Turtle Penis

by Gemma

I'm just wondering what it means when a turtle's penis comes out? I have a fresh water turtle who would be about 7+ years old. I'm not sure what breed he is. But just yesterday I saw this big thing coming out from his tail and thought it was a poo. On closer inspection it looked to be a penis, but the end of it had "feeler" like things and were searching the rocks on the bottom of the tank. Can you please tell me what this means? Do I need to have a heater in the tank in winter? I've always put one in on about 23 degrees. Does my turtle need to be fed everyday? I used to feed him frozen turtle dinners every morning, but have since stopped and put live fish, yabbies and prawns in the tank for him to hunt. Which he has eating alot of them, is that ok?

Thanks for any help.

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