She doesn't like soaking

Hi, I have just got a tortoise from my in-laws which they found. I think it is a horsefield tortoise as it has four claws on each foot and it fits the other descriptions for this species. I bathed it yesterday and it tried to climb out of the sink, I think it doesn't like water, or is it just not used to it? My in laws took it to the pet shop and they said it was a girl, how can I tell?

Thanks, Laurie.

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Apr 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

one of my tortoises does'nt like it if the water is too cold? i always make a point of running it for them as i would do a small baby(luke warm). that may be the reason with yours.
i have two boys and one girl. i was told to look at the underneath part of the shell.....if it dips in then you have a boy.....if it's flat and level it's a girl! hope thats a little help for you

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