Spur-thighed tortoise scratching eye

I have just got a spur-thighed tortoise but he scratches his left eye sometimes and his eye looks fine, what should i do?

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Aug 19, 2010
spir thigh tortoise
by: dave

i just came back from holiday and my tortoise is hardly eating or walking his nails are long cause he wont walk around in his den.... i have put him in the garden aswell and still dont want to walk and he dont eat much like 2 bites then trys to go asleep he slept for 2days n 2nights he dont drink much im really worryed about him

Aug 10, 2010
New Pet
by: Shelly

Any time you get a new pet, it's good to start with a visit to the vet just to be sure everything is working fine.

Eye problems can be serious in a turtle or tortoise because the animal relies on sight for its food. A vet can tell you if there is a real problem there or if your pet just has itchy skin.

Keep it slow and steady.

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