacked by a dog and now his skin is turning pink what should i do i dont realy have any money to take him to the vet …

red footed turtle 
she is 3 just got her why are her eye not opened

red eared slider eye problems  
my turtle doesnt want to open his eyes and when he does he barley opens it and you could barley see his eyes.and he doesnt want to eat.what do i do?

turtle water temperature 
i have a hatchling red eared slider. i use water faucet water and it's a bit cold. do i need to heat the water temperature in the tank? can i just put …

Margined spur tighed tortoise 
Can my herman tortoise live with a margined spur tighted tortoise since they come from the same places thxs

Hello, My tortoise is male and is around 4 years old. Recently he has been biting everything and today he tried to have sex with the hoover hose. …

white liquid 
when i tried opening my turtle's eyes, white stuff came out from my turtle's eyes. what does that mean?

Is my Red Foot sick? 
My tortoise has been in pretty low humidity and temperature levels since i got him. I didn't realize they needed to be so humid.. I've had him about 5 …

My year old Sulcata tortoise keeps coughing 
I have a year old male Sulcata that just started coughing today. There isn't any mucus or any other symptom besides the cough. I just brought home another …

mystery white floating tank substance 
what is the white substance floating on the surface of my red eared sliders tank. sometimes the filter gets rid of it and other times it stays and I have …

Baby Star tortoise 
Its Winter Season and my star baby tortoise not open eyes please assist.

My Red-eared slider's skin is fading 
I got my turtle 10 days ago, and just a couple days ago I noticed that she's starting to fade on her skin, like turning white, and I don't know if I should …

I have a leopard tortoise but he sleeps most of the day and eats little, He is in a table top has a basking area of 92 degrees150 w ceramic infared heat …

what should you do if your red-eared slider has its eyes closed,is hiding in its shell,and is still breathing but it has a dark shell when it had a light …

Yellow Belly Turtle 
I have a yellow belly turtle. it is still very young and its shell is losing its green color. what does that mean? anything serious or fixable?

6 year old herman male 
can anyone please advise me why my tortoise nose at top has got a dent in it,just over his nostrils ,and small part gone light brown,, …

my turtle loves water 
hi...its strange thing which is happpenin with my turtle, its goes towards bathroom to enjoy water and lies there for quite some there any problem …

red eye slider turtle 
Ok my turtle shes a redeye slidern shes been sneezing and has a red eye I want to get some ideas on how to help.them get better or some opinions of what …

will my tortoise be harmed if i do not hibernate him ,he is a year old and i was told if i can not to let him hibernate

Soft shell with a shell that is gradually getting lighter 
Hello, I have a soft shell turtle and I am afraid he may have shell rot. For the past couple weeks his shell has been gradually getting lighter. It started …

Black Skin And Shell? 
My 3 year old russian tortoise has always had black parts on her shell (but it was pattern-like so I figured it was normal) but now its starting to look, …

holly turtle 
i was on vacation and came back to discover my 5 yr. old res had 3 infected legs...the front one is scabby...the 2 back ones are bleeding..i have her dry …

My baby turtle loves to be held 
I have a baby turtle that loves to be held and have his head petted. When I hold him he falls asleep in my hand and throws his arms over his head. It's …

Red Yeard Turtle 
Hi i am from INDIA. I have a red yeard turtle. I kept her in a aquarium. I dont bring her out of AQUARIUM all the time it stays in a water. Recently I …

What does it mean if the tortoise's poop is white?

when you get an albino tortoise is its shell white or its skin?

tortoise closes one eye more than other 
My Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise closes her right eye a lot, but I don't think she's blind since I've seen her open it sometimes. She opens her left eye …

one of my terrapins keep lying at the bottom of the tank or hiding in the coners of the tank. Also the other terrapin hoggs all of the food, should i seperate …

what can i do with my tortoise when i am abroad? Is there a kennle which takes in tortoises near scotland ,edinburgh i relly need yor help otherwise Iam …

what should i do with my tortoise when iam travling abroad is there some kind of Reptile kennle i can send it to in the UK?

Sulcata tortoise doesnt want to open eyes and has soft shell 
I have a sulcata tortoise that i got about a month ago she is about 2 inchs long and she has had problems with her eyes since i bought her she doesnt seem …

identify the turtle's species 
i am indian and having two baby turtles about 3"inches.they both are active.their shell is brown with hump,body is also brown.i dont what species they …

how big do they get 
whats bigger a turtle or a tortoise and which is better for a pet, what breed?

sulcatta tort wont eat or drink since waking up a week ago 
Hi my Sulcatta is 6 years old wont eat or drink since coming out of hibeernation a week ago - he seems quit happy walking around ok etc. What ccould be …

Waking in middle of Hibernation 
Hi, I was wondering if I should give food to my desert tortise when she awakes during hibernation months. In the past two years she typically comes out …

waking up after long sleep 
my ttortoise has just woke up and has been sleep since october and its january what should I do feed and water

Why has my terrapins eyes gone grey? 
Just a few days ago my terrapin could not open his eyes but after a couple of eye baths (him sitting in a tub full of clean warm water) his eye opened …

Torotise Diet is good or bad....?? 
hi thr.... i hve a russian tortoise.. she might be of 4 to 5 yrs in the begening i use to feed her frm cabbege aftr tht i statrd to feed her by green lettuce …

What will happen if my ornate box turtle eats her bedding?

Curious is my Russian tortise sick? 
My tortise had clear slimey stickey stuff coming out of his mouth and gurggling out of his nose! He is making a wierd noise and opening his mouth wide …

My tortoise. 
My tortoise is pooping out long strands of hair. Is she in any danger from this?

Tortoise on the go! 
I have a Greek tortoise that gets in these moods! He will not stop trying to climb the walls and dig into corners. This can last for hours or days. Does …

Greek on the go! 
We have a greek tort and he gets in moods where he digs at the walls and corners for hours! Any one else ?

Tortise in your house. 
Is it good to keep tortise as a pet in your house? I have a tortise in my house, people keep telling me, it will slow my progress in life. I would like …

Turtle hurt 
What to do when a turtle got an injury on his shell and bleeding?

Our 8 inch tortoise has gotten a piece of black nylon string somehow wrapped around his neck, and his upper neck and face is buldged and swollen. He …

tortoise food 
i brought a tortoise from a shop and it looks like he has dried piece of lettice on his head how do i get it off

red slider 
my red slider wont open its swims blindly near the water surafce , wont eat , very inactive. when removed out of the water....breathes opening …

tortoise refusing to eat 
i have bought a pair of red head slider 2 days back.i dont know what to feed them. when i tried to feed them someting like corriander leafs or chopped …

Flaky stuff. 
What does it mean when your turtle has flaky skin stuff falling off its neck?

Found Turtle/Tortoise 
This guy is currently living in my living room. Looks like a tortoise to me, but I don't really know turtles. I'm concerned that I'm not feeding or watering …

Oral problem 
Hello thank you very much for this service. My tortoise is wommiting blood from his mouth its like a bubble of blood is forming in his mouth. sometime …

Found my tortoise dead :,( 
This morning I found my tortoise unmoving in his home. It seems the underside of his shell is very soft and has what looks like bruising on it. A few months …

Red eared slider trying to pick up rocks with hands 
Our red eared slider keeps trying to grab the rocks in his front "feet". He isunable to actaully get one but we feel sorry for the guy b/c he seems so …

my yellow belly turtle is about 2 years old and i think its a male he has white puffy sacks on his leg socketts please help me idk if its his skin or if …

black shell 
my tortoise has come out of hibernation early but why has his plastron gone black - why

My Leopard Turtle got hit by a car in my yard. A piece of the top part of it's shell broke off and there was minor bleeding which now have stopped. He …

legs gone black! 
my tortoise's legs have suddenly gone black,but he still moves them and walks on them. is this normal?

white eye 
why does my box turtle have white stuff on her eyes

Iv just noticed my tortoise looks like his gums are white is this normal as im sure they were pink.

Map Turtle seems to have issues opening his eyes. 
We have six turtles in a large pond inside our house. Several of them are painters, one is a red ear and then we have Bowser, the map. She seems to be …

horsefield tortoise  
i bought my tortoise over 3 weeks ago and he still not opened his eye. so i took back to pet shop and theyve been puuting drops in his eye and they said …

what to feed a baby turtle 
hie i m buying a indian star tortoise soon.. what shud i start feeding the baby turtle with? wud it eat or will i have to get sum cannd food for it?

Is it normal for a baby leopard tortoise to walk around their tank following their reflection.

What happens when you drop your tortoise on a hard surface?

tortoise illness 
what does it mean when my tortoise refuses to eat and his eyes are puffy? he is moving but sluggishly, and he has trouble opening his eyes.

10 yr old red foot's skin is falling off 
I have a rescued red Foot which I am guessing to be around 10 years old and about 9 lbs. He had a injury to his back leg which is healing but now the …

Tortoises living with each other 
Can a indan star tortoise and a leopard tortoise live together?

Red-Foot Neck Bleeding 
I bought my red footed tortoise a little while ago for my 3rd grade classroom. Just recently she has been developing sores and bleeding around her neck. …

Please help -- my tortoise died 
My 2 year old Hermans tortoise has died. He has been eating very little but I was told that that would happen at this time of year. I got him Sept time …

horsefield tortoise 
my horsefield tortoise has got a puffy eye which is watering quite a bit,do i need to get the checked by vet or is it commen for them?

judge the species of my turtle 
plz find here enclosed pics of my recently found turtle, i found it from near by backyard water pond. first week he used to wake up by morning and roam …

Queensland river turtles Shell 
Are central Queensland river turtles shells meant to flip up at the back?

white on tortoise shell 
my turtle has white stuff on her shell, whats it from? how can i get it to go away?

tortoise leaves white liquid 
I have two tortoises, male and female, they wer brought to me yesterday, and theyve settled fine. But today i bathed them and put them on the floor in …

Boy or girl? 
How can i tell if my baby redfoot tortoise is a boy or a girl. It is around 1.5 years old.

how to tell if your tortoises are happy 
is it normal for horse field tortoises to wag their tail?

tortoise rubbing shell on mans foot 
my tortoise keeps rubbing its back right shell on my dads foot.

white line on shell? 
Hi, i have a Russian land tortise, and i just noticed she has this white line that goes around her shell, i have a UVA heat light on her, and her diet …

How can I tell if my tortoises cut is infected? 
my tortoise has cut itself and I am worried that it might be infected. How can I tell?

turtle in water 
i have a baby water turtle,he spends all day in water never comes out he never ever eats and his shell is very squishy and he has some kind of liquid …

What is my baby turtle doing? 
When I hold my baby turtle, he rubs his head against my finger and opens his mouth perodically. Does this mean anything?

my tortoise yoshi,he is a Greek spur thighed,and 11 months old and he seems to grab air when trying to get food but eventually gets it so what will i do? …

Sleep Walking. 
My tortoise falls asleep, but when he is sleeping his front arms move and he goes to the corner of the cage and scratches in his sleep. Is this normal, …

snapping turtle not eating 
what do i do if my pet snapping turtle isn't eating and looks like he is dying?

Sleep Walking. 
My tortoise falls asleep, but when he is sleeping his front arms move and he goes to the corner of the cage and scratches in his sleep. Is this normal, …

what will happen if i stick my finger into the anus of a tortoise

Why is my Painted Turtle's tail bleeding? 
I have one painted turtle, he is a male and hes only a year old. his tail started bleeding and i'm not sure why.

Just Moved In 
My tortoise just came here yesterday, and she was really active. Then this morning, all of a sudden, she started having really wet eyes, she won't eat …

help !!! 
my greek tortoise is not eating and she is sleeping alot to its only if i actsully take her out she will wake up. she is only 2 years old so i don`t think …

greek tortoise trying to escape cage 
why would he or she be trying to get out of its cage for the first time in 3 yrs? its going to hurt itself if it doesnt stop.

eye trouble 
my turtle was bitten by another turtle in-on the eye.bleeding and swollen it's not happy-i sepperated the 2 of them sepperate acquiriums any suggestions? …

basking tortoise 
my 4 year old tortoise is never away from its 60 watt spot light bulb its eating great and when i bring it out its viv its lively ive only had her for …

Is my redfooted tortoise sick!? 
I got my red footed tortoise not too long ago. At the beginning he seemed fun and active. moved around a lot. Ever since I gave/made him a little hut all …

exercise an querrys 
i let my yellow bellied 2 year old turtles walk round a warm room few hours a day every day will this harm them ? they are 5 to 6 inch long and know they …

Sad or Sick my Mississippi Map Turtle 
My boyfriend bought like half year ago a Mississippi map turtle, my boyfriend care and play with her with love, our turtle had everything, 10galoon …

I need to find a home for my 15 year old box turtle. 
Hello, I was wondering where I can take my 15 year old box turtle, I had to move and I can no longer take care of him/her?? Any help?

my female yellow belly slider turtle has two bumps 
my female yellow belly slider turtle has two bumps (one either side) between her tail and legs, are these eggs? as my male has not? starting to worry …

species of my turtle 
recently i found a turtle from where i stay in west part of india. its abt 4" (four inches ) carapace. i want to know its exact species along with its …

Stepped on Tortoise 
My friends daughter accidently stepped on their pet tortoise and he wont come out of his shell. Do you think he is dead? :(

Today when I went to pull him out of his hide to eat/soak, he squeaked and kinda hissed at me? He is eating and moving around fine. Did I startle him? …

My 1 year and 6 mnth old Hermans Tortoise 
My Tortoise has stopped eating. I give him a veried diet, cabbage, carrot, hay with dried meadow flowers in it and as a treat apple and kiwi. He lives …

temperature in hibernation 
my tortoise is in hibernation for the first time but i seem to constantly have to move the box around as the temperature is either to high or to low what …

red eard slyder baby turtles  
is it normal for my baby turtles to try to clime out of the tank. also what do they eat because they dont want to eat the turtle palets.

baby spur-thighed tortoise  
My little 3 year old tortoise keeps moving its front legs and neck when its asleep in its shelter; has it got something wrong with it? its a spur thighed …

very worried about tortoise eyes 
Our tortoise wont open its eyes yet moves it legs when we pick it up.. seriously worried his dying.. helppp. He's only a small toroise about the size of …

what do you do when your turtle get bitten by another?

hermans tortoise 
Is it normal for an hibernating tortoise shell to turn green. It used to be yellow.

nose bleeding 
my turtle's nose is bleeding what to do now

Aquarium turtle 
What's the film on aquarium turtles?

red foot tortoise  
how do i know if my red foot tortoise is pregnant

Russian blue turtle not eating 
Help! My daughters turtle hasn't eaten in 5 days! All she wants to do is sleep!

Upper respitory infection 
My mac turtle has an upper respitory infection. Is there any way that I can help to get rid of it at home instead of bringing it to a vet.

what if its eye is stuck close

is my 2008 hermann hatchling stressed? 
2 days ago i changed my hermanns sand as i do every 4 weeks,however,ive noticed a change in his behaviour.he has been walking around in the viv none stop …

Tortoise is barely moving (must pick up to see extremities move) eyes not open (can see slight movement on lids but not open) is this normal?

dead or alive 
my tortoise is inactive since last two days we are unable to judge whether it is dead or inactive during winters?

Sleeping in Water 
I have had my red footed tortoise for about six months and I absolutely love her. She is a classroom pet, but she comes home with me on the weekends. Lately, …

3toed box turtle 
Front flap of shell seams to be stuck closed but back half moves fine just happened as I was giving them fresh water what can I do

i think my turtle is sick! 
Hi i have 2 African spurred tortoises and one of them hasn't eaten in a week or so and he isn't as developed as the other! the other is fine he eats everyday …

my tortise wont eat 
my toritise wont eat! but will not stop walking she is 5 years old

red bump above eye 
My turtle has a red bump just above the eyelid. What can it be and is it serious? It does not seem to affect the turtle's behavior.

american box turtles 
if the turtles lookes healthy but it has spots on here body

which is easy to care sulcata or indian star tortoise?

what do tortoises like 
i have 2 tortoises, the ordinary breed, the ones bigger than terrapins and with red spot from the eyes to the head. i have one male and one female they …

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greek tortoise doesn't want to stay in at night 
we have had our tortoise about 15 months now. We were told she is about 4 years old? She loves to walk around our house with us, but latly she does not …

Can infertile tortoises lay eggs? 
Just now I was walking along, and crack. I step in something. I look down and theres a small white (smashed) egg in the middle of the floor. The yolk, …

Which is larger? 
what is larger turtle or tortoise? Which is a more kid friendly pet?

two breeds together 
Can a male sulcata and a male california desert tortoise be kept together

Blood spot  
I have a western painted turtle and i found a blood spot on her belly and i was a bit worried about it! Is that good or bad? Im so worried about her …

URGENT! Musk turtle sick! 
Since yesterday my musk turtle has had trouble opening one of his eyes. It's puffed up and up close looks like he may have scratched it? Maybe this is …

size of greek tortoise 
how big is a fullgrown greek tortois

I have an Arizona desert tortoise and he lives in my backyard. But lately we've had a couple stray cats in our tortoise habitat.One even peed on top of …

how to take best care of a turtle ? 
1.I have a star turtle, can any one reccomend me how to identify the age of it? 2.sometime i keep me turtle with me and sleep, sometimes it comes underneath …

Should I get one? 
Hi, I'm only 14 but I really want a turtle or tortoise, my dad said I'm allowed if I care for it. We had 2 red eared sliders when I was younger but we …

Map Turtle question 
Do map turtles thrive alone? Or do they thrive better with other turtles. I have a young Map and I am wondering if he would do better with a "friend". …

Eye problems 
My map turtle has recently gotten over one eye problem and now has another =/ Her left eye is swollen and there's a white lump appearing inside, just in …

purple under shell 
hello my two tortoises have sunken eyes, and wont move (although they have not gone back into their shell) also the underside of their shell has gone …

my red ear slider turtle having white spots on its shell and from few days iam absorbing that my turtle is healthy and active i want help from u please …

beak falling off 
I have a indoor box turtle & i came home to her today to find her beak had fallen off. It was a tad overgrown but i didnt think it could just come off. …

What type is my turtle 
I have recently bought a baby terrapin or turtle from a pet shop near where I live she had a dark green skin with yellow stripes and spots pretty much …

is it normal for my Mississippi map turtle to be blowing bubbles from his nose

tortoise lights 
sould u leave the lights on at night

sulcata tortoise wont eat and eyes are closed 
i just bought a sulcata tortoise yesterday, unsure of the age. he is about the size of the palm of my hand. he wont open his eyes unless i rub gently with …

settling tortoise 
How much time should I give my 4 inch red footed tortoise to settle in to his new home? I have him for nearly 6 weeks now. He doesn't come out of his hiding …

baby turtles don't eat 
i have to baby aquatic turtles and they wont eat they only sleep.

yellow belly slider doesn't eat 
My Yellow Belly Slider turtle will not eat. He goes through brief periods of not eating anything. I have tried different foods and everything. Help! …

tortoise shells look like they are splitting 
i have noticed that my tortoise shells ,especially the notches that are made when they are growing look they are splitting . is this ok or …

Sick Turtle? 
Why is my turtles skin turning pink and she isnt eating or moving from the same spot.

black thing 
what is the black thing that comes out of my turtles butt and then goes back in

my terrapin has a black thing coming out of its ttail what is this?

false map turtles 
how long does a false map turtle stay pregnant for

lazy tortoise 
why wont my male russian tortoise wont eat or roam his tank like he did at petco when i got him?

a sick baby tortise? 
My salcata african baby tortise is not movin much. all he does is sleep. is something wrong?

cracked beak 
My 12 year old marginated tortoise seems to have cracked his beak right across the top near his nostrils. It looks like it may have bled a little and his …

i have a horsefield totoise ad i was wodering if i could give it straw as bedding ?

sleeping redfoot 
my daughter got a 3 year old female redfoot for christmas. she was eating very very well and now all she seems to do is want to sleep. is this normal?

What tortoise do I have? 
Sorry i dont have a picture but..Ive had a tortoise for about 6-8 years and I still dont know what kind it is! I was hoping you could help The tortoises …

is it good to hold a 2 month old sulcata tortoise 
hey I got a 2 month old tortoise and i love to hold him is it bad to hold him a lot.

Sulcata tortoise  
I have a sulcata and on the bottom of his shell is blackish near his limbs. I dont know if it is fatal or not. one of my tortoises died from either RI …

Need help with New Baby Sulcata Tortoises  
I just got 2 baby african sulcata tortoises last week. One is about 2.75 inches, named Brutus. He seems to be doing well, he walks around for about two …

Map turtle acting strange 
I have a 2 yr old Map turtle and yesterday cleaned and rearanged his tank and now all he does is go to the corner of the deep end of the tank and swims …

Russian Tortoise 
My tortoise had pink wet stuff in its cage. I dont know where it came from or what it is. Helpp me pleasse

is my turtle ill? 
my turtle keeps opening his mouth wide open and staying like that for a very long time also he seems to be very jumpy his a musk turtle anyone know what …

Washed in a wash machine? 
My red eared slider escaped from his bowl yesterday and we couldn't find him . then today while folding cloths my sister found him but he had been washed …

Giant Growth on my turtle Face! 
I have two 1 year old RES that are about 2" each. My male has very recently developed a lump on the side of his face and I dont know what to do about it. …

question about white stool 
during the summer months while my tortoise was outside more it's stool looked normal. Now that the weather has gotten colder he is inside just eating vegetables …

Baby Boy or Girl ? 
I have a 8 month old horsfield tortoise named Boris but I'v looked at the internet and I think that Boris might be a Betty. LOL :D . Cya then. XXXXXXXX …

the vet says because charkie the tortoise live inside and is 4yrs old i dont need to nibenate him is this true. ?

Pirate Turtle 
Santa gave me a cute Geochelone sulcata but the next morning it only had one eye opend. Its right eye remains shut and it appears to be sort of moisty/wet …

what 2 sexes of turtles could i have 
well it be ok for me to get 2 girl redeared slider turtles that are both girls well they live peacfully? (dont worry i have a huge huge aqarium) well …

Tortoise Genders 
How do you know if your tortoise is a girl or a boy? I just got a tortoise for Christmas and we have to name him/her.Thank you very much!

is my tortoise sick ? 
hey, im a bit worried about my new greek tortoise. she hasn`t been eating and when i soak her she wouldn`t drink. she sleeps alot. i only got her 2 days …

sleeping turtle 
my turtle is not eating anything and always sleeping . he is 2 years old , what should i do? also tell me of which breed is it?

Pronounced lower jaw 
My two year old spur thighed tortoise has a very pronounced lower jaw. The other two don't,so i am wondering should i seek vetinary advice?

White spots instead of red 
Just got a male red foot as a gift and his spots are whitish. Why might this be?

Russian Tortise sick 
My russian tortiose is not moving and wont open its eyes. its tail is swallen real big with real big poop stuck in it what should i do, i dont have money …

african sulcata not mainting heat 
We have 3 African sulcata tortoises, a little over a year old. One of which was flipped upside down this morning. He has been inside his shell ever since …

dry skin 
I got my female russian tortoise almost 3 months ago and she doesn't eat normaly she eats but not much also her skin is dry and there are flakes coming …

Tortoise's Brain. 
How big is a Russian Tortoise's brain?

Small Turtle - Eye Missing 
Hello There - I recently purchased 2 small turtles as a Christmas gift for my coworker. They are both about 3" - 3.5" long. When I brought them to …

my tortoise is 4 years old and this is the first year i am hibernating him, he is now into his 4th week of not eating and i am reducing the heat lamp but …

Wheesing Hermann 
My younger brother has two Hermann Tortoises, a male and a female, today the female started to act differently. She normally roams around and is very active …

Weak front legs 
I have a male hermanns spur thigh tortoise 4 years old who hasn't hibernated this winter. He mainly feeds on fresh veg and he is eating what he normally …

side neck spink belly slider has big chinks of his skin missing on his feet  
my pink belly turtle is three years old. he has not eaten in7 days. I noticed his rear foot has a big chunk out , he constantly fights with the rocks . …

He ate the bowl. 
I gave my Russian tortoise some Spinache and carrots in a starfoam bowl. He ate a big section of the bowl. What should I do? or can I do?

Does'nt want to eat. 
I have two turtles. They're the red-eared sliders, I think. One is bigger than the other. The small one is the female and the big one is the male. The …

Should my tortoise white in his poo? 
my tortoise has just pooed after eating some tomartoes and it's half white is that normal?

Overweight tortoise? 
I recently bought a Russian Tortoise (not 100% sure of the exact age, but around 3 years old), and just wanted a few opinions on something. I took …

My SulcataTortoise keeps going in the rain? 
Why did my adult 15 year old Sulcata choose to stay out in the cold rain all night? She has done it 3 nights in a row even when Ive carried her back and …

Bruising on a Box turtle 
I have a southwestern box turtle that appears to have bruising on its shell on top and on the side of its face. It went into hibernation around the end …

Is my Red Footed Tortoise Drowning? 
I just got a Red Footed Tortoise and he went in his water pool/bowl and i went in to look at him and he was in the water and his head was completly underwater …

flipping out 
i keep finding my daughter's little baby box turtle upside down. i'm not sure why he keeps flipping himself. how can i prevent him from doing this? …

red ear slider  
ok everytime i check on my red ear slider she is always upsidedown in the water i don't know what to do and it really has me worried please help thanks …

weird sounds? 
i just bought a baby african spurred tortoise 2 days ago and he is doing everything normally, except that he sleeps a lot and he makes a whistling or squeaking …

To Tortoise or not to Tortoise? 
I'm thinking of getting a tortoise as a pet, and it shall be the first time I have owned a reptile of any kind. I would like to know which would be the …

My Redfoot is stuck 
In the tank I have a log of which my Redfoot Tortoise USED to fit - he seems to have grown overnight and is not stuck under the log (half log). Any suggestions …

turtle moving but not opening its eyes 
my turtle is moving alot but wont open its eyes. what is wrong with it

constant pooing and peeing 
I got a pet turtoise last month and e refuses to do the toilet in his box and as straight as he is taken out to walk around room he urinates and poos on …

African spur thigh slow moving? 
I have a african spur thigh who eats regularly. I have changed it's set up as it is winter in Ohio and even colder in the house. I have a light bulb that …

Turtle or tortoise what is it? 
Recently found a turtle, probably a box but I it could be a tortoise I guess. A friend who has a grandmother who raises turtles says we should do things …

my new turtle looks unhappy 
I don't really know much about turtles and I just got one for the first time yesterday, he is an aquatic turtle but he keeps on swimming to the corner …

Sulcata Tortoise Closed eyes 
I've had my sulcata tortoise for a couple months now, and he's been having eye issues. The first time, he got over it- it was just a bit of dirt in his …

the colour of my tortoise shell 
my tortoise shell is looking green is there something wrong

yellow belly turtle 
my turtle has been attacked and has his leg bitten is there anything i can put into the tank to help it heal?

baby sulcata help!!! 
I recently got my baby sulcata two days ago and I haven't seen him eat once. I am worried. He also has pooped this white toothpastey substance. He sleeps …

is he sick? 
my tortise hasnt been eating alot for the last 3 days. This morning when i went to feed him i noticed his poop. It is really slimy and has a pink tint …

what is wrong with my turtle because every time i get close to her,she keep opening and closing her mouth? 
what is wrong with my turtle because every time i get close to her,she keep opening and closing her mouth?

Eye problem 
My Red Eared Slider wont open one eye but opens the other. Why? eye infection?

my tortoise doesnt eat as much as usual 
hi i'm donna and i have a greek tortoise, shes one year old and very cute and healthy, but for 3 days she has left a little bit more food in her food bowl …

two terrapins in a tank, one flicks other ones eyes 
Hi, I hope you can help me out, Iv had two terrapins for years now, I have them in a large aquarium and they ahve always interacted well in the tank. …

are baby sulcata tortoises and leopard tortoises compatible? 
can i let my baby sulcata tortoise and baby leopard tortoise live together in the same aquarium?

map turtle wheezes 
My map turtle is around 1 year old recently when he comes out the water he wheezes like heavy breathing sound but if you take him rihht out and listen …

Can I leave my baby sulcata tortoise unattended for three to four days? 
I am going on vacation and I do not know whether or not my baby sulcata will be able to be left unattented for 3-4 days if i make sure to change his water …

My box turtle has skin issues 
My Southwestern box turtle skin is dry. I have tried keeping the humidity up and change his water tub every day. I have also been using purified water …

lil buddy my red footed tortoise 
he seemed happy when i first got him..i had to buy him eye drops but his appetite was good..still eats the thiings he likes but my question is he wants …

my Hermans tortoise keeps making noises, is he ok? 
I have a Hermans Toroise and he keeps making funny squeeky noises, is this normal? he is only 1.

Bleeding leg? 
What happens if your turtle is bleeding? Please help!

is he sick? 
Hello my name is Samantha, I am very worried about my african spurred thighed tortoise. His name is Little Foot. I think he is sick. right now it is winter …

bubbly nose 
what happens if your russian tortoise gets a bubbly nose?

is it ok? 
it is ok if my hermann tortoise's shell is cruving in toward its tail?

Russian Tortoise 
I have owned this particular Russian Tortoise for 7 months. I got him in may. It is now december. Since around the Middle of November he has seemed to …

russian tortoise 
i just got my tortoise and she has blue patches of icky stuff on her head what do i do about it and how do i get rid of it and is it serious

tortoise not eating! 
my russian tortoise/horsefeilds tortoise is not eating at all. He is soaking in his water dish but i don't think he is drinking it. I got him 2 days ago …

can a small turtle make a baby under the age of 1 sick

is it dead??? 
how do i check if my star tortoise is dead? it has not eaten since a week n is not moving at all...also his eyes hav gone inside....and what is he life …

Please this is urgent 
My baby tortise lives in an empty kitty litter box, He has a shelter and always has fresh lettuce. I always make sure there is a bit of water there for …

bubble in mouth 
hi i hav a 3 yr old pet turtle (indian) ..he sometimes blows a bubble from his mouth..what could be the reason...what is the best kind of food that can …

What happens when u place your finger in a tortoise anus

baby turtle 
how big is a baby turtles brain

what is eating indian pet tortoise at home

redfoot tortoise 
my tortoise likes the moist dog food that is in little bags. he won't eat anything eles. what can i do?

Hello, I have a Mississippi map and a yellow bellied terrapin that are roughly 5 months old. We have noticed that the yellow bellied terrapin tends …

my tortoise is not eating and his eyes havent opened, but he is moving 
We have had our tostoise for 6 years. he has not been eating for the last 2 weeks and hasnt opened his eyes in about a week. he is moving a little bit. …

i got 2 Yellow belly sliders 
Hey look i got 2 yellow belly sliders and one red belly slider i feed them to day but they havent eatinin like 3 days and wen i fed them they went nuts …

red eared turtle turtle 
I kept my turtle in sunlight for 2 hours after that it turned over fully ???not moving at all.???waht does it mean???

Sick Redfoot 
My redfoot tortoise is about 8 months old and has stopped eating for the past couple days. He was already emaciated when I got him 5 months ago but he …

Back legs 
How do I get my turtles back legs to come out?

split scute 
what dose split scutes mean on a sulcata tort?

new pet 
I have recently been given some tortoises to look after .. I live in Cyprus and the baby t's were living on a boat in a basket they are about 3" long and …

Musk and Map turtle mating 
Hi, hope someone can help. I found my musk turtle having his wicked way with my common map turtle this morning!!! She was not best pleased to say the …

food for eastern box turtle 
i was originally told greens for the turtle he would only eat romaine after his trip to the vet recently, i spoke with her about diet at this point he …

biting of tortise 
they are apporx 4yrs and its male and its at hme he bits nwdays on leg?what to do for it?i evn have female they do sex,hw to knw wheather she is pregant???n …

Sulcata Tortoise 
My tortoise is white around its nose. I am not sure if it is eating. I give it lettuce. It used to move around when I let it inside the house now it moves …

Would this help? 
I have 2 russian tortoises Male and female my male and female have become sexualy active and the female has been getting hurt but every time we seperate …

Box turtle cracked on edges 
My box turtle has cracked scales along the edges of her shell. It's been like this before I had her but I don't know if it's normal. The scales are coming …

What could this be? 
I have had my Russian Tortoise for about five years or so. The past couple months he was not wanting to eat or drink...or even move around! He wasn't acting …

I think my red ear slidder might be dying!! 
My red ear slider has been acting fine, me and my boyfriend have been gone all day when we came home we found him floating on top of the water i thought …

I have hermann female tortoise digging 
We have had our female hermanns bout 3 months now,she lives in a 40 gallon tank,she has hiding spot feeding spot and water spot with room to crawl around.The …

there is a rock jammed between my tortoises back leg and his shell. its so far in i cant grab it, and when i try he pulls his legs in so tight i can do …

my tortoises eyes wont open 
my tortoise is very active and eats but his eyes wont open. its only a two week hatchling. is that normal?

Green mouth 
I was giving my sulcata tortoise a bath today and noticed green around his mouth. Should I be concerned?

my turtle isn't eating 
my turtle hasnt been eating hes a water turtle I have been feeding him turtle tablets :Wardley Reptile Sticks.please answer me!

My tortoise keeps mounting the other one 
Hello, found your web site , I,ve two tortoise in a viv for four years no problems both rescued they always been kept in a viv until recently the bigger …

flaky skin + long claws 
my boyfriend bought me a russian tortoise over the summer. he's very alert and sassy- not friendly- he hisses and withdraws anytime anything comes near …

RES aggression 
My larger RES turtle keeps getting in the face of my smaller RES and when it does the smaller one places her head inside her shell and places her claws …

New russian tortoise problem 
I just got a 4 month old russian tortoise and it hasnt eaten in 2 days is this because he is scared and is still getting used to its new environment or …

my greek tortoise 
I just bought a greek tortoise but i don't know where should i put him and what to feed him

Turtle Tail 12/05/10 
I found my larger water turtle dragging the smaller one along the bottom of the tank. When I looked closer, the tail of the larger one was inside the …

unwell tortoise 
ive jus bought a tortoise and it is unwell. it doesnt eat or move.its eyes r shut all day. a white creamy layer forms above the eyelids.wat should i …

Box Turtle Has Blood in Urine 
I have a 15 year old box turtle who has never been a very good eater. In fact, for the past few years, we've been hand-feeding him through a syringe. …

turtle cage 
can i use kitty litter for russian turtle

Hiding turtle 
Why does a turtle hide in it's shell?

puffy tortoise 
I have a tortise that the skin is thin and back legs puffed up one has lumps under it ;what is wrong with it? It just puffed up all of a sudden.

desert tortoise under water  
How long can a desert tortoise stay under water without drowning or sustaining any injuries or damage...... In other words, can a desert tortoise survive …

Sulcata Broken Upper Lip 
Our sulcata tortoise is 14 years old, weighs about 40 lbs and is active and apparently healthy. Recently we noticed he had broken off his upper left "lip". …

Lazy Turtle  
so I got my Red fooded tortoise about a week ago and the first couple of days he was speedin around his tank and eating well, but now all he does is sleep. …

red footed tortoise problem 
ok i have a small question..i got my red a few weeks ago. he is in a 44x44 with a small bearded dragon. the problem is that the my red is not eating...he …

tortoises aren't interested in hibernating 
I have four 2 year old desert tortoises. Two became uninterested in food and lethargic so after a month or so I removed them from the pen to a more protective …

tortoises aren't interested in hibernating 
I have four 2 year old desert tortoises. Two became uninterested in food and lethargic so after a month or so I removed them from the pen to a more protective …

Why does my Turtle keep rubbing its eyes? 
My turtle keeps rubbing both its eyes. I looked at the eyes and it looks like a little bit of red goo is in both of its eyes. Is it an infection? If so, …

Lethargic Tortoise 
My tortoise is lethargic, it's not active at all, even when we pick it up and move it it just stays still, I'm sure its alive. It's eyes look puffy, and …

Hibernating a 1 1/2 year old spur thigh tortoise 
Hi there, my spur-thigh tortoise hatched in June '09 and has been a super problem free girl (her name is Phoebe) this summer she hasn't stopped eating …

We have two Russian Tortoise's. We have had one for almost two years, the other one year. Our youngest one has been growing by the day and is very active …

Shell Problems 
I have an asian box turtle and I was petting her today when a chunk of her shell came off. One of the top pieces thats more hexagonal shaped. What does …

red stuff 
what is the red stuff oozing out of my pond turtle

my softshell turtle 
i have a softshell turtle slider and a florida softshell turtle both small about 2 inches got them recently from a pet shop in vegas...while the florida …

Two map turtles with swollen eyes 
Two maps with eyes shut. Went to vet, gave them Vit a shots& two kinds of eye drops+ said to feed them dark green vegetables high in Vit A. Is there …

Is it possible for an aquatic turtle to have a broken tail? 
Is it possible for an aquatic turtle to have a broken tail? his tail looks fine tucked away but when he swims around his tail doesn't fully extend

why is my turtle bleeding from its tail

bit of shell fell off and now peeling 
I have a 7 year old leopard tortoise. Recently his shell on the underneath near his left leg (our right looking at him) started to peel, there was no discolouration …

shell falling off?? 
I have a 7 year old leopard tortoise, i noticed that the bottom right (his left) section of his near his leg was peeling. There was no blood or any discolour. …

White film around Red Ear slider turtle  
My Red ear water turtle has white film around his mouth.. the past few days he hasn't been swimming much, just basking on his rock and worst of it all …

My egyptian tortoise keeps pacing up and down his cage, what does that mean?

Whimpering noises 
My sulcata is about 6 1/2 years old. For the past couple of days it's been making a whimpering sound, the only way to describe it is like a baby cry or …

Growth on Turtle's Rectum 
My turle has a black and red next to open mass. At first it would go back in and now does not goin. What is wrong. 'Yellow Eared Slider'

Why do my hands feel itchy after holding my Hermanns Tortoise? 
I've noticed that while I hold my Hermann's tortoise in my hands start to feel slightly itchy, Why is this?

Fingers Of tortoise 
How Many fingers (Min and Max)does a tortoise have ??

cracked underside shell 
sulcata 37 pounds, fell while being moved and underneith shell cracked and is bleeding. do I need to take to vet, or can I tape it with duck tape?


my tortoise 
my tortoise is scratching his cadge what do im do ?

how can i stop my tortoise from getting boared 
how can i stop my tortoise getting boared when im away

my yellow bellied terapin flaky skin 
hey my female yellow bellied slider has got flakey skin it on her legs and around her neck. theres quite alot could there be a problem or is this normal …

Eating problems 
What do I do if my desert tortoise won't eat?

how can i take care of my tortoise 
my tortoise would not eat for four day what would i do.

painted turtles back claw 
my painted turtle is missing its back claw. is that good or bad?

is my turtle sick? 
if my turtle has a white shell... and hes not eating his food.. what might be wrong with him? will he die? is he sick?

Confused about turtle or tortoise 
is a turtle a land creature or a water creature?

Lesions growing on tortoise face 
I have a greek tortoise growing brownish red lesions on face just overnight-- what is this and what is causing this--

eye promblem 
my turte cant open its eye

lepard tortoise  
I think my tortoise has not pooped (he sometimes eats it so I don't know if he has. He has been eating fine A head of green lettuce each day. ??????? …

help please 
my Terrapin, Rob has a lump coming out from the side of his head, its the colour of his skin and has a browm spot on it please can you tell me whats wrong? …

tortoise movement 
why does my tortoise not much much?

daily activity of hatchlings 
I have two Desert Tortoise hatchlings. I am concerned about there activity level. Some days they do not seem to come out of there hide at all. Their activity …

russin tortoise habitat 
to i need to make the tank humid after i get the tortoises

russian turtle 
why dont my russian turtle do anything my english bulldog peed on it whats going on?

tortoise head lump 
why does my turtle have a ball on the side of its head?

soft tortoise shell 
my baby sulcata shell is a little soft is that ok?

my russian tortoise won,t open his eyes  
He hardly ever opens his eyes now he is alive and moves though

Juvenile Murray River Turtle sleeps alot 
Hi, we have 2 Juvenile Murray River Turtles, one is really acive and does not seems to sleep much the other one is smaller and seems to sleep alot. They …

yellow balls in turtle tank 
why do i keep finding yellow balls in my turtle tank

Hitting tortoises? 
My tortoises which I am pretty sure are both of the same gender keep coming up to eachother, hit them by swinging their shelf like a battering ram, then …

skin shedding 
i have 2 yellow belly sliders 1 male 1 female i think both between 2 1/2 and 3 years old in a 6 ft tank with heating so the water is 24-25.c all uvb lighting …

my turtle has a black lump on rectum

tortoise sex 
how do you tell the difference between a mail and femail horsefield tortoise??

What do I do with these guys? 
Hi, We just got these two turtles from a friend of ours who couldn't care for them any more. We want to treat these little guys right, but don't know …

1 yr old with a soft shell 
We have a 1 yr old desert tortoise that came out of its burrow and is walking, but he should be hibernating with the other 2 we have, same age, and when …

Red lump 
My lake turtle has a red lump growing out of it's ass what is it?

