What Will YOU Be Doing On International Turtle Day?

May 23 is International Turtle Day. Even though I'm a tortoise, not a turtle, I will be celebrating.

First, I'll be sleeping in. Then I'll have breakfast in bed. There are some lovely dandy lions out in the yard at this time of year and I expect my human will bring me some of those.

Then it will be time to be pampered for the party. Later, I'll have the party with my turtle and tortoise friends. We have tortoise cookies.

Solo Build It Shelly with her turtle cookies

Don't worry, the cookies are only pretend tortoises, not real tortoises like I am.

Solo Build It Shelly in her beeUtiful dancing dressWe will listen to the tortoise dance music Jon wrote for me and we will dance our special tortoise dance. I will wear my beeUtiful dancing dress for that part. Everyone says I really shine when I wear that dress.

I will check my email to be sure I don't miss any congratulations from my fans. I have already reminded my Solo Build It friends to celebrate this special day, but I will post in the Solo Build It forum and point out how smart SBIers are to take the slow and steady approach to earning income online.

When bed time comes, I will have a tortoise story. I haven't decided which one to ask for. They are all so good.

Finally, I'll pull my head into my shell and have a lovely sleep. I'll probably dream a tortoise dream. I can't tell you about that because tortoise dreams are part of tortoise secret lore.

I'd love to hear about how you plan to celebrate International Turtle Day. Please share.

Keep it slow and steady.

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