i think my turtle is sick!

by Krystall Harrington
(Valencia, California, USA)

Hi i have 2 African spurred tortoises and one of them hasn't eaten in a week or so and he isn't as developed as the other! the other is fine he eats everyday and grows but the other hasn't grown in a very long time and just likes to sleep! please help what could i do? is this normal? is he sick?

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Aug 24, 2011
I have a african tortoise
by: Anonymous

My advise to you is to make sure you are feeding your tortoise a proper diet, and getting proper amounts of calcium and vitamin d intake. Very critical when raising a salcuta. I have a 47 pound salcuta which when i purchased him he was 2 pounds. Be very careful with your turtle, read as much as you can find about your turtle, and learn as much as you can. Every different type of tortoise has its own special foods that it requires and in different proportions. Also lighting and humidity levels are very important. Salcutas grow rapidly for the fist ten to fifteen years, then the rate of growth will slow after that.

Jan 06, 2011
sick turtle
by: sue

i'd be getting him to a vet

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