Cool Tortoise Stuff

Yes, I'm cold-blooded, but the cool tortoise stuff here isn't about my body type. It's all about fun.

If you are already a tortoise lover, you know how much fun you can have with a tortoise theme. If you've just started paying attention to tortoises, you're about to discover that we are everywhere.

You can make or buy pictures of us, including videos. You can put cool tortoise figures in your garden. You can wear tortoise art, write in tortoise books, and even < gulp > wear tortoiseshell accessories. Of course I prefer you to use fake tortoiseshell stuff.

We have a wry sense of humor. That's probably because we are clever and live in dry places. I'll put tortoise jokes here. I'll even put your tortoise joke here if it's very, very good.

If you are stopping by on May 23, you can find out how I celebrate Internatioinal Turtle Day. (I know, I know. It's a turtle day, but I like to celebrate with my cousins. You can, too.)

Tortoise stuff is fun because tortoises are fun.

Enjoy the cool tortoise stuff I'm collecting for you.

If you have cool tortoise stuff to share, let me know.

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