Tortoise Pedi Party

pedi party nail polishEver feel like you’ve gone so long without a mani-pedi that your claws have become hands and feet? Well, imagine if they started out that way. Who says human beings should have the market cornered on pampering? The next time a beauty blunder makes you want to pull the covers over your shell, try sharing a little beauty with another four-legged friend and host a turtle pamper party!

Roughing it across a wide variety of terrains can be tough on the claws, so finding a terrapin gal pal in need of a little TLC for her toes shouldn’t be hard.

pedi party text

Round up your favorite Turtle girls from the local ponds and lakes, inviting the friendly ones (watch out for snappers – oral hygiene is a whole other article!), and inform them of their lucky day – they’re about to be treated to a day of beauty at Chez Vous.

Start out by placing your shelled gal pals in a pool of tepid or lukewarm water to get everyone comfy and cozy and feeling right at home. Once all are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, fill a bowl with coarse sand (beach sand is best), and let your turtle pals pace back and forth, sloughing off rough skin cells and leaving those stocky turtle feet smooth and luxurious.

Follow with a hydrating mud mask for extra moisturizing – but keep your muddy friends off the carpet!

Solo Build It Shelly's pedi partyOnce your turtle’s feet are in fighting form, move on to a little nail filing and buffing to smooth out sharp edges.

When the nails and feet are tortoise-worthy perfection, apply light coats of a flattering polish that coordinates with the shell (the most major of tortoise accessories). Red-eared sliders and Russian tortoises enjoy red (of course), while pig-nosed and painted turtles like more vivid shades of coral or hot pink.

The Solo Build It! Tortoise however, is able to adapt to any color, however many are seen wearing this season’s newest shade, Success Silver, the poshest compliment to a beautiful pewter shell.

Feel out each of your turtle gal pals’ own personality and likes and dislikes, and you’ll be the most popular terrapin in ponds for miles! Enjoy, A Tortoise Pedi Party!

Tanna Mayer
© 2007 Tanna Mayer
The Solo Build It! tortoise at Tanna's house is Bandwidth. Bandwidth is so lucky to live with Tanna! Just think of the pampering.

Since Tanna said that my pink hat is the best hat for me, I'm going to wear it more often.

PS Bandwidth got that name because my Uncle Ken let Tanna have extra bandwidth for her Web site. Her site has so many beauty tips it needed extra cyberspace. When my Uncle Ken's clients need something, he does his best to give it to them.

Keep it slow and steady.

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