by Brandon Kaye
(Lakeland FL, America)

I have a sulcata tortoise that for no reason died 2 days after my other razzor back musk turtle died and my baby musk turtle that I bought at a reptile sale died as soon as I got it home. I need to know what type of sicknesses can be transfered from a razzor back musk turtle to a sulcata tortoise which were in close proximity because i want to be prepared to be able to prevent it in the future.

The other thing I need to know is what type of diseases are common to common snapping turtles and florida box turtles.

Thanks for the help! Brandon

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Feb 20, 2010
Sick Pets
by: Shelly

Rather than write out long lists of conditions and cures, I am giving you a list of pages you can read to get excellent information, both general and specific to those animals you asked about. Simply copy and paste each URL into your browser to view each page.

Please note that mixing breeds is not recommended. Note also that new animals should be isolated for up to a year to be really safe.

Beyond that general adivce are the specifics from the pages below...

Keep it slow and steady.

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