Turtle is sick 
Why does my Baby Snapping Turtle have white masses on his feet and tail? I had 3 baby turtles in the past with the same thing and they died, they came …

Outside habitat for sulcada tortoise 
HI! My daughter is making an outside habitat for her sulcada tortoise since he is growing and needs more space (We live in California).The area she is …

diet and temperature concern 
I have a seven year old tortoise no bigger than my hand (palm and fingers)...could you please tell me how much it should be eating on a daily basis. I …

Black lump coming out from the tail 
Hi, I want to check with you, there a black lump coming out from my tortoise tail. The part where they will output their waste. What actually happen? …

white watery substances 
my star tortoise coming white watery substances when keep i him on floor

my little ninja is acting strange i think he dying and i dont know how to save him HELP 
he keeps openiming his mouth like he wants to say something or wants me hear him he slow sometimes floats upside down kinda like a fish turns upside floats …

Box Turtle making squeaking sound?? 
My box turtle is opening and closing her mouth and making a squeaking noise at the same time. Her eyes and nose are clear though. What could this be??

living quarters of a tortoise 
how big does a cage for a tortoise who is going to live inside be ?

Red-Footed Tortoise Compatibility 
My fiancee' and I have two 10 month old Sulcata Tortoises (male and female) and one 4 year old Russian Tortoise (male), we just bought a Red-Footed Tortoise …

Soft Tortoise Shell 
my deseart turtle shell is soft & i think he is sick :( what can i do to help him???

Sulcata Tortoise Pyramiding 
I'm looking into purchasing this sulcata and they sent me a picture of him/her but upon myresearch I believe this tortoise has pyramiding and I found …

Hengeback Eye Problem 
My hengeback tortious Sherman rarly opens his eyes what does this mean and it is also geting colder I got him this summer and it's almost winter is this …

tortoise and turtle shell sizes 
Why is a tortoise's shell bigger than a turtle's shell?

Eye Problem 
My Tortoise keeps one eye closed most of the time..I have seen him with both his eyes open, but iam worried for the eye that he keeps closed often...Please …

redfoot tortoise age 
how do you no the age of a redfood tortoise

horsefield torroise  
hi i have a horsefiled tortoise its one years old its got swallon eyes cant open them and it seems to not want 2 move or eat is it serious

turtle scratching 
what does it mean if your turtle scratches against his/her tank all the time

Greek Tortoise - Cloudy White Liquid 
Our tortoise excreted a cloudy white liquid this AM and wondered what this means. Have not seen this in year + we've had him (normal color is dark brown …

how lod/big should a hatchling be before I let it hibranate?

Hi my question is if anybody can share any unusual/interesting behavior of your tortoise/turtle while basking indoor/outdoor?

Pinkish Lump on the back of the neck of my Horsfield Tortoise. 
Can you advise on how this lump should be treated and what is the cause. Thanks, Gary

micro herbs 
I've been thinking of growns flowers and herbs in my tortoise table and was wondering if anyone knows if if horsefield tortoises can eat micro herbs?

how do u know if male or female ?? 
ive got a yellow bellied slider turtle how can i tell its sex ?

Bleeding from backside, 
My Tortise is bleeding from his backside, I'm very worried and not sure what this is. I would appreciate some help.

Circling Compulsion 
My Elongated tortoise (palm size) past two days, has been making small circles around for hours at a time in the morning instead of the usual sleep routine. …

Russian Tortoise is making squeaky noise 
We have a russian tortoise that is making a squeaky noise and opening and closing his mouth like he is having a hard time breathing. His eyes are clear …

Size of tank for 4 yellow bellied slider turtles 
Hi I have recently bought 4 baby yellow bellied slider turtles. I'm thinking long term and for the turtles well being so when the turtles are fully …

how to tell the gender of my greek tortoise. 
hi, i have a 1 year old greek tortoise, it is increadibley freindly but i wnat to know, what age will i be able to tell the gender of it and whaen its …

my turtle is lopsided 
she seems abit blue the last 2 days, and just seems to want to flot around leaning to the 1 side should i be worried

Lump on side of aquatic turtle face/neck 
Why does my turtle have a lump on the side of the face/neck?

something out from the anus 
I have a red ear slider turtle and something black is hanging out of the anus.

Strange painted turtle head shakes 
Our small about 5 year old painted turtle is shaking its head oddly while sunning itself in the heat lamp. Is this normal turtle behavour maybe a mating …

diet for baby desert tortoise? 
Our daughter adopted a tortoise in Joshua Tree. Her tortoise is about 40 yrs old & she surprised us all by laying eggs & 2 darling tortoises hatched. We …

Turtle Piggy Back Ride...? 
I have a baby Mississippi Map and a baby Vietnamese Pond... and i tend to see my MAP (which is the smaller of the 2...) holding onto the shell of the Viet. …

Heat Lamp 
Hello, I just adpoted a greek tortoise who is roughly 7 or 8 yrs old, and I live in Qatar where the weather is 45c in summer and 25 in winter. I was …

Tortoise Shells 
I am living in Easter Europe and have just found a Tortoise Shell, can you tell me if Hermann's Tortoises discard there shells at anytime during their …

My red eared slider. 
dear Sir / Madam This is my first time keeping a pet.. and i hope i can find some helpful tips on caring for my pet. My red eared slider always sleeps …

lonely tortoise 
we feel for our tortoise who is now coming up to 3 years old that she may be lonely would it be ok to purchase another so as to give her company we have …

turtle dead or alive? 
ok well i have a baby painted turtle and he wasnt moving so i took him out of the tank and his eyes were closed and his head was just kind of flopping …

Size of turtles and tortoises 
which is smaller a turtle or tortoise

turtle scratching at neck 
I am wondering why my turtle is scratching at his neck when he basks? Also, he is nipping at his arms while he is doing this?

Spinning in circles and acting strange!??!? 
My terrapin is plsying dead then spinning in circles and acting very strange im worried what could be the cause of this??

what will happen to my tortoise on holiday? 
ok so im thinking about getting a tortoise... well i have just been flicking through any problems i might have while owning one. Everything seems fine …

hibernating a hermann's tortoise 
i have put my herman tortoise into a box with straw and airholes, i have put her in the shed but when i checked her on the first morning she was awake …

Weird eye thingy! 
Hie, i own a start back tortoise ( male) and im baby sitting a female for my Aunt. HER tortoise has a weird bulge around its eyes...!? i hear they're prone …

tortoise bleeding from neck 
my tortoise suddenly is bleeding from the neck. I cleened the wound but it still is bleeding. What should i do?

i have a box turtle im a ten year old kid today i was cleaning out its cage couse it was dirty then some stuff came out its nose when ever it gets in the …

turtle tank and sex 
i was wondering if this tank was alright for my turtles and if anyone could tell what sex they where cause i feel like they are bored all the time and …

turtle has a lump on throat 
I notice to day that my baby turtle has a lump on his neck where his throat is located please help i dont know what it could be. Thank you

What Gender Is My Tortoise? 
I just got a Russian Tortoise named Timmy, and I don't really know if his name should be Timmy, or Timara! I want to know if I need to call it boy …

Permanent Closed Eyes?! 
My Red - Footed Tortoise hasn't opened its eues for a whole week! I've looked in books and everything, trying to figure out if it means the tortoise …

What happens if your turtle has red spots on it's bottom and how can we treat it

Swollen and blue 
I just noticed that my Russian tortoise's neck and legs are swollen and she has a bluish tint to her skin. She also cannot open her eyes. What is wrong …

red foot care 
I have 2 questions actually. I have raised water turtles for years but just got my first red footed tortoise this week. I want to get an approximate …

my tourtise is not movng and i cant wake it 
i notice my tourtise last night what looked to be a sleep then i realised when i touched her she didnt move! i put her i a bowl of warm water and still …

tortoise climbing 
hi, my tortoise is kept indoors in a run and recently he has started to try to climb up the sides! please can you help?

Soft shells 
My baby marginated tortoises have soft shells underneath! Is this right? Beth

Gross Stuff 
I have a red eared yellow bellied slider. Why is there this black thing coming out of my turtles butt?

can a desert tortoise live with a cracked shell? 
My girlfriend ran over her 85 year old desert tortoise. Can it live? What should I tell her to do? She is very distraut so I am researching for her. …

Star Tortise 
Should i give tomatoes to my star tortise they love to eat tomatoes so tomatoes is danger for tortise to eat

blood in the urine and stool 
my pet indian star turtles pass blood in urine and stool . untill yesterday they were allrite but its happening so from today morning. i give them corriender …

injured soft shell turtle 
MY soft shell turtle had a string wrapped around his leg for about 6 hours. 3 days ago i removed the string, but now his leg looks worse and it is huge …

my yellow bellied slider turtle has been sick 
my turtle is one and a half years old and has changed in behavior the last 24 hours.he yesterday left most his food in the morning and by 2pm throw up …

My tortoise's keep fighting and I think one is biting the others shell 
I have two tortoise's one keeps biting the other ones shell should we seperate them now before it gets any worse. They have lived together for 3 years …

sleeping tortoise-never eating 
My tortoise is not eating and is always sleeping.

watermellon for tortoise 
why is it bad to feed your tortise watermellon?

Turtle Escaped 
My turtle escaped its cage. I have yet to locate it. How long can it survive out of its cage?

Tortoise Bleeding 
Our dog got a hold of our little tortoise yesterday, it is bleeding from the neck and belly area, has a couple of puncture wounds in the belly and part …

soft shell of star tortoise 
the shell of the star tortoise that i'm having has become soft. it is with me for almost three years and is getting the same attention as earlier, but …

Tortoise skin fell off it's front leg? 
Hello my Russian tortoise skin fell off it's hand while walking around my home. I didn't know what to do so I put him back in his cage. Idk if this is …

tortoise had a fall?!? 
hi, i was just sitting at the computer with my 2 year old hermann tortoise on my knee. then she rolled off and landed on her back. i picked her up and …

Spur-thigh not eating much 
i have got a mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise who is 1 and a half years old and i give him pellets and fresh dandelion leaves. but since i changed the …

leopard tortoise not eating or moving, has a damage shell  
Hi, someone gave me this tortoise, my kid loveit to bits. the only problem is it stay in it shell all the time and does not eat. i would also like to …

my sulcata 
it looks like my turltle has a dent or crack on the bottom of his shell. we dont have any vets near by. what should i do?

hermans tortoise 
how can i stop my male tortoise attacking my female tortoise

i just noticed my turtle has a cut on his lower jaw. i don't know how it happened. im guessing the other female turtle must have bit him. should i just …

I think my turtle's back legs are broken :( will he survive? 
2 days ago I left for work and the lid was off of my turtles tank because my boyfriend and niece were here playing with them. They left the room to eat …

tortoise size 
1 of my tortoises are smaller that the other but they are the same age, the smaller 1 sleeps alot more than the larger 1 do i need to take it to the vet …

How old are Russian Tortoise when they start to mate?

too small to hibernate? 
We adopted 4 desert tortoise youngsters 2 years ago. We kept them indoors and warm for 2 winters so they wouldn't hibernate. One is about half the size …

shell issues 
why would my red eared slider have a peeling shell and white spots? the spots can not be removed.It is like they are part of the shell color.

Im doing a project and need to know how a tortoise see's... Please help

White Gunge? 
I have 3 turtles in a big tank, one keeps hiding under a fake coral piece in the tank. Him or her is swimming and eating fine, but I took the fake coral …

razorback turtle or sawback turtle 
where do I buy a razor or sawback turtle without spending a whole bunch of money

What do the hind legs of a "toddler" sulcata look like 
What do the hind legs of a "toddler" sulcata look like? My Myrtle's hind legs are much thinner than her front legs. Should they be the same size in width …

pinkish plastern 
why does my hermanni tortoise have a pinkish plastern? Its hard like it should be but what could cause this,she eats and drinks and walkes around like …

Food for Star Tortoise 
I have a 3 year old Star Tortoise. Can you let me know where I can get a high-fibre food for my tortoise?

Cant move its legs 
recently I just adopted a 2 years old turtle adn it was quite active at the frist place, like for few months. After few months later which was yesterdya, …

sulcatas tortoise squeak 
My baby tortoise is making a lot of squeaking noises at night. I don't know what that means. Is it bad or are they having bad dreams?

star tortoise indian 
How much a male tortoise sleep in a day? and in them male is more active or female? thanking you

My sulcata turtle scraped skin off his front right leg. Its small but i'm afrraid of it getting infected and getting worse. Is there anything I can do …

hibernate leopard tortoise 
do leopard tortise hibernate

About my turtle!!! 
What Happens if your turtle asks really slow and mouth turns green?

My Russian Tortoise's Beak 
My Russian land tortoise has grown an unusually long beak. Is it normal?

turtle tail 
whey dose my turtle keep his tail tucked in

Turtle head bobbing ? 
im really confised i got this turlte for a frined and he was fine up till about 4 weeks in to haveing him i went to change hit water so i moved him to …

6-7mnth old leopard tortoise 
im wondering exactly how active my tortoise should be...and how about the shell is it ok if its still soft in place or should i be concerned.....i feed …

what comes out of snapping turtle butt

back legs 
my tortoise has stopped using its back legs - she either drags them or curls them up under her shell. she is 6 years old.

the baby turtle has a swollen face. 
my turtle has had a swollen face for the past month he can not put his face back inside the shell what is wrong with him is he okay?

Is it possible to transport tortoise eggs? 
Hi there, I just wanted to find out if it is possible to transport tortoise eggs from one place to another? I am currently living with my parents but am …

Our red eared slider turtle question 
Our turtle had a bloody membrane coming out from under it's tail. What could this be? When I first saw it yesterday and thought, if I didn't know better …

sucada prolaps 
I have a two year sucada that i think is prolapsing. i was able to wash and reinsert its rectum. the next day it was out again so i did the same. he is …

Turtle's mouth 
My box turtle's mouth is enlarged now and looks like he has a huge underbite. Is this due to calcium deficiency? Thank you so much if you can help me? …


Swollen Eyes - Probably RI 
I got 2 baby turtles around 4 weeks ago and then i got another 6 baby turtles about 2 weeks ago. A few days ago i noticed that 2 of them had swollen …

normal weight? 
i have two yellow bellied sliders that i assume are about 9-12 months old but the size difference is significant, george is the biggest and he is about …

My Herman Tortoise was active and now is not 
I have had my 1 year old Herman Tortoise for 3 weeks now, for the first 2 weeks he was fine very active and had a good appetite. Now the last 5 days he …

Orange now black ? 
My turtle had orange chutes on it's shell but it's shell is now turning Black is this just because it is shedding ?

Our baby turtle 
We found a baby painted turtle and it keeps its mouth open all the time and sometimes stretches out its neck and squeeks a little can you tell me whats …

Tortoise on back 
I came home and found my tortoise on her back in her pool of water. She has never done this before. I have no idea how long she was there, but she had …

Baby African spur thigh tortoise 
Can you feed a baby african spur thigh tortoise a aloe plant or is it poisonous or toxic to them.I have used the aloe on her shell after I have soaked …

Turtle bleeding 
Hi, By accident the turtle in the garden got stepped on. there was a sound as if the shell broke. The turtle retracted into it's shell and there was …

indian star tortoise 
My indian star tortoise seems to keep nodding its head. The rest is not like that. she tuck her head inside her shelf most of the time, Is she sick?

Indian star tortoise 
The tortoise keep moving its head up and down as though it is has breathing difficulty.

tortoise health 
what does it mean if the desert tortoise cant move his hind legs

tortoise shell 
I am concerned about my 2 year tortoise shell it has become lumpy, I now understand this could be due to over feeding, please could you advise

just bought a tortoise 
I have just bought a red footed tortoise a few days ago. He does not move too much. He stays in a corner all day. He was eating but now he is not eating …

White Stuff 
What does it mean if my desert tortoise has white stuff in the aquarium? I am not sure which end it came out of. I am not even sure if its a boy or girl. …

Really cute!!!! 
I have just been given two small tortise's and I live in a higher elevation area. I am concerned about the snow and of course to the freezing temps that …

Tortoise food 
what will happen to my tortoise if i give it cheese? I know you are not suppose to , but i did. HELP!!

cleaning a russian tortise 
what are good home cleaning tools to wash a russian tortise with.

tortoise on his back 
I have found my tortoise on his back several times, i was gone for about 2 hours and found him on his back, can they survive for more then a couple of …

Ran over turtle/tortoises 
I am doing a report on turtles and tortoises getting ran over, and I would like to know what people can do if they see a turtle or tortoise get ran over, …

tortoise noises 
My 5 yr old tortoise makes a squeeking even when asleep. His eyes are clear and he is eating and sleeping when the light is off, is this normal

How many hours do 4 year old tortouise sleep ??

Poorly Eyes 
My tortoise has a white/clear film covering both eyes, whats wrong with him? :(

turtle problems 
MY pet turtle is pasing back and fourth . Do you know why?it also pushes up on the glass .it looks really lopsided, why?!?


what dose white tortoise poop mean?

my red eared slider turtle injured his front left leg 
my 3 years red eared slider turtles injured his front left leg we shown him to the vet he given medcines to him and told us it will take 1 month to recover …

I have a baby Hermanns tortoise and I don't know I don't know if I need to hibernate him now, or if it will even be necessary ever?

Greek tortoises and redfooted tortoises 
Is it okay to house Greek tortoises and Red footed tortoises in the same habitat? It is about 13x42.


what are the best things you could feed to a tortoise?

How much lighting do I need? 
I recently purchased a African Sulcata tortoise. Its is almost one year old. I'm wondering do I need to turn the light off at night or should I leave …

eye problem 
my tortoise has a white film over his eyes, some times it clears but comes back, any ideas please

Sulcata Tortoise 
Hello, Could you tell me if it is okay for a baby Sulcata Tortoise to have Anti-Parasite pellets. Thank You Vicki

help for tortoise 
my tortoise is not eating his food always sleepinf.and not active as he was is very small....please help

Sudden onset of swollen eyes 
My spur thigh tortoise was totally fine, then for the first time all summer (weather finally cool enough here in az)I took him outside to get some exercise, …

tortoise mating 
The tortoise that live in out front lawn just did a thing I believe was mating. First only was was out of the den. He looked like he was biting bugs in …

terrapin shell health 
hi I have three fully grown red eared sliders that I rescued recently and one of them had suddenly got a little hole in the underside of his shell. I can …

What's Wrong With Annie 
I have two russian tortoises one of them scratched the other one and now its arm is a little bloody she won't move it and i'm afrad it's infected what …

dog got to my turtle 
Well today i found my red ear slider in the dogs mouth and i took im inside soaked him a bit then looked some things about what i can do to help him …

my sulcata tortoise isnt opening its eyes! 
why is my sulcata tortoise not opening its eyes, it didnt open its eyes for 3 days-

Cracked Shell? 
We have a red footed tortoise that around the base of her shell looks like it is getting a deep crack all the way around her. What is this and is it a …

Why is it so bad for a turtle to be on it's back. And if it is bad, is it also just as bad if I'm holding my turtle and I flip him over to look at his …

Shakey front legs in baby greek 
Hello, I have just got a new baby greek and he seems do be doing very well, eating and active, but his two front legs seem to shake or vibrate? Is this …

my franny isnt eating & walking  
hi, my indian STAR TORTOISE of around 2 years isnt eating from last almost 3 weeks.even we dont find him walking seems that he has a problem …

Horsfeld tortoise problems 
My horsefield tortoise hasnt eaten in like nearly a weak and has been sleeping all the time he never comes out from his bed he does move about in his bed …

is it shell rot 
hello my turtle rocky has a black spot on his shell, but it's like i gently rub my nail on it nothing comes off or anything he seems to be shredding his …

climbing tortoise 
Siadwel is a 2year old russian tortoise who loves climbing over everything, his house, his log and even us kids if we lie on the floor.. this is great …

baby tort not gaining weight 
I have had my baby Radiated tortoise for over a month now. It eats twice daily but has not gained any weight. What are the possible causes ?

Digging tortoise 
Ok, I have a russian tortoise, and he will NOT stop clawing at the walls of his enclosure. I have a sulcata that I've had for 10 years that digs a lot, …

Is my tortoise dead or hibernating? 
My tortoise is completely stiff with it's eyes open, I assumed it was dead. The vet said it could be hibernating and that because it's heart slows right …

elongated lemon legs/head 
is it right for my tortoises penis to come out while empty his bowels

Can a tortoise regenerate an eye?  
I bought a blind Red Foot 9 yrs ago, the eye ball appeared to dry up and the sockets were sunken--8 yrs later it seems he is starting to have some vision …

size matters! 
How big should my 6 yr old Hermanns be?

tortoise shell white spots 
what to do if my tortoise is getting white spots on its shell ?

Sulcata tortoise with blood lines on belly 
My sulcata has red blood lines around the squares on its belly and recently has become weak and can't walk but a few steps then has to rest,weak.eating …

releasing a tortoise in the wild 
I have a russian tortoise If I wanted to release him where could he survive in the wild? I live in the Pacific Northwest

star tortoise 
Can you please help as my star tortoise is not eating from 5 days , it sleeps a lot and cant walk as he doesnt get sunlight. I think he has caught a cold …

Red eared Slider 
i have a red eared slider and it swallowed a rock and popped out the side of its neck? now its like an open wound. what are the odds that it will be able …

turtle poop 
why would there be black stuff coming out of my turtles butt?

Found Turtle 
I was coming home in the middle of a thunderstorm, and i saw a small turtle on the side of the street of where i live. I picked it up, and took it inside. …

my snapping turtle shell 
I found a snapping turtle about a month ago and i have it in a fish tank with water and rocks, and grass but it seems like here lately his shell is getting …

my two year star tortoise 
i hv a star tortoise. he is perfectly healthy. but there is this little problem OFTEN in evening after his meal his legs(generally forelegs) get stiff …

Upside down 
I have a 2 month old Sulcata turtle that we keep in a wooden box at night (2ft wide x 1ft high x 2ft deep). The sturle started flipping itself upside …

what happens when a tortoise's head gets stuck in it's shell? 
what happens when a tortoise's head gets stuck in it's shell?

horsefield tortoise 
is it nornal for a male tortoises penis to come out of its tail

My baby RES has black rings around his eys. 
One of my baby red eared sliders has black rings around his eyes. he is active and eats every time i put food in his tank. What is wrong with him?

boy or girl? 
whats the difference between a girl russian tortoise and a boy russian tortoise?

hot or not ?  
how do you know when ur herman tortoise is too hot ?

ReD eaR SLiDeR TRYiN 2 eSCaPe!! 
I have had my res for about 2 years and it is pretty big probably 5-7 inches. i started him/her out with a 1o gallon tank and then upgraded to …

little white dots 
my tortoise has little tiny dots only a couple n u cnt c em hardly a just panic ova nothin n just want to check she ok

hole in shell 
my brother has i believe its a desert turtle and our dog got a hold of him and he now has a hole in his shell...he seems to be ok and moving around but …

Help with stray 
My dad picked up a very small tortoise/turtle while he was on his run. It's about 1.5 inches total, and maybe has an inch long shell. It has a little bit …

girl tortoise 
how does a girl desert tortoise have a baby?does the girl desert tortoise have to mate a male desert tortoise to have a baby?

breathing problem 
My 2 year old california desert tortoise abruptly began expelling clear liquid from his mouth. He's getting puffier in his front legs and head and is …

Desert Tortoise Escaping 
We have had a large desert tortoise for years. It is indoor/outdoor, comes in the house when he wants, or stays outside in a nice yard with a covered …

tortoise health question 
I have a horsefield tortoise and today he has a small amount of orange liquid coming out of his bum. He seems happy and active apart from that and is eating …

Desert Tortoise and Water 
Hi, I have 2 desert tortoises. I am in phoenix, az. They live inside. Part of their home is flat with reptile bark and I used a tray and filled it with …

cold tortoise shell 
what happens if my tortoises shell is freezing cold and he stays in his hut nearly all day every day since last week? unless he gets his food then he …

clicking noises 
Hi,I have a baby sulcate tortoise he seems to make little noises then stretches out his neck he then moves his head up in down his arm, also some times …

I want t5o know how old my Russian Tortoise is?

Eastern Box is impacted 
My eastern box turtle, Ellie, is having a difficult time passing this one stool. She is eating well, is very active and is able to releave herself quite …

will to female tortoise fight in the same cage

age of a russian dessert tortoise 
How can you tell how old a Russian Dessert Tortoise is?

i think my turtle is sick i dnt know sum1 help 
i have a mississippi map turtle and i had it for a while know but i noticed its not eating any more and when it tries to dive in the water it cant it just …

shell and age 
I just bought three tortoises. 2 babies and one that is about 6or7 inches long, 3-4 inches wide. I have no idea how old he is, and would really like to …

Home for russian tortoise 
Is it ok to build a home on the floor so that my russian tortoise can roam in house when he likes. He does not like being contained in a terrarium or a …

heat lamps 
can i turn the lamp off at night

food is stuck! 
When my turtle openend its mouth, I put food in there because i thought it was hungry and now its stuck in its throat! What should I do?? There are no …

soft shell acting strange!!! 
We cleaned the tank yesterday and since then our soft shell(about 6" in dia) is acting kinda strange. He is opening his mouth alot and kinda sluggish staying …

runaway desert turtle 
let my desert turtle out of his pin in the morning and forgot. it is now 4pm will he find his way back? I have 12.5 acres plus and have been looking …

what is in the turtle water 
today i went to give my turtle food and found little yelllow balls in the water. there was also a sack looking thing . i threw it out but i am worried …

tortoise shell color change 
I have a spur thighed tortoise and her shell is turning a bright lime green why is this?

somthing wrapped around my sulcatas leg 
We had our 10 mo old sulcata on a towel that had a string on it. He apparently went into his shell with it stuck around his leg. It seems to be attached …

Girl Redfoot  
My girl redfoot keeps climbing on the back of the boy as if mating ? She is very loud and has not done this before. The male is about 7 and she is about …

my turtle 
Why won't my wild box turtle open his eye's?

Eastern box turtle eggs 
i have an eastern box turtle and it laid 2 eggs and i been keeping them for a while now and they haven't hatched yet what should i do?

Breeding activity 
Why does my male Russian tortoise circle and bite the females but, does not mount her?

Desert Tortoise poop 
Our 11 year old tortoise was making a combination of grunting and crying-type noises. Turns out that he was pooping. I felt somewhat alarmed because …

Hi my 5 year old horsefield tortoise wont eat and just hides away please help

Turtle's Growth 
Our tutles were born at the same time but one is growing at a much faster pace. I was worried that the larger one was keeping the smaller one from eating …

my sick tortise 
my salcata spurred tortise is blowing bubbles and watery eyes and coughing i can not afford a vet rite now is there something i can do to help him please …

Dog Poop 
My Red footed Tortoise loves to eat dog poop.Is that bad?

bubble bum 
hi,my tortoise has grown a rather large red bubble that appears to be coming from her bottom,she doesnt seem to be in pain as it isnt effecting her from …

12 or 13 year old red earred slider pinkish red hind legs - Is it retaining eggs??? 
Hi Shelly, I have a red earred slider for maybe 12 or 13 years. His hind legs used to be greenish but is turning pinkish red. Is that normal. I clearned …

want to know... 
how fast do sulcatta tortus's grow.

Burrowing Tortiose 
What does it mean when my tortoise burrows often?

tortoise not moving much 
i am a bit concerned about my tortoise hes not moving or eating much last few days also seemed to be dragging back legs

some bubbles coming out of the nose- urgently!!!!! 
hi use im very worryed about my sulcata tortoise sometimes or more frequenly from its nose some bogey comes out and it poppes lighly does it have a cold?or …

Annoying scraping of house walls and doors 
My tortoise will walk right on the edge of the house scraping his shell against the stucco. Then when he comes across a door with a window he will stop …

Wont walk around his tank anymore 
I have not noticed my turtle walking around his tank and taking dives like he use to. Is this a sign that my turtle is sick or something bad?

Cat and Tortoise 
I want a tortoise but I also have a mad cat. Would they get get on ok or will the cat kill the tortoise? please help

what will happen when we touch the turtle?

Is it alright if my tortouise sleeps in his water dish for long periods

Banging His head on little turtle 
We have an about 15 year old desert tortoise and our in-laws just found a baby one at their house. Until we can find the owner we brought it home to keep …

Concern for flipped tortoise 
What do I do if my tortoise was flipped over and excreting green runny poop? Now his back legs are splotchy and yellow.

african spur turtle 
my african spur turtle keeps going on is back legs and it looks like hes trying to stand tall. Do you have an answer for my question?

foot care 
my turtle/tortise has cracks across her back foot where it meets the ankle. there is some blood. how do i treat it, what causes it and how do i prevent …

head withdrawal 
Hello If I want to examine my tortoise and he has withdrawn his head into his shell, what do I do to get his head back out? Thanks Sharon

shedding and white stuff in mouth and water 
i have 2 14month old terrapins, both are shedding skin at the momoment, is this normal? they are feeding fine and swimming about still, they dont look …

Where can I adopt a cecada turtle around the Austin area 
We are actually looking for two to three turtles or tortoises (are those even the same thing?) to keep on our property to help keep the grass down in …

turtle and tortoisetur 
Can a land turtle and tortoise mate together?

Tortoise Alone for The Weekend 
Can I leave my greek tortoise alone for the weekend? I have his light on a timer, and if I give him extra food and supplement with alfalfa pellets can …

New horsfield tortoise owner needs help 
Hello my Horsefield Tortoise has a grey scaly patch on his head and this morning was i think sick-a white watery substance in his box also wet patch (could …

Yellow Bellied Slider 
My terrapin is a female just over 1 year old, she had delevoped pyramiding on her shell from been over feed with protein so for the last three months ive …

is my tortoise alive? 
Today we found our tortoise flipped over on one of the pavers with its eyes shut and legs tucked under. It isn't moving at all since we found it like that …

Tortoise on one side 
I came home last night and found my tortoise on one side. Usually ,he would go in the same corner of the back yard or in the garage. I was surprised to …

trouble telling the sex of my herman tortoises 
hi there, im having trouble like most people do telling the sex of my 2 herman tortoises. im interested in knowing because im worried they may fight …

How big is a leopard Tortoise when its 6 months old?  
Hello, My name is Tiffany And I was wondering how big a Leopard Tortoise is when its 6 months old and how big do the usually get when they are adults? …

any one please tell completly about my tortoise which breed...boy or a girl....which food to feed it...cimplete information...from 2 days its coughin...i …

redfoot tortoise 
i have two redfoot tortoise and one keeps trying to bite the other on the head can anyone tell me why? they are 3 years old and have been together since …

red foot keeps hitting wall with head 
ive had my red foot tortoise for 2 days and it has smacked its head up against the glass wall when hes in his enclosure it is indoors he as also been digging …

red foot tortoise wont soak or drink his water 
its been 2 days since ive had the RF tortoise and he hasnt soaked or drank any water for those days also it would be helpful if someone cold help me with …

how long does it take for a map turtle to get to its full size??? 
i have a map turtle and its about 3 inches how long will it take to get to its full size? (its a boy)

Red slider hiding 
My 3 yr old red slider is getting under his floating rock and banging it's shell against it for the past few days is it trying to tell us something?

how can i tell if my baby sulcata tortoise is a boy or girl 
how can i tell if my baby tortoise is a boy or girl

tortoise shell turning color??? 
My ten yr old female russian tortoise's shell seems to be getting a redish on parts of her shell and red lines are around some of the squares. She seems …

redfoot not moving 
i just bought a redfooted tortoise she has been very very active for three days and now its the fourth day and she is barely moving,only moving to eat …

tortise eating probs 
my 16 yr old tortoise named "slow motion" i think has a little prob. just recently when she eats her mouth makes a cracking sound with each bite. this …

Sulcata tortoise is sick 
My tortoise is normally very active this year he doesn't move at all or eat and has some white dryness around his eyes. I dont know if the two are related …

want to know about tortoise 
i just want to know it is true that perticular tortoise has change human life i mean it is a simbole of money ( to have tortoise in home it is good simbole, …

something came out of turtles butt 
my red ear slider turtle has this white clear-ish thing that came out of the butt and it was looks like its just hanging by a thread. the …

My turtle has a white dot on both of his eyes 
Hi, I have a baby turtle (less than one year old) and he has developed a white dot on both of his eyes, on the outter clear part. He also has developed …

Wounded Tortoise 
Hi There! My Tortoise got wounded, if I'm not mistaken it was a big rat from the laundry area that scratched my Tortoises front legs. I treated him with …

African Spur Thigh Feces 
When i rinse my spur thigh tortoise she usually excretes. The last two times however, before her excriment she let out some whitish stuff....Should i worry? …

time out of the cage 
how long can you leave your tortoise out of its cage for?

Is my tortoise sick? 
I have a baby 3 year old hermann tortoise who is usually fit and healthy. He eats a well balanced diet and has both an indoor house with a uv light and …

I am going to get a Russian tortoise & I was wondering if it's okay to have it walk on my bed, desk, etc. I know they can transmit diseases easily if you …

baby snapper 
My baby snapper has this weird stuff on its shell. I can't see it when i take him out of the water, only in the water you can see it floating off his shell. …

sick turtles 
past 2/12 my turtle(male) developed swollen eyes both of em, refuses to eat anything. no vets around here. i tried using eye drops. left eye started healing …

flipped turtle 
how long can a desert turtle stay alive after being turned over?

My turtle has a "growth?" hanging off her nose 
My gulf coast box turtle has chunk of thick skin hanging off her nose. She had been butting her nose against the plexiglass of her enclosure, and I think …

turtle or tortise? 
i found a baby animal at the beach all the way in the back by the boardwalk trying to get out (it was walking in a corner) and it is definetly either a …

what happens if it flips over on its back & no one is there to flip it back over?

Why do tortoises have to hibernate? And what would happen if the tortoise didn't hibernate?

Hermann Tortoise Eye Problems 
Hi, I have had my hermanns tortoise for the past 4 years and have never experienced any health problems however i have noticed that he is reluctant to …

please identify my indian turtle 
cd someone pleas e identify my turtle??? i am from india and this one is from a river

scratching and biting 
why do turtles scratch and bite themselves

terrapin problem 
i have a very small terrapin who wont eat. ive had her for 3-4 months now and she isnt active she will sit basking until i notice she goes really dry …

My baby tortoises eyes are shut 
i recently got a baby hermans and to day her eyes have been shut. she has opened her eyes a tiny bit. shes eaten and we bathed her this morning but still …

Russian Tortoise face scale 
My Russian tortoise is approx 6 years old and appears to be in good health. I have just noticed that a large scale on his face (between eye and mouth) …

Small Lump on Terrance the tortoise 
I recently purchased a Russian Tortoise. He is eating very well, moving a lot, and appears healthy. However there is a small lump on the left side of …

Will a high pitched sound hurt my toroise/or his ears? 
My tortoise is kept in an vivarium in my office and our boiler has recently broken, which is making a high pitched squeaking sound. This sound is coming …

back fliping 
How do i stop my tortoises from turning on thier backs even tho the walls on thier cage are smooth?

trimming a tortoise's claws 
i have a thigh spured tortoise,just wandering if you can trim there claws,as it seems to be having trouble walking.

My yellow bellied slider keeps opening and closing its mouth while under water.... 
I have two yellow bellied sliders that I've had for approximately 4 months. I'm worried about one of them because it is continuously opening and closing …

the neck 
how do i treat a neck punture

Trying To Escape 
My box turtle is about 14 years old and we take pride in how long he has lived so far. But recently, after I cleaned his cage which is situated at a big …

eye disease 
whats wrong with my pet turtle's eyes

Tortoise Mating Ages 
Can a 11 year old tortiose mate with a 1 year old

i have 2 terrapins one is 5 inch and the other is 4 inch i dont know what sex they are they also keep shaking there claws towards each others head what …

White scaly patches around eyes 
Hi My 2 baby tortoises developed dry white patches around their eyes? What can be the reason for this? Thank you

turtle fell what happened? 
my red eared turtle fell from a high place and there was black stuff on its butt, but when i put it back in its box after a while it was gone, was that …

turtle nails 
my snapping turtle broke one of his nails on his front foot it is still partially attached to the skin but it is bent sideways what do I do?

My new leopard tortoise wouldn't eat. 
I got a leopard turtle 3 days ago and he hasn't eaten nor drank any water yet. Is this a normal behaviour until he gets used to the environment? when we …

dog bite infection 
how can i tell if my russian tourtise has a dog bite infection?

Desert Tortoise and papayas?? 
Hello! Today I went in my backyard and found that a papaya had fallen off my neighbor's tree into our yard. I jokingly tossed it past my dog and told her …

Blood like stripes 
I have two red eared brazilian turtles and they have developed some blood like stipes on the under belly and also in the crevises of their top shell and …

Hatchling Sulcata Tortoise Dark Spot 
On the bottom of the shell there is a black spot that looks like a scab. I don't know if i should be worried about it. I soaked it for about 20 min. to …

Whats eat tortoise 
I have on tortoise his bottom is white and top is black some people said the tortoise is very lucky for us he is the key of money do you know about this. …

My tortoise has stopped eating 
My tortoise has stopped eating. Vet has recommended an operation to put a tube in her stomach. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Want to know …

long necked turtle 
how do you know when a west australian long necked turtle is male or female

keeping male & female hermans together 
I have a male herman age 4yrs old & a female herman aged 2 half yrs old that got on great at first but now the male is banging into her & climbing ontop …

do tortoises sleep wih thier eyes opened or closed?

Does moma lay eggs with out daddy? 
My Question is will a female lay eggs with out a male around?

Does moma lay eggs with out daddy? 
My Question is will a female lay eggs with out a male around?

poped out eyes 
hi i have a turtle and the last week his eyes look poped out and kinda red pink is this bad

russian torts 
i have a few questions. can two males be in a 3x3 cage together, whats agressive behavior between them because one is mounting the other and kinda piting. …

Dead Box Turtle 
I've had my box turtle for 15 years and today I found him on his back dead. Why?

sulcata walking wrong 
One of my Sulcatas has all of a sudden started walking on the tops of his front feet.Almost like his legs are too tight and he cant pick them up enough …

jus a quick question  
my 2yr old horsfield tortise has lately started flaking some skin around his neck and legs its not much, but just wondering should i be givin him a bath …

food to give sick tortoise 
my star tortoise is been sick for a good week now....ive been giving him vit drops...her condition has improvrd a bit....but does not have a good …

tortoise head is white 
dos any one know why my tortoises heads have gone white since i split them up they was housed together they are leopard tortoise

How often to feed my new 25 yr old tortoise. 
My tortoise roams our back yard and has access to grass and plants that are okay for him to eat. How often and how much should I suplement his diet with …

Tortoise behaving oddly 
I live in Cyprus and my spur thighed tortoise (he's about 6, we have only had him 6 months) has stopped eating and is acting very oddly. He has the run …

my tortoise makes a weard sound when he goes in his shell and hes no as active whats wrong?

Baby Red Eared Slider Attacked By Bigger One 
I have a red eared slider that we've had for a year. There were men selling babies at a festival and after they advised me that the two would "Thrive" …

busted tummy  
My turtle which is the size of a quarter has a busted bottom shell. Right where his tummy may be? Will he live?

which type 
i have a turle and i would like to identify which type of is it

what does it mean when my turtle twiches and scraches themself alot?

can my turtle be placed wit any other animal 
i have two red ear sliders and i wanted to know if i cud put any other animal like a fish or a frog with them?


Yellow band? 
I have a russion tortoise that has a yellow band around the shell. Is this normal? Please help.

my tutle may be sick 
my turtle is a russian tortoise it has a mystierios yellow line around the shell i dont want it to die-5 other pets have died from mysterios desisous …

Age, food, shell chipping 
How can I tell the age of my tortoise. What should I feed it one Its shell is starting to chip at the edge. Do need to oil the shell. Thanks for …

What's wrong with my turtles shell? 
I have a musk turtle. She is only the size of a nickel. A few days ago I noticed that she has stuff coming off of her shell by her tail. The stuff coming …

Keeping different tortoises together. 
I currently have a Russian Tortoise. He's about 5inches long. I would like to get another tortoise, but a different breed perhaps. A herman tortoise seems …

I don't see my sulcata tortoise drinking water...ever! Help! Do I need to worry about it?

Star Tortoise eating less 
Hi One of my star tortoise is eating less lately which I think because it was eating the dry hays meant for substrate, is this good or bad for the star …

Gopher Tortoise 
Can my Tortoise turtle smell things?

Tortaise eat shrimp? 
Can you feed a tortaise shrimp?

