Tortoise Pictures for Everyone

Tortoise pictures are my favorite kind of picture.

cross-stitch tortoise patternI bet you like tortoise pictures, too.

Some are in the rock. Those are fossils. They are old and hard to find.

Some tortoise pictures come from cameras. They can be still or moving. Some of the moving ones are pretty funny.

Some people like to make tortoise drawings or tortoise paintings just so other people can look at them. Those are artistic pictures.

Some people even make pictures of tortoises with thread or paper curls.

I'm going to put all kinds of pictures here. They just have to be about tortoises. . .

. . .or our cousins the terrapins and turtles.

If you have a picture you want me to put on my Web site, please tell me.

Tortoise Coloring Pictures

These coloring pictures of tortoises, turtles, and terrapins are just for you. Print them out and color them. Will yours look just like a real tortoise, or will you decorate yours in special ways?

Tortoise Drawings

Aldabra Tortoise by Roger HallRoger Hall makes wonderful drawings of all kinds of wild animals. My favorites, of course, are his drawings of tortoises. This aldabra tortoise is just one example of Roger's excellent work. Roger sells his tortoise drawings to text books. That's how good they are. He'd sell one to you, too, if you asked him.

Needlework Tortoise Pictures

cross-stitch tortoise pattern Carol makes patterns so other people can have their own beautiful thread pictures. She sells them on her Web site.

Even if you've never made a thread picture before, you can use Carol's patterns because she helps you know how to do needlework. I like her tortoise needlework.

Camera Tortoise Pictures

Want to see a picture of a tortoise with a cat?

Curly Paper Tortoise Pictures. . .
That's called quilling

curly paper tortoise picture is really called quillingIf you want to make a tortoise picture like this one out of curly paper, you can get a free pattern to help you. When you make a picture like this, you are quilling. That's not the same as porcupine quills and it's not the same as a quill pen. It's just the special way to make the curly paper pictures. I think this tortoise picture is amazing!

Tortoise Videos

Everyone is making tortoise videos these days.

We are a popular topic.

Some of the videos are serious, most are funny, and some are downright hilarious. I'm going to link to the very best videos of tortoises out there.

I can't put them all on one page or it would take forever to download the page. Tortoises don't mind waits like that, but you are probably a human so I'm taking that into consideration and putting each video on its own page. When you want to see a new video, you can come back here just by clicking your back button.

Jon made this dancing tortoise music video just for me. Thank you, Jon.
The Tortoise and the Hare in American Sign Language
The Killer Tortoise Takes on the Cats
A cat replies to the killer tortoise video

Please tell me if you have a great tortoise video to share.

Keep it slow and steady.

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