constipate tortoise

by AShleigh hale
(berkshire )

I have a horsfield tortoise,.about 20 -30 years old. for the last two weeks he has become sluggish and hasn't posed for about two weeks. I've taken him to the vets and he said he is perfectly healthy but Im really worried. i have tried lettuce, bathing and giving him lots of move but still nothing. he also keeps making a hissing noise, then pulling in his head and rubbing it on his arms. i don't know what to do so if anyone can offer me some advice it would be appreciated.

I got him from a rescue centre and he was pretty badly treated. he was kept in a vivarium so had accelerated growth, a majorly overgrown beak and wasn't used to being handled but its all changed now.

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Dec 06, 2012
Constipate Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Please take him to a reptile specialist, normal vets dont particularly know about the turtle habits. My turtle was in same situation few days back and vet precribed stool softner for him and warm water therapy it worked but I lost my Tipsy .. So dont allow happen this to your turtle, just find out expert and take him to them and make sure he is not going in Hiberation.. keep him warm and dry to avoid hibernation..

Jul 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Are you giving it warm soaks? The water should be luke warm and just up to the bottom of the carapace (top shell).

If that doesn't help, see a vet.

Jul 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

try to give him some timothy hay mixed in with a bit of lettuce

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