white spot on murray river turtles head

by joshua whitlock
(Adelaide, Australia)



Hi I've got two murray river turtles about 8 months old. Ive noticed the smaller of the two has developed a round white spot on the top of its head. He likes to hide under the floating deck as he is quite shy. The larger turtle is very bossy and much more aggressive but only has small spots on the side of his head. I'm worried that he is rubbing his head on the deck and damaging his skin. Is this normal behaviour for the shy ones?

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Oct 31, 2009
found the answer
by: joshua

Hey in answer to your question I found out it was a fungal infection, (these are quite serious).It was easily treated with betadine on the head once a day for about two weeks then I put Ickaway by wardley (which you can get from your pet shop)in the tank. Amigo is now healthy and growing bigger by the day. Hope this helps you good luck

Oct 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hey man my baby yellow belly has exactly the same and is getting bullied by my adult mud turtle! You found an answer yet? As it dont feel bad so i dont think its scud?


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