Greek Tort eye problem con. 3

the tort is the same and i don't get why. i use ECO EARTH. made of compressed coconut fiber. the vet didn't mention anything about the enclosure. the veterinarian has a couple of vets that specialize in reptiles. i was also wondering if i could mix different species of tortoises in one enclosure. like Russian, Forest Hingeback Tortoise or maybe snakes or likards. the pet stores I've been to all ways have greeks and russians in one enclosure.

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May 15, 2009
by: Susan

Hi you must not mix different Tortoise species together at all and the pet shop is wrong for doing so. All tortoises have different immune systems and whereas one species of tortoise may not be affected by an illness it may be fatal to another. I suggest you do some more reading on your particular breed or tortoise you should only introduce another breed the same but even then a six month quarantine period is a good idea so no parasites or disease can be spread.

I hope this helps.

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