shell problem

by Naima

I rescued a red ear slider turtle a few years ago,from very irresponsible owner. The turtle was kept for years without proper food or lighting ,and WITHOUT ANY WATER.

Needles to say the turtle had many problems,besides just being ignored and never socialized.

so with love ,good nutrition and good company ,I have brought this zombie turtle back to life.

anyway...when i got him,his shell was in terrible shape,it looked as if he had some sort of green,flaky, pastry cake
sitting on top of his bare body.
the shell was turned up ,thick,and flaky.
since then,it has improved considerably,having turned down ,and smoothed out in most areas(overall much better)..this was aprox 4 years ago.

but...there are still afew areas that are thick, and that have not turned down just yet. I wonder if anyone knows what this was? ,and how i might speed this process along to get this loveable guy back to "somewhat" normal.

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