Not Eating

by Clare

Hi, I have a forest hingeback tortoise and she hasn't eaten in more than three weeks! I am starting to get very worried about her but I have been all along. I brought her to the vet and it turns out she had parasites, which she got medicated for(with a tube down the throat) In three weeks I am supposed to bring her back to get medicated again. I keep the humidity from40-80% humidity, the temp. from 75-90farenheight. She also has a large water dish that she is able to go in, a log, and cuttlebone. I feed her cucumbers, strawberries, carrots, occasional lettuce and mealworms, mushrooms, tomatoes, timothy hay, apple and grapes. I put calcium on her food daily and multivitamins weekly. I also hold her as little as possible and soak her every week in warm water. Her cage is about 2and 1/2 feel long one food wide and one foot high. Her substrate is forest floor. What am I doing wrong???

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Mar 10, 2010
by: Laura East

to me it sounds like you are doing everything right :) you seem to be taking very good care of your tortoise and it is lucky to have an owner like you . Maybe the parisite medication has thrown off its appietite . I know when I am sick and on meds I am not really that hungry either . Also tortoises can go a very long time without eating . So just make sure it is well hydrated , and mention your concern to your vet next time you see them . Best of luck I hope your tortoise gets better :)

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