Turtle or tortoise what is it?

Recently found a turtle, probably a box but I it could be a tortoise I guess. A friend who has a grandmother who raises turtles says we should do things differently than we are doing. Told us we should turn off the heat lamp and put her into hibernation. After reading numerous sites I am even more unsure with what we are doing. Should she hibernate or not. Live in an Apt. have a rubbermaid containter large that she is in during the night but let her roam the patio and planter area during the day. Feed her fruits and vegetablesl 2 times per day and sprinkle calcium on the food 2 times per week. Has fresh water daily available and I also offer some pellets from the pet store. Has a hooked type beak. LOVE HER to PIECES. Am afraid I might let her DIE if she hibernates. She looks quite young. Came walking thru our carport during the summer months and she was about the side of the palm of your hand feet extended. Now has grown as her shell is about the size of your hand. We call her BLOSSOM. As she is thriving. Figure she is a female due to her shape underside flat and eyes bronze.

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Dec 20, 2010
Turtle's or Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Pls take it to a vet or a reputable reptile store to find out what type she is, you should not be feeding lot of fruits and vegetables to most Tortoises. They live better on a more natural diet. Contact your nearest Tortoise/Turtle Rescue center nearest you. They will help you with their proper diet.

Dec 19, 2010
Turtle or Tortoise?
by: Shelly

I made a page to help you tell whether you have a turtle or tortoise.

At this point, you won't want to be hibernating any animal. It takes time to lead up to successful hibernation. Not all tortoises or turtles hibernate, so it's important to be sure which sort of animal you have.

Keep it slow and steady.

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