my tortoise hates me

by Adam B

i baught a horsefield tortoise about a week ago..

it is my first tortoise, and i wasnt really sure what it would be like, i researched how to look after them for weeks before i baught it, but now that i have baught it, i have fed it the right amount, been gentle and slow if i handled it, but it seems to be really scared of me, i dont know if this is normal because it is only about 2 years old, and it will grow in confidence as it grows older or what, just want my tortoise not to be afraid of me.

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May 23, 2020
by: Anonymous

I also have a horsefield tortoise, who always shy's away from me, and poo's and wee's if i pick her up. i've had her for 11 months and still does the same ???

Jan 23, 2012
Same problem
by: DanSullivan


I'm having the same issue. My Russian tort ducks into his shell when he sees me and he keeps digging into the soil of his table and staying there! I figured it would take time for him to get used to me, but I was worried that he was unhappy for some other reason.

Its good to know that this is normal behaviour and other people feel the same about their new shelled friends!

May 16, 2011
by: Adam

thanks alot for the comments, yeah i think that i am doing right, now when i walk up to its enclosure, it comes up to the glass, and i have been doing everything you have suggested, i suppose i will have to be patient and wait a few more months, i will post back in a couple of weeks and keep everyone informed :)

May 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

My russian tort spike was like that the first month we got him. I just would let him walk around house and would talk to him.(i know that sounds weird) but now he lets me pat his head and he follows me everywhere and when i'm sitting he comes and sleeps at my feet. They arn't cuddly pets but take your time and your turtle will grow to like u.

May 11, 2011
Tortoise Love
by: Shelly

Keep doing what you are doing. In general, tortoises are not cuddly pets, so it's not likely that your tortoise will ever respond like a dog or cat.

Over time, if you continue to be gentle, your tortoise will trust you more. Some even get to like little head pats. But don't push physical contact. Just be calm and slow in your movements. Feed it well.

Keep it slow and steady.

PS Keep us posted on your relationship.

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