is my tortoise sick ?

by winnie

hey, im a bit worried about my new greek tortoise. she hasn`t been eating and when i soak her she wouldn`t drink. she sleeps alot. i only got her 2 days ago. please help thanks.

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Dec 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

ye thanks she seems to be coming around now i think she just had to get use to her new enclosure. my heating and lighting are grand i checked them and i got termometers.
thanks for all the help

Dec 29, 2010
Sluggish Tortoise
by: Shelly

Be sure you have the correct heat and light. The heat in particular will encourage movement and help with digestion. Do keep offering warm soaks. Even if you don't see your tortoise drink, soaking will help.

Here is a good link to information on lighting for a tortoise.

Keep it slow and steady.

Dec 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

she is only 2 years old

Dec 27, 2010
Sick tortoise
by: Steve

Sounds like your tortoise is in hibernation mode. How old is it?

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