Day 1 status,tips,and advice?

by Sado
(houston TX)

I posted earlier with the title "saving a turtle life?" I followed the advice i was given. It wont be till next week till i can take to the vet. I had him outside in the sun and within 5 minutes he took off running, I was shocked couse i never saw him move that much. I ony had him out there for an hour 15 mins because the birds where stalking me and him..3 mama blue jays 9 baby blue jays 2 crows 5 doves...i had to sit next to him. then i was getting attacked by ants and flys, but i didnt care at all I was so happy to see him move..can any one give advice or tips to properly take care of week i can buy a proper tank and med from the still having trouble feeding him..he wont open his mouth unless hes in the sun and he opened hes eyes a bit....i want to make him very healthy and strong he has a yellow orange streak on him..what turtle is that??? Adivce the type of tank, proper food anything would help honestly

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