Killer Tortoise Video
Tortoise Vs Cat

Everybody is watching this killer tortoise video.

It IS funny.

Pepole think tortoises are slow. Of course we are slow in relation to many other animals.

People think we are gentle. Of course we are, most of the time.

But once in a while we just have to defend our turf against all comers.

By the way, we have no teeth, but we can still give anyone a good, strong nip with our strong jaws.

I don't know what that cat has done, but I'm sure he deserves what he's getting. Tortoises are NOT bullies.

Cat and tortoise. Where is your money?

The moral of this video is, do not annoy a tortoise.

Updated June 23, 2007. Believe it or not, a cat actually responded! Now you can vote for the cat or the tortoise.

You can brag about your own tortoise on my tortoise brag book page.

Check out the the other tortoise videos.

Keep it slow and steady.

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