Yellow Bellied Slider - Pink lump closed eyes and off food

by Bev
(Cotswolds, England)

My yellow bellied slider (18mth old) I noticed she was off food 4 days ago then next day both eyes swollen, closed and red, started anti biotics and swelling down eyes still not open properly noticed itching them blinking but opens slightly and one eye slightly cloudy but other side only pink lump protruding from partially open eye, she is swimming well but not eating I have tried her with meal worms held close to face cooked white fish can you A) suggest something she would find irresistable to eat or something/some way of getting something into her and B)what you think pink lump could be? Her shell hard and has grown amazingly since I got her 18mths ago, My other turtles all fine and wondered if it could be from one of my males who has very long nails and I remove occasionally as watching him he must get on others nerves.

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