Turtle with swollen cheek 
I have two Turtles. My oldest one is two years old. Today, I was playing with it, and I saw one of it's cheeks very, very big, and lighter than it's skin …

suitable home /tub for small female star tortoise? 
Can u pls give me advice for suitable or comfortable for her to stay in indoor. not exactly indoor but we have gallery type where sunlight is possible. …

about tortoise 
my small pet tortoise are not opening his eyes or not moving

what does mean when my turtle has white and cracked his shell 
Hello, my name is martina and I have as a pet turtle. My turtle is a Missisippi turtle. My turte is a baby. I dont know what happened but my turtle has …

i found a turtle! 
this turtle is about 5 inches in diamenter , and has spots on his neck and underside, i need to know how to care for it. juanita shanur

turtle trouble 
can a baby florida softshell get along with a baby russian tortoise and live in the same tank.

leopard tortoise help 
i want to get a baby leopard tortoise and i would like to keep it indoors. i was just wondering how fast do they grow, because i was planing to keep him …

my baby acquatic turtles always under a rock 
i put a large rock in my tank so that my turtle can come up outside the water freeley and i ALWAYS find an empty tank thinking it escaped and then come …

Want to get a sulcata tortoise 
Okay, I have one more question....I have wanted a sulcata tortoise for years, and finally have a large house...I live in Wyoming so my tortoise would not …

Hybred turtles 
I currently have 5(3 red eared slider, 1 peninsula cooter, and one red bellied slider) aquatic turtles living in the same large tank. My two largest are …

Tortoise won't open his eyes and doesn't want to eat 
I have two horsefield tortoises, recently they don't seem to be eating anything and don't open their eyes. I have changed their lamp to a special reptile …

White goo from my Greek tortoise's eyes 
What can I do, my Greek tortoise's eyes are almost always closed, and when he opens them, there is a white goo that comes from his eyes. I am really worried, …

Snapping Turtle Eggs in Incubation 
I am incubating snapping turtle eggs. They are starting to turn dark and oval rather than white and round. Is this normal? Does it mean they are going …

hendrick tortoise 
i have my bells hinghed tortoise for three months it sleeps all the time i got to waken it three times a day to feed it and it only eats out of my hand …

Could I keep a tortoise happy? 
I'm a university student and I would love to keep a tortoise as a pet. I don't go out partying very much but I do spend a lot of the day out of my room …

my new tortoise 
I got a new tortoise recently and i have a few questions : First of all i'm not sure what species it belongs to because i got him in China cause i wanted …

My Herman Tortoise? 
My Herman tortoise doesn't open His eyes, they look sealed. He does walk around.

i want a turtle or tortoise which is smaller russian tortiose (i saw one 4 sale) or a wood turtle (i could search for it online

Lights for How Long? 
I have a hatchling greek spur thigh tortoise he is just a month old. I wake him every morning about 7 with a warm bath while I dampen his enclosure and …

Tortoise Water 
I'm not sure that my Russian Tortoise is getting into his water bowl. How often should they drink and soak?

Lump on tail 
My five year old female hermanns has developed a large lump on its tail, it looks like a lump of faeces but when i try to remove it the tortoise appears …

Our small turtle have a lump beind her left eye. Is it dangerous. Anything we can do at home to sokve teh problem? what are the main reasons for turtles …

Relaxed Russian 
Is it normal for a tortoise to look completely relaxed after a day outside? While sleeping, his limbs are splayed, even his head is laying relaxed. I …

Baby Sulcata died :( 
I had my sulcata tortoise in the sun and when the sun was going down I brought it in. I found it hiding in its shell and I touch it and the shell was soft …

New sod 
I planted some new grass sod in part of my tortoise enclosure. How long should I keep them off the sod to let any pesticide or insecticide dissipate?

why is my turltes shell changing colors? 
I have a red eared slider and he is about 3 months old (to me). I have noticed that hes shell is changing color. I thought is might be due to him growing …

Green slime 
My turtle is a baby and i got him a underwater rock cave its normally for lizards i guess and i also got a floating rock and now theres green slime growing …

red eared sliders in a pond 
would it be ok to put new young red eared sliders (3) into a pond that already has two older ones, ages 11 and 7 residing there?

please help me out 
what kind of turtle or tortise can both swim and roam around a garden?

how can i understand the age of my turtle?

Russian tortoise 
I just bought a russian, hes ate and wondered around but now hes just sitting under the lamp bopping his front legs and head, whats this about? and if …

Fun With Your Tortoise 
I'm taking care of a tortoise for two weeks and I have four cats. With cats, you can pet them or play with them to make them happy. What am I supposed …

pink patches on shell 
what does it mean if my tortoise has pale pink patches on his shell ???

I live in SouthEast Texas and just bought a Russian tortoise. I planned on keeping him outside, but the humidity is 80 - 90 percent. Will this level …

eye disesease! 
my turtles live wiz me in egypt they're both egyptian turtles any how they both have some sort of a dis that i don know hw to treat the elder one has got …

sulcata scratching corners 
My Sulcata hatchling keeps scratching the corners and eventually will fall on its back. I'm always checking up on him or her and it'll be on its back! …

How long is it before a new born Tortoise start to eat

My tortoise met with a accident family member has fallen and needs help  
I have a red footed tortoise and he took a hard fall and broke off a lage section of his shell on top roughly 1 1/4 inch x 1/2 inch in area but it seems …

Biting tortoise 
I now have two Hermanns tortoises, but I brought one a few years after I bought the first. Obviously my first one is a bit bigger than the other one but …

white scrapes on my russian tortoises shell? 
my russian tortoise keeps going under the couch and some times she comes out with white scrapes on her shell is it scraping off some of her shell? Do …

5 day old baby box turtle not eating 
Wondering if it is okay that my 5 day old baby box turtle is not eating yet. Have tried small pieces of earthworm and mushed up dog food. Have read on …

Star Back Tortice Appitite 
How long can a star back tortise survive with out eating?


green spots on tortoise head 
Our tortoise has two green circles on the side of its head what is it from?

My 2 year old leopard tortoise won't grow. 
Hi, I bought 2 Leopard tortoises 2 1/2 years ago. They were about 2 months old when I 1st got them. One is now over 6 inches big, but my other one whom …

i need an aquatic turtle container. 
does anyone have a good idea for a large assortment of aquatic turtles , the tank, etc or something home made to have them in the water. hope you know …

who am i 
we were given a tortise for my daughter 4 days ago due to there dogs not getting on with it but we would like to find out what kind he is and how old and …

desert tortoise white liquid 
When I came home today our desert tortoise has a white liquid like dried on the back of his shell. Also the same stuff is all over the patio.

Spur-thighed tortoise scratching eye 
I have just got a spur-thighed tortoise but he scratches his left eye sometimes and his eye looks fine, what should i do?

my tortoise met with a accident  
My tortoise met with a accident and her shell is broken and it started bleeding frm the shell... Do they Get new shell ..? ? Wat are the home remedies …

whats wrong with mhy tortoise 
what happens when a turtles shell gets soft on the edges

Red Footed Tortoise has small white bugs in cage 
We have a red footed tortoise and have noticed that there are small white bugs in his cage. I have changed the bedding and we do often but am wondering …

under plate 
One of my tortoises underplate (bottom part of the shell)that grows under his neck - has grown higher than I think it should be - he has to move his head …

What if the shell still hasn't come off the back after 3 days walking around

Shell wont stop bleeding? 
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 2 yr old african tortoise. My dogs got him his shell has been bleeding for almost a day and we cant get it to stop. …

map turtles mating? 
I have two map turtles, they are about 4 years old. I just got a check up on them and the specialist said one was defiantly male and the other he was not …

i cant find a turtle vet in Boca Raton 
i cant find a turtle vet in my area boca raton. it would be helpful if the posters could recomend a good vet im started to get very worryed i already know …

sex of a tortoise 
How can I determine the sex of a secada tortoise?

Star Tortoise acting Weird  
Hi, i have a star tortoise its more that 2 yrs that i have it. its healthy and in proper shape, but for the past few days its acting a little weird …

my turtle spits up food and squeaks 
i dont have a filter right now had it for 5 days and noticed the squeaky nose after i cleaned the cage is there something wrong and what is it and what …

what is pyramiding? 
What is pyramiding? My 7 year old secada turtle's shell is very defined. I was told he is too confined in his home so his shell isn't growing properly. …

2 1/2 year old African Sulcuta with Diarreah 
Hi there, I have 5 that I hatched. I realize I have been feeding them too much fruit and romaine lettuce. Do you have any suggestions to clear this …

spot, peeling and fungae 
why is my turtle peeling? why does it have brown spots on its belly? why does it have fungae on its shell?

my turtle is always very scared 
my turtle when i try to touch it gets quite scared and if i put it in a fenced area it will desperately try to get out the turtle was on grass or on solid …

the turtles shell has blood on it does that mean the dog bit through his shell and punctured the turtles skin? or can a shell bleed?

peeling tortoise 
my spur thigh tortoise is peeling. What would i do to help him?

Growth on my turtle's beak 
I have a box turtle and I noticed that he has this growth on the bottom left side of his beak, it was not there when we found him. It is the size of a …

sleeping a lot 
my tortoise has been sleeping a lot more then normal, is this ok?

Turtle Flew out 
Hallo, well my turtle managed to get up from the container and landed on his back.His shell is a bit damaged. And hes moving very slowly. His shell didnt …

Very dark skin on head of tortoise  
My hermann (4 yrs old ) has developed very dark skin on Front part of her head there is a ddefined line from just behind her eyes where this colour difference …

Tiny worms on my Redfoot tortoises injuries 
I got a young redfoot tortoise not to long ago and within a short while a dog got him. We got to him in time so he onl suffered minor injuries. We give …

Shell is cracked 
my dog cracked his shell

Hatchling desert tortoise ill 
Our hatchling is a year old but very tiny compared to others we've had. It stopped eating and it's legs looked emaciated....we've offered him everything …

Some type of organ came out of my tortoise backside. 
Is this normal? we are watching a tortoise for my son's teacher. She is out of town and I am afraid it may be hurt. OR it may be its sexual organ? If so …

Ollie is not himself 
My 8 month old desert tortoise is not eating,drinking or pooping

i need help my turtle is sick 
i need to know whats wrong with my res turtle. he wont eat and he just stays in one spot. i dont think that he is able to swim because he floats up. also …

Girl with Girl 
I was wondering if i have two Russian Toroises that are girls can they be in the same enclosure toghther or is that dangerous for the tortoises? thank …

Turtle Water??????? 
I just cleaned my turtle aqurium This is the second time I have put bran new filters in it and I make sure I do not over feed them, yet the water still …

His head is STUCK!!!!!! 
why is my turtle's head stuck within his shell????

my tortoise have a swollen bum 
my tortoise have a swollen bum and leaking clear glue and i dont no what to do?

Horsefield tortoise changing color 
My horsefield tortoise is 2 years old. Over the last week, his head and front legs have changed to a more reddy/brown colour - almost like he has got …

worried about tortoise behavior 
M y 3 year old tortouise, doesnt appear to eat or drink much and is allways finding corners to go back to sleep in .

i think my dog hurt my tortoise's legs 
I think my dog might have hurt my tortoise or he got hurt climbing. His front legs skin is coming off pretty bad. I am putting neosporin. What else can …

male and female tortoise 
what does it mean when the male tortoise heads bobs up and down and then he bites the female

golden greek tort 
I just got a golden greek tortoise from the reptile expo in CA. He or she has a little bit of running poop is that normal?? It is not pure water but def …

tortoise not eating 
I have a pet tortoise who has stopped eating! He does it every now and then, he won't eat for a good few days. Is this normal?? He seems ok in himself... …

help with two 1 1/2 year old sulcata tortoise 
1- boy or girl. 2-has a runny nose some times,why..if it has rns what can i do to fix that. 3-when will i be able to know when they are sexually …

corn eater 
Is it safe for my tortoise to eat corn, bread wth lite butte and little chicken, for he loves it? Any ideas on what he is not allowed to eat. Thanks

My Tortoises Age 
I bought a Russian Tortoise online little over 2 months ago. While "Lenny" arrived in great condition, I never was told how old he was. I can tell you …

tortoise flipped over 
why is my tortoise trying to escape. he's never tried to climb walls before and he's flipped 3 times in 2 days

pregnant turtles 
what do pregnant yelow belly slider turtles look like

russian tort isnt eating  
I have had my tort 3 weeks and suddenly isnt eating. what can I do, I have NO $$$ to take a trip to the vet.What can I try? I dont think she is drinking …

Turtle or tortoise mouth 
I have noticed that his mouth has been green. I thought it was from his food. But now it is very black. Is there something wrong with him?

Bleeding turtle? 
This moring our turtle started bleeding out of its tail and it has some kind of clear sac looking thing attaced to its tail, its tale was curved around …

tortoise with 3 legs 
my tortoise broke his atreatment possible?

rate of sulcata growth  
can you give me an idea how fast a sulcata tortoise grows thanks

my turtle eyes are swollen 
is there any medicine for my baby to get cure soon from their sickness.Since 1 week had passed off, with their sickness.i can't see my baby in such a bad …

is the turtle sick? 
my turtle has a big white bubble under neath his shell by his feet.

my tortoise isnt breathing properly, but hes not making any noise and isnt blowing bubbles. is their anything to worry about?

hermans turtles box 
why does my Herman's Turtle keep trying to climb out of its box?

Tortoise in India 
which tortoise in India can be kept as pet, also which are beautiful

What's coming out of my water turtle's backside 
something long was coming out of my turtles backside, and it was pink, and then went back in. i never saw this before, what can it be. it looks very healthy. …

Red Foot Tortoise 
I have 4 redfoots - (2) 3yr olds and (2) 2 yr olds. How old are they when they a fully grown?

My grandson found a tortoise and put it in my iguana cage. the igauna stays oon the top level, tortoise on the bottom. we have had the tortoise for 2 months, …

lifting its head 
Ive noticed that my YBS turtle was floating sideways and then I lifted him up and set him down and he continuously kept raising his head in the air as …

Baby Turtle eyes closed 
I just wanted make sure that my baby painted turtle is okay? When I put her in the tank she keeps her eyes closed and has not ate for two days. When I …

More than one? 
Hi, Iv'e had my horsefield tortoise for nearly 6 months now, Iv'e bathed him twice in the process and cleaned his cage out completely once. My younger …

pregnant painted turtle? 
i rescued a painted turtle from a kids fishing pole. she has done great. she is a very happy anergetic picky eatin turtle. we have had her about a month …

turtle eyes 
why are turtles eyes on the side of there head not the front

How much should my 7 month old Sulcata eat? 
How much should she be eating each day? When we got her in March the vet said she was overweight. Now I just kind of put down some food and let her go. …

Crossing the road 
Why do turtles always walk across the road and never beside it!?

yellow bellied red trim turtle 
What kind of trutle has a yellow belly with a shell that has red trim on the underside. found it in upstate new york near buffalo

Guts coming out of the body when going to the bathroom 
I have a question about my tortoise. It seems like it has a serious problem going to the bathroom, today I saw it making a lot of effort and pushing …

What do i do 
My turtle had Opened is mouther and closed his eyes and stop breathing for about 10 seconds and i got scared can you tell me what to do? sorry i have no …

boy or girl?? 
here are my two tortoises please can you tell me if i have a boy or a girl or two males and females

My climbing tortoise. 
I was wondering. I have had my Red footed tortoise Kassidy for about a year now. She is a great tortoise, but she loves to climb. I haven't read anything …

tortoise flips over 
my tortoise has flipped over durin the day and has been on its back for several hours and seemed to be a little stressed. it lives in a tortoise table …

there are bubbles in my red eared slider turtle tank. not ones that go up and pop. these ones are small and are in a big group an darent popping. they …

What happened to my tortoise? 
I live in Phoenix and it was 106 degrees today. My tortoise is only a year and a half old. He lives inside. He was scrathcing at his cage today so I …

My Turtle  
hello my turtle is a pond-slider and lives in a tank but he isn't eating his food can you please tell me why also his eyes never close can you please tell …

sick turtle 
how do you know when your desert tortoise is dehydraded or exhaustion?

puffy turtle eyes 
what does it mean when turtles eyes get puffy

want to know about my tortoise? 
i want know know about my tortoise. he is green colour... and always hide himself unfer anything... as he go down to my pillow i want to know what he …

open mouth 
My large dessert tortoise is eating and drinking, however he seems lethargic and is hanging around unuasal for him He is opening his mouth as wide as …

open tortoise mouth 
My large dessert tortoise is eating and drinking, however he seems lethargic and is hanging around unuasal for him He is opening his mouth as wide as …

Yellow Eyes 
Why does my tortoise have yellowish eyes?

I don't know what this means... 

how big do tortoise get? 
we have a sulcata tortoise. I was wondering how big he can get and how long they can live?

small problem, 
i am having a star tortoise and from few days he is smalling and even his stool also i am not able to understand what is the problem and what i should …

Is my tortoise sick? 
My tortoise, who is 7 years old, has suddenly started digging a new burrow and is no longer eating. His diet consists of the turtle salad (collard greens, …

african side necked turtle 
what does it mean if my african side necked turtle has yellow spots on its shell?

My red eared slider lost claws 
I just noticed recently that my red eared slider, which is about 8 months old, has lost a claw on both his back paws. One of his paws (on the righ) has …

A little to warm water :(( 
my baby snapping turtle was put in warm water to warm for him by accident because my brother didnt know how to change his water but he is ok now that i …

Turtle Age 
How can I tell how old my pet turtle is?

Injured tortoise / turtle 
Rescused tortoise from my dogs who have cracked his shell underneath at the front. He is not bleeding much, but I have put some neosporin on the shell …

Cracked shell 
My dogs caught a turtle and cracked his shell underneath at the front. What can I do to help him heal? I have put him outside in the garage in a container …

Beak Check 
Okay, we have recently acquired a russian tortise, juvenile, most likely male, 3''. I'm doing a lot of research, but i want to know how to tell if his …

color of poop? 
My family is watching an Russian tortise for a friend. it pooped brown color turds, followed by a whitish cottage cheese type poop. is this ok? …

white spots 
my Greek Tortoise has weird white spots all over his body, and he is very brown where there aren't spots. what's wrong with him?

What do I do when my Russian Tortoise mates?  
What do I do when my Russian Tortoise mates? Also What age are they at when they mate and when is breeding/mating season?

Star tortoise health care 
Does a baby star tortoise need an eye drop? What r the problems regarding eyes?

hurmans tortoise peeing alot 
my 5 yr old hurmans tortoise is peeing alot of clear liquid, is this normal?

star tortoise 
For how much time should i keep my baby star totoise in water?

can they mate? 
i own an immature male sulcata tortoise named hector and a friend of mine got bored of their female russian tortoise now named Natasha we now own her because …

red eared slider 
how big does a red eared slider have to be before you can start feeding them fish

tortoise question 
Why my star tortoise's mouth is looking black

tortoise question 
why my tortoises mouth is looking black

where do tortoises live 
can my tortoise live in my living room, out of his tank

What kind of turtle 
what kind of turtle do i have? It is orange and black

Red Ear Slider has orange beak symptom 
I noticed the other day my red ear slider turtle's beak looks a little orangey. Thought she hurt herself - maybe it was blood. But she has no problem at …

why would a tortoise stay in the water dish alot? 
I was wondering if it was safe for our tortoise to stay in the water soaking dish for hours a day? We recently made them a new habitat and even though …

Injured tortise 
We have a small secada tortise that our dog got a hold of. She has three punctures in the top of her shell and one puncture on her underbelly. Is there …

shaking arms 
I have 4 yellow bellied turtles, and the biggest one keeps going really close up to the other's faces and shaking his front arms really close infront of …

cumberland slider turtle 
were does my Cumberland Slider turtle hatch her eggs?

big yellow bump 
my tortoise has a big bump on the bottom of his back right leg. What do I do?

Female Tortoise seems lethargic and won't eat 
Why is my 15 year old Female desert tortoise so Lethargic this year? I have 2 desert tortoises 1 male 25 yrs & 1 female 15 yrs. we got her 12 months …

biting turles 
i have two turtles the bigger one bites the smaller one please help ps. they are not snapping turtles

escaped tortoise 
my 18month old tortoise has escaped from his enclosed garden and we live on a farm, have i any chance of finding him again. he has been missing 36 hours …

is my russian tortoise sick? 
is my russian tortoise sick he slept all day yesterday he wont eat i've had him for about 5 mounths and his shell feels cool.this started yesterday.

red foot fingernails 
I got a red foot Tortoise from petco and i was wondering how many fingernails are in the front foots and how many are in the back foots?

I have an African side neck turtle, and we have been noticing that sometimes while he is underwater he opens his mouth as if though he is yawning.

ill tortoise advice needed asap please 
Ive bought a six year old male horsefield and hes in a bit of a state ive had to clip his beak hes underweight and has floppy legs hes really weak and …

help dieing tortise 
my mom was watering plants and my dog got a hold of the tortise and his shell is cracked and he is bleeding and white stuff and grey stuff is showing up …

We found a turtle 
We believe the turtle we found is a spur thigh tortoise. I am curious to know how old he is and if he is a he. And what i should do we live in Montana …

confused about russian tortoise behavior 
i just got my russian tortoise 2 days ago.well whenever i try to pick it up the right way (like under its belly)it scrapes me with his claws. i dont know …

can i put new baby tortuise with my 4 year old tortouise 
Can i put a new baby tortouise with a 4 year old tortouise

Rapid Tapping/Shaking Of the Claws! HELP!!! 
Okay, I have a Red-Eared Slider turtle who is about 2 years old. Tonight I was putting my finger up against his aquarium, and he came up to it. After a …

Sulcata Behavior. arm flicking?? 
Ok so ive had my tortiose for about 5 years and she is perfectly healthy. ive done books of research, but sometimes she will flick at the ground with her …

Hi there!I have a 3 year old African Spurred Tortoise & notice that it doesnt have its front little beak anymore!!Is this normal?!Also, i wanted to build …

roxy soft shell 
why is my turtle shell getting soft an she doesnt eat like she use to either

refusing to eat 
my 4-5 year old testudo graeco is refusinh to eat. medicine against worms was given but tortoise is still not eating. No sign of worms. tortoise weighs …

red foot tortoise questions 
Okay i have a lot of questions, the first one is how do i tell the gender of my red foot tortoise? He is now 10 months old. And also i am just curious. …

can i bring my tortoise home to me ? 
i just moved to western australia from canada. i had brought our cat and dog through the regular quarentine channels, but had to leave our 6 year old sulcata …

Missing without a trace  
Ok well my turtle went missing and left behind like shell sheddings or sonething any idea or clue

lost russian tortoise 
HI I lost my Russian Tortoise in my backyard. I have looked and looked. Is it close by or gone for good. How can I find him. Will he live on his own. Thanks …

Back Flipping 
Why does a turtle flip onto its back?

Question regaring Henry my tortoise 
Henry is a 5-6 year old Horsifiend, the last few days he has stoped eating and sleeping all the time, my room is warn so i dont understand. Also the top …

sulcata tortoise 
why is my sulcata tortoise making clicking sounds and today he pooped white.

Edeas behavior 
my tortoise has been acting kinda funny latley she is an Africa Sulcata tortoise she is 2yrs old she has been dragging her self alot and doesnt want to …

Flakey Under Shell on my Russian Tortoise 
On the bottom of my Russian Tortoise small pieces of the shell are flaking away, what is wrong and what should I do?

tiny bump on shell 
i have a desert tortoise hatchling 1 yr old he eats great seems to be fine i have noticed that where his spine would be there is the start of a little …


swimming pools 
can a red footed tortoise go in the swimming pool?

flipping turtle 
my baby pet turtle keeps turning in circles has its neck all the way out head up high stretching it out just going in circles arms going crazy and then …

Kissing mississipi map turtle whilst shaking their legs 
Hello, I have two mississipi map turtles, both about 1 year old. In a tank with fake plants, good filter, basking light, mild heater in water and floating …

I have a box turtle who has one closed eye 
I have a box turtle who's right eye remains closed. At first both eyes were this way. I gently used a Q-tip with warm water on them and the left eye opened …

injured or infected? 
my red eared slider has one eye that won't open but the other is fine. I put the turtle in with the other red eared slider while i was changing its water …

Is it okay to feed a box turtle canned corn?

My russain tortoise is making a "breathing in noise" through his nose 
My male russian tortoise was in his cage yesterday and all of a sudden i hear a noise humans would make if they were breathing in through their noses, …

identify my tortoise 
hi i have had this tortoise for a couple of years but i dont really know what kind is it? i think it might be a gopher tortoise but im not sure.

introducing a new female to a existing male (russian) 
We have had a male russian tortoise for a couple yrs hes about 4 1/2" across the shell and we just got a new female that is about 3 1/2" across. Anyway …

Large Secada Tortoise 
We have a secada tortoise that is getting very big. We bought her a large dog house and she uses it but she is also digging. We would like to know how …

My Tortoise has died 
Hi, i have 2 horsefield tortoises ages aprox 4yrs, this a.m i found one of them had died! I am unsure as to how this has happened as everything was fine …

Tortoise brawls pt2 
i have two desert tortoises. One is bigger than the other. Lately the smaller tortoise has been beating up on the bigger tortoise.I've been trying to keep …

the shell size of my Female Indian star Tortoise is near by 2.7" so plzzzzzz tell me how old is she? ....... hurry up......11/7/2010

difference between death and hybernation 
how to tell the difference when a turtle is dead or hybernating?

can tortoise bruise? 
ive got a hermanns tortoise an noticed it has a dark red patch underneath the shell on the side what can cause this?

my turtles butt is sticking out. 
my turtle(cali desert turtle) is sick. he ate something and his butt came out and has to be put bACK IN. has anyones turtle had this problem? and what …

Chinese striped turtle 
i have 2 water turtles - Chinese striped water turtles, and they're still young (4 cm), but i've been noticing white dots on one of them on the skin, …

Is my box turtle sick? 
My box turtle will make a clicking noise and make his throat go in and out kind of like a frog, is he sick or is this normal?

Cracked shell 
I have accedently kicked my tortoise against my bed side table for didn't know he was next to my foot and didn't see him, but have a small crack in the …

Dog Attack 
My dog attacked my turtle on monday and we took him to the vet. He has about an inch around circle of shell missing on the bottom and various small puncture …

how much water does my baby bells-hinged back tortoise need to drink?

Baby Sulcata Soft Bottom shell 
I just got a baby sulcata (about 2'') his bottom shell is soft. The top is hard and is pretty active and eating good. Is that normal?

illegal african spurred tortoise in california? 
Hi, i was interested in purchasing an african spurred tortoise (sulcata tortoise) often sold in pet stores and also breed by breeders but i have heard …

broken leg 
my tortoise was possible hurt by my dog. his front left leg is missing skin and wont get better. i have put vitamine a&d cream on it and soaked his leg …

Found red eared slider wondering in the street 
We put it in the back yard out of fear of being hit by a car or anything else. We live in southern california. We made a small water hole in case it was …

Tortoise pooping 
I've had my tortoise for about five weeks now and it never pooped or peed when I picked it up. Now everytime I pick it up it does one or both. Is it afraid …

Hermann's Tortoise shell is softer than it was prior 
My tortoise's shell is slightly softer than it was when i went out of town. What is happening?

losing scales 
My terrapin is losing their scales, is this normal??

yellow belly turtles 
One of my yellow belly turtles has something some times thats big and black that comes out from the tail and then goes back inside again and you can see …

why does mt Tortoise scratch the wall all day? 
why does mt Tortoise scratch the wall all day? My tortoise scratches and scratches all day long why?


Eyes out and not its natural self =`[ 
my turtle is always swimming it comes to the glass when it sees me and it always eats, i feed it turtle food, but for the past two days it hasn't been …

my star tortoise has become weak!!! 
i have a star tortoise and he is 9 months ols he was doing good a few weeks ago but now he can barely move . earlier he had a bulgy stomach but it has …

Not Growing??? 
I have two baby turtles. I have had them a coulple of months One has gotton a lot bigger and the other has not grown at all. What would cause this. …

Turtle and Tortoise in same habitat? 
Hi - we have a 7 yr. old box turtle he's about 5" round and we have a 11 mo. old desert tortoise he's about 3" round. the turtle eats earthworms, greens …

turtels cracked shell 
what dose it mean when a girl turtels have cracks at the end of thier shell.

what do i do 
i currantly have 2 tortoises the older 1 is 6 i have just reastly bough a 3 yewr old female the older 1 is a male the younger 1 is not very well she is …

Moving tortoise eggs 
My tortoise is pregnant and i have an incubator but i dont know how to move the eggs without killing them plz tell me thx.

sick desert tortoise 
my family was asked if we would like to have two more desert tortoise, and we said yes. When they were brought over tonight they are obviously very sick. …

Please Help! 
My 1 year old spur thighed tortoise's back legs wont work they move but he keeps flailing round goin in circles also it sounds like air escaping when he …

Can they live together? 
I have a redfooted turtle and I want to get a leopard turtle I was wondering if I could put them in the same tank?

bleeding turtle HELP 
my turtle nails has been cut off the the male turtle that bit her. now the bleeding won't stop

My star tortoise is 'blowing bubbles' from it's nose and there's a light popping soun

my hingeback tortoise 
my hingeback tortoise is living in a large enclosure with two greek tortoises, two red foot tortoises, and one box turtle outside. he has always been quite …

My Indian star tortoise 

Spitz the turtle is sick 
my one year old turle Spitz recently got sick...her eyes are swollen shut and she is very sluggish.She (just guessing at her sex)shares a 10 gallon tank …

Behaviour Advice Please  
Hi, I am after some advice on Hermann behaviour. I have a 3 yr old Hermann, I picked him up on Saturday. He’s eating well and digging and climbing as I …

russian tortiose beaks 
I just inherited a russian tortiose from someone, & his beak seems very overgrown. Is there any way for me to trim or file his beak safely at home?

what kind 
what kind of turtle has a orange belly

painted turtles 
how do you tell the sex of turtles. Also when can you tell if they are having babies?

painted turtles 
if a bump apears on a painted turtles shell does it mean its preagnent?

yellow bellied turtle  
i have just realised my female turtle has lost to ov its nails how is this

Tortise sleeps out of burrow 
Hi. I have just adopted a desert tortise. She will sometimes sleep outside her burrow. she will sleep under a big bush or under a small tree. I am …

Is there hope? 
My painted turtle has been diagnosed with a resirtory infection by our vet and is getting treated for it. Along with a warm water tank and pleanty of food …

is this normal? 
ALL 3 of my painted turtles have been opening and closing thier mouths very slightly but rapidly. But out of the water thier fine. I have just noticed …

Tortoise shell 
My tortoise lost two pieces of his shell and is very dry.We live in Arizona

turtle shell 
my dog got a hold of our newest desert tortoise and has broken the front flap on the left side. What can I do to fix it?

i dont know what to do 
today i went in my room to close a window when i noticed my turtle floting and not moving so i touched him to see if he would move and nothing me just …

Russian Tortoise 
I've had a russian tortoise for about a year. It roams around the house and comes out to eat and to drink water. It eats lettuce but hardly any veggies. …

Loss of appetite for my Horsefield tortoise 
I have a horsefield tortoise of about 4 years old.In the past two weeks it has not been moving around the vivarium as much and has lost its appetite.I …

Dry, Peeling Skin 
I have one juvenile Desert Tortoise and one hatchling desert tortoise. The juvenile is just a few months under a year old and the hatchling is about half …

Russsian tortoise tries climbing through glass 
We have a 2 year Russian Tortoise. We do take her outside periodically weather permitting. When she is inside, she is kept in a 3'X 2' glass tank with …

My tortoise lost a part of its shell. The colored part fell off, but the rest of it is still hard. Is he okay? or is he sick?

my red eared slider keeps opening his mouth and making a squeaking sound. it sounds like hes choking but hes not eating and we cant look in his mouth. …

my star tortoise is sick.... 
my tortoise is sick.the shell is start soft now...and the tortoise didnt eat alot like last time and it look so weak...please help me...i really scare …

is my turtle dieing 
my turtle is stretching his neck out and it looks like he is choking or like he sretches his neck and then opens his mouth im scared is he dieing

how do you know what sex your tortouise is? 
how do you know what sex your tortouise is?

boy or girl turtle 
how do you know if a baby red eared slider is a boy or girl?

what do we feed a wild adult terripan? 
Our grandchildren found a terripan and they want to keep it for a few days as a pet. What do we feed it and what would be good to put into it's box.

why is my ornate box turtle shell chipping ? 
my uncle found a ornate box turtle and droped it of to us so we been taken care of it . and evry once in a while we take it out but i noticed that its …

Squeaking ! 
My baby tortoise started squeaking and squealing today. It started only a few hours ago and just a few times every hour or so. We don't know why, she seems …

Is my tortoise poorly? 
I have not seen my tortoise all day? she has been out in the garden for the past few weeks and usually makes an appearance every day while the weather …

i dont know what there doing. 
i got a russian tortoise and i think hes a male last year, i just got a new tortoise yesterday from a guy and he said the pet store told him it was a female …

my poor horsfield 
my horsefield tortiouse has a red mass coming out his bottom it looks very sor!! pls help

lost tortoise 
if a young tortoise wanders away from its home can it find its way back home?

Aggressive Sulcata 
My sulcata is still a baby he is about ( months and when i feed him in his cage he is starting to charge my hand when i drop the food in. He lets me hold …

slimy brwon spots 
I just got my first red eared slider a week ago. I checked her out and everything looked fine, until today i noticed she has this slimy brown stuff on …

my box turtle 
my box turle that i found in the street one day walking home from school is in the ground of her pen do i do any thing

Questions about tortoise's 
Hello I have allot of questions. I'm 15 and thinking about getting a tortoise. I have 2 turtles (Murray river and Eastern longneck) and 2 lizards …

are they really endangered spicies

Sulcata tortoise 
I read that it isn't ok for my sulcata tortoise to eat iceberg lettece and my aunt gave him some but he ate a little do you think he will be ok?

Handling a desert tortoise 
Can you touch the head of a desert tortoise?

sulcata skin peeling 
I have an African Sulcata Tortoise, hes about a year and a half old. sometimes his skin peels like you would with a sunburn. is this normal? is it bad? …

weird red stripes 
my turtle has weird red stripes on its belly , and wanted to know what they are ?

why is my tortoise wreaching? 
my tortoise makes a wreaching noise and when this happens he froths at the mouth!pls help

im confused 
how do i tell how old my yellow bellied slider is and if you count the number of boxes on the shell will that really tell the correct or aproxomate age …

female hermanns acting like a male? 
hi there i was a little confused today as i saw my 8 year old female hermanns biting, mounting then humping my other male and then female tortoise including …

horsefield tortoise 
i have too housefield tortoise and i want to no wot age do they have to be for them to start mating

Bleeding leg on my Russian tortoise 
My Russian tortoise is bleeding on her right front leg a little above the base of her nails. Do you think she got attacked by something (like our dog) …

A brand new baby hatched this morning what should I be doing. It is perfectly formed and has consumed the egg well. It is in a vivarium at the moment. …

Helped a wild painted turtle that got hit by a car. 
Today me and my boyfriend were going to the park to take our dogs for a walk. There was a big painted turtle crossing the road and I told my boyfriend …

home's hingeback breathes very heavy 
I have acqiured a new female home's hingeback. She is very shy. I Have an appointment to get rid of the two types of parasites she is carrying. This evening …

white in mouth 
i think he has an infection. what is it? how do i cure.? he was exposed to a wet area,for months,i need to get this handled. before it turns to somthing …



How heavy should my 3 year old Hermann be?  
I have weighed him at 750g and 8cm in length Is this too heavy? I only had him for 2 weeks. I cant figure out the Jackson Ratio.

Franklin was a crazy tortoise 
We have had a California Desert Tortoise for over 10 years. Never had a problem with him. He loved to climb things, into the house, over my daughters …

can a box turtle regrow scales on his shell after a dog attack? 
I rescued a texas box turtle after my terrirer got ahold of it. I have administered first aid to stop the bleeding in his shell but his scales are scraped …

my tortoise is blind 
MY tortoise won't open its eyes, won't eat. He had made wheezing noises since quite some time. May I know what's its condition?

Painter Turtle illness  
Hi, I have two painter turtles, but one seems to have problems. My one turtle has puffy white stuff around her eyes. She had this problem once before …

Sick Turtle 
How can i tell if my turtles sick

do female tortoises in wild remain with eggs until hatched 
hi. a wild hermann tortoise has inhabited our garden here in Croatia. She just laid 2+ eggs. She still appears agitated as if she wants to get away. Do …

identities of a male or female soft back turtle 
how do i know if this turtle a male or female ijust catch then in a creek and the turtle are just 6 inch big

hole in shell 
My dog bite a hole in my baby sulcatas shell what should I do

russian tortise water bowl 
can russain tortises use tupper wear for water bowls

turtle noises 
what does it mean when your turtle makes a moaning sound

my russian bobbs his head up and down when i talk to him like he understands every word im saying. what makes him do that??>?

how much should a 12" leopard tortoise weigh 
how much should a 12" leopard tortoise weigh and how do you know if they are getting enough to eat when they are grazing on grass or should they be supplemented …

I have an African Sulcata that is about 3 years old and was told she is a female. 
She has a long worm looking thing with a suction on the tip that comes out of her butt. It looks like part of her ananomy? Do you know what it is?

Baby sulcata bruised? 
My girlfriend bought a baby sulcata from a reptile swap for $65 and he looked pretty good when we got him. He was about 2-2.5" in diameter. As time went …

my sulcata is " itching "  
my sulcata is " itching " in his back side and scratching all the time. What can it be?

How many tortoises should I own? 
Hi, I have just taken ownership of a Greek Spur Thighed tortoise. It is one that I had as a child and now we have it for our child to enjoy . We …

Please identify my tortoise 
My family and I live here in Oroville, CA. We've had our pet tortoise for about 6-7 years. His name is Franklin. His shell measures 12" in length and 8" …

snapping turtel 
how many pounds are they at full grown.

possible breathing issues 
I have a tortie that is aprrox 1 1/2 yrs old. took her outside 2 days ago and let her cruise. I noticed yesterday kinda slowed down and a little lethargic. …

Can a Sucata Tortoise be given an anti parasite? 
We are very good about picking up the poop of our tortoise but his space is large and our two puppies found it and like puppies will do they played with …


shell peeling ok? 
my tortioses shell seems to be peeling and im not sure if i shuld be concerned or not. it just seems to be a thin layer. and by any chance can you tell …

soft shell 
Hi, yesturday I was given a 5year old Hermans Tortoise, She was no longer wanted by her previous owner & as we already have 2 Horsfield Tortoise' We said …

is it normal? 
i have a baby turtle and at first i was giving him like brownish pellets to eat and he was pooping dark green but then my sister bought him this como food …

Why have they started biting each other ? 
Hi, I have 3 horsefeild's and recently one has started biting another one. I have been told they are both male (these 2 are the smallest out of the set). …

birth problems 
"what should i do if my tortoise has laid eggs over a month ago and is still acting pregnant?

leopard and hermans 
I have 3 female and 1 male herman and have just got a pair of leopard I have a large garden half an acre, would it be ok if the were all out together.

Alfafa meal bugs 
I bought a land tortoise kit. Inside is this Alfafa meal stuff that you lay at the bottom of tank! There are weevils in it or what look like weevils. …

I lost my tortoise 
One day just like any other day I put my Golden Greek Tortoise out side (in my back yard) for sun basking. My family and I went to a party that afternoon. …

what kind 
my friend has a turtle n we k nothing bout it were trying to find out what kind it is? i know it has yellow eyes?

Dragging her back leg 
My tortoise recently escaped from her enclosure and fell onto the wooden floor. Ever since this she has been dragging her back leg and not able to use …

what did he eat? 
so i was letting my russian box tortoise run around in the back yard while i was reading then i noticed that he was eating a leaf im not sure what it was …

To hibernate or not to hibernate? 
I am interested in buying a Horsefield tortoise but I seem to be getting conflicting information as regards hibernation. My local (and reputable) store …

Weird stuff between the scales of your turtles shell. 
What does it mean when a tortoise has stuff between the scales of his shell?

what do you putt at the bottom of your turtle aquarium

about my sick turtoise 
Hi i lost my turtoise about a month ago. i was letting him out side and i forgot about him for like 3 hours. so when i started looking for him he was gone. …

What does it meann if my tortoise seems to be losing some of its scales on its legs .. I have two identical tortoises and they are the same age. One of …

painted turtle 
we have a painted turtle and she has a slime growing off her head and legs, it is a greyish color, her tank is cleaned everyday and her rock is also she …

im worried? 
what do you do if your Russian tortoise has a lump in its throat

Red Foot Tortoise 
What is the age of a red foot tortoise when fully grown?

how can you keep you red eared slider turtle be active so he wont die  
i bought a red eared slider turtle june 6 and today june 7 2010 he is dead feel bad for him he wont move at all i try ti poke him he wont move i shaked …

how long does it take painters eggs to hatch?

Hi my turtle is in a cage like for fish and he has a huge ball on one side of his cheek wondering what it is??? Could u help... is it cause hes growing????? …

Gender of painted turtle 
What is the differences between a girl and a boy baby painted turtle?

How long 
how long does it take for a desert turtle to hatch?

flipping over 
How would a box turtle in the wild flip over if he was on his back? If the turtle is sick, would he not be able to flip over and die?

white shell 
what is wrong when a turtles shell turns white . what do i do?

Tortoise shell turning green? 
My Russian tortoises shell is turning from a light brown to a green color. Is this bad? Does this mean she is not getting enough nutrients?

Buy a Tortoise as pet. 
Where do you get good quality vaccinated tortoise in Mumbai?

Sulcuta ate tomato leaves 
My Sulcta ate a small tomato plant about 8" tall. He is 7 years old and weighs 60 pounds. Should I be worried?

Eyes Won't Open, 
I have a turtle, and his little eyes have been shut for over two weeks, I looked it up and it said it was an vitiam A problem, so I have been giving him …

kind of turtle 
what kind of turtle has yellow lines on its throat and a flat very cracked shell

Injured turtle shell/struck by car 
Please advise me about care for an (box?) turtle that I just found. He had been struck by a car, and has a "tear"; about 2 inches wide, between his right …

Our Sulcata escaped! 
Two days ago he found his way out of his enclosure and he is nowhere to be found. We've asked the neighbors and put up signs on the lightpoles, but no …

feeding a tortoise. 
How do you feed a tortoise while you are on holiday? What do tortoises eat? How many times do you have to feed a tortoise a day?

tortoises and loud sounds 
i have 2 horsfield tortoises (4 years old) and i play the drums and wanted to know if a tortoise can tolerate loud noises such as the drums or loud playing …

My turtle has always loved to be under his log house but for 5 days he stayed ontop of his log house. He is not eating and 2 nights ago he got in his water …

Dragging back leg 
Why has my desert toutouse been dragging its back right leg since it came out of hibernation? Any ideas? The other three legs work just fine but it seems …

i found a russian tortoise 
we just bought a house and we started fixing our backyard. we started to dig and we found a russain tortoise. :D i wanted to know how long can it be out …

hiding tortoise. 
hi there i have 3 hermanns tortoise and was just wandering if it is normal for them to always want to be hidden? if they are either indoors or outdoors …


Why is my red-eared slider squeaking? 
Hi! I have a young red-eared slider and he has been squeaking for the past 3 days. Is this an indication that he is distressed or sick?

