home's hingeback breathes very heavy

by Charlotte
(Jax ,Fl.)

I have acqiured a new female home's hingeback. She is very shy. I Have an appointment to get rid of the two types of parasites she is carrying. This evening I noticed she passed a medium sized piece of gravel. But my newest concern is the fact she breathes so heavily. It's not constant but an occasional very loud breathing sound. Is this from the fact she's in her shell most of the time or in connection to the parasites? Is this normal I've not noticed it with my other tortoises but they aren't wedged into their shells all the time either. Please tell me what the possibilities of this may be. She shows no signs of respiratory infection and the humidity is very high in her spacious enclosure. She hardly ever moves. I know this is partially from shyness since she automatically rams herself into her shell upon my arrival. I'm hoping she feels better after she's treated for the parasites. Any insight?

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