Red Foot Tortoies lift head up and opens mouth what does this mean?

by John Sanchez
(Irving, Texas)

I just purchased a red foot tortoies from a pet shop. I have noticed that he is lifting his head up and opens his mouth for about a second and then closes it. Also he will be in his shell and bring his head in and out several times and then stop.This might be because he is nervouse about his sourroundings. He also has had dirreah. I don't know if he has been checked for parasites. Although I saw they had been feeding him pellet food, would that make a difference? I am not sure if he threw up today or if it was dirreah it look like something that could come out from either side. He has been active and really had an appetite the first day I had him but the past to days he has eaten some although not as much as the first day and but still seems to be very active. Both of his eyes were watery the first day and I read on line that it could be dehydration so I have been soaking him and now only one eye is tearing. I notice that his shell is not smooth and I read this too is a sign of dehydration. I was told he is about 4 1/2 years old, but i really don't know if that is right.I just don't know if any of this is something to worry about. I really need your help on this, I have not been able to find anything on line.


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May 21, 2010
red footed tottoise
by: Anonymous

I own A red headed Tortoise as well, she sticks her head in and out often, and bobs her head up and down and its normal, her eyes sometimes look a little watery, but she loves to soak so often i credit some of this to that, she sometimes has had diarrhea, but that's usually when she has had her diet changed...too much fruit or not enough bulk food. Take her to the vet if she doesn't get better...good luck, they are great Tortoises...

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