tortoise beak length

by zachary
(jax beach,FL)

my tortoises bottom beak is growing longer than normal. i have given him a tortoise bone but it doesn't seem to help. what should i do? should i take him to see a vet or what.

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Sep 10, 2011
Trimming star tortoise lower beak
by: Niki

I use a nail trimmer to clip off the excess lower beak. You can see the beak line below & you should not cut over the it carefully bit by bit. Try not to do too much at one go..when you see your tortoise eats naturally (give it a slice of cucumber to see if it's able to chew off by itself ought to do the trick), then it's beak should be ok at that length.

My star tortoise gets its nails & beak trim when it gets too long. It will be used to your touch.

May 06, 2011
Tortoise Beak
by: Anonymous

A vet can trim your tortoise's beak. He'll be much happier when he can eat normally.

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