White Spots 
I own an African Sideneck Turtle and she just recently developed white spots in the middle of both of her eyes. What could these white spots indicate?

Baby Turtles 
I have Two baby turtles. The bigger one that has been real active and eating is now just sleeping and the other is on his back. They were hugging with …

whats his age? 
i have a indian star tortoise.he is a male.his shell is 5inches by 5inches.his wieght is 170grams. can i know how old is he? also what is the life span …

white pee spots 
i reently found a desert tortoise and decided to keep it it is a lil one only 5 inches long but when he pees the are little white rocks in it and the guy …

eating dog poop 
My African Leopard Tortoise wont quit eating dog poop is this ok? I feed her greens every day as well as grated carrots and other vegetables. She also …

Age and size for Breeding Sulcata Tortoises 
I have a very large (about 70 lbs) Sulcata Male and recently got a smaller female (about 10 inches). How old does she have to be to mate with him? And, …

Living together 
I have a 7 yr old female med spur thigh. A friend needs to rehome a 4 yr old hermans sex unknown. could they both live together in the garden? If so could …

unusual facts 
what are some unusual facts about a california desert tortoise

what kind of turtle 
I found a redish orange spots on shell and head and i dont no what kind of turle it is

what kind of turtle do i have

this is my wild turtle 
my wild turtle i got from the lake won't ecept the food we thougt grass would be fine but i'm not that sure.and i can't find out what species he is.he …

What is it? 
A large turtle with a black shell and orange rim (size of a basketball), with green moss (probably from our spring fed pond)just laid eggs in our backyard; …

Murray River Turtle 
Hi, I have a Murray River Turtle about 8 months old, we have had him from 2 weeks. A couple of weeks ago the family went away for the weekend and when …

male vrs female 
How do you tell the difference between the sexes of desert tortoises.

Sick baby? 
I just got a baby red ear slider to go with one I already had. They are the same size. When this one came, it was a lot lighter than the other turtle. …

Russian Tortoise  
We just purchased 2 russian tortoises from a local pet shop and they both seem to being doing well but the one has been scratching at his left eye on and …

White specks in turtle enclosure 
I was going to clean my turtle cage and I found little white specks no bigger than 1mm. They are oval shaped, does anyone know what they are?

A turtle i found has a big bubble like pouch on the side of its head. IT's hard and it looks like it grew out of the turtle's skin. What is it?

Can a Herman tortoise eat carrot peel?

turtle poop red??????? 
I found two baby turtles and there poop is red. I have had baby turtles before and my friend has two now and I have never noticed it being red. I just …

what type of turtle  
i found a turtle and it has a star formation onthe bottom side...what type of turtle is this?

turtle hole 
my turtle has a white hole on the top of his neck and i dont know what it is but im scared he is infected or something. My sister said maybe its sheading …

My red foot keeps getting stuck on his back 
ok two times in the last week i have found one of my tortoises belly up in the water dish! Fortunately he has survived both times, the water dish is …

My painted turtle eye 
One of my turtles eye's has a bubble over Is it a infection, will this go away?

Confused on my turtle 
aight guys well i have no clue whats happening but my turtles keep "kissing" and the male/female puts his front claws beside his face then goes on the …

Size of turtles and tortoises 
Are turtles bigger than tortoises

Tortoise acting strange 
A couple of days ago, spring finally came to New York. Ever since then, my russian tortoise has been very antsy to get out of his cage. Obviously, I just …

Salcatta with underbite 
So we just got a 6 month old salcatta, my wife noticed it has a underbite. Has he not grown a beak yet or is there something actually wrong with him? …

Why is my turtle not eating? 
One of my RES not eating,closes it's eyes,doe not want to go in water,does open mouth breathing?i feed it baby shrimp,mini krill,and it does not eat the …

what does it mean when a tortoise has all of its legs and head withdrawn into its shell?

Turtle not eating... 
Hey, my star turtle not eating anything except tomatoes. how should i train them to eat leafy vegetable... what to give them to eat..

leopard female tortoise 
can my 7 yr old leopard tortoise stay outside at night during summer or do i have to put her in her heated cage

sick turtle or not 
My red slider turtle has a red bloody looking bump on his jaw maybe the side of his head I am not to sure. However I don't know what to do with it? Please …

Painted Turtles 
Whats the difference between a eastern and a painted turtle?

my res turtle is chirping. he doesnt have any signs of RI but every once in a while when he basks he will chirp to the other turtle in the tank.

musk turtle (lump on tail) 
hi...i have a common musk as a lump on it's the turtle sick?...(on the start of the tail)thanxs danny

cactus pad 
i hv just bought a pot of Opuntia cactus for my star tortoise. How much amount should I gv it? How to get rid of the torns? Will it harm my tort?

hermanns or horsfield 
hello there, we have had our tortoise for 3 days and it was supposed to be a hermanns but we have discovered it is infact a horsfield.the centre we bought …

my terrapin has lost a piece of his shell 
dog took a lump from my terrapins shell, his insides are exposed what can i do to help him

Is our baby Ruissian tortoise dead or can she be hibernating?  
we've had our russian tortoise for 1 week now. She lives in an outdoor enclosure during the day & indoors under a heat lamp at night. 2 days ago she …

How does the spotted turtle move?

Restless Behaviour 
Hello fellow tortoise lovers! I have a beautiful 6yr old male hermanns tortoise. Quite suddenly he has begun to demonstrate periods of compulsive "scratching" …

How do u tell if your tortoise is a male or female? 
I have a tortoise she is about 3 now i have been told she is a male from some people and female from others so what is it?

female african spurred tortise bleeding 
female african spurred tortise do the have that time of the month or do they bleed after mating. mine is 5 yrs old fist time trying to mate.

what is a tortoise behavier like

My Turtle Has Some black Thing  
My Turtle Has Some Black Stuff He Tryed To Poop Out His Butt wat is that?

baby star tortoise walking problem.. 
my baby star tortoise is not walking properly ..well it can't balance himself while walking.he has stoped eating too..he is only sleeping..plzz give any …

soft shell what can i do 
i have two baby desert Tortoise (arizona) they are about 6months now thier shell is still soft what should i be doing to help them. my email is realestatewithstacy@yahoo. …

Please Help! I found a tortoise! 
Hello, My name is Trish and my fiance and I found a tortoise walking across the middle of the street in our neighborhood. We live in Orlando, Florida...I …

Color of head 
What color should the top of the head be? for hermann tort. Its a baby still

Orange spot on sulcata! 
Hello. I've recently discovered a bright orange spot on my spur-thighed tortoise's shell. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks

horsefild tortoise ,urine 
Should his urine be white?

male or female 
i have a young spur thighed tortoise and i want to know if it is male or female

tipped tortoise 
my tortoise was found on his back I'm watching for respitory distress his head is in which he never does he's afraid of me he loves to be touched but now …

How do i know if a turtle i saw was a snapping turtle or a regular turtle? 
There's this turtle living in my yard and i'm wondering if i can catch it.But first i want to know if it's a snapping turtle or a regular turtle.

skin shedding 
My 10 year old russian tortoise has a skin film completely over each eye. It does not look infected at all but it is completely over each eye. Also his …

don't know what to do 
I had a turtle and it died five days later. I don't know what happened. So we got two more turtles. At first they were really active and moving, but now …

is my turtle dead?????? 
my turtle hasnt been eating and now i looked in the cage and he is stiff. he wont even move when i poke him. i dont know if hes dead or not because he …

water or land  
i have lots of turtles, but my son brought one home from the road almost ran over but i dont know if he is land or water how do i tell the diff

Turtle Noises 
When my turtle comes out to bask in his heat lamp, this is uncommon, but he does something like a weird noise. I'm wondering if this might be a disease? …

Red Foot Tortoies lift head up and opens mouth what does this mean? 
I just purchased a red foot tortoies from a pet shop. I have noticed that he is lifting his head up and opens his mouth for about a second and then closes …

russian tortoise hibernation 
does he go in hibernation

Bleeding Neck 
Herbie my tortoise has blood stains on her neck. Not sure if she has rubbed up against something or whether her skin is so dry is has cracked. Could …

Tortoise turning over 
We have had our tortoise for nearly 30 years she is about 50 years old and very occsasionally she has turned upside down in the past. This year, …

turtle shell 
why is my turtle shell soft and loose at the sides?

long neck turtle poo 
What does a long neck turtle poo look like? I need to know for a school project.

sick Sulcata 
my sulcata is not pooping. the vet has given her all types of medications but still no poop. Help.

need to know temperture 
what is the high and low temoerture for my tortoise he is about 9months old and also can you give me what are the best things for spunky spickster to eat …

what kind id it 
what kind id it

girl or boy 
How can i tell if my african spur thighed tortoise is a girl or a boy when a baby?

Star tortoise 
weather in Malaysia is very hot so i did not put any light for my tortoise..i put my tortoise indoor. Sometimes i did put it outside for 30mins to 1hour. …

Sulcata turtle habitat 
I have a sulcata turtle that measures 11 inches frem head to tail across the top of the shell. I dont have a proper yard from an outdoor habitat so I am …

tortoise white stuff is coming out his bottom 
When i bath my tortoise white stuff is coming out him bottom is this normal ?

star tortoise shell 
What can I do if my star tortoise have too lumpy and bumpy shell?

Sar tortoise food 
can star tortoise eat aloe vera? is it good for them?

turtle hit by a car 
I saw a box turtle crossing a busy hwy. I circled around to see if I could help him across the road. The road is near a small town and at times there is …

tortose eye care 
my seven year old herman tortoise has swollen eyes and not responding to chloramphenicol eye drops and warm baths

Tortoise Eyes 
My tortoise who is one year old has one eye closed all the time, what do I do?

my tortoise has been missing for a year and weve just found him but his beak is overgrown

broken shell 
My dog got ahold of my tortoise and she broke the shell and I was wondering if I can do anything to help him maybe there is something I can put on him …

one of my tortoises eyes wont open and its abit watery what shall i do?

Desert or Russian Tortoise? 
Hi, I live in Southern California and found a small tortoise walking down the middle of the street. I assumed it was a Desert Tortoise, but when I went …

Tortoise wont walk 
My tortoise has stopped walkin. Nothin has happened he hasn't been attacked or anythin. If you touch his les he reacts qucikly but just wont walk. He is …

Hi, my friend told me that my star tortoise's shell kinda big because of having too much calcium. Is it true? If yes, what should i do? Please help! i'm …

my turtle has started eating the fins of the fishes of the aquarium 
What should i do to stop turtle from eating the fish's fins?

Star tortoise Food 
hat is the best food for star tortoise? is it okay to gv it eat butterhead n romaine? cause i cant get cattus pad, n those flowers in Malaysia. I only …

red eared sliders 
i have a backyard with mostly grass. i let my turtles out to bask while cleaning there pond. now i cant find them. where would they burrow? in soft dirt …

closed eyes 
my turtle cannot open one of its eyes, and it appears to be swollen . what can i do. My Mother lost her job so the Vet is a last resort.

What does soft shell look like?

what is the best food for star tortoise? is it okay to gv it eat butterhead n romaine? cause i cant get cattus pad, n those flowers in Malaysia. I only …

Is it okay to gv me star tortoise eat romaine n butterhead?

Eyelids totally glued together of turtle 
my turtles eyes are glued together totally what to do now to cure him ?

Would it be safe to buy grasses from a store like walmart as long as i wash them? Is there a place i can buy grasses that arent sprayed with pesitcides? …

can a hermanns and a leapord mate 
can a hermanns and a leapord mate

white spots  
my turtle has white spots on its shell what could be causing this ???

African spur thighs in same cage? 
I have an African spur thigh with a big tortoise table and I’m in the process of building an outdoor cage but I feel bad because he doesn’t have a friend. …

broke my frnds tortoise shell 
i was at my frnds house when i accidently dropped her palm sized tortoise i think the upper portion of the shell is cracked cuz it started bleeding there …

What does it mean when there are a lot of bubbles (like a bubble nest) all around the tank and objects in the tank, like the basking rock?

how fast does the desert tortoise walk

hi my 3 yr old herman tortoise is in a 3ft viv at the moment until we sort his tort table out, what is the correct heating under the basking lamp????, …

soft shell 
hey, my turtle now has a soft shell and kind of looks dull and not that lively(the shell), it's always sleeping( most of the times) and like i barely see …

about my tortoises 
is it good to have two male tortoises and a female in one cage?.

Does a dead tortoise stay in its shell?

I lost it in the backyard 
Where would my tortoise go if i lost it

his face looks dry 
My tortoise is about 9 months old or so. Got him for our son for Christmas. His face looks dry, not so healthy looking. He eats and moves around. He dont …

Poor turtle 
How do you get your turtle alive again?

what does it mean when my baby turtle won't eat

turtle pees on you 
what happens if a turtle pees on you ?

turtle bump 
What if my turtle as little bump on the side of his face?

How do I know if my two baby (8 months) African Sulcata Tortoise's are Male or Female? How old are they when they mate?

hi all help needed 
i brought my tortoise bk from the breeder today and she said he had a bit of a stuck together eye a couple of days ago, she said this was due to him sleepin? …

turtle problem. 
i have 2 terrapins in my tank with fish. the fish have caught white spot and recently i have seen white marks on the terrapins. what treatment can i use …

eye infection?? 
is my star tortoise having eye infection? and is it healthy?

Pinkish shin area 
Hi, My Red-neck slider has a pinkish area across the back of his top neck skin. I just noticed it afew days ago. Some green color seems to be filling in …

Egyptian Tortoise Temperament 
Hi!!! I've been debating on buying a Russian Tortoise or a Egyptian Tortoise. I've been also thinking about breeding the Egyptian Tortoise because

Tortoise Tail usage is... 
What do they do with their tail?

Can a russian tortoise hear 
Do Russian Tortoises have ears? If so what do they look like?

is my tortoise dying 
my tortoise hardly moves and wont open his eyes

My Hermann's Tortoise's eyes aren't opening? 
Whats wrong? and how can i fix it? I've noticed that he isn't opening his eyes for a while now, maybe 2 weeks.. Is it some kind of eye infection, how can …

boy or girl 
how can i tell if it is a male or female?

Rescued Yellow Belly Slider Q's 
My son rescued a yellow belly slider today and I wanted to figure out it's age. I know it's older and probably a male from what research I could do on …

what does it mean if your turle has a tail?

help! i think he's dieing! 
my tortise wont open his eyes and theres a weird goo coming from his nose and eyes and i dont know whats wrong he wont eat or drink is he going …

is it a male or female 
how do you tell the difference between a male and a feamale Galapagos Tortoise? i know that the males have a longer tale than the females ,but are thar …

My Baby Painted Turtle 
O.K, I found this baby turle at a pond I was fishing at and I was wondering is it ok to leave it outside in an open enclosure where any neighborhood cat/dog …

Cracked Shell... Problem? 
Why is my horsefields tortoise shell cracking?

Strange Behaviour 
Hello There, I have an eight year old female Map Turtle called Murtle. Lately, she has been acting pretty strangely and I have a couple of questions that …

my turtle is turning red! 
So i havea red eared slider, and around the edges of the belly, its starting to turn a bit orange-red. and the a little bit of orange-red on the top of …

a little hole appeared in my water turtle's shell.. 
Hello, today i was cleaning my water turtle aquarium.. i moved it aside and noticed there there;s a weird red color on it's shell i wiped it with …

Stiff turtle 
My turtle is alive cos he is moving his head but he's not moving any of his limbs.. Can u pls tell me what is wrong.. He just recovered from a fungal infection.. …

Which type of turtle likes cold weather?  
Which type of turtle likes cold weather?

russian turtle 
our russian wont eat any ideas what could be wrong?

tortoise is peeing a lot, clear urine 
My 13 yr old tortoise came out of his man cave after six months, last week. He is now peeing several large puddles per day. Is this normal? It is clear …

weird poop 
My turtle had a very odd bowl movement just now. Pooped fine yesterday but today it looked like he farted and let out a small white pebble. Is this possible …

hermann's tortoise in WA 
where can i get a hermann's tortoise in western australia

my painted turtle moves every where on sunny days? 
my painted turtle moves every where on sunny days but it moves a tiny bit on rainy days, what does it mean?

what's the difference between red footed tortoise and red footed turtle

russian tortoise eats rocks 
Recently i have been taking my tortoise outside to play. He keeps eating little rocks i try to take them from him but he has swallowed a few of them. Is …

how long does it take for a tourtise to lay its eggs after mating

turtle tail 
My turtle fell from his tank and a piece of his tail broke off. What do I do?

Hermann's Tortoise losing scales (SKIN) 
hi i have a herman tortoise who appears to be losing the scales from its right front leg. i inheritated this tortoise from my daughter and know very little …

Help please.... 
As an animal lover i found an injured tortoise on the road and brought him home. His leg has a cut which is quite deep but not bleeding. Unfortunately …

Indian Star Turtoise 
How many years they live? At how many age does a female star turtoise lay eggs?If they are put in water can they live?

Box turtle breeding problems 
I have had a male box turtle for about four years now and the other day I found a female and I know you can't just put them in the same cage they have …

Can u please help me since this morning i got up and sorted my tortoise out and he have never dome this before but he have been strching his neck and making …

Green on its shell 
It kind of looks like slime? do I need to wash his shell?

How to feed my turtle whilst i'm on holiday 
Hi,i am going on holiday for 2 weeks,how can i feed my turtle.We have tried automatic feeders but the food gets stuck.Any ideas please.Thanks

What kind of tortoise is this? 
We found this little guy running in front of a grocery store in New Mexico. We have had it for almost a year. He went into hibernation in late October …

What kind of tortoise is this? 
We found this little guy running in front of a grocery store in New Mexico. We have had it for almost a year. He went into hibernation in late October …

Every time i pick up my tortoise, he squeaks 
Hi, I have a baby sulcata tortoise and when I pick him up after he has relaxed outside,he starts squeaking and moving around. Is he trying to tell me something? …

Turtle keeps digging at bottom of glass cage 
He's been doing it every morning and it seems like hes not grasping the concept of the bottom of the tank. Is there maybe something wrong with him or is …

Greek Tortoise 
how to tell if the Greek Tortoise is a boy or a girl

Can I keep it ? 
My girlfriend found a box turtle in our yard the other day and took it to the neighbors house because they have turtles thinking it might be his long story …

i have had my russian tortoise for about eight or nine years now. i believe he is fully grown, as he hasnt grown in years. he gets little showers in the …

Lost Turtle 
We just found out lost red eared slider after being gone in the house 8 days. We thought it was dead but once I got him in water he slowly opened his …

rescued Russian Tort 
I just resuced a Russian tort. I have 2 other torts at home and this one looks sick. I am thinking it is just his age but perhaps someone can help me. …

my terrapin fell on its back i thought it was dead but when i picked it up it moved so what happens if they are left on there back

i have baby tortise, what do i fee him with

tortoise eye problem 
ive had my desert tortoise about two weeks and i have not seen its eys open at all. and he also has some scales that have falen off. it wandered into my …

Shell with small crack, is it just growth? 
PROBLEM: My Russian Tortoise's shell has become slightly darker in color, appears dryer, and is home to a small crack between two of her (plates) on her …

Reddish orange 
What is that reddish orange stuff that my turtle poops out and why does he eat it?

Is she dead? 
My tortoise has not moved all morning, wont eat and her stomach on her shell is redish in color. I dont even think she will blink. But I would like to …

boy or girl 
I have two musk turtles. how do I know if I have boys or girls

turtles skin 
what happens when a turtle gets a bump on its skin?

Found a baby turtle in the pool 
It's green all over with a red spot just behind each eye. What kind is it and how do I feed it?

Red Eared slider Turtle 
I have a small red-eared slider turtle. I have had him for 1.5 years. He was very active four days ago. Right now he does not move at all. he is not hibernating. …

Baby Red Eared Slider sick?? 
i have a baby red eared slider. lately it hasnt been eating, and most of the time its laying not moving. i know its still alive because i sometimes see …

tortoise and cats 
is it adviseable to keep cats with a tortoise

red foggy eye  
my african spur tigh tortoise has a red foggy eye what is it and how can i fix it

Is hasta plants poisonous to tortoises?

how many weeks 
how many weeks does it take for tortois egg's to hatch

red eared slider dying? 
my small red eared slider (a male) is about 1.5 inches and recently he is not looking well. a week ago he was closing his eyes and very rarely opening …

Urinary Concerns 
I'm a new owner to a Sulcata Tortoise and he/she is about 4 months old. When he urinates its very brown and though I know they can urinate and release …

bleeding from bum with poo stuck? 
my yellow bellied turtle has some poo stck but was bleeding when the female turtle attacked the poo and it is know shredded.What do i do? and what is it? …

my turtle 
y does my turtle hiss wen i tuch him

my yellow belly terrapin 
I have had my terrapin for about 2 months. He is in a tank with a bigger terrapin the same as him and a common musk which is the same size as him. He has …

how do mack a suitable matting habitat for a redneck slider to mate?

Shared habitat 
Will snapping turtles inhabit the same (farm) pond as non-snapping turtles? Are the painted turtles and others at risk of being attacked by the snappers? …

moaning/grawling (i think) Russian????? 
my russian tortoise is making some werid nosies i havent noticed before. almost like she is moaning or wineing to you.??. (mostly stretching her neck when …

My Turtle is bleeding! 
My turtle is bleeding! I found a wild box turtle in my dog's mouth and I applied Syptic powder to his wounds. It is bleeding BAD! Do you think it will …

climbing turtle 
jaws is what i belive to be a eastern box turtle i have had him for about 6 years. when i first got him he would hibernate ( sorry for my poor spelling) …

red gone black? 
i have my turtle for 2 years i got her when she was tiny but now her red markings on her head have gone black is she ok or what?? i dont know whats wrong …

If your turtle has white spots on her shell, what does that mean?

staying in the shell 
My turtle does not seem as active as she was before. Lately she has stayed inside og her shell with her legs and arms tucked in. She is still alive, however …

desert tortoise with first slight pink urine 
I have had my two desert tortoises since they were under one-years-of-age. There fifteen-years-old now and have been very healthy. For the …

Tortoise wont eat. 
my tortoise wont eat and also the eye now adays don't open. When i pick it up, the shell is getting softer. what should i do?

Age and sex 
What is the easiest way of finding the gender and age of my Russian Tortoise?

Turtle Biting Himself 
My turtle appears to be a red eared slider turtle. However, I am not fully sure. His colors have faded given he is aout 25 years old. He is constantly …

Why is my box turtle sleeping alot??

Juvenile Greek tortoise ill? 
I have 2 Greek tortoise juveniles. The younger (approximately 6 months) has a few odd behaviors that the older one (approximately 9 months) does not. My …

eyes closed 
Hi we have 2 horsefields and one is very active while the other always sleeps. (past few weeks) when handling her, her eyes remain closed. even when …

Russian Tortoise prefers roaming around the house 
My Russian Tortoise, "Shadow", loves to roam around the house. He usually roams until he finds a good hiding spot and goes to sleep. I was just worried …

Not wanting to move or eat.... Worried! 
I have sulcata tortious, he has been doing great. But a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that he doesn't want to move, open his eyes, or eat. I'm really …

too late for hibernation? 
hI, i just got my russian tortoise a few months ago from a pet shop and he seems pretty healthy. this past week and a half hes been extremely lethargic …

sulcata tortoise 
Do tortoises have a sense of smell or do they go by instinct? I bought it diffenernt grass seeds but waiting for them to grow so for now he is just eating …

african spur back tortise 
i just bought a 3 month old tortise he has not eaten anything so far and has not moved from his one spot... when i was visiting him after work i picked …

Wobbling hands 
Hello my yellow bellied turtle keeps wobbling or shaking her hands at a rock that's in her tank, is this some sort of love dance or does it mean she is …

tortise given egg at home 
Our tortise yhat we thought a male,BIG surprise gave an egg last night,can you advise of the do's and dont's

Russian tortoise shell  
I have a russian tortoise whose shell has recently started lifting up near her legs... i changed the light in her cage to a uv lamp but this doesnt seem …

Turtle problems???? 
my box turtle hisses at me and i just got it today what does that mean and i have school and i dont know what to do with her i am gone

African Sulcata Question 
My 4 year old african sulcata had gone 4 days without going to the restroom. On the 5th day he urinate but still hasn't gone crap. He eats good and we've …

my red eared slider has pink on its underside what does it mean and how do i get rid of it?

russian& red footed tortoises 
do red footed tortoises and russian tortoises get along? Thank-you

soft shell  
my box turtle all of a sudden his shell has gotten soft. im scared to touch it. whats wrong with him ???

please help my baby turtles hand is swelling 
my baby turtle's right hand is swelling what to do?

is my hermann tortoise ill? 
i got my tortoise two weeks ago and she was very active, practically running around and climbing and awake most of the day. now since i got her a little …

my tortoise and her tubby accident  
on april 24 2010 i was giving my sulcata tortoise her usual bath (per doctors orders seems she has a problem with pooping and enlarges her bum to a point …

what do you do when a spur thigh tortoise wont open mouth or eat after coming out of hibernation?

my tortoise is turning white 
hi i have a baby Herman, i think about 2 years. She has woken up and her skin seems to be getting pale, not the shell just the skin. please advice Many …

squeaky tortoise 
my tortoise is now awake after hibernation this is his third year. He/she has emptied its bowls a bit, is eating a bit but still keeps sqeaking. It is …

Giving it away. 
i have had my tutle since november of 2009.he is very smelly and our $140 filter isnt working the way it should.i would like to give him away and buy a …

what kind of turtle do i have and what dose it eat 
well i got me turtle a few day ago and i don't know what it is they say that it is a red side turtle but both of its sides are orange so what kind is it? …

Whats wrong? 
I just got my baby red eared slider tutle yesterday and i tried feeding it Aquatic Turtle Food with added vitamins and minerals.And it did not eat so i …

lost tortoise 
what to do if you hav lost a russian tortoise

how old is my toroise 
i just got a baby salcata tortoise and am trying to figure out how old it is..or if ther is any way to tell. also the rate of growth of them.. such as …

dead or alive 
how to see turtle dead or alive?

lissa my friend 
lissa is a land tortoise she layed three eggs in the house how what should i do to care for the eggs so they can some day hatch in to baby tortoise …

eye problem 
well recently i found that my turtle has started flickering her right eyes as if there is some kind of irritation and the right eye is shut for 2-3 seconds …


Is My Turtle Sick? 
My turtle has been laying on the rock for almost 4 days now. We try to feed her but she won't eat anything and there was white stuff coming out of her …

yellow bellied sliders senses 
do yellow bellied sliders have good hearing and sight?

What kind of turtle do i have 
My sister in law found a baby turtle. I advised her to find out what it is before allowing her children to touch it. The turtle has four white dots on …

i found a turtle and it has a crack. how can i fix it?

The click 
Why does our turtle make a clicking sound when he eats?

my turtle doesnt want to move 
i bought a turtle 1month back.his shell is of 3inchs. 2days back he fells down from my palm.that day he was fine but now he is not moving,neither he open …

Lethargic Sulcata Tortoise 
My 2 year old sucata tortoise has been very inactive lately. Its been going on for a few months, so i thought maybe just because it was winter he was slowing …

Happy Tortoises 
How do you know your Tortoise is Happy, and do all Tortoises act the same when they are happy? I have Russian, Greek, African and Red Headed, Red legged …

tortoise egg 
i have had my egg for about two months now and i have noticed a brown circle has appeared on the top of the egg what does this mean Is it hatching?

white spots 
my water turtle has white spots on her head and legs. What can i do for her?

my baby tortoise makes a squeking noise regularly. she ois eating and drinking fine, any ideas please? is this normal? thanx Glenn

Russian Tortoise- Darkened Face 
I got my russian tortoise this last christmas '09, and over the last month or so, it seems like she has been trying to hybernate. She burrows in her bedding …

baby turtle 
my baby turtle i just got a week ago does not want to eat. At first i thought it was because he did not like the pelats and i got him shrimp. Once i got …

why wont my tortoise open her eyes

my tortoise 
What do I do with my tortoise when I go on holiday? What does my tortoise eat? What do I do with my tortoise when it needs to hibernate? What do I do …

horsefield tortoise unwell.... please help someone 
hi my tortoise as weeping eyes,and runny nose been like for a week, wot should i do please help someone ???

identify tortoise 
How do you tell a Hermans from a horsefields tortoise?

Accidently hit a large tutrle on the road today 
I accidently hit a large turtle today on a country road. The speed limit was 55. I was behind a truck and suddenly felt something crashed under the center …

star tortoise 
Could you tell me how to accuratly measure the length of my tortoise. I got her aqs a hatchling in 2006. What is her length at thiws age suppose to be.....thank …

How many times does a turtle poop a day?

red eared slidets 
what is white stuff on my turtle shell

open mouth 
why does the tortoise open its mouth when you hold it.

Age Guessing 
How do you tell the age of a Russain Desert Tortise

My tortoise sounds raspy... 
For the past few months my african spur thigh has not eaten- i thought it was possible she was hibernating. She is kept in a childs pool with pine bark …

My turtle just pooped white diahhera. 
My desert tortoise just came out of hibernation about a week ago. I just noticed he had white diahhera. I did give him a banana today. Someone told me …

Eath Day Project - 2010 
What is the weight of an adult florida red bellied turtle?

Lost Tortoise 
The weather was good so we put our tortoises out in the garden. At around half past six I went outside to get in the tortoises. One of them (the bigger …

What is my TURTLE! 
My tortoise has some red dots on his legs a shell that when you tap it it sounds a little hollow and it is as big as a pug puppy. What kind of tortaise …

what kind of turtle is this 
I might be getting a turtle and i want one that will stay small and that is not a water one. Do all turtles neesd heat lamps?

Russian Tortoise 
Can sibling Russian tortoises mate?

turtle noises 
Does it mean that somethings wrong when your turtle keeps making this noise? Or is it a normal thing they do?

Russian land tortoises 
Do Russian land tortoises get along well together?

3 month turtle teaching 
how to teach you 3 months old turtle to play dead?

dog attack on tortoise 
My tortoise has lost a claw on one of it's front legs and the other leg has a flesh wound after being attacked by a visiting dog. There are also some shell …

what can i do for my tortoise 
i have a spur leg tortoise only had her about a week the man i bought her from didnt give me her certicate. i have tryed ringing but the number is not …

Always sleeping 
My tortise black russian is always sleeping. not sure why?

Baby Sulcata Tortoise 
My baby sulcata tortoise keeps rubbing his eye with his leg and his eye doesn't open all the way sometimes, it also isn't moving as much as usual but it's …

spur thigh and hermans 
can you keep spur thighs ans hermans tortoises in the same tort table

Health problems with my tortoise? 
My tortiose's shell is really soft and he/she doesn't eat alot but I think it drinks a lot. It is also peeing alot. It hasn't pooped for a while. It is …

white skin covering my turles eyes! help 
i was on my way to school when i checked on my res turtle and it had this white skin covering his eys an he seems to have dfficulty eating. i bought cod …

my tortoise 
why does my tortoise suddenly have a red spot on her tail?

don't know my tortoise's food or kind :) 
i just got a turtoise & i don't know what 2 feed it but i don't know my tortoise'skind so it make it even harder can u give me a list plz & thank you

Eye infection 
Hi My turtle has a eye infection and i don't know what to do? I can't go to the vet because I'm still 12 so i don't have much money, How can i cure him? …

i found a tortoise??!! 
please help. i found him in my back yard. i dont know what kind he is or what to do with him

my red eared slider hasn't eaten and pooped for 4days already 
what is the problem with her?i found herin a grassy patch outside my house, i have no idea if she is a wild terrapin. she has refused to eat and has not …

baby sulcata tortoise 
his eyes arent open, and hes not eating...whats wrong? what can i do to help until i take him to the vet?

How old are tortoises when able to mate?

long neck turtle poo 
what does long neck turtle poo look like?????

HELP!!! Broken shell and guts coming out!!!! 
My dog got my turtle and we found it with its shell broken and stuff (guts???) coming out. We don't know what to do!!! we put it back in the tank and is …

male or female?? 
hi dears, please explain me how to identify the differece between male and female Tortoise. specialy in Indian Tortoise,

can i oil my tortoise shell as it looks dry? if so what kind of oil do i use?

is it ok to feed tomato to baby star tortoise 
HI Guys, i just want one information, is it ok to feed tomato to baby star tortoise? i have one baby star tortiose and most of the day hour he is sleeping …


Turtle Fell 
My Pet Red Eared Slider Just Fell Off The Kitchen Counter About A Few Minutes Ago, And She's Not Coming Out. I've Tried Letting Her Be, And Putting Her …

sex of a painter turtle 
how do u tell the sex of a painter turtle?

Buying a male Hermans tortoise 
I am buying the above that is quite large and has been with a female would you buy it and if so do you think it will settle into it's new home?

turtles and tortoises 
what is bigger, a turtle or a tortoise?

My New turtle has puffy eyes? 
I got a new turtle from my friend. 1 of my turtles has pink puffy eyes and it freaking me out!! It's like my turtle has pink bubbles for eyes!!! What should …

white stuff 
My red eard slider has white stuff on his shell what should I do??

my sick turtle 
i have two water turtles the have been good for 1 yr and 7 months, how ever one of them for the past 4 months has have her eyes closed and swollen and …

male or female 
i have two star tortoise how we can come to know weather it is male or female

bottem beak cracked 
bottom beak cracked

Terrapin Shell Damage 
I have a terrapin, roughly 10-15 years old. Recently its shell has become green/slimy which I know is not unusual. The shell segments underneath the green …

hiding turtle  
I have two very small razorback musk turtles they have all the correct lighting and places to bask and relax but just recently the shyer one who is extremly …


hi i have 2 map turtles they are the same age but one is bigger is that one a female? Also the bigger one is digging what dose that mean maybe its pregnut …

What could have happened? 
Recently our apartment has been undergoing a few rounds of exterminations because we moved into an apartment with bed bugs. We have two Eastern Box turtles …

a large about 1-1.5 inch long white worm looking thing was found in my tortoise poo today. is this a worm or something else and what should i do.

Can my turtle named LaFondah, who likes taco bell, get fixed? He likes to get a little friendly with my pillow! :p It's gross!! He need a lil less sumthin …

turtle eyes 
why wont my turtle open its eyes?

How aften do a tortoise need to eat?

helping my little shelled friend find his true idenity... 
well hello there... i just found this website. may i first say i love it. i have been pretty obsessed with turtles since as long as i can remember. well …

short nosed murrey turtle 
how long to short nosed murrey turtles live for? how do u tell the difference between a male and a female short nosed murray? is there any way to fix …

white spot 
my tortoise has started to get white spots on his face. is there something wrong with it or is this just normal? look forward to hearing from you lee …

Whiting or the shell 
The line in the middle of my russian tortoise sheel is white. She doesn't like when I touch it. It's also white in between one of the cracks on the top …

What is wrong with my Desert Tortoise?!? 
I bought my turtle a few months ago an it is now barely eating, walking, eating, or waking up. Is it sick or hurt? What can I do? Please tell me what is …

White ooze coming out of the mouth?  
My turtle has white ooze coming out of it's mouth and he wont eat. Also, he has 2 white spots on his back and his colors are fading. What is wrong and …

he is moveingbut wont open its eyes 

yellow bellied slider 
what happens when your turtle forms pink lines on the bottom of his shell?

I have a river turtle aprrox. 1 year old 
We have a small river turtle that has been acting sick the past few days. Not moving around alot and today we picked the turtle up and its shell is getting …

Boy or Girl? 
How do I know what kind of tortoise I have and how do you tell the gender?

tortoise won't open his eyes 
I have just taken my tortoise out of hibernation and he won't open his eyes. Also can you give me some tips about what to do after hibernation - I'm rather …

How do I know if a turtle is gravid? 
What are some physical characteristics to look for when trying to identify gravid turtles?

sneezing red footed tortoise 
hi i h ave recentley brought a red footed tortoise from a shop and it keeps what i can describe as sneezing i have been told by the shop this is normal …

Musk Turtle 
Hi i dont know whether you can help but i have 2 musk turtles who are adorable and i was wondering if i can take them in the garden in a tray. The sun …

my tortoise has green around the eyes 
tortoise with green around the eyes?

head nodding 
my friend brought their tortoise over to play with my tortoise. my tortiose started doing this wierd head-nodding motion whenever he (or she, im not sure)was …

dead turtle :( 
my turtle just mysteriously died the other day and it had a hole in the side of it's shell. i wanna know if it died because it didn't eat and the shell …

My tortoise won't eat. 
My tortoise has been awake for about a mouth now (march 4th, he work up) and he wont eat anything, i've tryed melon, apple, pear and a few other thing …

Ben and his red eyes 
Hi, i have two russian tortoises aged 2 years, we have noticed one has red eyes sometimes, not sure if its a inner eyelid or a sign of fear or sickness, …

yellow bellied terrapin 
what is the black thing comes out terrapin tail now and again

Secada tortoise 
how big do secada toutoises get?

dark green on turtles shell? 
hi, i have just taken on 2 male map turtles from my friend who did not look after them proply. one had really bad soft shell and the other was going the …

why does our terripan have swollen limbs?

red eared slider 
Hi, my red eared slider's shell and face are turning red. she acts normal with eating and other habits. We do noit have any exotic vets here so what …

squeaking turtle  
i have an adult yellow belly slider and it squaks alot what does this mean

Unusual behaviour in Map Turtle 
Hello there, I have an eight year old, female Map Turtle called Murtle. When I woke this morning, she was not tapping on the glass for food or being her …

Unusual Behaviour in Map Turtle 
Hello, We have got a 8year old female Map Turtle that we have had from when she was tiny. Murtle is very attention seeking and likes to be hand fed, but …

food to feed turtle in captivity 
Can i feed my turtle brine shrimp

Large Sulcata Is Not Using His Back Legs...Much? 
Hello, I have a large Sulcata that a woman gave me about 6 months ago. I am guessing, but I estimate his weight to be around 50 lbs. His shell is about …

Can't figure out what type of tortoise this is.... 
My husbands' friend found it when he was jogging. He brought it home to his son, who didn't take care of it well, so he brought it to me since I have red …

What's wrong with my Russian tortoise? 
I have a russian tortoise and I have noticed that the underneath of his shell has turned black. Is this normal? Is something wrong?

Baby sulcata not opening eyes  
Hi I have a baby sulcata but she has yet to open her eyes I was just wondering if that was normal

For the past two nights my four yer old Russian tortoise has been making high pitched screeching noises. She eats plenty, bathes, goes to the bathroom …

pink underside 
why does my tortoise have a pink mark underneath its shell

happy or not? 
how do you know if your tortoise is happy or not? i got him the other day and he was fine then now he just seems to be in his shell all the time and i …

what kind of turtle 
I was walking through the woods in Eastern North Carolina a few days ago and found a turtle that has orange dots on its shell and head. Any idea what kind …

what is the build up in my turtles mouth? 
I have never noticed it before, and I don't know if it's something to be worried about or not. I've had her for 10+ years. She just came out of hibernation, …

Small red dots 
hi, i just found out that both my terrapins have small red dots on thier hands & legs.What has happend?What should i do?

Sulcata Plastron Growth 
Hello, I have a hatchling sulcata thats about 6 months old. He keeps developing a spot on his plastron right where the two humeral scutes and the two …

hi iv got a 4 year male horsefeild in a big viv. iv seen a spur thighed tort for sale , would they get on together or even live happly together, thanks …

turtles living in the same habitat 
we just rescued a baby red eared slider about the size of a 50 cent piece. can it live in the same tank with my mud turtle? will they get along ok? I know …

tortoise prolapse 
While my red footed tortoise was urinating I noticed it had pushed out some of it's insides (looked like a vagina) I carefully picked her up and she sucked …

Green ting on legs 
What is the green ting my russian tortise has on his front legs? He gets a little on the edge of his shell in the back, but I just wipe it off. He loves …

what kind of turtle or tortoise is this' 
was walking in menorca and came across a turtle or tortoise crossing the road! it had a long tail and was covered in yellow little spots?

im going on holiday what can i feed my african sidenecked tuurtle while im away? 
im going on holiday for 7 days what can i feed my turtle??

Is my baby red slider turtle sick? 
The edges of my baby red slider turtle is curving upwards, what does that mean? Does he have a disease?

Turtle Mates 
Can you put two Northern male turtles in the same aquarium?

Eye Infection? 
I have a year old red-earred slider turtle and the other day I noticed one of his eyes is swollen and appears to have a "crusty-looking" film over it. …

tortoise shell problems 
I have a 50 year old tortoise that has a prong on the front of its shell. It seems to be digging into its neck. is it safe to file this down, or should …

leopard tortoise eye 
our leopard tortoise is not opening one eye the normal way use to . what is going on?

My Sulcata does not seem to want to eat very much why is that? He was eating a head of romaine a day with kale and fruit. The last 2 days he is not eating …

Does a desert tortoise feel pain? 
My desert tortoise was attacked by a dog and sustained two deep gashes in two of her legs. We are caring for her at home and she doesn't seem to be in …

russian tortoise 
why a turtle would have white eyes

is it dead 
My Russian Turtle looks like it is dead, is it dead?

