by tanya smith
(wilts england)

hi iv got a 4 year male horsefeild in a big viv. iv seen a spur thighed tort for sale , would they get on together or even live happly together, thanks tanya

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Apr 04, 2010
Mixing Tortoise Breeds
by: Shelly

The problem with mixing breeds is health. Each type of tortoise is immune to different diseases. One tortoise can carry a disease without becoming ill while another type of tortoise it comes into contact with can become fatally ill. It is not advisable to mix breeds in the same area.

Keep it slow and steady.

Apr 04, 2010
Happily together
by: Robaloie

Well, that is rough to say. As far as specifics go, of the species, that is above me. But I do know male's can get very territorial. They may attempt to ram each other.

I do know typically different types of tortoises get along as torts' of the same species would. Basically no different then what they might treat others of the same type like.

If you ever do combine, what you will need to look for is if one gets shy around the other. For instance, if one starts to eat less, and hides more often when exposed to the other Tortogua, that is a sign of stress on the other turtle being intimidated. Which you would then want to then separate the Tort's


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