by keri

I am going to get a Russian tortoise & I was wondering if it's okay to have it walk on my bed, desk, etc. I know they can transmit diseases easily if you don't keep them & yourself clean, but will the tortoise walking on my bed or something like that be bad?

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Sep 08, 2010
on your bed
by: Anonymous

If you choose to let him on your bed be sure to put a water resistant layer on top of your bedspread and at large towel or light blanket on top of it. Tortoises will pee or poop on this from time to time and you do not want this on the blanket or bedspread you use on your bed. Be sure to clean your hands and what ever you use to put your Tortoise on just to be safe for both you and him...

Sep 07, 2010
It's up to you
by: Anonymous

I let my turtles loose in my family room all the time, but not on my bed. They will sometimes pee and poop while they are out, so be prepared!!

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