Cherry Head -Red Foot Tortoise - Runny Stool

by Angela Mays
(Oak Grove, MO)

Cherry Head Tortoise

Cherry Head Tortoise

I got my cherry head, Diesel, from a lady who saved him from an over populated farm. Not sure how long she had him, but I got him on December 18th. He hid the majority of the time for about a month and a half. Now, he is active as ever and eats and seems to be doing well. However, I do see that his stools, although green, cause he eats a lot of greens, is runny. I have only seen it once or twice where it was a little firmer. I don't see anything moving in his stool and it just appears to me to be normal, other than just being runny. I feed him lots and lots of collards (he loves them), zuchini (green and yellow), mango, peaches, strawberries, pears, acorn squash, pineapple, very very very little romaine lettuce (only when I'm broke), and once a week he gets worms (night crawlers, which he loves!!!).

Should I be concerned?

Hope to hear something soon.


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