Sick Sulcata Turtle / 
My 1 week old 2.2 inc sulcata started with a light poping sound the day after I brought him home. He now is rubbing at his eyes and the poping sound is …

sick tortoise 
My Russian Tortoise is sick what do I do?

Is my tortoise happy? 
How can I tell is my tortoise is happy from is phyiscal actions? Many Thanks. M

Red ear slider  
What does it mean when the Red ear slider is scratching its shell/

whats wrong with my yellow belly turtle 
my yellow belly turtle has a runny nose and is not moving much. She seemes to have a slight discharge from her eye and is not eatting or swimming. She …

Hiding Tortoise 
Hi can you tell me why my Tortoise is alway's hiding even when I let him around the house many thank's Nigel

Tortoise Injury 
My Desert Tortoise came out of hibination and I found him at my door with an injury on the tip of his shell. I was at work so I don't know how many …

IlL tortoise 
Have a Russian tortoise friend who moved gave us 3 years ago. No idea how old it it. I would guess old. Diet of romaine lettuce. Usually hibernates once …

can i cut my turtles nails?

greek tortoise 
my tortoise isn't eating. what could be wrong

it is April is it late? 
When do TURTLES wake up from hibernation? It is April should she have woken up by now?

how can u tell a tortoises gender?

box turtle drowning 
i have a 15 year old box turtle who is nursing from a respiratory infection. I have been soaking him in warm water in a basin for up to at least an hour …

What is a healthy color for my Leopard Tortoise? 
My Leopard Tortoise's legs seem to be getting darker. It is a small tortise, I'm not sure of the age and I have it in a calcium based "sand". He is actively …

My nearly 2 year old hermanns tortoise 
I get very paranoid about not looking after y Sheldon properly and am always looking for things i can add to my care of him. Are there any ointments or …

Orange lump 
Hey, my tortoise has a orange lump, with what looks like a wort in the middle of it on his back leg, his other one doesn't, he also has a smaller one on …

lump on side of head 
what is the cause of a lump on the side of my long necked turtle and what can I do to fix it?

My Asian Box Turtle puffs his neck 
I have an Asian box turtle. I have noticed that he puffs out his neck, almost like he is breathing. Its very odd and Im just wondering, if you knew why …

Turtle biting own foot 
Hello, We have a red earred slider about 7 months old who got a wound on its front foot. We just noticed him nipping at it and biting pieces off of it, …

Gasping for air? 
Hi, my pet turtle lately has a new past time. She is coming to the surface of the water and looks to be taking a mouth full of air then going back under …

a cat tried to eat my turtle and its shell is badly broken and it has deep teeth marks and its bleeding what should i do? the sides of its shell are missing …

red foot tortoise is sick with pneomia how long will it take for her to get better 
I have a red foot tortoise that I have taken to a vet, she has told me she has pnenomia, and has been on injectable antibiotics since 3/3/10. She doesn't …

tortoise dancing 
why is my hermans tortoise dancing and wagging its tail ?

What temperature should habitat be 
I just purchased a secada tortoise and i neglected to find out what the habitat temperature should be.

a 6 month old turtle 
how often should i feed my baby turtles? i think they are getting fat i feed them once a day live meal worms about 2-3-4 each is this to much i have a …

a 6 month old turtle 
how often should i feed my baby turtles? i think they are getting fat i feed them once a day live meal worms about 2-3-4 each is this to much i have a …

small white worms in hingebacks poop? 
found small white worms in hingebacks poop today never seen this before in is kept indoors not out what is this and what do i do to help him desperate …

why is her shell indented? 
my soft shelled asian turtle has a big indent in the middle of her shell and shes had it for years but most pictures of that species have flat backs is …

myrussian tortise plz help!!! 
hi, my russian tortise that is like 5 yrs old has never shedded with me, but maybe it had shedded with the former owner. ontop of its head, it has a little …

Baby Sulcata wont eat 
My baby sulcata wont eat. I have tried giving him different grasses and hays but he refuses to eat anything t all. I have also tried giving him veggies …

my tortoise wont poo!  
my tortoise has not been eating as much as usual and not been coming out of his sleeping area a much. I have also noticed that he has not had a poo for …

my terrapin has a bubble on her neck  
hi my terrapin has developed a ulcer like bubble on her neck and also her tail looks as though its corroding, she is 4 years old and is eating and swimming …

my turtle has a white lump on top of his neck? what can this be? 
Hi there i have recently purchased 2 map turtles from a pet store and noticed today that 1 of them has a rather large bump on his neck it is of whitish …

biting terapin 
my female terrapin has just started to snap and biting me but i don,t know why

Biting Tortoise 
My tortoise have always got on very well but lately one has been bobbing her head up and down, side to side and then trying to bite the other one we are …

swollen eyes nd xcrete a lot  
hi my tortoise is really troubling me HE DO NOT EAT ANY THNG ACCEPT CUCUMBER nd from 2to 3 days has got swollen eyes nd also xcrete a lot .......HELP …

my baby snapping turtle had been stuck under a rock for who knows how long and it isnt moving, how do i tell if it is dead?

female spotted turtle with shell trouble on bottom maybe? 
My turtle has a perfectly symmetric circle hole on the bottom of her shell. she a female yellow spotted turtle that is less than a year old. I keep the …

Why does my tortoise keep biting my other smaller toroises head and arms? It keeps climbing on top of it, what does this mean?

California Desert Tortoise and a Leopard Tortoise 
I have 3 young California Desert Tortoises (2, 5 and 6 years old) and just acquired a 2 year old Leopard tortoise. I have read it is not a good idea to …

tortoise shell  
my pet tortoice seems to be getting white on her shell and all round the bottom rim of her shell can anyone help me please.

Agressive Male Russian 
My russians are out of hibernation and the males have one thing on their mind! I have 2 males and 3 females (all full grown). One male in particular, …

broken beak 
our russian tortoises beak broke off

tortoise problem 
my tortoise keeps making like a sneezeing noise and opening and closing is his mouth, whats wrong with him?

Red Foot Tortoise is "Wheezing" 
Hi. My red-foot tortoise, about 5 years old, seems to be "wheezing" and "sneezing". Sounds like a cold. He is still active, eating well, and otherwise …

White Worms 
I found a tiny white worm in my turtle's hibernating tank what is it?

do i need to take my turtle to the vet 
i have yellow bellied turtles and 1 of them is ill she not moving around as much and her neck gone abit white she is staying under the water trying to …

Russian male suddenly aggressive toward female... 
I've had a male and female Russian tortoises living together peacefully for about a year. He'd chase and mount her daily, but it was never aggressive. …

my russian tortoise lost a nail 
my russian tortoise lost a nail i have been swabbing it with neosporin and been using poly,sulfate but his foot is red what do i do?

my tortoise 
I have a russian tortoise and I noticed that sometimes his urine has a strain of pink color in it. What does this mean?

Baby Yellow Bellied Slider 
Why does my baby yellow bellied slider keep digging holes? It IS in the tank with a male

Terrapin scratching constantly 
My 4 year old red bellied terrapin keeps scratching and staying out of the water for long periods. it seemed to start when i bought a new lamp, i was sold …

Big Lump 
My female leopard tortiose has a big lump on the side of her neck. She is still eating and is still active. Any idea whether this is serious or not she's …

concern for terrapin  
i have 3 terrapins 2 are lively the other one looks limp and non responsive ,should i move him to a hospital tank to give him a break,thought we lost him …

runny eye 
I just rescued two redfoot tortoises from some one and they both have runny eyes, why? And what can I do if it is not normal?

opening eyes 
why doesnt my red-eared slider eat and open its eyes?

Red Footed Tortoise 
Why were there white things in my tortoises eyes?

Swollen eyes 
My tortoise has just woken from hibernation, his eyes are all piffy and swollen, he also has not eaten yet and its benn nearly a week since he woke up, …

How to take care of Star tortoise upper part of Skull 
1. My Star tortoise Sleeps a lot 2. My star tortoise has crack on upper part of skull what shall i do

Mating and they are stuck 
My turtles were mating and now the male is stuck in the female and I dont know what to do?

african desert turtle - eye is watering  
What could the cause of one eye watering on an african desert turtle and has a crusty film - hard for her to see out of the eye.

my star turtle has a runny nose  
my star turtle has runny nose..nt at times i see a bubble like liquid cmg out of his nose...wat to do??is it dangerous?

Can two different breeds of tortoise be put in the same location? 
I have a russian tortoise and I am looking into buying a leopard tortoise. It would be ok to put it in the same container if the sex is the same?

White scaly skin around eyes 
Hello I have 4 Desert Tortises. I 3yr old and 3 hatchlings. They all have a white stuff around their eyes. Otherwise they are active and eating and drinking …

Do sulcata tortoises ever have pink discharge?

Yellow Dots 
why does my terrapin have yellow dots on its body?

how do i help my turtles produce eggs? 
I was wondering quite a while when my turtles will begin to produce turtle eggs.. do i need to add rocks in the water? so far the only thing in the tank …

Is my tortoise dead? 
I have taken my tortoise out of hibernation and her head is limp, and her legs do not move when we touch them, is she dead?

Coating on the turtle 
Hello, I do not have a turtle but i heard that there is a special coating on the turtle's shell that helps them and if you touch it and rub it off, it …

Injured Star Tortoise by mouse 
My star tortoise recently has been attacked by mouse and this leave 2 holes on both its front leg. Is it ok if I apply some antiseptic for the tortoise? …

bleeding feet 
my tortoise lost his toe nails during hibernation a few years ago,probably scratching when he woke up he has just come out of hibernation now and his feet …

My Terrapin 
my red eared terrapin seems unwell and lethargic. She looks in brilliant health and is in good condition. Today when she toileted in the bath, it was …

horsefiled tortoises! can u breed brother and sister 
can you breed siblings, horsefield tortioses??

what kind of tortoise is that in the above photo

I have a 19 month old red footed tortoise . I live in Ontario Canada . My question is how warm does the weather have to be to take him outside ? it is …


horsefield tortoise 
we think our horsefield tortoise has died.His head is in and his back legs are in and his front legs are rigid.He does not react when blowing in his face …

Star with a broken carapace 
My star tortoise has a part of the carapace near its shoulders broken. It is more of aesthetics but otherwise he is healty and eats normally? how can i …

post hibernation 
How do other people keep their tortoises hot enough? I have a vivarium 3ft x 15ins with 3 in but the other is too big to put in as well, I have bubble …

how to tell age of an indian star tortoise 
hi, i'm considering to buying a indian star tortoise and wanted to ask if there was anyway to tell the age (visual or markings etc.)? mostly adults are …

Tortoise woke up Walking backwards 
I have just brought my 4 year old tortoise out of hibernation. All seems well, albeit he doesn't appear to have eaten or drunk anything yet, but he doesn't …

my tortoise's have white rings around there eyes 
Hi i recently bought to horsefield tortoise's 1 male (Tuc) and 1 female (lula). i first noticed lula's eyes seen puffy in morning when she gets up and …

Can three tortoises live together? 
I currently have two baby star tortoise about 2.5inch. My friend want to sell me his radiated tortoise which is about 3inch. Can they live together? …

Not Eating 
Hi, I have a forest hingeback tortoise and she hasn't eaten in more than three weeks! I am starting to get very worried about her but I have been all …

My tortoise has a puffy neck?? Is this normal??

what does it mean if your turtle is swimming on its side?

Tpye of turtles 
I have two turtles that are similar but one has a hinged shell. Can you tell me their type.

I purchased a Red Foot Tortoise last year for my son, and the tortoise has been doing fine since until this week. Now it appears to have lost its appetite …

Hingeback tortise wont eat 
I have a hingeback tortoise approx 30 years old.He has a dry crusty area around his right ear and wont eat.Have taken him to a vet who said all is o.k. …

my indian star tortoise 
Hi, I hav a Male Indian Star Tortoise,the length of its plastron is 5.1 inches. I need 2 knw whether any diseases can be transferrd frm human to tortoises …

we have a horsefield tortoise who is 20 months old. we weigh him weekly and was wondering what his ideal weight should be.

tortoise pee 
is it ok if my herrman tortoise pees white liquid

tortoise landing on back 
Our Russian tortise keeps climbing on top of his log that he sleeps under, but when he tries to come off, he falls on his back. We have seen him flip …

why does my tortoise eat substrate  
One of my two tortoises eats its substrate. It has food in his bowl but does not seem to be hungry, it also only seems to do it in the evening as far as …

growth on neck 
Hello, Our tortiose has a extra flap of skin or some kind of growth on its neck. Should I be concerned?

tortoise mouth 
why does my tortoises mouth look swollen

I found a Box-Turtle in the woods that was dug up during hibernation by some animal. So I brought him home. He stayed closed all the way up for a few days …

Does it mean anything when my 3 toed box turtle has an orange nose? Or is that how they are born?

Turtle Belly pink 
my terrapin turtle belly shell is turning abit pink what does that mean and when do you know when your terrapin turtles are mating.E-MAIL BE BACK AT …

How to know he's happy.. or not 
I just got a Sulcata tortise.. I just want to know what to look for to see if he is happy. Today I gave him a "bath" I was told to let him soak in a …

Tortoise face looks like its peeling 
I am not sure if my totoise has caught her face or its peeling but her scale on the left side near her nose and mouth seems to be coming away is this normal? …

front legs not working 
My 5 year old herman tortoise has just come out of hibernation and his front legs are not moving...can you help please.....

tortoise with flaky skn 
One of our seven month old tortoises has got flaky skin on its neck and legs, just wondered is this normal way of shedding skin or is this a problem? Our …

Cracked Shell, HELP!! 
I noticed a piece of the shell n my indian star was cracked, its still attached to to body but just cracked, should i panic or will it heal itself?

Red spots 
Hiya, ive recently noticed my horsefield tortoise has red dotted spots all around her body. Not on her shell but all on her head by her eyes, and in the …

My Secada has a Cold? 
I have a Secada tortoise that is a couple years old. Recently he has not been eating, hiding in a corner and has what looks like mucus coming out of his …

sulcata tortoises  
what do you do when you sulcata tortoises legs are black

cracked shell 
We have a leopard tortoise, recently we discovered small cracks under his shell by the front legs, there is no blood and he walks fine. All I want to …

can you feed a hermanns tortoise hard boiled eggs. if so do you give the shell of egg too

skin and beak 
hi there my tortoise's beak has been breaking off and his skin is really dry, not sure whether this is ment to happen, but im abit worried. please could …

Mountain Tortoise 
I have found a tortoise in the mountains in the Eastern cape Molteno (Home of Ouma rusk) I live in Gonubie east London . Will he adapt and survive …

russian tortoise feces  
i have been trying to find out if russian tortoises have an unusually long period between passing feces. what is the period between events for a properly …

baby red foot eye infection 
my babt red foot tortoise eyes are swollan, i don't know why and he squeaks.

My terrapin isnt eatin Help please 
hi my terrapin is around 3-4 month old and has stopped eating he seems to be fine otherwise his eyes and nose is clear and it is swimming around fine its …

Hermann's sleeping pattern?  
i have a 8 month old baby hermann's tortoise, he has been living with me for two days now and sleeps most of the time. he very rarely, if ever comes out …

Is my turtle dead? :'( 
I have 2 red ear painted turtles that I have raised from when they were only a few weeks old for about 14 years when I was 7. I got worried this morning …

horsfield beak  
the beak fell off my horsefield tortoise the other day. is this natural because iv had him 10 years and its never happend befor?

My mississippi map turtle has soft shell syndrome . I bought him 6 days ago and had no idea . I new something was wrong because he would not move or swim …

russian tortiose reproductive organs 
what do russian tortiose reprductive organs look like?

Sores on Russian Tortoise's Neck 
I have a russian tortoise who seems to be very healthy. He/She is active, eats well, goes to the bathroom regularly and I soak him/her at least weekly. …

tortoise arm trouble 
I just wrote a previous question regarding this tortoises arm that is swollen unilaterally. The tortoise can walk, eat and all that, but I want to be sure …

Toe falling off!!! 
Last night i found that my turtle was missing a toe on her back right toe. She is an adault three toed box turtle (DON'T LAUGH). There is a scab where …

difference between herman and horsfield tortoise 
what is the difference between a herman and a horsfield tortoise?

Is my tortoise sick? 
When i first bought my tortoise last week, it was very active, and liked to swim around. but lately, it's very sluggish, and there's a whitish residue …

my turtle (red ered slider) just pooped and backed up and ate it dose that mean he is hungery because i have been cutting bback on his food

Tortoise behaviors. 
I have a female red-footed tortoise, who is fourteen years old. Lately she has been scraping her shell up against a piece of driftwood she's had in her …

Black Greek 
Black greek with a broken beak waht do I do?

Desert Tortoise's Flat Shell Back 
My wife has a CA. desert tortoise approximately 3- 4 years old. My dad lives in the desert and has a male and female which hatch about 10 babies a …

is my herman tortoise dead? 
my tortoise has a box and a run (inside) that she can go in and out of when eva she wants we thought she was hybernating as she was in her box and didnt …

I need to know some information before i buy a tortoise 
How big are Spur-Thighed tortoises (Greek) when their fully grown?

Do turtles shed belly skin? 
My friend had to move and left me no choice but to take on her 3 turtles. She forgot to bring me the stand for the large tank and multiple tank parts. …

Star tortoise hiding from the sun 
My star tortoise kept running away from the sun and hide in a shady area and sleep. I'm worried that it might not have absorbed enough UVB from the sun. …

White Shell lines 
My Russian Tortoise has spreading white lines between the plates on her shell. Am I overfeeding her? What could be the cause?

dead or hybernating? 
hi my dad found a tortoise in a skip about 2-3 days ago. it doesn't smell and its in a box with newspaper . its currently hybernation season in the …

is my terrapin seriously ill? 
i have a yellow bellied adult terrapin and i have had it for two days now it wont eat at all it wont open its mouth or eyes it barley moves and i have …

white foot 
why does my tortoise have a white foot?

getting Cracks in shell!!! HELP! 
My Russian Desert Tortoise somehow got 2 cracks on the bottem of her shell. Also the bottem of her shell is getting soft, what should I do? Please HELP …

Yellow Bellied Slider 
My daughter has a Yellow Bellied Slider just a bit over a year old. It fits in the palm of my hand. What size tank would she need and how do you set up …

a question back 
dear shelly, my friend got a girl russian tortiose and i want one two.but she doesn't want to be the worlds youngest breeder.i want to be able to bring …

holiday tortoises 
hi im going away for 5 days and would like to know if there is somewhere for my tortoises to stay for this short time

tanks and tortoises 
can two girl russian tortoises be in the same tank?

my turtle's mouth and throat and nails become white  
my turtle's mouth and nails become white and it's shape is like something hard or tough ,she eat and play normally but i'm worring about her mouth plz …

Have just got a female side neck turtle to go with my Male and he keeps biting her i have separated them and am quite concerned that they are not going …

Lump in throat 
I have a juvenile common musk turtle and when it eats it seems like the food is building up in his throat, a large lump starts to appear on his neck just …

Safe diet for juvenile snow leopard totoise indoor habitat 
My juvenile snow leopard tortoise is new to me. While I have had my California desert Tortoise for 45 years, I see just a few differences in diet and …

what is wrong with my terrapin? 
my yellow bellied terrapin has got a lump on his neck which looks sligtly like it has a hole at the top, also he doesnt eat, is there something wrong with …

what do i do if my red eared slider's tail is red? 
what do i do if my red eared slider's tail is red?

my indian star tortoise 
is it ok to feed beetroot to my indian star tortoise

what type? 
Im unsure what to feed my turtle because im unsure of the type of turtle i have.

i bought terrapin 2 days back. but he is not eating at all and keeps sitting still. please guide what should we do?

turtle weight 
how much should a 9 inch turtle weigh? she is 3 1/2 yrs old and heavy.

horsefields papers 
do i need papers for my horsefield tortoises to bring them abroad

Pink on the growth lines  
My tortoise has recently started to get pink mark where his growth lines are which seem to be a little soft. Is this because he is growing or is there …

Giant tortoise 
how many eggs does a giant tortoise lay in a year?

my turtle is restless....will it die?? 
My turtle has been quite restless for about a week already... it refuses to eat and is not as active as before juz lie there and sleep whole day …

My Tortoise's cracked shell. 
Earlier today, I asked what i should do about a small crack in the left side of my Tortoise's shell. The crack was very thin, about one inch long and was …

cracked shell 
my pet Russian tortoise is about 11 years old and 6 inches long. today, she fell off of a wall and now there is a small crack in the lower left side of …

can i trim my tortoise claws and beak if so how? 
how do i trim my tortoises claws and beak without hurting him?

turtle has white spots 
what does it mean when a turtle has white spots all over body

Egyptian tortoises 
I live in N.C. and want to know where can I buy an Egyptian tortoise?

cracked beak 
my sulcata has a cracked beak causing his food to get stuck in it! how can i fix this?

vomiting russian tortoise 
my russian tortoise just vomited some white slimy looking stuff. can you tell me what is wrong with him?

left leg cant move  
my red eared slider left leg doesn't move but she walk a little bit with it but when i touch it it starts hurting her what the probelm

Russian Tortoise with Bubbles in eye? 
I was looking at my tortoise and I saw these small bubbles around the edge of her eye. Nearest her nose. When she blinks, the eye lid goes under these …

I have a sulcata tortoise that for no reason died 2 days after my other razzor back musk turtle died and my baby musk turtle that I bought at a reptile …

Do russian tortoises get lonley when you keep them by themselves? 
I have a single tortoise and I was wondering if I should find another tortoise for it to have play dates with or something?

I was wondering if I could take my sawback turtle for a walk in the summer for some execrise and sun he's only about three inches. Thanks liv

Spiney Soft Shell Turtle 
I have 2 small spiney soft shell turtles for my classroom. They are about 1 1/2" in diameter. One likes to spend lots of time under the sand while the …

Snapping tortoise 
My baby leopard tortoise has recently started making a clicking or snapping sound when he opens and closes his jaws. Is this normal? I've heard horror …

Still not eating! 
My tortoise is still not eating or drinking. This has been a week now! Is it stressed out? It came over by ferry.

Russian Tortoises Fighting 
Hi, My two Russian Tortoises (male and female) have been together for over 4 years. However, they've been snapping at each other for the past months. …

Normal Lump? 
Hey i have a horsefield tortoise and i have only just recently noticed al lump on the tail. To my knowledge it is a male and he is walking fine. This lum …

Is my tortoise getting properly nourished? 
Hi there! My name is Desiree Dantona, I'm 22 years old and I have had my Golden Greek Tortoise for 3 years now. I live in Minnesota where it can get …

male horsefields fighting 
Hi. i have 2 male horsefield totoises who are now approx 6 years old. i bought them together and have housed them together for the last 3 years, however …

why 7 month old hermanns sleep alot  
My 7 month old hermanns tortoise sleeps alot and i am becoming worried please can you tell me if this is normal for his age

My Nicuraguan Slider Has a What appears to be a White Worm Sticking out 
Ok, I just seen my Nic Slider go to the Bathroom but this time what looked to be like a white worm coming out. She passed some of it and i scooped it …

Why does Sammie have a soft spot? 
I have a baby sulcata tortoise and I just noticed that he has a soft spot on the bottom of his shell what do I do please help!!!!! I love him and thought …

Tortoise poop at my door 
I just got a desert tortoise that just came out of hibernation (barely). She seems nice and all, and I've been introducing her to my nieces and nephews. …

Why is my horsefield tortoise peeling? 
Why is my horsefield tortoise peeling? he has lettuce and tortoise pallets daily and fresh water. His light is on for @ 5-10h per day.

Tortoise went mad! 
Hi i've had a med spur thighed tortoise for around 6 years since he was about 6 months old and i do worry about him, had problems with calcium levels, …

About my Red Eared Sliders 
Hello! I have 4 red eared sliders, and one of them (the smallest one) just stopped eating. She stays all day either sleeping or stretching. They …

my indian star tortoise 
my indian star tortoise has a small pea sized lump just at d back of its head wer its shell starts. It looks dry. Is there any problem with it. It is 6 …

my indian star tortoise 
Is it ok if my indian star tortoise regularly feeds on coriander & lettuce leaves. it doesnot eat any other leaves.maybe it has got d habit of eating only …

my 2 russion tortoises 
one of my tortoises keeps climbing on the other and my other one runs away from him. there both boys. are they matting or are they attacking if neither, …

white spots 
how do we cure the white sots that were found in our terrapin?

We Found this Tortise a few Weeks Back, We've been taking good care of him..... A few minutes ago i noticed a small crack to the top of his shell with …

what would short neck turtles eat in your kitchen?? 
well i found a short neck turtle on the side of my rode and i dont know what he would eat can someone help me and fast i really need to know what they …

tortoise fighting 
PLEASE I NEED HELP !!! i have 2 horsefield tortoises 1 male and 1 female, the female has recently started attacking the male by biting him around the …

Is my tortoise sleeping too much? 
Hi there, I have a Horsefield tortoise and was told he was 10 months old. We have only had him since last November and loved every minute of having him …

restless tortoise? 
my female hermanns tortoise has been very restless at the moment. ive tried letting her run about but nothing works. how can i stop this? thanks …

map terripin 
How do i tell if my map terripin has eggs and how long will she hold them for.

what kind 
what turtle has white strips on it head and approx 100mm diameter

Tortoise not eating or drinking! 
I have recently purchased a two year old spur thighed tortoise,and it is refusing to eat. It is very active though will not look at any recommended food …

help !  
I have a tiny turtle witch I saved from it's previous owner it's a baby I think I have give it the eat home I can until I can get the proport supplies …

tortoise shell 
my horsefield totoise carapace sections seem to be spaced out too far apart and the gaps in between are yellow.Am i overfeeding? i only feed her every …

How much does a Russian turtle weigh after it is full grown?

star tortoise sleeping all the time 
star tortoise sleeping all the time

pooing alot tortoises seem to be pooing alot.i feed them 3 times a day.i have 2 of them.they poo in there home twice a day and when i bath them every other …

over feed a tortoise? 
plz it possible 2 overfeed a tortoise as wen i bath my 2 torties the poo that comes frm them is loads of it.thanks

Why does my Sulcata Turtoise seem so sad? She doesn't move or do any activities. Shes just a baby and I'm very worried. I think she should be happy because …

what is the brown stuff around my turtles tail?

shell has got creamy cloured areas on it 
hi both my african tortoises which are just over a year old have got pale and creamy patches on their shells. its as if the shells are growing but not …

what do i do if my tortoise has a swolen eye? 
i noticed 2 days ago that my tortoises eye was swolen. I have bathed it in cool boiled water but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. he has also been …

is my turtle sick? 
what does a bump that goes in mean?

Russian Tortoise Eye Problems. 
My Russian Tortoise has eye problems. It looks like a very thin shin covering both eyes. She's not eating nor is she active. Any suggestions?

why is my female terrapin dragging its back end

What type of turtle should i get for a 10 year old boy 
My son wants a turtle for his birthday and he wants one that can go in water and on land he is 10 years old and busy so one that is low maintenance and …

what diseases do russian tortoises cary

native to? 
where exactly does the russian tortiose live in the wild?

shell turning yellow? 
hello, i've had my short neck turtle for about seven months. lately his shell has got a yellowish look to it.. is that normal?

my tortoise has dry flaky skin on his face 
I have noticed that my baby sulcata tortoise has developed dry skin around his eyes. Almost looks like white halos around his eye. Has a couple of flakey …

tortoise biting 
I have several tortoise. 2 med size and 2 very small, one of the small ones was mating the big one and now will not stop biting her.. i have seperated …

Aggressive male 
Hi We have just inherited 2 Russian tortoises, one male, one female. They are around 2 years old. We have found that the (smaller) male is biting the …

I have an 18 month old Red Footed tortoise . And I was wondering how often to feed him . I bought him off a lady who was feeding him daily , and giving …

face lump 
My tortoise has a scaly lump on his face next to his mouth. Last year it fell off but soon came back. What could it be?

what sex? 
how do i know what sex my marginated tortoise is?

sleep or dead  
i have a 2year old tortoise and i dont no if its a sleep or dead how will i find out

I am going on holiday in june for 2 weeks and nobody can look after my tortoise while im away is there anything that i can do for somebody to look after …

i want to buy a tortoise

Soft And Bruised 
My Russian HorseFields Shell is soft and bruised and she wont eat or drink. what can i do?

what was it? 
hi, last night while i was watching my turtles,one of my turtles went to the bottom of the tank and crossed their legs and about 2 seconds later a big …

Redfoot tortoise substrate 
What is the best type of substrate to use for red foot tortoises? In a indoor incloser.

how old is my horsfield tortoises 
plz can u tell me how old my horsfield tortoises is a girl and measures 4 and a quarter inches also my billy is a boy and measures 4 and 3 quarter …

Toe biting tortoise 
My tortoise keeps trying to bite Any ones bare feet or toes . Why is he doing this?

Dragging body 
my leopard turtle is dragging her back legs and not eating well. We took her to the vet and she received a disinflammatory shot that did nothing. the …

Russian Tortoise 
Do you clip a Russian Tortoise's nails?

not eating 
my10 year old terrapin has not eaten for 2 weeks, but before tyhat alway enjoyed 2 meals a day. what could be the matter?

my does my turtle have white and red line on the top of there shell?

I think my tortoise is sick 
We were just given a redfoot tortoise (adult) But i think it might have a cold. I sounds like it might have the sniffles and almost sounds like it sneezes. …

housing a toroise 
Is there any animals that I can house with my tortoise? He is only a year or two old.

can turtles get sores 
my turtle has sores on its flesh what is wrong with him or is this something that can be indentified help

What type of turtle is this. 
I was given this turtle by some one who did not want it anymore. What type of turtle is it.

tortoise swallowing 
I have a very young redfooted tortoise and I notice that he often does this "swallowing" thing.. he just stands there and his neck does this movement like …

Why cant my tortiose walk? 
my tortoise cant walk and dosnt lift himself up off his shell he just seems to drag it with him also if he dose walk a few steps he will just stop and …

star tortoise motion 
How do star tortoises move about?

yellow bellied turtles 
got up this morning and it looks like one of my turtles has like a big black penis coming out then it flares up to a bag when its out what is this

i bought 2 terrapins 2 months ago but recently one has started chasing the other one and trying to snap at its feet, it only does it a couple of times …

tortoise shell? 
what is the soft line around a tortoise shell?

Russian Tortoise Egg 
What is the best way to incubate an egg of a russian tortoise?

heat lamps 
How long should Horsefeild tortoises heat lamp be on for?

turtle's scratching  
Why is my turtle scratching on the sides of the plastic box that i put her in?

Baby Spur Thighed 
Hi, I have just offered to look after 2 baby (3yr) spur thighed tortoises that were sold to some1 who didnt know how to keep them, they have been kept …

turtle pellets 
My Sulcata tortise will not eat pellets. i have tried mixing them with other things and even soaking them, she will only eat fresh foods. Is there anything …

eating problem 
my star tortoise has stopped eating and does not move much opens its eyes only once in a while what can i do

my 2 tortoise died in hibernation 
I had 2 tortoise and i put them in hibernation the same way as before, they were 3 yrs old. i left them for an hour at room temperature but they did not …

My greek tortoise is injured. 
I have 3 tortoises. A russian, a greek, and a sulcata. The sulcata is much bigger then the others and bullys them around. I came home one day and my greek …

Puffed up Tortoise 
Hi there I had three egyptian tortoises that I've had and looked after for about 8-10 years. I came back home to find one of them had sadly died he …

tortosie beak 
help! why does my tortoise has a hole in the beak

my mum has just got a horsfield and is only 18 months old and sometimes hisses can you please tell us why this is thank you cas

eye disease? 
Our box turtle has a crusty looking film over his eyes. Is this normal, or some sort of disease that we need to treat?

how long can a tortoise stay turned over? 
recently my hermanns tortoise has been very restless and is turning himself over a lot. the problem is that im going on holiday for 2 weeks soon and while …

what is easier to care for a turtle or a tortiose please send back. Sincerly, cole davidson

tortoise underbite 
My greek tortoise has an underbite but i heard that it was a sign of early mbd. My tortoise did have mbd when i first got him (softshell) but his shell …

boy or girl? 
how do I no if a marginated tortoise is a boy or a girl?

want to have a pet tortoise 
hi everyone, this is Ritesh from Mumbai. i have developed a sense of passion and love for tortoises after seeing my friends star tortoise which he has …

tortoise colour 
what it the color of the tortoise skin under the hard body that we see

desert tortoise develops thin white lines between scutes on shell 
i am not sure exactly how old my tortoise is, but believe him to be between 13-17 yrs of age. he is in an enclosure for the winter, we regulate the heat, …

what to do with my baby turtle 
i have 2 baby yellow belly sliders one has his eyes closed what shoud i do? can i touch him

Loose stools 
Hi, I acquired a small african spurred tortoise from my father in law, everything was fine for about 10 days and then he started to have loose stools. …

Missing A Scale 
I have 2 african sidenecked turtles and i woke up to find that 1 of them is missing a scale on its head. it seems to be fine but im not sure what to do …

Indian Star Tortoise with Running Nose. 
What is the cause resulting running nose of indian star tortoise? And how to deal with indian star tortoise with running nose? Is it transmittable?

pet rat attack to my russian tortoise face which left a whole in it 
my pet rat bit my russian tortoise in the face leaving a small but serious hole in my tortoise face bitting off the front of her nose and side of her …

red eared turtles 
what do you need for red eared pet turtles to have babies?

Why won't my sulcata tortoise eat grass? He/She is too young to sex, I don'y know his/her exact age. Why won't he/she eat grass?!?

leopard tortoise breathing heavy 
I have had my baby leopard tortoise for 4 months, he eats well, I've followed all the habitat and care instructions to the letter. The past two days he …

My Hermann is restless 
Most recently over the winter season, Bob, my hermann tortoise has been getting very restless, and she keeps digging and knocking things over. Recently …

My 1.5 year old Herman has very dry skin 
My Tortoise has very dry skin and i saw her picking some off her leg, is this ok ? I Bath her in warm water every two or three days as she doesnt drink …

Regarding Tort Laws 
Do you need a permit to own a leopard tortoise in florida? Any rules or regulations on owning any tortoise in florida?..besides gopher. How do you …

Terrapin shell turning yellow. 
Hi, My Terrapin shell is turning yellow. My Terrapin came home with us about 3 months ago. They are eating well, small dried prawns that we bought …


box tortoise 
I have 2 Asian Box Tortoises which live and sleep in our back garden.We have had them 3 years,and found them in the wild.One is fine,the other has not …

white spots 
my terrapin turtle has discolored spots on his shell. it just started. they r cream .help me please

upside down 
we have a very yound box turtle. he keeps getting turned upside down.what could cause this

scratches face 
My male turtle scratches my females turtles face really fast

do hermanns tortoises need to hibernate? 
when i first got my hermanns tortoise 4 years ago the pet shop i got him from said i shouldent hibernate him as he is still young. about 2 years ago that …

desert turtle cage terrian 
what should i put in my desert turtles cage?

Climbing tortoises 
Hi I have two horsefield tortoises aged 3 and 4. We curently have them in a glass fronted vivarium but they both seem to be trying to climb the back wall …

webbed clawed feet 
Can a painter turtle regrow its webbed claw feet if another fish eats them off?

my restless tortoise. 
why is my tortoise restless? she walks around all day, breaking all the things in her tank, and moving all the things around, then i tidy it up and i …

Why has my tortoise got a growth on his jaw? 
My 5 year old leopard tortoise has developed a growth on one side of his lower jaw.It looks like an over grown finger nail sticking out.I would be very …

conditions for tortoise 
i am having a singapore tortoise so tell me abt the favorable conditions for providing him natural habitats

Russian tortoise? 
He seems to be peeing orange? Why is this?

my russian tortoise tries to escape from its cage 
My russain tortoise is tring to escape from his cage and he was fine for the first week or so. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

How Can I Calm My Russian Tortoise? 
Why does my Russian Tortoise keeping scrapping at the sides of his tank? This behavior is driving me crazy and has just recently started to be constant. …

flaking all the time!!! 
my hermans tortoise is about 3 yrs old now and has startde to (flake) on every limp u can imagen.. im worried that this is a problem i was told its just …

tortoise dancing 
my herman tortoise seems to be dancing in circles is this becasue it needs it claws trimming and if so how small do i clip them

I have a young horsfields tortoise, she is around 16 months, we have had her for 5. she is in a vivarium with a larger, 7 year old male horsfield, UVB …

What does it mean when my female Russian Tortoise bobs her head at the male Russian Tortoise?

intellect and water? 
I always wanted to know how intelligent a tortoise is and how much water does an indian star need in his diet?

Hibernation Question 
Due to an approaching storm moving into the area, that is suppose to yeild 3-5 inches of rain we elected to move our hibernating desert tortise. When …

I have two horsfields, approx age 4 and 5 which I have overwintered as they are still so small. The larger one bit the other on the neck at the weekend …

the shell 
what is a soft or lumpy shell caused by on tortoise

my turtle has a sore on his face

Why my baby turle is not eating and why he has a soft shell 
my short neck tutrle has not been eating for about 5 or 6 days.his shell is quite soft and has some marks on it.What is wrong with him??

Map turtles 
My map turtle is quite a few months old but in the past few days his mouth is slightly open and cant shut it, im very worried that he could be ill.He looks …


tortoises age 
how can you tell how old your horsefiels tortoise ?

what is the best bedding to use for a horsefield tortoise?

tortoise poo 
I have two siters from a registered breeder, they are approx. two tears old. They are eating and drinking but appear to have stopped pooing, how often …

my tortoise  
what is wrong with a tortoise if it hasn't been eating for about 1 week ?

how much does it cost to clip your turtle toenails 
how much does it cost to clip your turtle toenails

houseing for a horsefield 
i have a horsefield she is 3 yrs old when can she come out of her housing for good


My Turtle's head is stuck in its shell but is walking around 
My Turtle's head is stuck in its shell but is walking around. I am getting nervous because we cannot get him to poke his head out? I am not sure how …

Dead or hibernating ? 
I have a Leopard Tortoise approx 4 years old,I have had him for 18 months.Last year he didnt hibernate but this year he is not moving and quite …

Just wondering what happened to my terrapin. it had like a nose bleed and then it began to swell and was dead puffed up and i dont no what happened. it …

tortoise cage size 
how do you know when you need a bigger cage for your tortoise? do you have to keep your tortoise in a cage ?

Is a Tortoise bigger than a turtle

White silky film on my two turtle's legs? 
Just the other day I looked closely at my red eared sliders, and they both had a silky looking film flowing from their back legs. I picked them up, and …

How much weight can compress on to a turtles shell

calcium powder 
I am trying to feed my red eared slider with calcium powder, i dust her food with it once a week, but as soon as it hits the water the powder just disperses …

Redfoot enclosure question. 
Is My baby redfoots enclosure good? the normal ambient humidity is 60 in the air, and ground 60-70.

terrapin with shut eyes 
i am really worried what to do because my terrapin keeps his eyes shut all day. what do i do???

baby map turtle 
how long does it take for a baby map turtle to open its eyes??? Thanks

my 5 year old hermanns tortoise seems kind of depressed right now. he dosnt eat as much and tends to sit around or pace around slowly. before when i let …

my baby star tortoise 2 inch long n 1.5 inch breadth shell , sleeps a lot. 
yesterday my friend gifted me a star tortoise. who is 2 inch long n 1.5 inch broad. now it's more than 14 hrs he is sleeping. when i brought him in evening …


my star tortoise does not eat anything 
my star tortoise does not eat anything

sulcata tortise green spot on bottom of stomach 
I had a baby hatcling slactua tortise to die it had a green spot to come on it's stomach can any one tell me what happen and is it safe to keep the other …

I have two horsefeild tortoise's that have been in hibernation for five weeks,this is their second hibernation and my first! Have been checking temps …

y does my tortoise scratch his tortoise table 2 nd time hes done he walks around then goes to a corner like hes climbing and does that for a couple of …

tiny tortoise 
our tortoise hermione is 4 years old but doesnt seem to have grown much..?

Freaky things in poop. 
My baby redfoot tortoise had little pure white things in his poo, it was old because it fell under his food dish and i didn't notice them, i have never …

Bumpy Jaw 
My two tortoises have a very bumpy jaw. One of the tortoises has a under bite, this is very hard to explain. The over one has a lumpy jaw and the top …

Are Tortoises Vegeterians?

is my pet sick? 
my tortoise had a piece of poop stuck or what it look like poop stuck to its butt. and one of his eyes looks like its shut a little?

How much does a 4-6 month old red footed tortoise eat and sleep? 
We just got 4-6 month old redfooted tortoise and the turtle was very active at the store we bought him from. Since we brought him home, he sleeps a lot …

Scaredd :( 
We had a powercut on wednesday due to heavy snow, power was out for a day but its back now my herman tortoise is 2 years old. We did not put him into hibernation …

Do I have to hibernate? 
When I bought my Horsfield tortoiseRussian tortoise I was told not to hibernate her because her age 8 months and really they shouldnt hibernate …

why a thin tortoise shell 
it looks like her shell is thinning out and looks to me as if u can see her insides, why is this happening ???????

hybernating or dead?? 
I am not sure if my sulcata is hybernating or dead. Can you please help me figure it out??

