Shell with small crack, is it just growth?

PROBLEM: My Russian Tortoise's shell has become slightly darker in color, appears dryer, and is home to a small crack between two of her (plates) on her shell.

Note: Her shell has been growing and the area of consern is within the growth ring(whole area, lays a-top her shell)

POSSIBLE REASON?: Is this just her shell shedding as she grows or do I need to examine and alter her diet?

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May 04, 2010
Small Crack
by: Anonymous

I own 3 Russians, its ok if its shell gets darker as it ages but you may be feeding it too often and that is whats causing the small crack on its shell. If it has to grow to rapidly because of its weight it will be drier and hats not the problem pls call the scutes will seperate. If thats not the problem pls call your Vet. Soak your Tortoise at least twice a week and find a cream from your pet shop to apply to dry shell..

May 03, 2010
Shell with small crack, is it just growth
by: Susan

Hi, from what I am able to determine, she might be growing too fast, is she getting the right amount of calcium and UVB light? This will keep her shell healthy and hard.. Also a good variety of greens, ie. romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, endive,escarole, Radicchio, chicory, turnip greens,mustard greens, kale..this has lots of calcium and vit A, B vitamins, also adding flowers, Hibiscus, Sedum, Mulberry Leaves, Hens and Chickens to name a few, this will add to the variety for her. I hope this helps...sincerely, Susan.

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