red-foots toe nail broke @ the quick

by lisa

Hi, my name is lisa & i have a red-footed tortoise. i have had him 7yrs.(since he was 6 months old). yesturday i was giving him a bath in the tub & noticed blood & realized it was coming from his back foot, specifically his toe nail. it looks as if it got caught on something & nearly was ripped out & is now just hanging there. i ran to the store & bought kwikstop for the bleeding,gauze & dermoplast. the dermoplast is a pain relieving antibacterial spray. i attempted to bandage his foot best i could without it being too tight.he has been able to walk on it since,but now i am concerned about infection & what to do with the nail. do i need to remove the nail, will it grow back,did i do the right thing? please help as i have many questions & i am currently unemployed & can't afford a trip to the vet

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Apr 21, 2011
phone call
by: Anonymous

most times, a vet will answer a question over the phone and do what they can even though you cannot get to a vet.

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