releasing a tortoise in the wild

by Desi
(Washington state)

I have a russian tortoise

If I wanted to release him where could he survive in the wild? I live in the Pacific Northwest

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Sep 30, 2010
Russian Tortoises
by: Anonymous

I only wish I lived closer and could adopt your Russian Tortoise, Pls do not release him into the wild where he will surely die. He cannot adapt to the humid temps and rain fall in your area in the wild. Please google the turtle/tortoise reptile rescue agency in your area, or take it to the nearest pet store at last resort and see if they can take him in. They are wonderful tortoises and deserve to live with a family that wants him. I have 3 Russian Tortoises and love them all. I could never set one out into the wild with no chance to survive. Try adopting him out on Craig's list for someone in your area.

Sep 29, 2010
Releasing a Tortoise into the Wild
by: Shelly

Please do not release your tortoise into the wild. It will almost surely die. It's natural habitat is from dry or semi-arid areas. The natural humidity and rain in your region will only make this tortoise sick.

A better option is to contact a tortoise rescue group in your area. They will help you find a good home for this animal.

Keep it slow and steady.

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