soft patch on tortoise shell

by caroline

I have a Horsefield tortoise who is approximately 3 years old. on the right side of his shell there is a tiny patch (smaller than a small pea) that is really soft to touch and looks a bit flaky. Should i be worried about this? he is the first tortoise i've ever had. I have had him 2 weeks and i bought him from a local pet shop. he was a present for my 30th birthday and i would be devastated if it was something serious. Can anyone offer advice on this? MANY THANKS!

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Dec 05, 2009
soft shell
by: Shelly

A soft shell is not good. Your pet possibly had metabolic bone disease. To be certain, you should take your pet to a reptile specialist. Failing that, take him to a regular vet.

Your pet can probably recover with the right treatment: proper diet and proper lighting (for vitamin D and warmth). But to be certain that the problem really is MBD and that it has not created other problems, a trip to the vet is your best bet.

Keep it slow and steady.

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