peeling skin and runny nose.

by bonnie

hi everyone,

I have a 20month old leopard tortoise which i purchased when he was 18mnths. He has been fine up until the last couple of weeks when i noticed his nose was running and one nostril looks a bit smaller than the other. I was holding him last night when i noticed his skin on his right leg was peeling! like an actual tear in the skin?? There is no wound though and the fresh skin underneath looks ok, should i take him ti the vet? and do all vets deal with tortoises?? Sorry for all the questions but im a new tortoise owner and am very scared we are going to loose my norman :-(
Any ideas would be fantastic!!

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Jul 31, 2012
peeling skin and runny nose
by: Anonymous

Im having the same problem, took mine to the vets and discovered she had worms so was given antibiotics to give her which was hard to give her and she is still having the same problem so will take her back down. Not all vets deal with reptiles so you will need to look around :-)

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