My cousin got bit by a turtle! What should I do?

by Isabella Venturini
(Santa Cruz, Bolivia( I'm vacationing over here.))

Me and my three year old cousin were at my grandfather's hotel when we were looking at the turtle exhibit when the biggest turtle bit my cousin. We were feeding them flowers, but I'm guessing she must have held it wrong, and it bit her. The turtle aren't vaccinated, and I don't know what kind of breed they are. What should I do? My aunt doesn't know what to do. We've cleaned the wound, washed, checked the First Aide, everything. But I don't know what to do now, should we got the hospital, or clinic, or what! Please answer me today.

The bite was on her left hand on the thumb and index finger. And it was bleeding! It was on the cuticle and on the other side. What kind of medicine should we put on it?

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