What sort of a tortoise do i own?

I found the picture on the interrnet. but its the same type of turtle as i have.

I found the picture on the interrnet. but its the same type of turtle as i have.

i have 2 tiny tiny turtles. they don't eat the turtle food they gave at the pet store. i've been asked to feed them raw fish, but i don't know if thats going to be okay. now, one of them has white stuff near one eye. he hasn't opened this eye since i brought him home. they are really tiny, an inch or so. and i'm not sure what kind of a turtle it is. they haven't eaten in 5 or 6 days since i brought them home. what should i do?

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Mar 11, 2020
by: Anonymous

I have the same type of turtle and he isn't eating, what should I do?

Reply from Shelly.

You have to identify your tortoise and then you will know what to feed it.

Oct 14, 2019
which county
by: abby

which country this

Nov 06, 2016
types of foods
by: Anonymous

i have a tortoise of the same type but i dont know what types of food to feed it...pls help me out

Oct 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

My turtles are the same type . They were under an inch when I got them 3.5 years ago. Now they are about 6-7 inches. They eat anything carrots, cucumbers, raw fish , snails and aswell as turtle food . But they don't eat anything for couple of months during winter.

Mar 24, 2016
by: kawika

Hi my name is kawika I just got this NE tortoise he looks the same as the pic I have so many questions about him ps he is a male pls talk to me as soon as possible thank u

Nov 15, 2015
sick. vet now
by: paulina

i have the same turtle well two and its fine it eats little shrimp and meal worms dude i think yours are sick

May 20, 2015
what to feed turtles
by: Arturo

If you have a tortois feed little chunks of tomato,if you have one like the picture feed little tiny shrimp (they are in sale on Wall-Mart in the pet section they come in all kinds of packages

You are welcome if you needed my help

Thank you for taking your time and reading my coment

Have a nice day

Jan 27, 2015
by: odell

I have the same turtle that is in the photo what is the name of that kind of turtle?

Dec 04, 2014
Sick Turtle
by: Shelly

You have a sick animal that needs to see a vet for proper treatment.

Keep it slow and steady.

Nov 26, 2014
Something wrong in my turtle
by: Anonymous

i've been heard him everynight he is making a sound same like a people who is having an astma... I dont know what to do right now becoz hes not eating for two days and he is always sneezing, maybe he swallowed something thats why he is always lifting up hes head and i see him openning his mouth everytime... Please help me what to do...

Aug 31, 2014
what kind of turtle do i have
by: esperanza

I know turtle is a girl but I don't. What kinda trutle she is she has a orange she kinda looks like the one in the pic

Oct 25, 2012
It noraml i would say
by: Anonymous

Im not sure what turtle it is but when i brought mine home the didnt eat for a while either so i went to walmart and got shrimp and thenthe still didnt eat that but then they started eating in a lilltle while later so its pretty norml i would say.

Apr 06, 2011
by: BreBre

I have a turtle with orange and black spots on its neck>what type of turtle is it!!!!???????

Nov 08, 2010
my new baby turtle
by: annie

i have a new turtle and i need to know what kind of turtle he or she is and get imformation

Nov 08, 2010
my new tutle
by: Annie

the other day i got a new turtle and my dad said i need to know what kind of turtle it is then i need to know facts about this baby turtle

Sep 24, 2010
my baby
by: Anonymous

I love my tortoise so much. I got it when it was 2 weeks old. My friend breeds them, or she used to. she's almost 1 1/2 already and she is about 3-4in.
How do I know if she's male or female??? I say she's a girl, but who know.. :) The food I give her is calld - Wardley Reptile Sticks. She didn't want them at the beginning, but she likes it know. Plus it's fortified with calcium!!! :)
so how can I tell if she's a male or female??? Thanks!

Jul 29, 2010
try this
by: Brandy

I have two of the same turtles. they eat live small goldfish and dried shrimp. They only like certain types of turtle food. you just got to try different types of food to find what they like.

Jul 25, 2010
a little information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
by: damian

i got my turtle from south carolina myrtle beach and the food they gave me they did not like at all so i bought some food called sera and these turtle are also called raffy baby-gran mine is now 3 inches to so take good care of your turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 02, 2010
i got same turtle
by: Mindless

i have same turtle, 2 of them.. i donno their type... but they r a bit grown up ...2inches almost.... one of them has grown fast but the other is same size as it was 3 months back..i donno y:(... sumtyms they dont eat for more than 2 weeks again i have no reason for it but they become normal after that.. n they like sunlight alootttt :D

Jun 27, 2010
by: titi

I dont know what kind of turtle I have but I realy want to know

Jul 28, 2009
identifying your turtle
by: Shelly

1. This looks like a red eared slider.
2. The white stuff by the eye sounds like there is an eye infection. You should take that turtle to the vet and completely clean the tank.
3. I found you this page with lots of information about your pet. I hope it helps you to get going.

Keep it slow and steady.

PS adding a photo is always a good idea.

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