by Joshua
(Knox, IN)

i Got red ear slide baby and had three of them now down to one. they die off one by one first get slow and not active

my water is warm and got basketing place and a prope lamp and clean water. im just wondering whats going on.
the other trulte seem to be fine and very actived

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Jun 20, 2011
Survival of fittest
by: Vinayaka

Dieing, Turtles are often like that. Comes out as many and finally few will survive. Those few are fit to be survivors and rest will find week themselves and dies. Sad, but kinda true. When you buy a turtle, make sure its not just born. Buy, at the least, month old turtles. Make sure water is kept pure and so is the habitat. Even shop owners knew it. So make sure that shop owner will refund you the money or he will give back other turtle in exchange.

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