leg paralysis

by Linda
(Stroud, Oklahoma)

I have a sulcata turtle that had a vitamin A shot and now he will not stand on his leg. He acts like he can't use it at all. He has very little ability to pull the leg away from me and when I run my finger along his leg he is not able to pull his leg tightly into his shell like he use to. The other leg is fine and he was not sick when he got the shot, the vet just gave him one because his roommate got the same shot for their shell conditions. It seems like his leg is paralyzed slightly. He drags it when he walks and only will go many 2 feet and then stops. Before the shot he would walk for hours with his friend and now he just lays where I put him. I am worried......please help, I don't want him to die.

He still is eating good.

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