Pet Tortoises

by Stacy
(Ohio, United States)

I am very interested in getting a tortoise for a pet. I live in Ohio, so I'm guessing my tortoise would have to be maintained mostly indoors.

I would love to have a tortoise that does not hibernate, and that is somewhat medium-sized (I can't imagine having an 80+ pound tortoise!!), but would like one that isn't going to stay really small either!!

So, I'm looking for suggestions for a pet tortoise!!! I love the design patterns on the shells of the Indian Star tortoises, but have read that they are for people more experienced in raising tortoises!!

I do not currently have housing prepared for a tortoise, so would be open to suggestions about that as well! I have seen a lot of turtle tables, but would like to find something that would look more like a piece of furniture in our home (but, of course, would keep the tortoise happy as well!!)

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!

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