Runny Nose

by Steph
(Benicia, CA)

We have a male russian tortoise that lives outside. He is happy and healthy. We ordered a female from an online breeder. She arrived less than 24 hours later by Fed Ex. She was in a styrofoam box inside a cardboard box. She was also inside a small cotton draw string bag. It looked like they had packed her with some ice to keep her cool. I'm assuming they expected her to semi-hibernate?

She seemed fine, but we noticed a bubble in her nose. We have not put her outside with our male yet because we want to make sure she's healthy. Today I have her out in the sun so she can warm up. When I appoach her, she pulls her head in a bit and as she does so, mucus comes out of her nose. She is lively and seems otherwise healthy. She has not eaten. Sometimes she opens her mouth. Sometimes I hear a sort of hiss coming from her.

The breeder said sometimes tortoises get dehidrated during shipment and she should be fine in a few days. I'm concerned. What do you think? Is this common during shipment? She is guaranteed, but she is supposed to be a present for my husand tomorrow and I don't want ot give him a sick turtle.

Thanks for your help.

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Jun 18, 2011
New Pet
by: Shelly

It's always a good idea to take a new pet to a vet.

This one seems a sick to me. At the very least, it needs a warm safe environment to settle into. It may also need some treatment for a respiratory infection.

Keep it slow and steady.

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