Russian Tortoise- Darkened Face

I got my russian tortoise this last christmas '09, and over the last month or so, it seems like she has been trying to hybernate. She burrows in her bedding underneath a large piece of bark and rarely ever comes out to eat or drink. I have been checking on her periodically, but I've started to notice the last few days her face is much darker than usual. Is this part of hybernation or is she sick?

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Apr 21, 2010
Russian Tortoise
by: Anonymous

I have three Russian Tortoises and unless your Tortoise is in a very cold room she shouldn't be hibernating right now. Let her outside in the sunshine on a warm day a see if she starts walking around and is interested in eating. Also start soaking her in a warm amount of water, just enough to reach her mid-shell. don't let her face be covered. Soak for 10 minutes twice a week. If she doesn't get better take her to the Vet. She needs a heat lamp and UV lamp attached to her tank and calcium to keep her shell strong.
Good luck and google hibernation for Russian Tortoises to find out how to prepare your Tortoise for hibernation.

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