Can two species of tortoise live together happily?

by Laura
(Manchester (England))

i have a female 2yr old horsefield tortoise. i was thinking about getting her a friend but i have a few questions about it first.

1. will she think that another tortoise is invading her home?
2. will she fight with the other tortoise?
3. can i get a different specie of tortoise e.g. herman. and them live happily together? or will it have to be another horsfield?
4. will they have to be similar ages?

if anyone cna answer my questions i would be soooooo greatful =]

love laura xxx

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Apr 11, 2018
a question
by: anonymous

What kind of bigger female tortoise are you talking about? It matters.

Apr 11, 2018
Keeping bigger female then Male
by: Ethan

Would a 4-5 year old Russian Tortoise and A bigger female tortoise be ok to put together?

Mar 18, 2009
re:new pet
by: Anonymous

It is not reccomended to keep two torts together of different species. They will have slightly to very different diets and lifestyles. Also, it is common for them to fight and i have heard of too many instances in which a new turtle has killed it's roommate.
If you wanted to keep a male and female together, it is reccomended that you have a LARGE enclosure and more females than males. This is important because males tend to mount females excessively, and it is not a pleasent experience. She may get overly stressed and/or sore and develope complications.
If keeping only males, i wouldn't reccomend it, because they are very territorial and will likely fight.
Keeping tortoises together is fairly common with hobbiests, but alot of room is needed for each turtle, and they must be closely monitored for a while to see how they react to each other.Torts can easily be solitary animals. I suggest that you stick to one species and learn everything about it to properly care for that kind of turtle.

Feb 25, 2009
by: Ally

they dont mind being alone, and tortoises are one of few pets that can live in soilitary, however its ur job to it happy !!

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