My redfooted tortoise 
My red footed tortoise keeps sleeping and red footed tortoises dont hibernate

Sulcata tortoise 
i just got my baby sulcata tortoise and he isnt very active and he is just laying around. he does walks every once in a while. but something that he does …

my tortouise is not eating  
hello my name is sydney i am 12 years old i have a herman tourtosie called twinkletoes she is 5 years old and has not eaten for 10 day she lives in a tanke …

Tortoise Survival 
How long can a tortoise survive if it is lying on its back?

my indian star tortoise 
my indian star tortoise which i bought yesterday. it is 7 inches in length. it eats & roams properly. the problem is when it sits idle when i look at it, …

my turtle has red marks on his stomach and he's that active than before what do i do?

wat is that white stuff on the back of the turtles back

Yellw Bellys Flakey Shell 
I have two young yellow bellys and ones shell looks flakey and thinning around the neck and just at the first tip of his shell. I have added a picture …

white stuff 
what is the white stuff on my turtles face

Sleeping all the time 
My Herman tortoise is usually very active, however the past two weeks she has slept 90% of the time, away from her heat light and hardly eaten. Why is …

2 year old herman tortoise 
hello i brought this as a christmas pressie,he seems to be happy he is eating and we let him out daily we have got the rightn tank for him as told by the …

my indian star tortoise does not eat 
i bought a star tortoise yesterday. it is 7 inchs in lenght it seems healthy as it is active & it roams all over my house. the problem is he doesnot eat …

why is 1 so big 
I have to female tortoise, same age from the same batch and 1 is much bigger then the other, was told they are both females when i brought them, both are …

Why does my 8 onth horsfield tortoise have runny poo please help.

Facial skin peeling 
I have a greek tortoise and in two places on his face the skin came off so it just looks lighter in those spots but im concerned cuz ive never seen it …

Can u help Prince Squirt? 
My turtle Prince Squirt is about 2" long and I have noticed that he has not been swimming with the others nor has he been eating. We have had him for about …

A buddy for stewie 
Hello, I have a two and half year old herman tortiose called stewie. I have had him since he was 3 months old. He has always been very active and he …

pacing russian tortoise 
my tortoise won't stop pacing his cage making a loud annoying sound on the glass.whats wrong??????

Is my indian star tortoise sick? 
Can you please kindly watch this video clip and tell me whether the tortoise is sick? Cause mine does that quite often as well. Thank you:) …

Questions about my Indian Star Tortoise 
Hi there. I bought an Indian star tortoise a week ago. It seem healthy as it's eating and it's quite active. The only thing that worries me that it …

My Tortoise. 
Hi, when i bath my Tortoise his eyes go all puffy and stick out more and he rubs his eyes frantiqly. what should i do?

tortoise shell 
hi i have a red footed tortoise and would like to know what the white lines are on his shell they are on every line on the shell, i am sure that it is …

types of tortoise found in india 
please show me the type of tortoise found in indian agricultural lands

Limping problem 
My Star tortoise does not extend its left backleg restricts ti only abt a centimeter and limps.does not touch it to the ground much while walking.what …

My tortise 
My daughters tortoises have white stuff like sick on the bark in there tank can you tell me if they are sick as they keep on eating this

Mixing Species! 
I know and read that mixing species of tortoises is not recommended. Is it really that big of a deal to mix species as long as their living habitats are …

injured tortoise 
i found this tortoise on the road and i think it was hit by a vehicle.. a part of the shell is broken and the front leg is twisted and cant walk properly …

turtle isnt very active at all, what should i do? 
ok so i've only had this turtle for 2 days, but im already worried. its hasnt eaten yet and it looks like it just sleeping on the basking area and literally …

turtle toenails 
my three toed box turtle has really long toenails. Can I trim them?

Lose motion in white color 
My Star tortoise is sick, it is suffering from lose motion and it either white or black in color. pls let me know what shall I do ;-(

my two tortoises 
my tortoise keeps ramming my other tortoise with its shell or head what does this mean

Slider Turtle 
What can be done for our slider turtle who appears to have its back foot bitten off possibly by a racoon or skunk in our yard last night? Is he in pain …

Spur Thigh Fliping Over 
I have an African Spur Thigh Tortoise and she has already flipped herself over 3 times. I am really worried that something bad will happen to her. She's …

Seems a little slow? 
We just got our baby leopard tortoise on sunday, and it's now wednesday. She was really active the first day or two, but now she seems like she's moving …

dry head 
My tortoise has a dry head what can i put on its head ?

Suitable Redfoot enclosure question. 
Hello, is this enclosure suitable for my baby redfoot, he is 2 inches, has a uvb light, 70-80-90 percent humidity (90 when the fogger is on max and the …

Why does my 8 month female horsfield tort keep hissing 
Why does my tort hiss this is the first time shes ever done it wright shes done it twice im really worried. Thanks

long neck turtles 
i have 2 long neck turtles thay seam to have sores on there feet thay all most look like callases thay have a back yard to walk around in and a good size …

White spots on a red bellied turtle 
I have 2 pet baby turtles and there red bellied turtles.One's a male and the other is a female.The male has 2 white spots on his back and I searched on …

lotions or oils for tortoise 
Are there any lotions or oils that I can buy in a drug store that I can rub in my tortoises shell? Or should I only use pet store products?

Can a russian tortoise and a redfoot tortoise compatiable in the same incloser? Interested in buying a redfoot tortoise and want to make sure they will …

Tortoise health worry -- white face 
My tortoise seems to be developing a white face, am i feeding her wrong or giving her too much calcium?

Sulcata Tortoise shell 
Can my Sulcata Tortoise feel it when I rub its shell?

boy or girl? (pic included) 
i REALLY cannot tell xD if it helps, its a hermanns tortoise.

please help 
i have had my herman tortoise for about 4 years now,all of a sudden he has stopped eating and drinking, he's also sleeping all the time. Is there anything …

Hurt Turtle 
I found my turtle out of her pool and she was on her back when i picked her up she was still alive but something got her back leg. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? …

Blood Around The Mouth... 
I have a 2 terrapins one is a map turtle the last few days, he has been just sitting on the rock and basking under the UV light we have in the tank. …

Dry eye in Indian Star Tortoises 
My baby indian stars have stopped eating and have started losing weight. They don't appear to be able to open their eyes. Can you help by telling me …

Sexing a baby red foot tortoise 
Hey there, I have a male red foot and am looking to buy a female one. There is a breeder in my area selling babies but I do not want to accidentally buy …

concern about my star tortoise 
Hi my name is tamanna.I have two star tortoise they are gifted me by my friend she boughtthem from somewhere she told me to feed them cabbage leaves tomato …

Lethargic African Side neck turtle 
My daughter has 2 African Side Neck turtles. One of them is acting a bit lethargic. She is not moving around a lot. She was laying on the basking area …

Happy Tortoise 
How would I know if my tortoise(russian) was happy??

Baby Desert Tortoise. 
Why does my baby desert tortoise have white stuff around her mouthh?

Hibernate Tortoise 
Witch type of tortoise does not hibernate?

what is this type of tortoise! i wanna buy it as a pet 
please help me, i have some search but it won't show anything about this tortoise. please help me to classify this tortoise.

painter turtle having issues 
painter turtle very active but eyes are closed and cant see and wont eat

black patches on the shell.. 
i own a short neck turtle origianting in the northern territory of australia, and in the past few days he had developed dark patches on some of the plates …

HElp me plz soon 
I have a russain box tortoise i got him today my house aint exceptoinally warm do i shut off his heat lamps at night so he can sleep?

Red eared slider turtle shell turned orange 
Why did my read eared slider's shell turn orange?

why is my russian tortse doin this? 
my male russian tortise has been biting my female vishously i want ant expert to tell me why?

Blind Terrapin  
Hi . I am Anne and i have had many problems with my baby terrapin. I got him from Malaysia . He has not been eating and his eyes are puffy and swollen …

when should I move my leopard hatchling from the incubator

swollen neck and bluish color 
Hi my star tortoise has gone into hibernation last week. He has swollen eyes and also his neck is swollen. He sometimes changes his position like moving …

Redfoot Help 
Hello, i just bought a redfooted tortoise yesterday and he was healthy has a hard shell and eats but, he keeps pulling his legs and head in just a little …

Heat lamp emergency 
My 3 1/2 yr old horsefield tortoises heat lamp has just stopped working and I'm really worried (it's midnight so no chance of getting to a shop) I've …

why is this? 
why is my tortoise peeing orange he never has before

Sulcata Tortoise Not Eating Much 
I have had my Sulcata for almost a year and things had been going very well. However, for about the past week, the tortoise hasn't shown much interest …

what kind of turtle 
I am 10 years old and I would like a turtle. What turtle is right for me.

box turtle soft shell 
my box turtles shell turned soft what does that mean and what should i do?

is my tortoise in season? 
I have a Herman tortoise and she is about 5 years old. She lives alone and has plenty of space to move freely. She has been continually ramming the side …

Fall from Laundry sink 
Hi there, my tortoirse managed to get out of the laundry sink whilst feeding, as a result he has fallen the height of the sink onto a tiled surface. He …

Juvenile horsfield behaviour 
Hi, new to tortoise land! Just brought my juvenile horsfield tortoise home, know (i think) about feeding, got his home sorted but just wondered about their …

Star Tortoise Does'nt Eat 
Please help me, why my star tortoise does'nt want to eat. Her age is about 5 month. She only sleeping all the day and only eat very2 little. When i'm buying …

soft shell turtle 
my question is i have a soft shell turtle all she wants to do is sleep most of her time she under the sand and water

feeding my tortoise 
i need to know what to feed my tortoise? fruits, vegetables, etc.

Tortise shell 
I bought a Horsfield tortoise just a couple of days ago. Its shell doesnt seem to be very shiny. It looks quite dry and brittle?What could be wrong?Is …

Sulcata Tortoise carapace repair 
I have a Sulcata Tortoise and my dog chewed two one inch holes in the shell on top right above the head and the tortus is about 3 years old and it is oozing …

my tortoises skin/scales have gone a bright green, kinda worried

yellow bellied sliders 
how can i tell the sex of my yellow bellied sliders?

How do I know if my turtle is dead? 
I have a pet baby water turtle. I think it may be dead. But I don't know for sure. How can I tell?

why ? 
what does it mean when water turtles shells start turning brown?

Russian Tortoise Swolen neck 
My turtle has swelling around his neck area, I noticed this morning when I went to visit with him. When I saw him last night he had no swelling. I will …

one too many 
is it possible to hibenate my 15 three year old tortoises all together in one very large box

My tortoise has developed a black ring around her mouth

green shell 
my tortoise shell has gone greenish is this normal?

What Do i Do? 
HELP ME, i am due to go on holiday mid January and i don't know were to take my tortoise, non of my family will look after it!! is there a place i can …

red foot tortoises 
do red foot tortoises need a companion or can they be kept alone?

Turtle Toe Infection/Sore 
Hi, I have an Australian freshwater Burnett River Turtle, and on his left foot (in between his toes) around the webbed area on his toe, is a big brownish …

why is one of my terrapins swimming back and forth in the tank and continually splashing?

help my turtleis vry sick please help 
my red eared slider is limp and not moving much she looks sick and about to die she is only a baby please help what do i do? i layed her head up on a rock …

What type of tortoise do I really have? 
Hi, I've researched the internet and have come up empty. I was given a turtle/tortoise today and was told it was a Russian Hingeback. I've tried to research …

The four of them are the same. They have rounded top shell. Their shell is greenish, symetrically designed with lateral stripes ranging from yellow on …

Do they have understanding level 
hello, i want to ask...... Do they have Brains and Ears?

My four tortoise My four tortoises My four tortoi Which of the terms above is the correct plural form in english?

red foot tortoise 
how long do red foot tortiouses gro to

Red Foot Tortoise 
My tortoise has a crust lump on the left side of his face bellow his mouth. I'm not sure what it is.. advice?

my turtle is a map turtle and his mouth stays open all the time. he used to eat on the first try now it takes sevral tries. what is wrong and how do i …

Turles versus Rain in 3 days 
Have you ever heard the statement that if you see a turtle crossing the road you can expect rain in three days in that area nearby? The reasoning been …

red dots 
What are the red dots that are on my two short neck turtles belly, what are they from and what will they do to my turtles. Will they die?

My young red-footed tortoise is missing all of her claws on one of her back feer and only has one claw on her other foot. What should I do for her?

side neck turtle has trouble eating 
What do I do if my side neck turtle is having trouble eating.

russian land tortoise pees white stuff 
What happens when a russian land tortoise gets sick?He is peeing out white stuff.Is that normal?What should I do?Should I take him to the vet?

tortoise hibernation 
when and how do you know is it the right time to hibernate your tortoise

Help with Sulcatas 
My baby sulcata is slowly getting less active and he rarely has his eyes open? How do I fix this?

Cold Weather 
I live in Orlando and am wondering if our secada can tolerate temperature drops into the 40s or even the 30s. Thanks! Carole

Cold Weather 
I live in Orlando and am wondering if our secada can tolerate temperature drops into the 40s or even the 30s. Thanks! Carole

Biting Slippers And Carpet 
Why Is My Male Lepard Tortoise Biting My Slippers And Carpet

Russian Tortoise 
ive just brought 2 12month old horsefield tortoises they have been together since birth, one of them seems to be very happy walking around and feeding.the …

White headed sulcata tortise 
My tortise's head has turned white. When I put water on it it turns brown, but when it dries it turns white again. Is he sick?

funny water 
just recently the water in my tank has formed a whitish and murky layer on top. i only cleaned the tank out fully 2 days ago. what is it?

Bruises on bottom shell 
Ok I have had My pet turtle since 94' when I caught him accidentally with a Hook through his lid. I have taken care of him and got his eyes checked and …

my turtle has a lump on his neck? 
my water turtle has a lump on his neck, just happened today. not sure what it is? should i take it to the vet?

Biting Feet 
Abe our 5 years old female Hermann tortoise which ahs been part of our household for 2 years has started biting peoples toes. She will run along the carpet …

what kind are my turtles 
what kind is my turtle is it a yellow bellied slider even though its got black spots on the body of its shell

injured star tortoise 
hi, my name is serol. i have a tortoise named kareena.a few days ago my tortoise was attacked while i wasn't home. i don't know what it is but kareena …

Is Joe the red eared slider sick? 
I've had 2 red eared water turtles for about 3 months now. Bob is very active and eats all the food; Joe is extremely lethargic and disinterested. What …

Why won't my Mississippi Map turtle eat? 
I bought a Mississippi map turtle one week ago and he has not eaten eat. Is he ill?

my turtles are a live but they will not open its eyes. there moving

hermanns tortoise shell? 
how should a hermanns tortoise shell be? mine has always had a reasonably flat(ish) shell but my local pet shop are selling hermanns tortoises around the …

soft patch on tortoise shell 
I have a Horsefield tortoise who is approximately 3 years old. on the right side of his shell there is a tiny patch (smaller than a small pea) that is …

Size of a turtles eye? 
What is the size of a turtles eye?

my red eared slider turns upside down 
my R E S which is about 2 inches in length and with me for the past four months. ery often i find it lying on its back in the water and unable to turn …

does it hurt 
when you pick up a adult "20 pluse pounds" tortoise, does it hurt them. I have an adult tortoise he wheighs around 40lbs. When I lift him i scoop my fingers …

Russian tortoise with limp limbs 
One of my two Russian tortoises has been fairly inactive and his limbs are limp. He still has a good appetite and gets around well when he wants to. What …

Tortoise urinates while eating 
Why does my tortoise urinate or poop while he's eating? Sometimes he will go to the bathroom on the food and then stop eating.

tortoise does not open eyes 
my horsefield tortoise does not open its eyes, even when walking and hardly eats. Just bought it a friend to keep her company but still nothing. Is she …

My tortoises 
My tortoises have not arrived yet so I do not know what kind they are. It thought they liked to live in ponds and swim a lot, am I mistaken? If this is …

Spiny Soft Shell turtle turning white  
I have a small baby spiny soft shell turtle and I have noticed that there is a white looking bump on his shell, small, but seems to get bigger. His face …

Tortise Walkabout. 
So, will my tortises need to get out of their pond and go for a walk or dig around in the grass?

my tortoise has a lump on her neck. any idea's to what it may be?

is he sick? 
my red eared slider turtle won't eat. he is 1 inch long and i have had him for 7 months. there are black rings around his eyes and the only time he opens …

Head stuck in Shell 
If our star tortoise head is stuck in his shell ? how do we remove it ? And Why does it keep happening often ?

horsefield tortoise 
does my tortoise recognize me ?

Secreting White fluid 
My Africa Sulcata baby tortoise is secreting a white fluid in his bath water...what does this mean?

my hatchlings dont want too eat just sleep all day. im worried.

russian tortoise cracked beak 
what is the tortoise beak made of? how do you repair a crack in the beak


My new tortises. 
I have three tortises for my new pond. They are 12 years old. The pond is 1 metre deep and 3 metres diameter. It has an island of rock. Will my tortises …

indented bottom portion of shell 
hi my fiance has a aferican sulcata tortise and the bottom portion of the shell is now indented a this okay? if not how do we rectify this …

Chuck Norris has lots of problems 
I've got two turtles, Chuck Norris and Swan, and I got both of them in February. Swan is doing really well and has grown heaps, but Chuck Norris hasn't …

Eating for a Turtle 
Hello,my name is Kyra. I have a maturing female Eastern Painted Turtle. She eats alot of things. I was wondering, is it safe for me to give her vegetables?: …

baby red eared slider 
So I just bought a baby turtle from the flee market yesterday.. I bought one from there before and he is 1.5 years and still going strong.. anywho this …

boy or girl??? 
How do i know if my Red eared slider is a boy or girl at 5 months of age?

i dont know what kind of turtle i have and if it is happy or not 
so i got turtle at the store and iv been dieing to know what kind is it he has two orange spots on the side of his face and his shell is dark green …

tortoise had a soft shell.  
my tortoise has a soft shell and isnt looking good.what can i do?

Strange red mark on hermans neck 
In the past two days I've noticed a small red mark on my hermanns tortoise. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort and he's eating normally. I wondered …

my spur thighed tortoise has a lumpy shell! help! 
My spur-thighed tortoise is two years old, and even though he has a UVB light in his vivarium, his shell has become very bumpy. I am unsure of whether …

baby box turtle eyes 
I have had my baby box turtle since it hatched.. 2 mos. and I still can't tell if it has eyes. Is my turtle deformed or blind?

unusual behaviour of my Star Tortoise (please help) 
Hello, I have a 5 year old Star Tortoise, and he hasn't been eating lately. He hasn't been moving around much too and he has never been this inactive. …

sick or dead 
My sulcata turtle shell around the edges is soft and he is not moving.

I have a pair of leopard tortoise and a pair of spurthighed tortoise. I dont know what to feed these tortoises. I usally feed them local romaine lettuce …

Desert Tortise 3 yrs old starting flipping over? 
Hi, My dear 3 yr old tortise has flipped over twice this past week. I'm concerned! He lives inside, his house is appx 4x2 feet. I take him out daily, this …

im scared and i cant tell whats going on! please help 
My tortoise has a clean happy home and a very large cage recently he went to "hibernate"and since then i check on him daily... The other day I checked …

Yellow Foot Tortoise 
How does the yellow foot tortoise sleeping? Does his/her head is hiding or not? Is yellow foot tortoise can sleep in the dark or bright habitat?

Sulcata Habitat Question 
Is this habitat good for a baby sulcata? Until I can build a tortoise table? Thank you for answering my question :)

soft shell  
11 months ago we got 2 baby sulcata tortoises. Both from the same mom, born on the same day. One is twice the size of the other one. The smaller one has …

Tortosie certificate 
Hi i was wondering we have 2 hermans tortoise and have took them to the vet who said there 1 male and 1 female ( yessss ) he suggested we get them chipped …

Tortoise head is stuck 
what dose it mean when your tortoie stuffs its head back to far and gets its head stuck?

my male yellow bellied slider bites my female yellow bellied slider on her foot. is this a sign of aggression or affection? they aren roughtly the same …

is my turtle sick 
waht would cause white spots on the shell

Mediterranean Tortoise Hibernation 
My mediterranean tortoise 160gr and 9cm dimensions. Twenty day anything eat. It's always sleeping. How to hibernation?

red eared turtle turning pink 
i have 3 red eared slider turtles and they are turning a pinky colour y?

my turtle might be hibernating i dont know she is awake just not eating what do i do?

My baby African spur tortoise was outside getting sun and pug bit her and went thru her shell also bleeding!!! Will she survive????

is my tortoise ill? 
my tortoise has been off her food for almost 2 days now and just keeps sleeping under the stairs, she's normally very active, walking around the house …

desert tortoise 
My desert tortoise is not growing. What should I do?

The sex of tortoise 
Hi i have just been given to hermans tortoise but im confussed as to tell if there females or males or female and male and wondering if you can help please …

my torto 
hi iam concerned about my tortoise. i bought him 5 days ago then he was living in a cage with hay however i have made him a open table and gave him sand …

Dog bite..Serious? 
My 3 yr old yellow footed tortoise was soaking in the sink when my greyhound grabbed him and rushed outside. I quickly followed and found Albert..he has …

baby turtles 
what happens when a baby turtle shell turns white

Reaction of a larger turtle to a smaller turtle 
I have a red eared slider turtle who isn't from a pond and is about 8 inches long. and i am considering getting another turtle much smaller then my current …

Do you have to be certified to own an African Sulcata? 
A neighbor mentioned that they *thought* to own and keep African Sulcatas one must have a certificate or be certified, and if the Sulcatas were to have …

2 adult female red sliders 
why are my two female adutle red sliders are fighting?

cant get my tortoise to eat 
i purchased a spur thighed three days ago and i cant get it to eat i have tried a mixture of fruit and vegetables but to no avail any suggestions

Turtle changed colour 
why does turtle turns into dark purple?

yellow bellied turtle 
my turtle has got a white film over his eyes this has just come over the last 2 days, it is staying in the corner of its tank as it cant see can you tell …

tortiose lost his foot  
hi my tortiose is shreding and my other one has just bite his back foot off will he be ok

dumb algae 
how do I keep algae from building in my turtle tank? and he is a Red eared slider so, what would be safe for him?

help for tortoise dog bite 
I live i arizona and have two baby sulcata tortises ,both got bit by dog and has acrack on the top shell,will it survive..i am at work and out of town, …

african spurred tortoise has dry skin 
Hi. I have an african spurred tortoise that is approx. 10 weeks old. It has some dry flaky skin around its neck. Is this normal or is there a problem? …

what kind of turtle do i have 
what turtle has a yellow belly and brown top

terrapin belly button 
i noticed one of my terrapins has a pinkish spot on his or her belly (sex unknown) its like its own little belly button!?! is this natural? does this tell …

Corfu turtles 
I now attach hopefully a picture of the mystery turtle/terrapin breeding in a colony beside our house in Corfu in a deep watercourse Sylvia Denton

what do the newly born tortoise eat? 
what do the newly born tortoise eat?

Why does my yellow bellied slider have a shorter arm on one side? 
Well my yellowed bellied slider turtle called Sui has a shorter arm on her left side. It is not holding her back or anything but I was wondering if she …

Sulcata Tortoise question 
hi, i am buying a sulcata and just got its tank set up and i am using medium sized pebbles/rocks as substrate and a MASSIVE dish as a food/water dish, …

Is My russian tortoise sick? 
I have a russian tortoise. He has white stuff on his mouth and he goes in his bath water all the time. I feed him daily, about a hand full of letuce …

restless hermanns tortoise 
my 4 year old male hermanns tortoise has been very restless recently particulary at night. im letting him have wanders round the house, but im worried …

my yellow bellied turtle Pacific 
my yellow bellied turtle's shell has turned purple on top. on his belly, the creases have also turned pink! is this a sign of illness or is it normal for …

water for yellow bellied turtle 
what tipe off water do i put in tank for yello bellied turtle thanks

is there any breed of tortoise that will grow to 18'' ? 
is there any breed of tortoise that will grow to 18" ?

sleeping horsfield 
Hi i have had my horsfild tortoise for about a week. i have a heat lamp and a uvb light. i got a thermometer to check every thing is the right tempeter …

White Ring on Shell Between Scutes 
My Russian tortoise has a white ring that lies in between some of her scutes and the exposed area is sensitive to the touch. It looks as tho it is almost …

alone,together?? substrate -- newspaper,other??? 
hi firstly i would like to know if a hermann tortoise would be better kept alone or together with one of its siblings secondly i would like to know what …

Corfu turtles/terrapins? 
We are presently on the Agni Travel Site Greece and a question has raged for some months on what is the turtle or terrapin colony in a deep watercourse/ditch …

Can a Red-Footed/Yellow-footed tortoise live outside in Arizona? 
Hi, i wanted to know if my tortoise can live outside here, i am getting it soon, and will keep it in a tortoise table, with a misting device/water sprinkler, …

turtles eyes 
my turtle only opens his eyes when i tap his cage. and when he open his eyes he puts his arm in his face. he also has a hard time opening them. what does …

do i need a licence 
hello i have been given a baby spur thigh tortoise the couple who gave it to me had no paperwork. i want to register him with a vet will i be allowed to …

fall of a turtle 
what happens if a turtle falls upside down?

on its back 
Can a torois flip itsself bck onto its legs

white area on shell 
We have just been given a male 6" Red Slider. He has an 2" oval area in the center of his back that is whitish with brown lines running through it. The …

my tortoise suddenly got up over the evening? acting wierd 
hi one evening around 2oclock in the morning my 5 yr old tortoise suddenly got up and was walking around really scared and walking quite fast i didnt …

How old is my turtle? 
How can i know how old my turtle is? i asked the owner of the pet shop but he doesnt know.

chinease softshell 
hello our softshell terrapin started to bite his own neck , he is 3 years and 8 months and he only started to do so about a month ago, don't know what …

Can Tortoises Eat Ham 
Is it ok for a tortoise, particularly a baby one, eat ham?

Creme like colored ring around shell 
I have a Russian Tortoise and theres a creme colored ring that goes around the entire bottom part of her shell..what is it? Should I be concerened??

my hermman tortoise outside 
when where and how? my tortoise is almost fully grown and im thinking of moving him outside permantly any help? not a clue here

spiny soft shell turtle feeding 
how many times a day should i feed it and what is the best food for him to eat?

Adopted Russian Tortoise 
My daughter in law can no longer take care of him so I took him. He has like a sore on his right hind leg, and it looks a bit swollen. I've been keeping …

restless hermanns tortoise 
my 4 year old male hermanns tortoise has been incredibly restless recently and he isnt eating much. the only place where he can really walk around out …

i think my tortoise is sick 
my tortoise doesnt move around much and he seems to have a film over his eyes and they are closed most of the time he also hasen't been eatin he is in …

My turtles feet are white is that normal? 
They have white feet and i don't know what to do!

food and water 
How many times a day should you feed and hydrate a tortoise?

Green Coloured Turtle 
Dear Sir/Madam We brought one month before a small baby turtle. when we borught him home that time it was nicely eating but now he is all the time sleeping …

Somebody want adopt my turtle! 
Please let me know how to give away mt turtle. I can't keep because i have to go back to my country. The turtle is small and I will give the Water tank …

what should I do! 
my turtle has white clear stuff on his arm what is it and what should i do? is it him sheding?

Leaopard Tortoise White Marks 
Hi, Hope you can help. I have a Leopard Tortoise and have done so for about 3 years now and she is growing nicely. But I have noticed that the areas …

male biting female's neck 
My male Red Earred Slider keeps biting the female Yellow Bellied Slider's neck. They have had eggs numerous times, but we have opted to discard them. …

Noise making 
My tortoise hasn't eaten for a week now and we took it back to the pet shop as i have only had it for a week and half. They said there was nothing to worry …

Can my spur-thighed tortoise recognise me? 
Can he? Every time I say his name (Yoshi) he perks up and looks at me! I love him and it would be so cool if he recognises my face.

female hermans tortoise reproductive organs? 
We have had our tortoise for 2 years and assumed it was female as it has a stumpy bottom and no tail. The other day whilst our tortoise was on its travels …

my tortoise has a skin problem  
i have a 3 year old male russian tortoise he shed his skin but it never went back hard and now most of the skin on his back legs is really soft what can …

horsfield tortoise 
I have just bought a 2 year old horsfield tortoise, and at the moment it doesnt have a uvb light, it has two different types of lights but i am sure they …

My horsefield tortoise keeps making strange noises... 
My female horsefield tortoise keeps making high pitched whining noises she has for a few weeks now and im starting to get worried is it anything to be …

marginated tortoise 2 years old 
hi im just wondering what weight my marginted 2 yr tortoise should be? and how much weight she should gain? how shall i keep her happy? ive been told if …

Not eating... 
My turtle is a yellow bellied slider i have had him for 9 months now and he has not ate for about a month. He doesn't live with any other turtles and has …

Hibernating or not alive 
My tortoise may be hibernating, but it is so stiff and cold I am really anxious that he may be dead. His heat plate wasn`t on and the temperature was bordering …

pet turtles 
If your pet turtle puts their arms in front of another pet turtles face and vibrates them quickly what does it mean and if anything bad might happen how …

2 Year Old Horsfield Tortoise Problems 
Hi, I have a 2 year old male Horsfield tortoise and for the past couple of months he has been desperately trying to escape his enclosure. He seems to eat …

sex of red toed tortoise 
how do we find out what sex our red toed tortoise is about three months old and has yellow and brown markings with red specks on head and legs.ali …

what kind of turtle is this? 
This turtle showed up on the private road at our cottage. We moved the turtle off the road. I believe that it is one of the snapping kind. He was pretty …

White around the eyes of my 3 mo old African Sulcata 
About a week and a half ago I started keeping a UV bulb on for probably 12-15 hours a day for my tortoise. He/She has a heat lamp on as welll..and then …

My gaboon turtle 
I got my gaboon (African side necked) turtle about 2 months ago,all seemed fine until i noticed that she was a little bit quieter than usual.There was …

Two species of tortoise living together. 
I have seen an advert selling a horsfield and a hermanns tortoise together. Firstly I know that they are being kept in the wrong environment, a viv, but …

MY turtle has recently acquired red spots on the under body of its shell and has a soft shell does any one knows what this is

my turtle is dying 
hi my turtle is sick and he dose eat hes has clean water he lives with an other turtle my turtle does not swim anymore he breaths through his mouth water …

Will two male Russian desert Tortoises fight?

horsefield tortoise 
what do horsefield tortoise's eat ?

sleepy spur thighed tortoise 
I have a one year old spur thighed tortoise and he is very sleepy and seems to sleep more than he is awake, is this normal or is something wrong? I havent …

lump on hermann's tortoise's neck 
my 2 year old herman tortoise has a small pea like lump on side of neck, eating ok i only got her 5 days ago hope you can help thanks

Redfoot Inquiry! 
Ive had my redfoot since feburary 2009 and we bought him/her from a pj's pet store and have had some serious trouble feeding him, they used to spoil him …

turtle help 
i have 2 baby turtles and one just died do i need to get my turtle another companion and if so what should i get? i dont know where to get another turtle …

size of horsfield tortoises  
Hi I have been given two three year old Horsefield tortoises by someone who was not able to look after them properly. I was shocked when I collected them …

can tortoises get infections from inside a normal house? 
recently my 4 year old hermanns tortoise has been getting very restless and since its winter, he cant really be outside so i have started letting him wander …

i am thinking of buying a tortoise and would like one that would be comfortable living outside which breed is best for me?

Tortoise fell 
Hi, I have a juvenile Horsfield tortoise and 2 days ago he fell from the chair arm (around 20 inches) and hasn't been himself since, for example, normally …

new leopard tortoise 
we have just purchased a 2 year old leopard tortoise and were told that it does not need water in its home and that it will get its water from food and …

Yellow eared slider shedding 
Im so scared today i played with my yellow eared slider and i thought she had some tape on her shell so i pulled it of and it was like a clear scale with …

my terrapin has a white spot on its back 
could u help me please my terrapin has one white spot on its back what would that be plz help thanks

bath time 
after a soak in a warm bath for maybe 15 mins all they seem to want to do is hide and sleep

Turtle making hissing noises for a couple hours? 
I have a russion tortis. I have recently changed his bedding from pellots to a bark. His dish is a little big and it is hard for him to eat out of it. …

how can you tell if its a boy or girl? 
i have a 4 year old african sulcata turtle. i need to tell whether he is a boy or girl.... how do i tell

yellowing beak 
my turtle's beak has turned yellow why?

Tortise nails 
Hi my leopard's nails are starting to turn black does this mean anything? maria

tortoise querie 
how long would it take a tortoise to die if it falls on its back?

how do you repair a puntured totoise front leg? 
My turtle has been attacked by a small pitbull pupy and a grow pitbull and her front left leg has been puntured. when u look at it you could see the bone …

weird white stuff in tortoise cage 
i just found white stuff in my tortises cage it is a desert turtle and i just found white stuff in its cage is that a sign of sickness?

uvb lamp 
do i have to have my uvb lamp on constantly even when my heat bulb is off or can i turn them both off?

Hermann's tortoise young friend 
hi i ave a hermann it is 3 to 4 yer old i wont to get a baby one will that bee ok thank steve......

horsefeild eye conditions 
My horselfield tortoise will not open its eyes or eat. I have bathed them in warm water and white discharge comes out of the eyes. What is wrong?

What do turtles eat?

Turtle Food 
What do turtles like to eat?

yellow bellied turtle, eyes have turned white 
i have 2 yellow bellied turtles which i have had for a few months now. After cleaning them out and feeding them some live shrimp i have noticed one of …

Baby Greek tortoise sleeping 
I ve had a baby greek tortoise for about a week now at first when i took him out he would run all over the place now he just sleeps all the time his eyes …

10 month old leopar tortoise, soft shell 
Hello...I am trying to nurse a baby leopard tortoise back to health. It is 10 months old, but the size of a 1 month old, the shell is dark, the underside …

is this tank big enough for 2 hermanns tortoises? 
36 inches (length) 18 inches (width) 19 inches (height) bear in mind that the tortoises will be outside most of the time in summer and hibernating in …

horsfield tortoise shell looks like its coming apart! 
Hi, I have a 6 yr old horsfield called shellby. I got her given by someone who didn't want her january 2009. I love her to bits. I took her to the vets …

Company for Indian Star Tortoise 
Actually my friend has a Indian Star Tortoise which is single. Is it a must that it needs Company? If yes, please tell me where to find another one. …

Bread and The African Sulcata Tortoise 
Is it ok to feed my African Sulcata (female) bread once in awhile?

Sulcata Tortoise, friends? 
I have found a lot of information on this but have not been able to find any one site to agree wih another. I just resently aquired a 70 lb tort and i …

black ring around tortoise mouth 
My tortoise has developed a black ring around the mouth, Does anyone know whats wrong?

Incubating eggs? 
it hasnt happened yet but i imagine it would be fairly soon when my male and female hermanns tortoises have eggs. what is probably the cheapest, but still …

Two turtles 
Can I keep a African hinge back and a northern box turtle in the same cage if it's big enough

Russian Tortise: Age and Longevity. 
How can I determine the age of my new Russian Tortise; and how long do they live? Thanks!!

sex of a tortoise 
how can you tell the female from the male

how can I tell?  
how can you tell a water turtle is in shock or dead?

turtle health 
we got three turtles one was small two were big the biggest one is now te smallest whats is wrong?

tortoise help 
Why has My Tortosie Got White Stuff Around hes face that will not come off?

russian tortoise eyes 
my russian tortise wont open its eyes. it moves arround and eats though.

hatchling not eating 
i have an eastern box hatchling that is 11 days old today. i can not get her to eat anything, live worms, meal worms,dog and cat food, and so long …

girl or boy ? 
how do you know if a baby desert tortoise is a girl or boy

My desert tortoise has stopped eating 
It usually eats a whole plate of greens a day and has not really eaten anything in two days. We had a cool night but now it's warm.

is frosty sedge safe for tortoises

Swollen Eyes on Eastern Painted Turtles 
Hello. I am a new pet-turtle owner and something happened to mine. See, my turtle is an Eastern Painted turtle and are prone to health issues (so I've …

my red footed tortoise dont eat 
hi we just bought a red footed tortoise on the first day it ate cabbage melon and cucumber green beans and carrot.( that was on sunday) today (wed) and …

sex of a desert turtle 
How can i tell if my 2 month old desert turtle is a boy or girl?

Russian tortoise not eating 
Hello, I have a 4 year old russian tortoise. She used to eat with no problems. But in the past 3 weeks she started eating less and less. at first I thought …

Hibernating a hermanns tortoise 
i have 1 4 year old herrmans tortoise and i was wondering do i need to hibernate him? if so please tell me how because the pet shop said its really hard... …

added a new member? 
Iv got a 2 year old hermanns tortoise, havent had him that long. I want another tortoise but as ellis is 2 im not sure how he will react to having a new …

my box turtle 
why does my box turtle's eye look closed & why does she have crusty scab like things on the sides of her mouth? these scabs are mixed with a little blood …

age and sex of a cherry head red foot tortose  
I just got a cherry head red foot tortoise from a pet store and i was wondering how to tell the age and sex of it

tortoise chirping noise 
why do torts make noise?

Horsfield Tortoise flipped 
my horsefield fell on to its side earlier and i didn't realise until i turned around if i was at work would he be ok!!!!!

I left a bottle of red liquid in my refrigerator clearly labeled "NOT FOR BABY TURTLES" (it was Hawaiian punch) and my roommate fed it to my baby turtle! …

Yellow - Footed Tortoise Gender 
I have a yellow footed tortoise and i want to know the best food to feed it and i also want to make sure of its' gender and i want to know the best thing …

girl or boy 
how do i kow if my hermans tortoise is a girl or a boy

Turtle eyes 
My turtles eyes are closed whenever i am looking. which is often. he walks in his cage, but he doesnt open his eyes. is he hibernating, or sick, or what …

Yellow belly slider belly turning pink 
I have a yellow belly slider that is very active and eats great he has a clean tank I clean it about once a week he has a filter but its not the best, …

Incubating eggs 
What's the best way to incubate your tortoise eggs? What equipment do you need? How long does it take to hatch them?

what should i do for inactive desert tortoise 
my desert tortoise isnt active anymore and is afraid of everything, it wasnt earlier, and it was recklessly brave. what should i do?!

At what age/size does a horsfield tortoises shell go completely hard 
My horsfield tortoises shell is just over 2 inches long and it is still a bit soft at the bottom of the shell. When will it go hard? Also about what age …

missing turtle 
Hi, I have one turtle, then I got anther turtle I put it in my pond with my anther one then I want to check on it but it was gone it's been a week now …

murray river tortoise 
i got a murray river tortiose and im picking it up tommorow but i have the problem on how to care for it 1 how much can i play with it ( water tortiose) …

Need help with my box turtle 
I rescued my box turtle about a month ago off of a busy street. I cannot stand the thought of letting him go in the woods or anywhere else. I have him …

Sulcata eating broccoli 
I have a sulcata spur thighed tortoise. He is 28cm in length and 15cm high. We got him a few years ago but the previous owners did not know how old he …

my turtle has a spot on his back, does it mean he's dying?

Dessert toertise poop 
wat does hatchling poop look like dessert tortise.

sleep and food 
I have a juvenile (1 yr) horsefield tortoise, it sleeps constantly, seems to eat nearly nothing. IS this normal or should I take to vet?

A little help on my new tortoise please! 
Hello Everyone, Im new to this site as i have just bought a tortoise the other day, and rather than bug the shop i bought him from i thought id ask …

my turtles eyes 
my turtle s not opening its eyes from a long time....say about 3 weeks and is not eating anything.... what should i do??? please help

Is it ok 
I have a baby turtle. I think it's a slider, is it ok if i put a regular lamp like what you use around the house to put over his cage untill I get a real …

animals together 
I have a 7 X 13 chain linked fence in back yard that I keep to rabbits in. Can i put an african spur turtle in the same cage?? Neither are aggressive. …

turlt found in back yard pool 
I just found a turlte in my back yard pool. What do I do ?

is it possible my female greek tortoise is gravid? 
hello! i have had a m/f pair of greek tortoises for about a week now. the male is just over 4" and the female is exactly 5". i don't know how old they …

How far can an African Spur Thigh Tortoise travel? 
How far can an African Spur Thigh Tortoise travel?

Age of Maturity for a Map Turtle 
How long does it take a Male or Female Mississippi Map turtle to mature to full size? Thank you, Susan.

my tortoise op 
my tortoise just had an operation and was kept on her back longer than usual and now shes walking round in circles is she brain damaged?

White stuff around eye 
I have a baby long neck turtle, his about 1 month old, this morning when i turn his light on i notice that one of his eyelaids has this white stuff around …

Should i get a hermanns or horsfield tortoise? 
Unsure of which species to get? Which is better? which is friendlier? more entertaining? what are the differences between them?

leopard tortoise colour 
my loepard tortoise head and legs recently went quite dark in colour just wondered if she is ok. before she was a yellow/brown colour and now is a lot …

Redfooted Tortise stopped eating? 
Hello, My Redfoot Shelly has slowly stopped eating over the last week. I give her daily soakings in warm water, and I took her to the vet and she said …

Tortoise isn't happy : ( 
My beloved 4 year old hermanns tortoise (Timmy) really doesn't seem to be happy. he eats slowly, although i give him a pretty varied diet, and he paces …

Drowning tortoise - how long can they survive? 
Hi, I had the most horrible experience of finding my tortoise at the bottom of my garden pond 3 days ago. He had climbed over his obviously not so …

Are Tortioses Turtles? 
Are tortises turtles? Or are tortises and turtles two different kinds of species?

myu tortoise stopped eating two weeks ago today it looks dead because it is still and its head and limbs are out

boy or girl tortoise 
how to tell the difference of a boy or girl tortoise

tortoise nose-bleeding 
Hi, yesterday night my poor little tortoise started to nose bleed from one of it nosetrils. Unfortunately it passed away today morning:( may i know what …

Yellow-footed Tortises..... 
How do yellow-footed Tortoises recognize each other? If you could write me back, I would be grateful!

