Could I keep a tortoise happy?

by Kate

I'm a university student and I would love to keep a tortoise as a pet. I don't go out partying very much but I do spend a lot of the day out of my room and would not be able to provide the tortoise with a large amount of space to roam - only my room. It would not be able to roam outside. Would it be happy?

I would be able to look after its diet, but what else would it need?

If I had to go away for the weekend, would it be okay coming on the train with me?

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Aug 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I think the Russian tortoise is a good choice for you but the heremann tortoise could be good to, it doesn't get lonely and you can feed it grocery store or all sorts of weeds...

Aug 19, 2010
by: DeeDee

I have lots of Tortoises and my choice for you would be a Russian, they are really hardy. You would need a large area, like a old bookcase that you took the middle shelves out of it . Line it with a water proof lining. Get some substrate. I use coconut husk, that I find in the pet shops. But you can choose whats best for you. Get a book on Russians and also Google for all the info you can find and you'll know all of the food types they need. They need to be soaked at least twice a week for about 15-20 minutes, shallow luke warm water, you'll need a heat light and another lamp for UVA as well. They can become very personable, mine are wonderful. I travel with mine, but not often. If you travel often, you may consider to get a friend to watch over your Tortoise. They don't like change on a consistent basis. Contact your local Turtle/Tortoise Society or a Russian Tortoise Breeder to obtain your Tortoise. They are often healthier and this way your a not buying a Tortoise stolen from its Native Land.
Good Luck! DeeDee

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