Do I have to hibernate?

by Brionni
(Coppull ,lancashire,England)

When I bought my Horsfield tortoiseRussian tortoise I was told not to hibernate her because her age 8 months and really they shouldnt hibernate only in the wild .This was said buy the man who looked after them in the pet shop and has looked after them for over 30 years am I doing the right choice cause I've seen loads of websites saying 'to hibernate them and, ready for hibernation'.


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Jan 10, 2010
To hybernate or not to hybernate...
by: Anonymous

Hi brionni, hybernating the horsfield tortoise is really down to personal choice and what your expectations are. You should not hybernate a tortoise in it's first year of life, this is true. You should also not hybernate a new tortoise to you for the first year, no matter what age it is, or if the tortoise is unwell. Horsfields, in captivity do not necessarily need to hybernate- although hybernating may prolong their lives by a few years. Also, if you want to breed from a female, they should be hybernated as by not hybernating, it messes with their cycles. Hope this helps!

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