Sexing a sulcata 
Can you please tell me what to look for to determine if my Sulcata is a male or female??

Tortoise scratching side of enclosure 
I have two tortoises and the male seems to be scratching the side of its new enclosure a lot. Why do you think this is happening and what can I do to make …

hingebacks on the loose in the cold of the night 
Our two hingebacks disappeared from their open container today. We were not able to find them before nightfall. It's supposed to get down to 60 tonight …

what kind of plants can i put in with my african spur thigh tortoise

My red footed tortoise is not eating 
Since a week ago, my red footed tortoise is not eating. He seems to be very hungry and want to eat, but there is something wrong with him that doesn't …

tortoise heavy breathing 
my 4 year old male hermanns tortoise breathes very heavily and i can hear him from quite far away. is something wrong?

winter is coming 
I have two tortoise turtles in my backyard,have had them all summer. found them on the highway. winter is coming and I need to find out how to keep them …

Breathing weird 
Why does my red ear slider wheeze when I life him out of the water? Does this mean he has a breathing problem?

Sulcata shell 
HI there. We have inheritied a 5 year old sulcata, (kid off to university). Very healthy looking and appears to have been well kept. However he has …

What kind of tortoise do I have? 
I just adopted/rescued a tortoise and I and trying to do research on her but I am not sure what kind she is? And what kinds of food to feed her?

I have 2 african sput thigh turtles, they just started trying to get out of their pen & one is constantly "on" the other one. Will a male mount another …

white spots 
hi my red foot has two white spots on the back end of it's shel one in each corner just curious what it is because he is acting very healthy. but not sure …

Sick russian tortoise (septic) 
I have a russian tortoise and he is very sick. I took him to the vet today and she said he was septic. She gave him an atibiotic and vitamin A shot. …

tortoise poop 
how often should my tortoise poo, she is 5years old and eats very well but has only pooped once since we got here a week ago is this normal??

horsefield tortoise 
i have a horsefield tortoise and all it seems to do is sleep for nearly 24 hours, and some times only wakes up when i wake him up. is this normal? also …

my russian tortoise sleeping pattern 
I am a new owner of a russian tortoise. I have noticed she sleeps outside of her shell with her head on her alfalfa. Is this normal?

lo :) my 4 year old male hermanns tortoise is humping everything and tends to chase all my other pets round the garden and nip at them. he also paces …

Can i put my Horsefield Tortosie in An Aquarium  
Well im getting a baby horsefield tortoise next weekend and i just wondered what it needs to live in ! The women in the store said a vivarium ! But is …

Do i require a licence for a red footed tortoise? 
I have a friend that has offered me a red footed tortoise, she has no papers for it, but i was led to believe it needed a licence! Is this true?

How many times a day should you feed the tortoise.

what sand/dirt should i buy for my baby desert tortise 
i got a baby desert tortoise what kind of dirt/sand should i buy for it?

Flipping Tortoise 
My Russian Tortoise flipped upside down. Now I'm scared to death to leave an eye off of her. How can I prevent this from happening again?

red eyes? 
my tortoise has red eyes what dose it mean? is it sick or is it just a common phase that all tortoises go through

How do you know when a Map turtle is fully grown about what age?

tortoise shell 
what happens if the shell of a tortoise breaks?

male russian tort behavior 
why is my male russian tort bobing its head and nipping at my female russian tort?

mixing breeds of tortoises 
I currently have a hermans tortoise and have been asked to take a horsefield, can they both go in together or would I need another viv? Thanks Anjie …

Hermann's tortosie friendship 
My 4 year old male Hermanns tortoise is humping anything that dosn't move but not anything that does move! he also tends to chase my cat/ dog/ rabbit/ …

Eye Infection 
My question is: Once a hatchling's eyes start looking dry and cloudy. What is the best solution to bring them back to normal. Also my tortoise is having …

I've had my golden greek for about 5 years; guessing her age is about 11-14 years. She seems bored, maybe lonely even. I've read they are solitary, but... …

Housing turtles 
Can I house a Spiny Soft Shell with a Yellow Belly Cooter together in a 55 gallon aquarium. My softshell is almost always burried, but when she comes out …

i don't want to receive automatic emails 
How do I change my settings?

Painted turtles keep scratching their heads and the bottoms are tuning a little brown? 
Hi I recently was given two baby painted turtles. The bottom of one turtle has turned brown and am not sure what to do for him. It would seem that maybe …

weird tortoise 
my tortoise keeps trying to mount the hoover pipe and my shoes and also trying to bite toes can anybody tell me what the problem is

yellow belly slider  
my yellow belly slider is nearly 4 years old and has gone off her food for about a week now she is eating tiny tiny bits i have feed her today and she …

hosrfield tortoise flaky skin 
what do i use on a horsefield tortoise for its dry flaky skin

Deleted myself off site 
Hi, Shelly, Please put me back onto this site, as i deleted myself a second time by accident.....Sincerely, Susan.

my turtle is not usung it's back legs, it doesnt eat and chooses to stay out of the water.  
my turtle is not usung it's back legs, it doesnt eat and chooses to stay out of the water. what could be wrong with it?

coming tortoise in the home 
if a tortoise comes in the home by itself then what does it mean

turtle shell 
how to fix a hole in a water turtles shell ?

2 month old Sulcata Tortoise concerned about head looking really dry 
Hi anyone who's reading this. I have a 2 month old Sulcata Tortoise and I am concerned about his health. I don't know if I should or shouldn't be worried …

How big should a tortoise cage be? 
i want to get a tortise but i don't know how big the cage will need to be. i am thinking of getting a greek or a russian tortise witch would be best? do …

CAN iT DiE? 

hermanns tortoise loneliness 
can hermanns tortoises get lonely? i have a 4 year old male and he seems to pace around a lot and occasionally try to have sex with bits of wood... so …


is this a tortoise or a turtle 
hello we found this little tortoise in the road, hubby nearly run it over with his motor bike any idea if its a tortoise or turtle? any idea of age …

breed of my turtle 
my turtle is green in colour and very small but i am not known that it is which breed?

breed of my turtle 
my turtle is green in colour and very small but i am not known that it is which breed?

white flakes floating in the water of my turtles cage 
my turtle has white flakes that is floating on the water in his cage what does that mean?

Do I have to buy another one? 
I have a pair of star tortoises. Early this morning, one had died. Do I have to buy another one so that it has friend?

black mouth 
My african spurred tortoise's mouth has turned black... what is wrong with him?

does my russian tortoise have shell rot? 
i just got a russian tortoise and it seems to have little bumps that look like bubbles please look at my picture and tell me

breeding sulcata tortoises 
can breed brother and sister sulcata tortises without bith defexs

boy or a girl 
how can i tell if my tortoise is a boy or a girl

Missing scales  
I have a leopard tortoise, who had a small patch of scales missing from from the sole of her back left foot. This has only appeared recently but now seems …

what dose a tortoise eat? 
what dose a tortoise eat?

sick sulca 
i think my sulca maybe sick,she has sunk in yellowish eyes and they are very watery looking.does this mean shes sick

his head/neck 
we have a leopard tortise, every few months, his head gets stuck out and twisted, he bangs his self backwards and after a while his back normal, but it …

Boxie My Tortoise with an eye problem 
Whats Wrong with my Tortoise it has a air bubble on top of its eye when it blinks?

red ear slider 
what does it mean when your red eared slider turtle has a white sore in its neck? is it sick?

how big?  
i have 2 4 year old hermannns tortoises and i really want to know how big there gonna get because they just keep on growing! both are around 12 cm wide …

Red eared slider at the bottom too much! 
My male 8 month old red ear slider is at the bottom of the tank with his head tucked in himself. Is he feeling sick or sleeping. I'm feeding them cooked …

white patch on tortoise head 
My son's herman torotise has developed a small white patch on the top of her head. Do you have any suggestions as to the cause, or whether it needs treatment: …

painted turtle size 
how big do painted turtles get?

Tortoise question. 
I have a 1yr old Hermann's Tortoise. I live in Spain. For bed he sleeps in an old glass fish tank and in the day is put in a plastic tank. He would always …

Leopard Turtle Owner 
Hi, I have a baby leopard turtle, and I was wondering why the top of his head looks dry and white. I thought it was the calcium powder that I sprinkle …

i need help 
here is a picture of my baby tortoise, it hasn't eaten anything since we got it four days ago, it may have eaten a tiny piece of coriander. I was thinking …

Purple lump underneath shell 
A purple lump appeared underneath my tortoise's shell just after she had done a wee and then disappeared again. Does anyone know what had happened?

is my baby african spurred tortoise a boy or a girl? 
IS my BABY african spurred tortoise a boy or a girl

my turtle never wants to come out of the water 
Recently i obtained a 20 plus year old mud turtle, everyting seems fine except for the fact that he never wants to go onto the small basking area i have …

California desert tortises 
How long can a california desert tortoise hold its breath underwater?

when do they have sex 
when would they have sex cos ours are 1 year old?

My Short Neck Murray is sick!!! 
I went on a 4 day trip and had to leave my turtle Tumbles with a friend, who also owns a murray short neck turtle, so i thought it would be a good idea …

i need help 
My tortoise is from north Africa, it is a girl it has some black on its tummy the pattern on its shell looks like a few rectangles stuck together, it loves …

Yellow Tortoise 
My tortoise isn't eating not even ham and l took him to the vet and he said the colour of the shell was not normal it had turned yellow

black tortoise beak 
my tortoises beak seems to be turning dark, almost black. she seems happy and is eating right, what could be the problem? im very worried

Do Yellow Bellied Sliders Get Lonely? 
I have a Yellow Bellied Slider that I found on my door step amazingly and I decided to keep him but lately I feel kind of bad cause he seems to stair at …

i need help 
I live in Africa at the moment and i just got a new baby tortoise. I'm not sure what type it is and I'm not sure what to feed it. so far we have checked …

shedding skin? 
Hey! i have a 4 year old hermanns tortoise and the skin on the top its legs and at the back of its neck are falling off. hes had this scince day 1 but …

how can you tell tortoise age 
how can i tell my tortoise age and what happens if he falls on his back when im not there?.. my tortoise is very wired and rare cause he eats so much and …

Mo theTurtle Shell lifting 
My son's turtle's shell appears to be lifting up in places. Is this normal?

the sex of a murray short necked turtle 
i dont know the gender of my turtle so could someone please explain what a female looks like and a male i also have a picture so you can just tell me …

spur turtle 
Is it normal for a spur turtles shell to go soft?..if not what do I do to keep them healthy and how much food does a spur turtle need a day?(what kinds …

my turtle's neck 
what does it mean when your turtle has a white spot on the back of his neck?

what does my box turtle have? 
my box turtle is feeling ill.the followingsymptoms are:runny+hard to open eyes,and very slugish behavior.what can I do to cure him?

Horsefield tortoise 
Hiya i got my tortoise as a baby in may 08 so shes about 1yr and 4months old,the last couple of weeks she doesnt seem to be eating as much as she used …

Red-eared slider sickness 
My red-eared slider is about 8 inches in circum. and is 9 years old. It will not eat, and is literally making a moaning sound. What could be wrong?

Hello, We recently aquired a captive bred 6-8 month old three toed box turtle. He did not eat for the first week. He did finaly start eating a little …

White rings around tortoise eyes 
My 3 yr old tortoise recently lost (outside) her male friend. just recently got a new male about 1 yr.. She has white rings around her eyes. The skin …

A very sleepy baby tortoise 
I have a 2yr old male tortoise and up until 1 week ago he was very active,He loves climbing and is very inquisitive.This last week he has become very sleepy …

why is my horsefield tortoise eating mud? 
I have just recently bought a horsefield tortoise it is 3 years old he has been eating well but has suddenly stoped,also everytime i let him outside he …

Hibernation and the beak 
hello! i have 2 problems with my male 4 year old tortoise. one is that i think hes starting to get lonely (he chases my cat round the garden and paces …

Russian Turtle food requirements 
I recently bought a Russian turtle at Petsmart for my 7 yr old's birthday. I am getting many conflicting answers to her food needs. One petstore told …

Why does my terrapin have white blotches on its shell? 
It started out with a small white rim around its shell, we thought it was just dirt but after a while when it spreaded, We've thought about Homer's shell …

My 2 year old Herman Tortoise wont eat? 
im worried about my tortoise? i have had him for 3 months and he always eats his food. however the past week he has been a bit sluggish and today he just …

Russian tortoise heat lamp 
Do I keep my Turtles heat lamp on 24 hours a day. Is that okay?

Tortoise Social needs? 
I often read that tortoises don't have social needs because they live alone in the wild. I have had one female Russian Tortoise for about a year, and …

Turtle Head Bobbing -- what does this mean?  
My tutrle keeps bobbing his head up and down at the dogs, what does this mean?

How many hours a day should a 2 year old hermese tortoise sleep for?

finding a mate 
hello, i have a two year old male hermann tortoise and i am thinking of buying another hermann for company. i don't know anything about mixing male/females, …

Why did my adult sulcata choose to stay out in rain all night?

Why is my Africian-spurred-desert- tortoise shell soft 
I have a 3 1/2 year old Africian spurred tortise and about 4 months ago I found it turned upside down in his basking area. Once flipped over he seemed …

crack in shell bottom 
Someone brought this turtle to me because it was found in the road and I am a science teacher. It is eating ok. What should I do for it.

Turtle tunnel  
My secada tortoise is app. 5 years old. Suddenly she has dug a tunnel and is sleeping there. We had a turtle house for her until she dug the tunnel. We …

it seams that my russian land tortous back legs are not moveing much he is not moveing much and doesent have much of a appitite.he is about 5 years old …

Russian tortoise family behavior 
How do Russian tortoise families behave in the wild?

I live in AZ. Should I do anything to the shell to keep it from drying out?

how big should my turtle be 
how big should my murray river turtle be at 10 months old? and how much to feed it

female and male tortise male much bigger and biting at femals feet and stoping it from eating.. 
i have 2 tortoises.. male and female. the male is much bigger and is stopin the feamle from eating and constantly biting and its feel and dragging it buy …

eye problem 
have just bought a horsfield tortoise today,i have put him in his new enclosure and seams to be lovin the extra space,i have jus notised dis evening that …

Baby Desert Tortise Feeding 
How and what can I feed a new born desert tortoise found in my yard?

baby missisipi map turtle not eating 
i have had him for about a week he is kept in a 20 gallon long tank 1/3 full uvb and uva bulb basking area is 83 degrees and water temp is 79 he is also …

difference between desert & Sulcata Tortoise? 
I found a baby tortoise at a park while my kids was at practice. I brought it home and now trying to figure out what kind it is. We live in Bakersfield, …

Desert Tortoise Eye Infection 
The desert tortoise in the photo is a juvinile with a carpace width of about 2 1/4 inches. It's eyes seem to be covered by an infection or what ever. …

What Kind of Tortoise 
I have a tortoise with a small red spot on its back. Do you know what kind it is?

Scales flaking off 
I have noticed that my yelloe belly terrapins shell has small white (dry patches) over his shell. His patterned scale is also flaking off in one whole …

is he sick??? 
My red eared slider shell turned whit at the top. but his shell was out of the water a majority of the time. since that happened i gave him more water …

Why is my old turtle biting the younger turtle? 
Our male desert tortoise (over 25 at least) will sometimes snap (bite) at our much younger (15 year old) female tortoise. I thought males only did this …

Injured tortoise 
I have a 4 year old hermann tortoise and one of my neighbours children have thrown him over a 4 ft high fence, he landed the right way up onto soft soil …

What type of tortoise are they? 
We have recently moved into a house in Nokomis, Florida. We also noticed that the house came with three tortoises. We do not want to disturb them. The …

is my tortoise dead?? 
my tortoise hasn't moved for over 24hrs it has sunken eyes and is totally limp it has floppy arms and legs and isn't moving at all... is it dead?

yellow bellied map turtle 
Why won't my yellow bellied turtle get any bigger? I've had it for a year and a half. Please help I need to know whats wrong so that I fix it.

help... lost young tortoise 
i have just bought a 2yr old tortoise and he was streaching his legs in garden nice hot day,,, but now i cant find him i have hunted high and low... how …

how to tell if your hermanns tortoise is happy 
we got a hermanns tortoise the other day and doseont seem to be settling in well. my sisters are always fighting and man handling him when they want to …

Cracked Desert Tortoise Shell 
My 3 year old desert tortise got run over by a car. I washed him in distilled water, poured periode over him and then put aloe on the shell and wrapped …

white spot on murray river turtles head 
Hi I've got two murray river turtles about 8 months old. Ive noticed the smaller of the two has developed a round white spot on the top of its head. He …

Turtle Flipped Upside Down and Tucked in , Cold ? or Dead ? 
my cousin found her turtle upside down , yet her whole body was tucked inside her shell . she has a 10 gallon tank , the basking area but didnt have a …

my turtle can not fix himself if falls on his back after a min he just gives up im scard one time im not gonna see him and hell drown himself for this …

my baby horsfield always seems cold 
i have had our horsfield tortiose about 2 months and he always seems cold,he has a light and a uv light and these are always on at least 7 hours a day …

Tortoise Climbing the Walls of Her Tank 
I have a 3 year old Russian Tortoise named Buckeye. She tries to climb the walls of her tank. She has flipped herself several times and this started happening …

heat lamps 
Do you need heat lamps for tortoise or a licence to keep them?

my tortoise won't eat 
I bought a spur thighed tortoise a few days ago, and im worried that it isn't eating. I was wondering if anyone could please let me know any reasons for …

factured tortoise found 
hi i found indian star tortoise. having suffered a crack in the bottom shell. as well he also suffered an injury on his right leg due to the shell which …

How old is my hosrsfield tortoise and what gender? 
I have a horsfield tortoise it's shell is about 3 inches/7.6cm and it weighs about 100g/4oz. How old approx would it be?? Also is it a male or female …

ageing a tortoise, and how to look after baby Tortoise,s 
Hello i live in Cyprus and have 2 Greek spur thigh Tortoise,s they are both very large i think they are over 30 years old but not sure so could you please …

can 2 female and 1 male tortoise live together? 
hi i was just wondering if 2 female red footed and 1 male red footed tortoises could live together? from when i buy them? and i would by then when they …

how many hours should i leave heat lamp on 
i want to know how long to keep a heat lamp on for my tortoise is old and has lived happily outside for years and hibernates in winter but after an exray …

my red eared slider turtle 
Hi, my turtle has a very common sickness right now and i am treating it with sulfa dip and some repti eye drops. I also see some light green spots on the …

how to tell age 
how do you tell how old and african spur thighed tortoise is?

drinking and activity 
I have a red foot tortoise who never gets into his water by himself but when we put him in his water area he is obviously very thirsty, is there something …

My Tortoises Aren't Eating Or Drinking 
Hi! I brought two young tortoises (I Don't really know the breed of them) a few days ago but they arn't eating or drinking! I'm really worried because …

White eyes 
My hermann tortoise is just a baby and keeps rubbing it's eyes which are white. What should I do?

should mud turtles be kept in pairs or will they fight if so should they be male and female

How Old is my tortoise? 
My tortoise is about 3 inches long. How old is it?

Tortoise And Straw 
can i put straw inside my tortoise's house ?

help buying a mud turtle 
what to look for when buying a healthy mud turtle

Reptile Light 
K For the turlte I kno U can Use A 5% UVB Reptile Light But Can U Use A 10% UVB Reptile Light Or Is It to Stong Ive Got A Spare 10% UVB one and i wanted …

Turtle feeding 
Well I Have Two Saw Shell Turtles Bout 10 to 11 months old should i still feed them everyday Also My Larger Turtle Has Whitle Like Fatty Things Around …

Mating diffrent species 
Hi Shelly! I have a russian tortoise that I absolutely LOVE! I'm thinking about breeding him, but I'm also thinking about buying a red foot. So sorry if …

marginated tortoise british hibernation patterns 
im thinking about getting this particular species of tortoise. from what I roughly understand, they can live outside in british summer, have to be inside …

sick turtle 
i have a sick baby turtle and i cant do enything for her.but im afriad she will get the other babys sick. the sick turtle is makeing a clicking noise …

soft spot in shell 
hi my murray short necked turtle`s shell is going soft just at the tail end of his carapace. will calcium blocks/mix fix this or is it more sinister? …

tortoise leaps into pond 
Today I watched my sister's 60 year old tortoise quite deliberately walk in to her pond and drop to the bottom. She leapt in and dragged it out as we both …

what tortoise bedding do i use? 
i am getting a baby horsefield tortoise. what bedding shall i use for it?

my turtle doesnt want to eat! 
i just got my turtle and im geting really worried that it doesnt eat

horsefield tortises 
what do baby horsefeild tortoises eat ?

what age is my tortoise?  
I have a horsfield is 3 and a half inches. what age is it aproximentley ?

is my turtle sick? 
on the bottom of my yellow bellied sliders shell, the center is kind of poofy and soft. does it mean it's sick?

Is my horsefield ok? 
Ive had my 2yr old horsefield for nearly a month now and the other day i noticed the white line around his shell has become wider and when i touched it …

inside a tortoise 
what is inside the shel of my tortoise? do/ you have any puctures

fussy sulcata 
Hi my sulcata tortoise i have had for about a month and half but all he/ she will eat is little gem lettuce a little bit of water cress but that's it. …

fresh water turtle not feeding 
I have 2 fresh water turtles. One is feeding well and growing nicely. The other is more shy and since we've come back from holiday it has totally stopped …

gender names 
are there specific names for male and female tortoises, Like cow and bull, or sow and boar, or ewe and ram?

Tortoise will not eat 
Every time my CA desert tortoise tries to eat, his jaw snaps, he tries to rub his mouth, then won't eat. My vet said his jaw is not out of joint. He …

uv light?? 
hello im the proud keeper of a 1year old hermanns tortoise..i keep him/her (we dont know yet) in a glass enclosure with a ceramic heatlamp and have recently …

why is he trying to get out? 
my toitoise keeps trying to open the door of his hut and he keeps tipping his water out the bowl why is he doing this?

Keep trying to escape 
My tortoise is constantly trying to escape from its run what can i do to make it happy?

African Tortoise 
I notice my tortoise has dug a hole under ground. How can I get her out of the hole?

Tortoise gender 
How do I tell if my tortoise is a male or female??

baby tortoise deaths 
Im interested in buying a tortoise but i'd probably get a baby... I'm abit worried tho cause ive heard loads of rumours about the babies dying really early. …

pink on tortoise stomach 
what does it mean when a tortoise has a pink stomach?

Male or female?? 
How do you tell if your (baby tortoise) tortoise is male or female??

how do you get a turtle to open its mouth for medicine!? 
we have a small water turtle with swollen closed eyes. the vet gave us antibiotics which we have to squirt into his mouth every day. we've been trying …

We put our Mississippi Map Turtle outside while we were cleaning his tank. After a couple of hours we brought him back inside but he is tucked into his …

pet toitoises 
wat poiseness plants can toiteses not eat?

Horsefielf Tortoise Eye Problem,,, 
i got my tortoise today and one of its eyes has been closed all the time. one eye is fine...just the other one, do i keep putting eye drops in or not? …

how hard do they bite 
i have a red foot tortoise and was woundering how harde he can bite??? thanx for ur time xx

Best Habitat 
We (my kids) recently found a little secada tortoise. We have had 2 other small tortoises that I actually purchased but they didn't make it past 2 years. …

age of star tortoise 
how to identify age of star tortoise

secada baby turtle eyes wont open 
When we first got the baby secada the eyes were bright and he was very active.. not as active and his eyes are closed??? Is this normal??

Where can my tortoise be?? 
Hi, my tortoise has been missing for about a month now, he lived in our backyard, one day he was gone. We search just about everyday for him, we see no …

Eating Problem 
I had recently found a star tortoise on the road and decided to take it home. The tortoise is quite shy around us and does not eat any food(Tomatoes, cabbage, …

walking around 
how long can my hermans tortoise stay walking round the garden or in the home before he has to go back in his viv .thanks

Soft shell 
Why is my one year old star tortisues shell soft?

my tortoise is sick 
my tortoise has runny white fluid coming from his eyes he doesn't want to move very much and his eyes are like closed shut and he isn't eating what do …

telling the difference 
How do I tell the difference between a desert tortoise and an African Spurred Tortoise? We have been given a tortoise and I'm concerned about how large …

i wanna know what kind of turtle i have? 
i have a turtle i rescue yesterday. he trying to hiding in mud. he has nails like teeth. his shell is pointed in the middle. he ate a earthworm. i live …

i am looking for a hermann tortoise but i know nothing about hibernation and i dont want to kill it or anything so could you tell me some things about …

new pet turtle age 
we found a tortoise/turtle, we dont know yet, in our backyard. we would like to know how to determine the age.

sir .regarding starvation  
good evevning sir well i have a starred indian tortoise and he was fine but for the last 15 days he is not eating anything ,he walks a lot has too much …

chirp chirp! 
I have a baby sulcata, it sometimes makes chirping noises, sometimes even when it is sleeping. can you tell me more about this?

Digging, pacing and climbing up the walls 
Help!! I just got a three toed box turtle from a herp rescue center. We have had her 2 weeks, and now she is pacing back and forth on one side of tank, …

my tortoise 
my tortoise is bleeding from the bottom of her shell and wont eat shes not moveing much and wont open her eyes can you she keeps blowing bubbles please …

hoe to treat a tortoise at home

tortoise mouth problem 
what can i do about my tortoise not being able to open its mouth?

Respiratory Infection 
I suspect my tortoise was infected by respiratory infection. coz he making wheezing sound and look open mouth to breath.. i had change just change …

pink turtle 
what do i do if my african side necked turtle is turning pink

Cuttlebone munching 
My red foot tortoise is approximately 6 inches long - would you have any idea as to how old it is? Also, i have just bought some cuttlebone for the …

We roughly know he is around 100 years even more but would really like to know for definate.

my russian tortoise  
he wont eat and he has a runny nose whats wrong with him? he was fine yesterday

sleeping tortoise?? 
I am looking after a neighbours 2 tortoises and one is eating and walking about fine but the other hasn't moved for 2 days!!! Help?? Is this normal?

My cousin got bit by a turtle! What should I do? 
Me and my three year old cousin were at my grandfather's hotel when we were looking at the turtle exhibit when the biggest turtle bit my cousin. We were …

Broken Shell 
How do we fix my russian tortoises shell. It got broke?

Herman Tortoise in garden 
I was on holiday and my neighbour was looking after my two Herman tortoises they are about 5 years old. She put them in the garden in a old large rabbit …

mt tortoise wont come out of its house in its tortoise table  
iv built my tortoise a table to live in it has a vast space which to explore, but since putting her in there she wont come out of the little hideaway to …

summer sleeping 
Our tortoise is 4 years old and this is his first summer outside but he always seems to be asleep.You have to wake him up to make him feed, but if he has …

My Desert Tortoise-Brutis. 
So i have this desert tortoise. I've had him for about a month now and his neck seems to always be peeling. Is that natural? Or is something wrong with …

How many times a day should I feed my baby desert tortoise? 
How many times a day should i feed my baby desert tortoise?

Sleeping habits of tortoise 
We have a russian tortoise and it was sleeping with its head out of the shell, is that normal?

cracked shell 
How to repair a crack in a tortoises shell?

sulcata/galapagos tortoise 
Hi I wonder if you can help, i am not sure if my tortoise is a sulcata or one from the galapogos islands, can you tell me the difference in the two please. …

Russian Tortoise eyes 
This may sound like a silly question, but i've never noticed my tort blink just using is bottom eyelid before and now he seems to be. it seems his bottom …

My tortoise keeps falling on his back 
I have a baby Hermanns tortoise hatched end of 2008. He has started getting quite daring and has recently started flipping him self over on anything he …

my redfooted tortoise's beak is turning black around the edge.. 
Does anyone know why my tortoise's beak might turn black? I have not fed her anything black and she has been eating the same as the male with her but …

How to raise a healthy, happy Baby Map Turtle 
I have a 4 month old Mississippi Map Turtle, and would like to know the following, how many fortified calcium pellets a day? Have good filter, Fluval, …

how much do i feed my greek tortise? 
i usually give him a pile of food just a little smaller than his whole body size and he eats it in 10 min and ALWAYS wants more... should I give him more …

Indian Star Tortoise behavior 
My Indian Star Tortoise (captive bred; four years old) has recently developed the habit of spending hours in his water bowl soaking. Since getting him …

my two baby pond turtles 
My two baby Indian black turtles don't eat the fresh greens I give them nor do they drink water I give them what do I do?

hermann and horsefield 
how can I tell the difference between these two breeds I think my petshop has sold me a horsefield instead of a hermann because they look totally different …

Oh no! Fertilizer mouth! 
Hi, I need help real quick- I was outside with my friend and his African Spurred Tortoise to day, watching her as she chewed grass and basked. All of a …

tortoise pacing 
why does my tortoise pace up and down its tank? i was told to cover the back and sides so she cant see out and this would help but hasnt. she makes such …

How can I tell what gender my tortoise is?

yellow bellied slider 
can a yellow bellied slider go in a pond with fish in

My sulcata is not eating or opening her eyes  
She is 4 months old and she is not eating and her eyes look like that are glued shut all she does is lay there and dont walk much she was very active and …

can my tortoise have a tortoise friend of different species 
I have an african spurred tortoise aprx 6 months old and would like to see if he could have a friend tortoise, I know they are territorial and would get …

which sex is which  
how do you tell the difference between male and female in African aquatic side neck turtles

Query regarding tortoise lighting 
Hi,I have a Hermanns Tortoise roughly aged 6 or 7. He/she currently lives in a vivarium with a heat lamp and a uv light. The tank is starting to get too …

Turles being on their backs 
How long can my turtle be on its back?

turtle tummy spots 
what are the brown squishy spots on my yellow belly turtles tummy. is it because my tank has to mush water??

Hermann biting 
Why does my 3 year old male Hermann Tortoise chase and bite my newer 2 year old male Hermann Tortoise on the legs? What should I do?

sulcata totoise 
my baby sulcata tortoise is starting to develop a roth on its beak and i was just wondering on what to do about it and how to prevent it from getting bigger …

African Spurred Tortoise questions 
I have a friend at work who wants to give me an African Spurred tortoise. I have a couple questions before I commit to it. First off, I can not find any …

Purple Bits On The Bottom Of Its Shell 
Why Does My Turtle Have Purple Bits On The Bottom Of Its Shell ?

black stuff on his mouth 
why does my baby california desert tortoise have black stuff on his mouth?

injured leg 
My son just noticed his turtle's leg is limp and white. he thinks another turtle bit it. what should we do to treat it?

The Russian Tortus 
How can you tell how old your Russian tortis is?, Also how can you tell its gender?

Adult with baby 
Hello, I have an 8 year old Redfoot......can I put a young Tortoise in the same cage. Will the adult male harm the younger Tortoise? Thanks, Jeff

Where would my tortoise be? 
I live in spain. I have a tortoise which i let live in the garden, there is no way my tortoise could of got out of the garden. I have been leaving food …

my tortoise nods its head when near or in water what does this mean?

leapard tortoise 
my tortoise has had a poorly foot and went black i took it to vet but she said jojo was healthy but now it looks like the poorly foot has stopped growing …

one of my turtle keeps sleeping  
one of my turtles just keeps sleeping all day and comes out very rarely to eat .. just wondering if there is something wrong ? but my other turtle that …

Scale Peeling 
Is is normal for our land tortoise's scales on his legs to peel? The skin underneath is a whitish color. We have had him for 45 years, yes years and …

how long will a baby tortoise survive without heat

a hole in its shell 
My turtle has a small hole on its shell what does that mean?

how do you teach em tricks? 
Can you tell me how to teach my one year old herman tortoise to do tricks, or is it possible?

can i put my russian and hermanns together in my outdoor enclosure for a day? 
can i put my russian and hermanns together in my outdoor enclosure for a day?

What sort of a tortoise do i own? 
i have 2 tiny tiny turtles. they don't eat the turtle food they gave at the pet store. i've been asked to feed them raw fish, but i don't know if thats …

What sort of a tortoise do i own? 
I want to know what sort of tortoise/turtle i own. its really tiny. a friend of mine says these will grow pretty fast. they don't seem to eat their turtle …

Soft holes around the neck with tentacles are suction cup looking things 
We found a tortoise in our yard and it has evenly spaced holes in the area around its neck. They appear soft with moist circular things in them. One …

My Herman Tortoise keeps biting 
Hi I have 2 Herman tortoises they are both 3 one is quite obviously a male and i think the other one is a female. The male keeps chasing the female round …

at what age do horsefield tortoise lay eggs? 
hi i have 2 horsefield tortoise and i was wondering at what age do they start to lay eggs ? thanks

tortoise age 
how to tell how old your sulcata tortoise is.

My russian tort has a soft head. 
I recently purchased a Russian tort for my son and can't really find a lot of books that provide a whole lot of information. My son noticed that behind …

Murray River Turtle how much food in one sitting? 
How much food in one sitting should i feed a Murray River Turtle? (13 months old) I've read conflicting info.

what is this rescued turtle or terrapin  
hi i rescued this turtle or terripin it is just over a foot long it was found on my local canal an i dont no what it is could anyone help me out

Tortoise Lamps 
how long should i keep my basking lamp and UVB lamp on for?

is my tortoise safe? 
I'm going to have a pet tortoise soon.I'm trying to find out what to put in its terrarium.I was thinking sand.But I heard rumors that they eat it and it …

He Wont Eat 
A neighbor of my mom's found a desert tortoise in his backyard-- and left it there for over a week, while his dogs hassled it (no major damage done- but …

Tortoise Escape 
My tortoise runs into the wall of his cage and keeps walking. What is he doing? My cage has glass sides and he is a Russian Tortoise.

how can you tell the difference between a female and male green eared slider?

Cherry Head Red Footed Tortoise Diet 
What could I feed my Cherry Head Red Footed baby Tortoise? I live in Trinidad, West Indies and I wanted to know if I can feed her mangoes?

my red ear slider 
hi my baby red ear sliders belly is turning a little brown what can i do to get it back like its supossed to be.some one told me its a vitamn defencies …

Peeling skin 
My russian tortoise has peeling skin, and she seems healthy enough. what is going on?

Leopard tortoise not eating well 
Hi, I have a young leopard tortoise (about a good 10 months old) and it seems that he has a problem eating. He is willing to eat and seems healthy; …

African Sideneck with eye problem 
His eyes have a white spot on them, and are swollen. He keeps his eyes closed and does not want to open them. He is not eating like he should. What is …

My African has grown three spikes from its mouth? 
My 6 yr old African has grown three small spikes in the front of his top pointed beak? They were not there before they are the color and size of a pencil …

Do you know where your pet is coming from? 
If you are thinking about buying a pet tortoise, please be careful about where it is coming from. Some people in England thought that they would try …

soft shell n swollen eyes of my star turtle 
i have a star turtle wit me 4rm past 8months.. it was fin ein the starting.. but sudenly frm past 3 to 4 months its becum very lazy nn her eyes r swollen... …

My Tortoise was bit by my puppy 
My Tort was bit by my puppy....he has slight damage to his shell. A 1" cut/crack on the bottom(nothing exposing from inside) and a little of the brown …

star tortoise 
when a star tortoise breed or how can we know its age and at what age it breeds

my tortiose has a swollen eye 
my red-eared slider turtle hasn't ate since yesterday and does not move a lot anymore. he even has a swollen eye. how can i cure him?

Not moving 
I just got given a baby short neck turtle! He hasn't moved, is there something wrong or is he/she scared?

red eared slider problem 
what does it mean when a red eared slider wont eat or come out of the grass in the tank?

is my yellow bellied slider turtle sick? 
i've had my turtles for about a month and a half now (two yellow bellied sliders) and one eats a lot more than the other and has grown a lot bigger. i …

How do I teach my turtle to eat food that doesn't move. 
Hey "Totally Tortoise", My name is Dani, I'm only 14, and I have a box turtle named Franklin. He is very small. And when i say small, I mean he fits …

how can you tell my turtles from a boy or a girl 
ok i have two turtles and i dont know how to tell if they are a boy or a girl how do you tell?

Can a 3 toed box turtle and a desert tortoise have babies? How old do they have to be to breed? We keep them in the same tank I was just curious the male …

Tortoise starvation 
I am breeding greek tortoise and 1 has just hatched from her egg, I would like to know for how many days will the tortoise not eat? it has hatched after …

New Turtle Owner 
We just bought our Comberland turtle which seem active. When we put him in the tank he just sits there with his eyes closed. He eats a lot. But seems …

sensitive shell  
can a tortiouse feel through its shell

horsefield tortoise weight 
i hav a 4 yr approx horsefield what is average weight?

HELP !! 
what does it mean if my tortoise isn't eating or drinking ?

Tortoise problem 
Can a CA desert tortoise appear dead when it is hibernating?

I would like to keep my tortoise shell? 
My tortoise died last week and I have had him for over 50 years, I would like to know how I can keep the shell as a physical memory. Please help?

my baby indian roofed tortoise have develop white spot in eyes 
my baby indian roofed tortoise have develop white spot in to cure it plzz answer me soon

4 year old sulca tortoise 
My 4 year old sulcata tortoise that is a female -her behind is pushed out and red--is this a mating/in heat thing--we also have a male in the same enclosure? …

i want to know the breed of this hibernate in October to February.

Guilty pet owner... 
I feel so dog chewed and scratched my 6 yr old tortoise's front legs to the point of there is no armor scales left on his legs!! He seems a little …

Our pet tortoise got out of our yard 2 days ago. We have an alley behind our house. We live in Florida so there is lots of foilage. If no one took …

why ain't he lively any more 
my herman tortoise is 4 and in the last week he ant wanted to eat and all he does is sleep all day i have been taking the food to him and he will only …

help for red eared slider 
my turtle is a red eared slider and she hasn't been eating for about 3 days now.

Turtle eating problems 
My turtle won't eat anymore.It been about 7 days now. He doesn't seem distressed.He just stopped.We have 2 other RES they were all bought at the same time …

soft under shell 
i have 2 juvinile horsefields and the under side is soft to touch, i have uv and basking light and they go outside whenever possible,they eat a varied …

Falling Over 
My turtle keeps falling onto its back/ somehow flipping itself onto its back and I read that it's not good for them to stay on its back and if I am out …

ornamental cactus? 
will russians eat spiny cactus? i wanted to spruce up his pen, wanted to find something non-toxic he won't eat...

why is my boy tortoise biting my girl tortoise. 
why is my boy tortoise biting my girl tortoise.

puffy eye 
the tortoise eye is puffy & could not open it's eye? is there any treatment that can be purchased from the shelf? what should be done to revive the tortoise? …

he seems not to do anything 
my tortoise is 9 yrs old he woke as usal march but just last few day seems as he not doing anything ,eaten little, not moveing very much even when out …

I have 2 start tortoise and I need some advice from experts  
Last year I had gone for treaking and while walking on the road I found 2 star tortoise injured , i decided to take them home with me . well for the …

tortoise peeling 
my tortoise skin is peeling off its neck and head what does this mean??? also what can i buy to keep her occupied??

Gender of hermanni Tortoise 
I have a young Hermanni tortoise, just about a year old. How old will it be before I can tell its gender?

Is My Tortoise Dead? 
Hi, please I need a fast reply because I'm panicking. I think my tortoise (mediterranean tortoise) died yesterday, is she supposed to be limp? She's not …

My Greenly 
My Turtle Hind Legs Havent Moved.Hes Been In the Same Spot,and i have to push his food to he dying? hes been like this for 4 days now

I'm getting a tortoise in a few days. i know some basics but can you please tell me about the housing for my tortoise, i want it to be inside at night, …

African Side Necked Turtles 
I have 2 african side necked turtles which are small. we are not sure how old as the guy in the pet store wasnt sure. we think 1 is a boy and 1 is a girl. …

tunisa tortiose 
hi my friend got me a tunisa tortiose from tunisa i was happy with her untill i read things on the internet that wild torts carry virus like herpes and …

Tortoise wont drink water. Why? 
When i was coming home i found a tortiose in the middle of the street. i brought it home and fed it lettuce(not iceberg) and carrots. But still, she does …

turtle not moving or eating but alive... 
hello there thank you for making this web-site and i was wondering why my painted turtle is not moving or eating after my brother added some plants …

Classroom pet? 
I am trying to pick a pet to have in my elementary classroom. I have been thinking about a Russian tortoise. Does anyone have any opinions on how this …

Tortoise age 
How can you tell the age of a tortoise

rescued forest hingeback 
my buddy was keeping horrible care of a forest hingeback so i rescued i thought. i have his humidity way high anywhere between 70-90% temp …

tortoise trouble 
why is my tortoise back legs having trouble moving and one eye is closed

how do you tell if a Rusian Box Tortoise is a girl or boy? 
how do you tell if a Rusian Box Tortoise is a girl or boy?

tortoise wound 
the other day my african sulcatta rubbed the bottom of his shell raw on a brick in the backyard. we do not have the money to incur a vet bill. so we got …

tortoise weight 
how much should a 3 year old tortoise weigh?

