Horsfield Tortoise

by Tom
(Liverpool UK)


I got a Horsfield Tortoise on Friday, and he seems to have settled in ok into his enclosure. He has a heat lamp at one end, and shelter at the other. I'm getting an Arcadia UV light tomorrow.

This morning I noticed a white powdery substance which he'd passed at some point. I ve read up on this and it seems to be a urate. He has a shallow water bowl which he seems to go in a fair bit, and I just tried to give him his first bath, which he just tried to escape from!

Is this something to be worried about? He's been eating dandelion plant and leaves, clover, cumcumber, carrot, coliflour and broccili. I m planning on getting seeds in to grow a larger variety of weeds rather than relying on supermarket food.

Thanks, Tom

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Jun 01, 2009
No need to worry
by: lauren

nothin to be worried about! as u no the white substance in the wee is normal, and a tortoise like most pets doesnt like being bathed! but it is important u still do bath you tortoise! even tho your tortoise siting in his water bowl this is sometimes to re-hydrate themselves!
hope this helps

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