Getting a Tortoise

by Lynda
(Kerry, Ireland)

My boyfriend wants to get a tortoise. We live in Ireland and have a pond in our back garden with goldfish in it. Is there a particular tortoise he should get that can live around the pond? What care would it need? He is willing to build an enclosure around the pond or part of it if part is ok.

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May 30, 2009
i think you want a
by: jim

tortoise are land based animals , and ther for unless you buy a murry short neck tortise
( witch are Australian) it wont live in water at all

what you want is a turtle , and my only advice there is you must remember to keep it warm at all times , they like it around 24 degree's...... witch is why everyone who has a turtle has a heater, also the only type of turtle that couldn't live in a back yard pond would be a snapping turtle , only because they are very strong and could cause trouble if it got out. they also eat alotta smaller animals ( like fish )
having said that most turtles will east fish
unless you buy them as a baby and raise them with the fish from a young age n make sure the fish are bigger then the turtle, n also make sure the fish are tropical and like warm water like the turtle dose

if you do want a tortise
( witch lives on land not water)
and you want to keep it outside
you would most likely want a Russian tortoise
they are used to cold more then any other tortoise
( you still might want to make a heated area it can go into just in case )
they also like places to hide, shelter shade and plants

May 05, 2009
Getting a Tortoise
by: Susan

Tortoises cannot swim and putting a tortoise near a pond is very dangerous and if he or she were to fall in they would drown.

Tortoises cannot live outside in England or Ireland due to the cold weather, because of that if your tortoise does lives outside you must supply a seperate outbuilding which is supplied with a UV lamp and also heating for when the weather turns cold. Have a look at the tortoise trust's website for the right enclosure for the tortoise you chose.

I have a Russian Horsfield who is 7 years old and I have two seperate enclosures one indoors which is a tortoise table and filled with 70% play sand 30% soil and is fixed with a UV light and ive planted various plants in the enclosure.

I take her in every night to avoid preditors like foxes. In the day time she has an outdoors enclosure but that also is protected with wire as there are threats from birds like crows and magpies as well.

I hope this helps.

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