How do I tell if my turtle is male or female?

Marginated Tortoise 
Is it normal for a two year old marginated tortoise to sleep all day for 2 or 3 days at a time not eating or eating a small amount?

breeding Hermann tortoises 
What do you do when you want your female tortoise to breed?

why is the tortoise's eye watering 
hi thanks for your help yesterday while talking to hurley my 7yr hermann , i noticed that his eye was watering and runnning. im not sure why nothing has …

Injured tortoise 
Our tortoise got out of our yard and we just found her injured. Her shell is cracked in two places and she is bleeding. We have her on antibiotics and …

Pet Tortoises 
I am very interested in getting a tortoise for a pet. I live in Ohio, so I'm guessing my tortoise would have to be maintained mostly indoors. I would …

swollen discoloured tortoise neck 
my turtle is not eating. Its neck is swollen and discoloured as well as its feet. It climbs on the back (shell) of its companion and sometimes its shell …

harry is a 3 year old greek spur-thighed tortoise who we have only had a few days but he has a runny nose and his legs peeling is any of this normal the …

i am confussed 
Ok ummmmm. a few days ago me and my husband found either a tortoise or a turtle on the side of the road and i have know idea wather it is a boy or girl …

Spot on Russian Tortoise 
My Russian Tortoise has a red spot on his neck. What could this be?

my 2 year old horsfield tortoise isnt eating! 
I purchased my young tortoise yesterday and he hasn't eaten anything yet? is this normal? otherwise he seems ok

tortoise will not eat 
I have a 3yr old male? well the vet thinks so anyway he is off his food and our vet said a mate would help so we just purchased another one hopefully female? …

i am going to buy a red foot tortiose that was cb06 so what size will it be many thanks.

sulcata won't open its eyes and very lethargic 
I have a baby sulcata approximately 10 months old and it won't open its eyes and doesn't move. It seems as though the eyes are "welded" shut. Can you …

Turtle Boredom 
How do I make sure that my turtle is happy and is not bored?? Are there any toys or anything to keep her busy throughout the day?

My hatchling looks like it is swollen with fluid---Help 
In the last 3 days my Greek hatchling (just under a year and 25 grams and I've had her since she was a month old. Her sibling is doing fine) seems to be …

what gender 
How can you tell if a tortoise is a boy or girl

what kind 
what is a turtle that has red lines on its neck and hisses and bites

ummm confusedd! 
Okay, well I was eight and got a turtle, of course my mom thought it would teach me responsibility! Well, I always forgot! remember, I was eight! So anyways, …

what kind of tortiose i have

I need to know what type of Paint is safe for my tortoise table? 
Ok So This is the third site i've posted this on.. Hopefully I can get an answer. =) I have a 5 year old Sulcata Tortoise. For the last 4 years she …

Turtle not using back legs 
What is wrong with my turtle, he is about a year old and has been healthy until now... he is not moving much, but when he does he only swims with his front …

turtle inactive 
what if a turtle does not walk around much and keeps its legs in its shell a lot?

Feeding tortise medicine (get its head out) 
I need to feed my tortise medicine, but I cannot get/keep its head out of its shell. Everytime I touch it, the head goes inside the shell again. I also …

horsfield and herman 
I have a male herman and have just bought a male and female horsfield. will they be ok in the same greenhouse? they have a pig lamp over them and the freedom …

russian tortoise damage 
My Russian tortoise has a crack on his face from just below his eye down to the centre of his beak, there is a slight gap and there appears to be movement …

tortoise or turtle size 
turtle or tortoise is big in size?

Eye to Eye 
I've been noticing that lately my Sulcatas tortoise hasn't opened it's eyes. It still has a good appetite and it seems to be moving around as much as usual, …

My baby red ear turtle has only one eye open? 
A pair of them arrived only today. I put them in the pool where my kois live without examining their condition closely, but they both look good and disappeared …

which one? 
are tortoises bigger or are turtles bigger?

Russian tortoise growth 
Hi i have had my russian tortoise for about 3 months the reptile shop said that he is a one year old. lately i have noticed white lines appearing around …

Yellow belly slider 
i have had my yellow belly slider for a few months now and have noticed he has lost a fingernail, is this normal?

New spur thighed tortoise pacing 
I recently bought a 1 year old spur thighed tortoise. I have found that she constantly paces her pen. What does this mean?

turtle diving 
What does it mean if a fresh-water turtle can't dive?

my tortoise is not really moving and not opening his eyes whats wrong with him?

cactus removal from my sulcata 
how to remove a little cactus spur from the eye lid of my sulcata. It rubbed up against a cactus with very fine spines and it got a little spine on the …

softening of shell in turtle 
what is the treatment of softening shell in red-eared sliders?

hello i bought a tortoise yesterday and bathed it today it was fine then it weeded and white stuff came out from where it wees? does that mean its scared? …

eye infection 
what can i do so my turtle won't have the eye infection anymore

come out 
why does my turtle only come out when i'm not around and how to get him to come out

horsfield tortoise questions 
I have a 2 year old tortoise who hasn't eaten for a week is this a problem? and how long can they stay on there back for if they tip over?

why is the tip of my baby turtle's tail falling off 
the tip of my turtles tail is folded over.

Is my tortoise ill? 
I have a spur-thighed tortoise he i s over 60 years old and has recently lost his friend who we had for 20 years. Within the last three days he has stopped …

star tortoise in north carolina 
can you get a star tortoise in north carolina without ordering it

wound advice...stat! 
My labrado retreiver chewed on my 7 year old russian tortoise's shell and there is a quarter size exposed area of shell. He is not bleeding and is walking …

Is my Russian tortoise dead??? 
Hi. I had my Russian tortoise for over 3 years and for a few weeks, it completely stopped eating and now is not moving at all. I went to a pet store to …

Can we keep a tortoise with small kids? Will it harm the kids?

Whats wrong with my turtles legs? 
His back legs are messed up somehow? He can walk on them but when he just sits they are like laid back and look broken but theres no way? He's not using …

turtle wont eat 
my baby turtle wont eat. i gave him what they said was good at the pet shop but as many mini sticks i put in theres the same amount the next day.what should …

turtle eyes 
what does it mean when a turtle has its eyes closed for a whole day, but still moves its body?

tortise runny stool 
I just got my desert tortoise, and he seems to have a lot of runny stools. I am feeding him all the things that the charts say to, with only a few slices …

I think my Horsefild tortoise is ill 
hi, whenever my horsefield tortoise wakes up which is nearly never, it seems to struggle opening its eyes and it gets a white liquid from them when …

help me and my tortoise mouth colour 
my tortoise's mouth is usually the colour of a pink grapefruit but yesterday i was feeding him and it was bright red do you know what is wrong with him? …

my hermann's torrtoise won't drink water 
we recently got a hermann's tortoise and he seems healthy and happy with a regular eating pattern of t-rex tortoise dry formula. i also dampen this with …

My little Cherry Head's shell is somewhat flat 
I have had Pixie for almost 2 years. She has always been on the flat side but as she is getting bigger her shell is not growing up or curved like my bigger …

mixing species 
i have a baby hermann , think it's a male, but i don't want to buy a second of the same species in case they both end up being males and attack each other …

My tortoise's shell becomes soft.... 
Hi, i have two tortoises. One of my tortoise...its shell becomes soft and now it's not moving. It's the first day it becomes like this. So i'm not sure …

tortoise age and gender 
how do we tell what gender it is and the age??

photo of swollen foot 
Please see attached photo. My baby turtles back left foot is swollen. what should i do to help ease this swelling, and what medication I can buy? Thanks. …

turtle with swollen foot 
I have a baby turtle who has a swollen left back foot. Does anyone know of any treatment and how to make sure his foot don't become swollen again?

Swollen feet 
HI, I have a baby turtle(timmy), In recent days i noticed that timmy's back left foot is very swollen, he pushes forward with his other three feet. Is …

cooter turtle eye infection?  
i have had a cooter turtle, spudweiser, for almost two years now and i've recently noticed he keeps his left eye closed alot now. what could be the cause …

Male Tortoise Bitting Another Male Tortoise 
How can I stop a young male desert tortoise from bittng another, much older desert tortoise's hind legs? He keeps following the older tortoise around and …

Buying a Murray Short Neck Turtle 
What is the best age to buy a Murray Short Neck Turtle? And what to look for when buying one?

tortoise skin peeling 
my hermanns tort's skin is peeling off its head it's still not even 1 yet so what dose that mean thanx

turtle eating and sleeping questions 
I have a large female res turtle that is probably 15-20 years old she normally has a very good appetite she will eat 6 crawdads in one day here lately …

Painted Turtle Problem 
why won't my painted turtle i just got who has clean water i change ever week open his eyes?

Maximum weight for baby Red foot tortoise 
What is the Maximum weight for baby Red foot tortoise ? And how can you guarantee a female and a female red foot tortoise.

how do I feed my sulcata tortise 
i just got a 4 month old sulcata tortise, what should i feed him and how many times a day should he eat?

Hi, Just wondering do I have to hibernate him. I think he's about 1 year old. He's got a 4" shell, and lives in a 36" vivarium with all the accessories. …

star tortoise problems 
its very nice thing to have these kind of people to help us here goes my series of problems. 1)i have a star tortoise for an year..i always feed …

sexing a tortoise 
how can i tell my tortoise is a boy or a girl and i want to breed them?

i have a horsfield tortoise . i do not no the sex of it any tips. also how bif will it grow when it is fully matured. and should i be feeding it once …

Turtle Noises 
My son has a Eastern long neck turtle and l'm guessing it's about 2 years old. He is a male and has recently started to make soft moaning noises, he doesn't …

soft shell 
i have a 18 month horsfield tortoise he/she? is eating well and is given 2in1 calcium/phosphorus supplement with vitamins but the shell is soft on top …

well i have a tortoise ive had it for like 5-6 months and i feed hem but he dont eat he has something wrong with he's eyes yellow stuff come out of one …

feeding my baby tortoise 
i have a baby tortoise , i feed it romaine lettuce,dandellion,carrots,grass.its kinda fat, i think im overfeeding my tortoise. how much do i feed my baby …

My horsefield tortoise isn't eating. Help! 
Hi, my name is Shannon and my tortoise is called Tom. I've had my tortoise for 14 months and he is 7 years old. Since I've had him, I have never seen …

Greek Tort eye problem con. 3 
the tort is the same and i don't get why. i use ECO EARTH. made of compressed coconut fiber. the vet didn't mention anything about the enclosure. the veterinarian …

Russian not moving back legs 
I have a Russian Turtle that I have had for over 7 years. He has always been spunky and full of energy until this past month. He hibernated for about …

Horsfield Tortoise 
Hi, I got a Horsfield Tortoise on Friday, and he seems to have settled in ok into his enclosure. He has a heat lamp at one end, and shelter at the …

Is my pet a turtle or a tortoise?  
My friend's dog found a turtle/tortoise on the side of a hill in Hawaii. He gave it to me, but I'm not sure what it is. Could you please help me to identify …

tortoise sleep 
My baby tortoise has been sleeping but has waken up but slept again. My point is that it is sleeping ALOT! should i worry about this?

Tortoise age 
How long does a tortoise live?

breeding hermanns tortoise 
What age will hermanns tortoise breed to is 25 to old to buy females to breed. Thank you

Desert tortoise in shock?  
Is shock possible for a desert tortoise? I have a female and she feel off our wall (about 2 feet high) and fell on the concrete upside down. I went out …

hibernating a golden greek tortoise 
hibernation does my golden greek have to do it and why and when

the month turtles hibernate 
what season do turtles hibernate? what season do turtles wake up from hibernating? …

A BIG problem with my Star Tortoise 
Hello, I am Akanksha. 4 days ago I found a small Star Tortoise in my uncle's farmhouse and I took it home. It was very quiet and shy the first day and …

russian tortoise 
i have a russian tortoise around 2 and a half he wont open his eyes and am very worryed brough him to the vet but she gave us drops just wondering what …

Galapagos Tortoise Photo 
i need a picture of a pet galapagos tortoise

What is wrong with my Russian Tortoise? 
I have two russian tortoises, a boy and a girl. The girl is about 10, i believe and has never had any problems as far as i could tell. They live downstairs, …

my turtle is almost dead 
for about 3 months my turtle hasnt been eating or moving alot, but he is alive, i see he head and his eyes move sometimes.

tortoises breathing 
i have a spur thigh tortoise and a herman tortoise they are both males.but ive noticed when my spur thigh is walking around i can hear him breathin when …

Getting a Tortoise 
My boyfriend wants to get a tortoise. We live in Ireland and have a pond in our back garden with goldfish in it. Is there a particular tortoise he should …

turtles' tail 
see if there's a black thing coming out of its tail what is it but it goes back in

Is my Horsefield tortoise ill? 
I'm worried that my Horsefield tortoise may be very ill. We have had him now for two years, he is around 10 years old (male). Last summer he began …

Russian tortoise problem 
What would happen if I put 2 male russian tortoises in one cage?

is the turtle a girl or boy? 
ok i just found a turtle on the road i cant tell if its snapping turtle or if its a boy or girl. can you help me please?

dead or alive 
how to get to know if a star turtle is dead or alive

Tortoise feeding schedule 
How many times of day does a tortise need water and feeding?

Russian Trotoise Missing Feet 
A neighbor just found a Russian tortoise. He is missing most of both of his front legs. His shell is ragged in the front. He has eaten a little and is …

Greek Tort eye problem con. 
i have taken my tortoise to a vet twice. The bad eye has been the same since last time i wrote. Two weeks ago they gave it eye drop medication. i went …

russian turtle skin problems  
We just bought a russian turtle for my daughter's birthday. After we brought turtle home my 4 year old daughter and my wife started having itchy skin. …

hello i have a tortoise and it dosent seem well. his shell has gone soft i give it calcum on food and the shell seemed to have cracked and bleed but its …

How long can my turtle live out of water? 
We came home last night only to find that one of our two red eared sliders had somehow managed to escape from its home. I really am not sure how he managed …

knowing gender  
i want to know if its a male or a female.. i have a pair which i usually keep them in water... and how can i know if they can live in water or without …

is my russian tortoise dead? 
it was fine 2 days ago and now it wont even move. other websites say that if it is alive then it wont allow me to pull on its legs. my tortoise dosnt do …

fungus amongus 
My tort appears to have a white fungus on her head. What could it be?

What type of turtle do i have? 
I found a turtle and made it become my pet but i don't know what kind of turtle it is. what type of turtle has white spots on its neck?

feeding my adult sulcata tortoise 
I have been feeding my tortoise romaine lettuce, bananas, strawberry's, bread since he was a baby...he is now 8 yrs. old. I'm not sure what other kinds …

boy or girl 
is my painted turtle a girl or boy?

soft tortoise shell 
i have my tortois about 1year now it,s shell went very soft wat dit i do wrong

Tortoise Care 
How to take care of tortoise?

crack in shell 
Not sure how it happened but my tortoise has a small crack/hole in her shell near the top of her back. It looks a little oozy and has a small amount of …

happy tortoise? 
how do i know if my tortoise is happy??

do tortoise eat papaya

Crazy Russian Tortoise 
We've had our Russian Tortoise almost 12 years now. Just the past month or so, he hardly sleeps and just keeps running around. He also bites everything …

Turtle Can't dive 
I am hoping to see what is wrong with my turtle. It is having trouble diving. It seems like there is air trapped in the shell and it is keeping it from …

Hermann tortoise climbing sides of box 
I have a 1 year old Hermanns tortoise which I bought recently, he is being kept in a wooden tortoise box inside and keeps trying to climb up the side of …

Horsfield Tortoise problems 
I have had my tortoise for almost 3 months now. It took her a while to settle in and she didn't eat a lot for about a month. She still isn't eating a lot …

My Russian Tortoises skin is starting to get flaky and i think that that is bad, I am worried. Is that bad for his skin to be flaky?

whats wrong with him? 
my husband fell asleep with my redeard slider he looks fine but he aint comming out much what is wrong with him? please help

spur thigh average weight 
A friend of mine has 2 baby spur thighs of a year and a half, one of them is currently the same weight and size as my 5 year old. Is there anywhere …

Red ear slider 
My boyfriend and I bought a red eared slider about a month ago. We got the tank, the lights, the floating bark, and the sand at the same place we got the …

what is the life expectancy of a tortoise in uk 
What is the life expectancy of a tortoise in the uk

long neck turtle 
I have about a 2 year old long neck turtle, how can i tell if it is a boy or a girl?

herman tortoise 
i have a herman tortoise and i have noticed his shell around the edge is goin a white colour and his skin is peeling does this mean he is lacking in something? …

Tortoise Growth 
I have a 7 year old Russion Horsfield Tortoise who I bought last August unfortunately I bought her from a pet shop before doing more research and she had …

how to travel ?????? with my tortoise 
i have a greek tortoise and we will be taking it for three days to tahoe. its a 4 hour drive there, how do i care for my turtle in the car and get it enough …

Turtle biting  
I have a few turtles (4) and one of them is always biting the other ones and and even when I take it out of the aquarium it tries to bite me. I don't knwo …

red eared slider 
my red eared slider would go up onto his basking area and always try to lift hisself over the rim of the tank. he has a big anough basking area and he …

I'm extremely worried 
I got a Hingeback tortoise who is undergoing treatment therapy for a respiratory infection. She started eating and was doing much better and improving …

south australian murry short neck tortoise. better to have 1 or 2? 
hi well the Australian tortoise if different to rest of the worlds as it lives under water for 4 years then goes on land......but anyway i got one that …

south australian murry short neck tortoise. better to have 1 or 2? 
hi well the Australian tortoise if different to rest of the worlds as it lives under water for 4 years then goes on land......but anyway i got one that …

My mediteranean spur thighed not waking very often 
My tortoise is about 18 months old , I've had her 6 months, in the nice weather I've been letting her out into the garden watching her closely, but since …

my yellow bellied turtle 
hi I've had my yellow bellied turtles for about 2days know and they don't seem to be basking or eating and spend most of the time hiding what is wrong? …

weight of a tortiose  
whats is the average size and weight of a horsefield tortoise?

rarely comes out of her shell and other questions 
hi i have 2 star is quite active and the other one hardly comes out of her shell..she just comes out to eat..i even took her to the vet …

Is my desert tortoise sick? 
My 1 year old desert tortoise is biting the air like he is having trouble swallowing something (but I haven't fed him yet today) he is also inverting his …

Greek Tort eye problem 
i have had my Greek tortoise for about a month and about a week ago i could see that he can't open his right eye. there is white stuff around it and he …

sleeping hermann torttoise 
i got a hermann tortoise {apox 1} keeps falling asleep barly eating. i dont know what is wrong

tortoise behaviour problems 
does any one know of they tortoise chasing round in circles and charging at you when you go pick him up he's done this twice today never be for he is nearly …

Tortoise's Eyes Closed 
Why isn't my tortoise opening his eyes. What is wrong with him?

How To Know What To Get 
Ok,I live in North Carolina and here it's illegal to sale a turtle...therefor I would have to catch one. BUT! there is a Tortoise at my local pet store. …

not eating my hingeback. 
I got a forest hingeback two weeks ago from Petland. When I brought her home she was eating. I noticed the last couple of days she has not been eating. …

water turtle got out and now i cant find himm 
ok i have a diamondback that is somewhere in my house. last time he got out my dogs got a hold of im. i know these guys can't be out of water for long …

where do australian murray short neck tortoise's sleep? 
I live in south Australia I brought a fresh water murray short neck tortoise and it sleeps in a tank that's about 2 thirds full of water as it is only …

We have just bought 2 9 month old horsefield tortoise having done some research so we knew what type of housing food etc we would need however we cannot …

tortoise talking? 
i don't know what it is, but my tortoise sometimes makes noises. i do not know if i should be concerned or not. i live in hawaii and my tortoise stays …

star tortoise 
what should i feed my star tortoise?

Eye problems 
My baby leopard tortoise will not open his eyes. After he takes a drink they open. But close shortly after. I got him special eye drops and they still …

baby tortoise 
i have a baby tortoise from the woods newborn i guess. was fine. now hasnt moved for a long time no movement at all n my daughter n i r upset. what …

tortoise with poorly eyes 
my tortoise finds it hard to open her eyes in the morning. I have to give her a bath most days and wipe her eyes for them to open other wise they are …

itchy-headed painted turtle 
My painted turtle won't stop itching his head. We thought it was a common eye infection and gave him the eyedrop treatment but he consistently itches …

new tortoise 
Hello, we have a 2 year old horsfield tortoise. Can you tell me how much they eat and how often approx? and we have all the lights and bulbs that are required …

Age of Greek Tortoise  
I've bought a greek tortoise 5 months ago, the pet shop told me that it is from Europe, but didn't know it's age... Is there a way to know the ago of it? …

how to get a turtle to come out of its shell? 
i wait and wait but my turtle never comes out. when i got home from school i looked he was out but i turned the light on and look again he's in his shell …

Illegal tortoise? 
Our neighbor found a tortoise and brought it over to our house. My son has had a great time with it...he/she is brown and has pentagon shapes on his shell. …

is keeping star and golden tortoise is legal in india 
Is keeping star and golden tortoise is legal in india?

tortoise ok? 
I came home to find my tortoise with his head in the water plate....looked like he was drowned. i took him out and now he is moving his limbs but not walking …

Russian Tortoise 
Our tortoise, Kiwi, is a male we recently found out, because he has the indent on the bottom (belly) part of his shell. He is approximately 5 inches …

Alternatives for Timothy hay & Collard Greens? 
Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your reply regarding my tortoise's loose stomach. He is much better now since I stick to only lettuce but then I read that lettuce …

tortoise not eating 
my tortoise`s have not ate for a few days will they be ok

is there something wrong with my redfoot? 
I just recently bought a juvenile redfoot tortoise, and he seems to be doing fine he eats every day poops when i soak him lol, but recently he seems to …

tortoise not eating 
what should i do if my tortoise doesn't have a regular eating habit and doesn't eat much anymore... at all really?

problem with a baby sulcata tortoise 
what should i do if my baby sulcata tortoise isn't active all the time and doesn't really open it's eyes anymore?

Why are my Hermanns tortoise's eyes closed all the time? 
I got my Herman's tortoise last October when she was 18 months old. She is in a terrarium with a heat lamp and a water dish for drinking and bathing. The …

why is my turtle not eating 
hello i live in the uk and i have 2 turtles 1 a cumberland slider and the other is a map turtle. They have both stopped eating and sleep a lot on their …

Soft spots 
My Tortoise has soft portions around the squares of her shell on the top and the bottom. I was just wondering if there is anything i can do to fix this …

is my tortoise a boy or a girl 
is my tortoise a boy or a girl

how do i tell the age and sex of it? 
My turtle is a yellow bellied slider and i have had him for only 2 months, I only have 1 turtle so i can't compare it with another 1.I want to know how …

My Russian Tortoise's 
I have a female and a male in the same habitat and my male keeps biting my female on her legs and tries to bite her face, my female just keeps circling …

My tortoise 
My tortoise has one eye open and one eye closed but the eye that is closed is stuck so what does that mean and how can we help the tortoise?

is my russian tortoise sick? 
my tortoise is not eating her food. I don't know if she's sick or hibernating

eye infection in a greek tortosie 
my turtle is a greek tortoise and he is having trouble opening his eyes. when he opens them his eyes have some type of puss come out. I'm not sure if it …

Russian Tortoise Emergency 
my russian tortiose is not moving and it won't open her eyes but she is breathing she is only 3 years old she is from the wild but i got her from the pet …

Hibernating Tortoise in a Greenhouse 
I had 2 tortoises for 8 years and kept them through hibernation in a tea chest filled with straw. I am now getting 2 3-year olds. will I be able to hibernate …

wierd things happening in your turtle and fish tank 
what if you have two aquatic turtles and a fish in a tank and you get green moldy stuff all over the tank

Why is my red eared slider turtle pacing? 
Our turtle began pacing back and forth in her tank. She is slapping at the water and splashing water everywhere. She is a red-eared slider...We have had …

My tortoise is not hibernating 
my tortiouse hasn't woke up for 2 days didnt eat any thing..didnt drink any thing,has a kind of bloudish purple thing at its back,i tried to pull its leg …

Is my tortoise dead or not? 
how can i tell if my tortoise is dead? i have tried putting it in warm water no movement at all. its head is right inside its shell.

Who's larger, tortoise or turtle 
Which grows to the larger of the two a tortoise or a turtle?

Star Tortoise upset stomach 
Hi, I have a Star Shell Tortoise and he is about a year old. He usually eats lettuce and other vegetables and loves fruits. His urination and stools have …

galapagos tortoise sex 
how do you tell if a Galapagos tortose is a boy or girl?

torotoise pacing in tank 
Our tortoise has been acting strange the past two days. Why would she be pacing back and forth in her tank?

shell indentations 
I've had my young adult Russian Tort (Ollie) for just over a month. She is about 4 inches long and weighs .5 lbs. She's been to the vet, where she had …

Feeding med spur-thighed torts 
I have two 6 year old med spur-thighed torts, 1 male 1 female, i was given them from a friend who was immigrating and whilst i did research before getting …

sick baby tortoise 
my baby tortoise is sick what sold i give him? I do not no what to give my baby tortoise? my friend told me to give him vegetable but it does not eat? …

My sulcata tortoise is not eating well... 
Hello..I have a 5 year old sulcata tortoise. He has not been eating much at all lately. His diet consists of leafy greens and some different vegetables. …

My two Russian Tortoises, Trevor and Dash 
How can I tell how old my tortoises are?

I have a 6 year old Male Sulcata Tortoise, he is very happy and healthy, last week one of his top scutes popped off. All in one piece like a fingernail …

turtle shell problem 
my turtle has a crack on her shell and this white parts that are much softer then the rest of the shell.

Indian Star Tortoise 
Hi, I'm from Singapore. My indian star tortoise has been living with me for about 6 years. She suffered from pnuemonia a few years ago, but is fine …

Is he dead or Hibernating? 
Hi, My tortoise is only 3 years old. The children noticed that it was not moving and when thy took him out of the cage he was a stiff. His head is …

what is wrong with my turtles eye? 
my turtles a desert tortise and her eye is puffy and red.what is wrong with it and how can i cure it?

1 male 3 females ( 1 blonde and 2 brunettes) 
What time of season do they breed and how long do they carry their eggs before hatching?This guy has it made with his 3 wives.They are all 7 years old …

My turtle fell  
She fell and now she's all red around the head. She seems scared and won't put her head outside. She never had her head so pulled inside; What do I do? …

What to do if my tortoise falls on her back? 
Ive found my tortoise on her back twice in the past week, she keeps trying to climb up the wall and falls back. Shes got a big enough vivarium and shes …

Sudden hissing while hibernating 
I have had my adorable Russian, Mikey, for about five years. We used to be very close and he would perk his head up when he heard my voice. Now that college …

radiated tortoise eating habits 
how often do radiated tortoise eat

turtle food 
i bought a star tortoise 5 days back. my problem is that he is not having food since i've bought him. i have kept him in my house. he romes in the whole …

red ear slider behavior 
What do i do when my red eared slider starts swimming crazy and keeps his head back?

Russian Tortoise Eye Infection 
Hello, I was wondering how to treat my young Russian tortoises eye infection. Her eye is sort of swollen and closed, and slightly more pink than the other …

Tortoise vs Turtle Size 
Do turtles grow bigger then tortoises?? I was wondering which one is smaller!

eye problem 
Hello, My sulcata tortoise is about 80 lbs, and I've just started noticing his left eye will shut, and stick out a little bit, and it is white. He does …

5-year old herman tortoise 
im not sure if my tortoise is hibernating or has died..... he's not shown any signs of hibernating in previous year i put this down to the fact that he …

very scared about petco redfoot turtle 
i recently bought a redfoot from petco i have her with my other very healthy red foot, my new tortoise seems to either be very scared of its new environment …

russian tortoise care 
well i got a russian tortise and it's a girl the person i got it from said there is only few tortises like this that is a girl so i think that she should …

soft shell 
my turtle has a soft shell, Before he was always on the move but now he looks tired and sick, and he hardly moves at all. He doesn't seem to want to eat …

Can two species of tortoise live together happily? 
i have a female 2yr old horsefield tortoise. i was thinking about getting her a friend but i have a few questions about it first. 1. will she think that …

soft shell 
I have a murry river turtle and ever since I got it from the pet shop it has had a soft shell I have two other turtles from the same place and they are …

Red Eared Slider Noise 
Why did my red eared slider turtle make a loud screaching noise? Also, It has a few white spots on it's shell.

Tortoise Behaviour?? 
My husband and I moved into a house about 6 months ago and two days later discovered a tortoise living in the garden.. We have three dogs, two cats and …

what is wrong with my turtle?? 
i have a short neck turtle and it is a saw shell and its about 1 year old. and lately it has been sunning itself alot lately than usual and now it doesn't …

tortoise not responding 
hi i bought my tortoise back in the house two weeks ago but she has not woken up is she still hibernating she is cold

baby cooter  
i got a baby cooter in my 35 gallon tank rite now and i know turtles liek to be in a pair or groups so i askd my friend which doesn't really want his …

Baby Tortoise Bedding 
What kind of bedding do hatchlings lay on? I bought some calcium sand. Is that okay?

Sulcata tortise diet. 
I know a sulcata tortoise should mainly have the diet of high fiber grasses. Where can i get these grasses? Can I grow them myself?

tortoise basking light 
do you leave the uva/uvb on and the heat basking lamp on at night or do you turn it off ?

poorly tortoise 
i have just bought a tortise from a frends friend and its just over a year old it was cold when we got it its shell was a bit soft and he wont walk i have …

My friend has a tortoise and her partner reckons that speedy (the toroise) can feel it when you touch his shell is this true because i wouldnt think that …

age estimation of sulcata  
I just recently brought home by Sulcata Tortoise. The woman at that pet store told me he/she was about four to six months old. Is there anyway I can get …

sulcata turtles and cuttle cone / alfalfa vs. grass hay 
I am reading about feeding my sulcata tortoise and I have read on some sites that cuttle bone is healthy for them (high in calcium). Is this true? Also …

How to deal with a hermann's tortoise? 
i just got my Herman tortoise a couple of days ago and I do not know how to hibernate it indoors. im not sure if you need aheating lamp or one of those …

Is my tortoise dead or hybernating? 
Ok yeseterday my sulcata tortoise was doing fine. I went to the bathroom and came back and it wasn't moving. Before I went to the bathroom, I checked on …

Is my turtle hibernating 
ever since winter came my russian turtle has been in the corner sleeping she has been barely eating and moving

feeding star tortoise 
can i feed tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, leafy vegetables to my star tortoise regularly?

Red-eared slider Turtles  
Can Red-eared turtles be kept as pets legally in India and secondly can breeding of these turtles be legal in India.

How active is a 10 weeks old Sulcata 
We have a new addition to the family Spookie he is around 10 weeks old How active should he be? He is in a turtle table and has lots of room to move, …

type of tortoise in malaysia 
I have nice little green tortoise as a pet. He lives in afresh water tank. How many different tortoise in Malaysia and can you tell me where I can get …

my tortoise is sick 
my tortoise doesn't want to eat or drink and hide its head inside the shell for almost 5 days. we sent it to the vet and he did use tools to remove its …

soft shell herman tortoise  
my 4 year old shell is soft underneath

how do i know about tortoise behavior 
how do i know what my tortoise wants like what signs will it show and what does it mean when it keep pushing its head out and opening and closing …

I live in south florida, I was going to buy a Sulcata, is the humidaty too high here for these kind of tortoise?

tortoise food 
what do tortoises eat?

How old can you tell how old my two "russian Tortoises" are?

young hermanns tortoise basking light 
i got a young hermanns today and it lives on a tortoise table i was just wondering if i need to keep the basking light on a night?

what is the best die for indian star tortoise in Malaysia

how old is my tortoise 
how can you tell how old your tortoise is?

baby red eared slider and soft shell turtle 
can we keep both baby red eard slider and soft shell turtle 2getr my turtle is bored alone so i kept with a soft shell turtle but soft shell turtle is …

What do you do if your Sulcata Tortoise won't come out of it shell?

i have a small tortoise don't now what breed but size of hand do they hibernate plz

secada or sulcada tortoise 
im 9 and what are good tortoise names???

Russian Tortoise Age 
I figure it's hard to determine the age of a Russian tortoise. Is there a site where I can find photos of Russian tortoises and their age?

sleeping tortoise 
I have a 2 year old baby med spurred thighed tortoise, as I have been told not to hibernate until 4 5 year old I have kept her awake, she is now sleeping …

How much water? 
Do I keep water in the enclosure, or not? I am soaking my Hermann hatchling daily. The store where I purchased him/her, said don't leave the water in the …

What are the most common diseases that a tortoise might get? 
I have to do a tortoise project and I'm stuck on the diseases part.

lumpy spur thighed tortoise shell 
I have a 2 year old baby med greek spurred thighed tortoise, I have noticed the last 6 months that her shell is getting slightly lumpy and not smooth, …

raised tortoise shell 
What does it mean if your Russian tortoise's shell is raised? What can you do to fix it?

why won't my turtle eat? 
so I have had my turtle for some time now. It is doing something it had never done before.My turtle refuses to eat, I feed it but it wont eat the food.I …

RES and hibernation 
hi, i was given a RES by a neighbor for my kindergarten classroom. he/she has been sleeping and not eating for the past few weeks. he/she does come up …

Sexing a Herman Tortoise 
How do you check a Herman Tortoise's Gender?


tortoise appetite 
my tortoise doesn't eat properly. when we had bought him at that time he used to eat nicely but after sometime he stopped eating properly and so we started …

Tortoise makes screeching sound.- Please help 
I have a 1 1/2 year old tortoise who is indoors and not hibernating. He has a heat pad and a basking light. He just started making this screeching sound …

Turtle Problem 
how can you tell if a turtle is a girl or a boy?

tortoise help 
I found my tortoise the other day with its legs and arms both out. she was very cold with her eyes shut with no movement. I am fearing the worst. she was …

maud again 
hi i asked a few days ago about my pet shop sharing with lizards but this is one of the best pet shops in ireland for fish reptiles and amphibians and …

why deos everyone on the internet have more then one tortoise and people i know and in the pet shop they keep them with lizards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. …

Hibernating two adult Herman tortoises for the first time 
Hi, We have 3 tortoises. One is an 8 year old that has been hibernated regularly with no problems. Last year we acquired two adult tortoises. We are …

i would like to know why all the people on the computer and that i have heard off have more then one tortoise.and can you house yore tortoise with other …

Tortoise Burrow 
We have a tortoise burrow in our yard and I'm wondering how extensive that might be? Thanks, Kim

what's the age and sex of my red ear sliders 
I have 2 red ear sliders. I've had them for three years now since they were about quarter size... I want to know how can I tell the age and sex of …

how old is my hinhgeback turtle 
we just rescued a male forest hingeback turtle/tortoise from a pet store. He is about 4 1/2 to 5 inches in diameter. If anyone could help I would really …

red foot tortoise question 
I have had a red foot for 6 weeks. I keep her warm, and have been soaking her daily in lukewarm water. Her stool spec came back neg for parasites and bacteria. …

Turtle Brain size?! 
How big is the regular turtle brain size?! Weight?!?!

Russian Tortoise Biting 
My Russian tortoise male keeps biting his own front legs, and then he makes a hissing noise. What does this mean? Does he have mites or is he itchy? …

happy tortoie 
what things can i do to make sure my tortoise is happy?

Is it legal to keep tortoises as pets in India?? 
Is it legal to keep tortoises as pets in India? If yes, then where can i get one?..

What Kind?! 
OK, my sister has currently bought a tortoise and I'm planning on getting one myself. But she doesn't know the kind but it has spikes on the side of its …

Hermann's Tortoise -- Friends 
I have a Hermann's tortoise and I want to know would she be happier with a friend. Please write soon because there are tortoises at my pet shop now. …

My tortoise has been in hibernation for two days but I don't know if she is asleep or in hibernation.she is a Hermann's tortoise

My Tortoise Wants to Escape 
My tortoise is continually trying to get out of her indoor home. We have had her for 1 month and she has just started to climb the walls. I am worried …

Do I have a turtle or a tortoise? 
I don't know if my pet is a turtle or a tortoise . Please help I didn't get any of the photos yet because I'm bored with it. Please help me. ***** …

What do Indian Star Turtles Eat & Drink? 
Hi, an eye infection I've a pair of Indian Star of my pal. Since the time they r with me they have only tomatoes. Suddenly I've noticed an eye infection …

Star Tortoise Diet 
Somebody can please tell me what these star tortoise eat in HINDHI in India what they eat at least 3-4 things.

Cost of Tortoise Care 
I've wanted a tortoise for a very long time, and now the only thing holding me back is the mystery of how much a tortoise would cost to care for. About …

Russian Tortoise Hibernation 
I am wanting to know what would happen if my Russian tortoise never hibernates? I have had her for over a year but I have not seen signs that she wants …

Is My Tortoise Cold Outside? 
I recently acquired a tortoise and live in the state of Florida. My tortoise roams around in the backyard and loves it. My question is, how cold …

Hermanns tortoise 
How did the hermanns tortoise get its name? It might be a little weird asking but I want to know.

My Tortoise Sleeps and Is Not Eating 
My tortoise is not eating and he sleeps a lot. I let him out in the day and bring him in in the evenings. He just sleeps. The only thing that is stopping …

tortoise hibernation 
Hello. My name is Matthew. I have bought a 2 year old tortoise. Will I feed it when I get it or do I starve it for hibernation?

A question about turtle brain size 
Which turtle has the bigger brain size, the leatherback turtle or bog turtle? ***** Answer: I don't have the exact measurements, but knowing about …

Tortoise Age 
How can you tell the age of a sulcata tortoise? ***** If a tortoise is young, the size can give you an idea of the age. Otherwise, the only way …

lumpy tortoise shell on a spur thighted mediterranean tortoise 
Hello I have a baby 2 year old spurred thighed med tortoise, and her shell is starting to get raised at the top, the bottom of her shell is nice and flat, …

Is my turtle a girl or a boy? 
I really want to know my turtle's gender. Please tell me. Oh, and how do I know if my turtle wants to hibernate?

New Hermann's Tortoise
What To Do?
I am getting my Hermann's tortoise on Tuesday by mail (uk delivery not from abroad). I have researched a lot on how to keep tortoises but I don't know …

When do tortoises begin to hibernate as I wish I could get one for Christmas or will babies be in hibernation? Thanxs please reply asap. Hello Olivia, …

Is My Hermann's Tortoise George Happy? 
I have recently got a Hermann's tortoise. I've done everything I have researched to try and make him happy but he just sits there and bops his head. How …

Names for Hibernating Tortoise 
How do you name your tortoise when you don't have it in front of your face to see what matches your tortoise. I am buying it when they come out of hibernation. …

What Gender Is My Tortoise 
We have had our California desert tortoise for about six years. Before that it belonged to my daughter who had to give it up due to space issues. Her …

My tortoise is not eating - is it too early for him to hibernate? 
We have begun to look after a tortoise that we took in when a friend moved abroad. We believe he is quite old and has always lived outside. He ate well …

About My Red Eared Slider And My Painted Turtle 
what stuff can I use to make my turtles feel more at home and more safe, healthy and happy?

I'm worried about my red ear slider 
My female red ear slider turtle is almost 1 year old. It's like she's leaning on her left side and usually walks on her left leg and left arm.Some help …

Do tortoises like friends? 
I have a sulcata tortoise. I was just wondering if he would be happier with a friend (another tortoise)?

My New Hermann's Tortoise 
Any advice would be appreciated. I just bought my news Hermann's tortoise home today! He is 1.5 yrs old and I want to make him happy! He has been set …

My Hermanns tortoise is restless. 
I have a 3 year old Hermanns tortoise. We recently changed the room her tank was in and ever since then she spends all day constantly pacing up and down …

Diet for an Indian Star Tortoise 
I have a young Indian Star Tortoise that will only eat romaine lettuce and leafy greens. I've tried feeding it tortoise food and alfafa pellets (tried …

Galapagos Tortoise Brain Size 
It'a a 3 part question really: A. What size is the brain of a giant Galapagos tortoise.(weight and volume) b. Is there a correlation between brain size …

How To Tell The Age Or Sex Of A Turtle 
How do I know if my turtle is a boy or a girl? And how do I know how old my turtle is? Hi Valerie, Lots of people have the problems you have. …

Tortoise age 
How can you tell the age of a Russian tortoise? Hi Marc, Some people say that you can tell the age of a tortoise by counting the rings on its scutes. …

Is my Hermann's tortoise ok? 
I have had a Hermann's tortoise called Tommy for about 3 years. He has a slightly weird shaped shell but apart from that he seems to be OK. He …

is my turtle sick?? 
My turtle Mojo isn't using his back legs when he swims...He has his back legs pulled into the back of his shell....I'm just a little worried because he …

Happy Tortoise? 
I got my Tortoise 2 days ago his shell is still soft and I don't know if he or she is happy. How can I tell? And I'm trying to figure out what I should …

Turtle vs. Tortoise 
Which species grows bigger? A Turtle or a Tortoise?

how do you find out what to call your tortoise

Need Help!!! 
Have have had my russian tortoise for about 6 months now. The last 2 days my tortoise has not come out of his hiding spot. I've kept him fed and he has …

Please can you help me to identify what type of a tortoise I have. 
Hello, I'm Neil Dsouza, owner of two tortoises. I found the bigger one in India-karnataka when I was on a trip. I've sent the pics....Please help …

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