Desert Tortoise and papayas??

by Kendra
(Southern California)

Hello! Today I went in my backyard and found that a papaya had fallen off my neighbor's tree into our yard. I jokingly tossed it past my dog and told her to fetch it ( knowing she WILL NOT fetch anything if her life depended on it). I go back outside about 30 minutes later and the tortoise is mounted over the papaya digging in. He'll walk away for a second, then walk as fast as he can back to it and continue to destroy it. It's so weird.. it's like he's addicted to it XD

My mom's desert tortoise is obsessed with papayas! Do many tortoises like papayas that much?

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Feb 13, 2014
Papaya = Tortoise Crack!
by: Anonymous

Yup. Papayas are definitely addictive to tortoises! Tortoises need lots of calcium. Papayas are high in calcium. I really don't know just how true it is but I've read that fruit isn't the best daily food for tortoises or box turtles, yet these creatures have high calcium requirements. They absolutely adore fresh papayas. Who wouldn't? They're scrumptious!
Been feeding red-eyed box turtles, Russians, African and a group of 10, good sized 10 lb and up, yellow footed South American tortoises in an enclosed yard, leaf lettuce, mushrooms and 2 big papayas, seeds & all, cut into 20 pcs and scattered around, every other day. If they're lucky, they get a handful of blackberries which the yellow footed's love. I do think the tortoises are exhibiting calcium-seeking behavior to supplement the grass, weeds, lettuces and whatever bugs n' slugs they can get. If the sun's out on a nice day, they come "running"!

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