LAZY Yellow Bellied Slider

by John

I recently got a YBS from a friend that caught it in a lake.Its approx. 2 inches in diameter. When i recived it they had it in a cooler up to three days an im not sure if they were feeding it. Now i got the whole setup 10 gal. tank,filter,water heater.basking rock,heat an UVB lights.But since i had it it hasn't eaten. I tried givin it the pellets and it shows no interest also i put minnows with same reaction?? also it acts very lazy..its swims sometimes but mostly sleeps.What is goin on?

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Jul 16, 2011
Captured Yellow Belly Slider
by: Anonymous

I would put that yellow bellied slider back where it came from. It knows how to live in the wild.

Then go to a reputable breeder and buy one that is used to living in captivity.

I'm suggesting a reputable breeder because there are places that will sell you wild caught sliders, or sliders that have not been properly cared for, and you will have LOTS of medical problems on your hands.

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