very new born russian tortoise

by Criag A.
(Brawley,CA USA)

I have adult russians male and female. Apparently they mated last spring. Not sure but I saw them trying. I moved them to another area with alot of leaves aand bark inOct. before the weather changed. In early March they all came out and I put them in my nasturchin flower bed. Well. today,I found a little surprise. Only it was all the way across the yard. It's skinny but quite alive. I'm not sure just how to go ablut getting this little guy (long tail) to eat. There isn't any yolk sac to speak of so I think it has been out awhile. I'm ging to set up a tub with a heat pad underneath. Mulch material for substrate maybe with some sand. I'm going to try the greens and dandelion weeds flowers but this first step is the critical one. What should I do to get it going on food.

Siza about a quarter.All other sites only talk about tortoise that are eating ok.

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Apr 02, 2011
"Tiny" ate solid food 04/02
by: Craig A.

I want to thank all for the information. Some of it was genaric but there were several good suggestions that I tried and today Tiny ate a piece of red bell pepper.Torts like RED.
1. The luke warm soak helped but what did the trick was mixing several tsps.of strained baby carrots in the water dish too. Info for others who may have this situation. Also, "Steady & Slow" is a good motto for new borns and I got some vitamins for torts to stimulate digestion. Several drops/day at the beak seemed to helped some too.
Thanks again I trully appreciate it.

Mar 30, 2011
Newborn Sulcata Care and Feeding
by: Shelly


Getting warm will be important in general for this wee one, but be sure not to overdo it. Provide a basking area, but also be sure there is place to cool off if necessary. The warmth will help with digestion.

Also provide a very shallow source of warm water for soaking. Lukewarm is fine. Be sure it's not deep enough for the little one to flip over and drown in. Use a small shallow lid at first.

Once the yolk sac is gone and the baby is warm and has access to UVB light (sunlight or artificial will be fine) you can put liquid vitamins in the soaking water. Be sure to change the water at least once per day. If the baby doesn't start to eat quickly, see a vet right away. It should eat whatever its parents eat, just shred it fine at first so the little one can manage.

Let us know how things go.

You might consider posting a photo and some facts in the Brag Book at

Keep it slow and steady.

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