Kissing mississipi map turtle whilst shaking their legs

by Emma
(Bournemouth, UK)

Hello, I have two mississipi map turtles, both about 1 year old. In a tank with fake plants, good filter, basking light, mild heater in water and floating rock. Im not sure on the sex, one is green and yellow, one is chalk coloured, the green one is CONSIDERABLY bigger than the chalk coloured one but always has been and eats lots more. When I walk in the chalk one normally scrambles for the sides but I walked in today and they have moved the filter from under the floating rock so the have a hiding place where they cant be seen and is covered by the rock so no place to look over the water (completely enclosed for them). They were kissing and touching their quivering front legs together in the open water bit i could see. Does this mean they may breed? Or does it just mean they are friends? Thank you!

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